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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi! Dear reader! It is my life’s most exciting moment, when, in our house there was a naming ceremony. In our house only close relatives were invited so, that day I was busy with the sweet makers almost all the night. As I was wanted to sleep during the day, but in my room the relatives were busy with my nephew, and there was no place empty for me to take rest. So I moved to my brother’s room. And I fell asleep.
After couple of ours just I was awakening, my sister in laws (my Bhabi) call me to wakeup me. But I didn’t reply her because I don’t want to break my sleep. After few voices my Bhabi shut the door saying, oh he was wake up all the night so let him sleep otherwise he will fell ill. As soon as she shut the door. I was confused why did she shut the door. Before opening the eyes I was just making my mind to think something … but suddenly I felt something is thrown on the bed and I felt the air at the time of falling that object I opened my eyes a little. I saw that was my bhabi’s sari. And her eyes were over her petticoat to open the lace. Suddenly I aroused sexually. And just start my mind for something funny. I saw she was changing her cloths. She removed her petticoat and changed with the other one. She was having panty but just she rearranged that around her hips and at the pussy area. And wore the other petticoat. She moved towards the dressing table and opened her blouse, and throwed over the bed again, and saw me over for a while.

Then she removed her bra, I was just seeing her breasts from the mirror, just she was near to wear the other bra I decided to attack over her but it was tough job for me because, if she cries then I may loose my position in the house. So I decided to attack and if things goes against me then I will excuse her, suddenly i jumped at her from behind and hold her tightly keeping my right hand over her mouth, and the left hand over her stomach.and my mouth over her shoulder pulling her towards me.but surprisingly she didn’t hesitate, an d she fingered her right hand in my ribs, which made me uncontrolable and i left her she laughed, and lift her blouse to cover her breasts saying, what were you thinking, and told me to leave her room. Suddenly my own sister called her… she stoped me and told her sister, she is taking bath. My sister left that area. Then my Bhabi looked over me and asked if someone ask you where were you, then what will you reply? I said I would tell them I was sleeping in your bed. She cried, no, you couldn’t say this, because just now I said your sister that I am taking bath. so they will think something so please, tell lie that you were out of house for some work., I said yes. Then I moved towards her and asked, for this I charge you the fees. She told me yes I would pay how much you demand. then I moved towards her and hugged her pay now. She asked how much? I replied one hour.

She cried no; it is not possible now. Because I have to be there to attend your nephew. But I told her, yes you. But I need my fees now because later I don’t need and later I don’t think you will remember my fees. She smiled and pulled me towards her with lot of force and pressure. And kissed me over my neck. Really it made me uncontrollable. So I replied. And carried her to the bed. as she was not hooked her blouse it was opened I jumped over her, spread her legs and reached inside her legs and start fondling her breasts she was getting enjoyed and it was too much pleasurable for me, . As I tried to fondle her breasts just like we do to bring milk from the cows breasts. Ah it was relay made positive, the milk came out with pressure I was embarrassed. And put my mouth over her breast and started sucking… after few minutes’ sucks i opened her petticoat and she was just in panty. I brought her to the corner of the bed. And she was sitting leaving her legs touching to the ground. I opened her legs reached inside her legs keeping my self-knee down and start sucking … aha it was too tasty, even now I am feeling the taste of her milk…. I suck her un til last drop of her milk one by one of both of her breasts. During this time she was moaning and crying slowly. Really she is beautiful, and holding perfect shaped and sized pair of breasts. I fondled and caressed her breasts…. They were hard and the tits / nipples are one inch long and thick. I asked her are all breasts of it like this…, she replied no I have very rare type of breast/nipples.

And told me about some different types of breasts. But on the whole I was pumping and fondling her breasts. She fell on the bed. I removed her panty… and start eating from her pussy which was wet and liberating sweet. After eating all the sweet from her pussy and cleaning her pussy with the tough. I felt lot of energy in the body. And jumped over her leacing all cloths out. she guided my penis to reach vagina / clitoris. i start making in and out moments she was crying all the time . and it was making me happy. after few moments of in and out due to sudden impulsion of her the penis loss the way she cried put it in … then she searched the penis but i uplifted my body upto such level that it was making her difficulty to reach my penis she was crying …. penis please penis please … otherwise i will die. later she hold my penis and uplifted her middle body/ urethra to reach to the penis with her one hand she beat over my hips i fell over her with force she cried and again she guided the penis to the vagina requesting me please don’t bring out .. just make slow in and out moments …. i fucked her a lot . ah ho hooon unh ush, haaa aaaaaaah. it was really best time for me ., with extensive force i tried to reach inside her vagina , i was willing to go inside her through her vagina… rally it made me uncontrolable. later we ejaculated simaltaneously. and relief eachother. but i didn’t brought my penis out it was loose she was willing to be free, but i told her , just now you ordered me not to remove my penis from your vagina , … she laughed and asked me how long can we like this .

We laughed together and again i f ondled her breasts it was late to us so she took bath first then i took bath and wore my brother’s cloths then again we hugged and she told me to hide myself and come out after half an hour. after finding suitalbe time. she left first and called everyone to the hall to make my way clear to find safe exit … then i entered in the hall from outside behaving just i was out for hours. we fuck eachother whenever we find suitable time and safe for both of us.. but the first time never came such enjoyable, .. she is happy with me and tells me in advance when she is in need of me. and everything … really in her with her in the bed i feel my self heaven. i hope for you all to get opportunities better than this, . best of luck for fucking opportunities. I hold and fondle my bhabi from alwyas whenever i get the opportunity. i get enjoy always all the time. while travelling i fondle her

All the names in this story have been changed to hide the real identity of the people involved, that includes my and her. Any ladies want to see y naked pics can contact me at: and if any one wants a real session then you just drop me a email and I will be in your bed, for a night, or two.

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