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Me And My Student

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi, This is Ashok .I work in a software company in Bangalore and recently took up an assignment to teach software studies in a college. Though I was hard pressed for time, I took it up because it gives me some respite from my work load. The other and the most important reason was to meet new girls and try to fuck one of them if not all.

Things started well there and I was very happy at the end of the first class when I found out that there were around 15 students and in that 2 of them were gorgeous beauties. They were around 20 years of age with good structure. One of them was sheronika who was a ravishing beauty with a slim body and long legs. She had a beautiful smile and for her structure had big tits. The other one was sarika, who was of the same height of sheronika, had tits that were okay but her ass was big and my eyes loved watching her walk.

I was taking a unit on programming and that was tough. It was the toughest unit in the year and the students had to pass that for their degree. Hence they had no option but to study. The class went on okay for around 3 weeks, with me always eyeing my both favourite students (they had to be) and always be near them and feel them. I was bit lucky at times as we brushed each other. The other point that helped me was that both of them were friends were always sitting next to each other. All I had to do was go between them and had my eyes on them.

It so happened that they had their first round of test and most of them failed badly. They wanted me to take some extra classes to teach them. I refused saying that I was hard pressed for time, But offered to take them tutions at home, if they could come. I asked them to give their consent the next day so that I could work out my schedule.

Around 8 of them agreed and I asked them to come in group of 2. As luck would have had it, my two adorable girls agreed to come together (they had to because they were good friends). I had set their time on Saturday afternoon such that, if everything went well, I would have a good time fucking them together.

I was waiting for the coming Saturday. On that day, at the appointed hour, I had made sure that no one was at home. Both sheronika and sarika came at the right time.Sheronika was wearing a blue jeans with a light pink top. The top was clinging her body and her boobs and I had a immediate hard on. Sarika was wearing a mini and boy she was stunning. Looking at one beauty gave me a hard on, imagine both of them together – My tool would have drilled a hole in my boxer.

We were working out a program on my laptop, when I had answer a call on my mobile. I came to my balcony to answer it and in the meantime, Sheronika who was working on my laptop, was fiddling the laptop and suddenly a PowerPoint presentation of a blow job opened up (I had knowingly set it as a screen saver and it ran immediately). They both were so engrossed in that, they did not notice me coming in the room. Sarika had her finger inside her mini and was working something out. I came near them and put my hand on their shoulders and told them that I had lot of CD’s about sex and if they wish they could have a look at it. They were taken aback to see me behind them. They both noticed that I had a hard on. Suddenly I pulled Sarika and kissed her lips. She hesitated and I put my hand under her T-shirt and started fiddling her boobs. She seemed to enjoy it and hugged me. We explored each other’s mouth through our tongue and both of us seem to be getting hot. I did not realise tha! t I had another beauty next to me. Cursing for having ignored her, I took sheronika in the arms and kissed her. I told them that since they both are friends they should help each other getting good fun and co-operate with me. I promised them lot of fun and enjoyment, for which they agreed. . Sheronika hugged me around my waist and kissed me on my navel. I held her head and looking down asked her, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She nodded and without waiting for my reply, she kissed my loins. It was hot and my flaccid tool didn’t take another second to become a flagpost. She held my hands and kissed them.

“Undress me”, sheronika said. I unbuttoned her T-shirt and took it off her arms. Her large breasts were heaving. Encompassing her roundness was her white bra, the hook straining for release. I caressed her shoulders and arms, as she continued to kiss me down there. I bent and unhooked her garment, releasing two of the most precious and
delicious boobs I had ever seen. Full, Ripe and Juicy. Her pink nipples were erect with desire and responding to my touches. She removed her bra. Naked from the waist above, she unbuttoned my trousers and the belt. Unzipping me, she pulled down my underwear with great difficulty and gently pulled up my hot rigid cock. She was nervous and looked at it with amazement. It had grown to about 10 inches long. She kissed it gently. “What should I do?” she asked. “Take it in your mouth and suck and I assure you’ll like it?” She nodded and with great care she licked my penis. It was heavenly to feel her wet tongue on it. She opened her mouth wide a! nd gently and very carefully enveloped her lips around my cockhead. With her wet tongue inside she
licked the glands. I was already leaking precum inside her hot loving mouth. She licked the juice. It was wonderful to see my dick vanishing into her luscious mouth. She withdrew and looked up at me, questioningly for my approval. I smiled and nodded.

“You’re doing well,” I said. She pulled my foreskin and again licked my glands. She closed in on my hard cock and slowly began to suck on it. It was amazing that she liked what she was doing. I was now fucking her mouth vigourously. I was approaching my climax. Her sucking and licking was gradually pushing me into orgasm. And then it happened. I sent in a huge load of my hot cum straight down her throat. She immediately withdrew my penis and continued to masturbate me. I sprayed the remaining load all over face and mouth. She licked my penis and cleaned me off all the cum. I sat down beside her. Her job had tired me. It had taken twenty minutes. My dick was shrinking. She was swallowing my cum and licking off the cum on her face. She placed her head on my shoulder and held my hand. Her nipples brushed my elbows. As she leaned over, her soft breasts pressed against my bare arms. They were hot. I held her face and kissed her forehead. “Thanks, Sheronika. That was great”. Her ! lips were quivering. They were full and swollen, due to the continuous sucking of my cock. She came close to me, and I was obliged to kiss her lips. Our tongues met and searched each other’s mouths. I kissed her cheeks and her neck. Her ear lobes were soft. I moved my lips to her bare shoulders and arms. It was arousing her. My mouth moved to her chest and I started to lick her. She was beginning to breathe hard. Her nipples were stiffening. I knelt in front of her. I moved my hands behind her back and held her waist and gave her a hug.

Sarika, who was watching all these, could not control herself. She removed her t-shirt and bra and was nude. “Take them”, sarika said. “Feed me”, I said. She held my head and with the other hand on her right breast she moved closer, holding her right breast she, brought her nipple and thrust it into my everwaiting open mouth. My lips closed over her erect nipples. I tickled them with my tongue. I began to suck on it. She took a deep breath as I sucked her breast. It was ecstasy. I shifted to the other breast and sucked it. She was losing control. “Is it the first time you are having your tits sucked?” “Yeah, and I love it”. I got up and moved her up and she lay on the bed. I climbed over her and continued with my sucking. I did everything with them. Sucking, squeezing, licking, biting, tickling and teasing. She was writhing in excitement. She was wildly moving her hands in my hair. She embraced my waist with her legs. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I helped her ! remove my trousers and underwear. I was naked. I resumed my work on her boobs. I had been sucking for about ten minutes now. Her nipples were swollen. I stopped after another five minutes.

I left sarika to enjoy the moment and shifted my attention to sheronika who was yearning for my attention. I moved further down on her and tasted her waist and navel. She was high. I unzipped her jeans and tore it off her legs. A pink panty lay covering her black triangle. I slowly removed it off her legs. She became conscious of my movements and covered herself. “Don’t you want me to do this?” “Yeah. But I’m afraid of the pain.” “Don’t worry. I will be gentle”. I kissed her legs. The feeling excited her. I kissed the inner thighs as I slowly made my way up to her hairy triangle. I glanced at it. Her pink cleft was exposed and she was wet. Her juices were oozing. I held her legs as I went down on her and briefly my tongue licked her wet pussy.

She screamed and climaxed. I licked once more. She was screaming with immense pleasure. My cock meanwhile has grown back to it 10 inches hardness. And it was hot and stiff. I lay over her and lifted her legs up exposing her wet cunt. I positioned myself comfortably and gently guided my shaft into her hole. She screamed in pain. I withdrew gently and repeated the insertion again. This time, it was smooth and I was deep inside her. She let out a deep sigh and began to breathe hard. Her lovely boobs were heaving with the pleasure and seemed to burst anytime. I began my motions gently into her and soon it was fast and hot. She was enjoying unmindful of the pain. I was sucking her breasts and pressing them. My pumping was vigorous and soon I felt a shudder and she held me tighter than before, digging her nails into my back. She climaxed with a scream of pleasure. I paused and then continued my to and fro motion into her cunt. She had closed her eyes and a catish smile on her sex! y lips indicated that she was enjoying every moment. I was reaching my climax and my body shuddered and then it came. I filled her vagina with volumes of hot semen. I withdrew immediately and let the remaining cum drop on her pubic hair. I moved up to her face after kissing her, inserted my dick into her open mouth.

“Suck me and clean me”, I urged. She took me in and I felt my tips touching her throat as she sucked me dry and swallowed the last drops of my cum. I withdrew and collapsed over her. “I never knew fucking could be so good and beautiful,” she said. She kissed me on my lips and embraced me tight.

I was tired and just laid down on the bed when sarika came next to me and asked for my attention. I showed her my limp cock and said this required atleast ten minutes’ rest. She said no and got up from the bed to drag me there. She then fell on top of me and began kissing me feverishly, playing with my tongue, biting my lips, bringing her firm tits to my mouth, then rubbing her tits all over my body with an extra rub on the cock, which came half alive with Sarika’s tits doing the trick. Sarika grabbed my cock and straightaway sucked it. Gripping it in her mouth, she pulled my cock upwards, then went down on it, taking the half erect cock fully in her mouth and then roughly pulling at it with her mouth. Her efforts were immediately rewarded and my cock jumped back to life. It grew big and was hard and ready to fuck.

Sarika was by now even more wet, with her juices flowing down her thighs. My cock, which was already raising hell to get inside Sarika’s cunt, was only too pleased when I brought its head to meet the nether lips of Sarika. I pushed the head of my cock into Sarika’s pussy and then bent over her to catch her breasts in both of my hands. I started pressing forward my cock into Sarika’s cunt and she pressed back to take the cock inside her pussy. Gradually I managed to fully insert my cock in her pussy penetrating her cherry and making her scream with pain and when I stopped pushing she looked at me and asked me to commence the fuck, fuck her hard and mercilessly, she wants it to be the greatest fuck I ever had.

I started moving my cock slowly and gently in and out of her. Sarika slapped my behind and asked me to move faster and deeper. I picked up the speed but was still gentle when she yelled at me to make mince meat out of her pussy and to ram my cock right up to the hilt and so it faster, faster, faster, harder. She forgot her pain and repeatedly asked me to continue my onslaught. Sarika was a great lover, she was meeting my thrusts with her pushes as well and my full cock was now going in and out. I asked her if she would like to ride me. She agreed, quickly we changed position.

I laid on my back and Sarika on top of me. While sarika leaned forward Sheronika caught hold of my cock from behind and gave it a small suck and then put it into Sarika’s pussy. With my cock inside Sarika, she began to jump up and down and then bent forward on my body kissing my lips sucking my tongue and asking me to push my cock up pussy. Sarika was now visibly tired. I asked her to slow down and why not let me up again. She took the doggy position again and asked me to enter her from behind. I put my cock in her cunt and bending over her caught her breasts with my hands and started ramming my cock in her tight pussy. Sarika was continuously coming every few seconds and I cud feel here pussy muscles ripple and squeeze my cock alternately. Sarika’s pussy was on fire an with my cock not in a mood to spray yet, I continued with my pushing’s for another five minutes and then I fell dead on here, my cock had washed her insides with my heavenly cum. Sarika, quickl! y got out from under me and took my cock in her mouth giving me suck, drawing out even the last drop of my cum. Satisfied, we fucked for almost an hour and both the girls admitted that they enjoyed it very much.

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