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Me And My Rekha Mami

  • desipapa
  • October 25, 2015

Hi friends I am Ashish a normal and shy 22 yr old college going boy. This is for the first time I am putting down my sexual experience online. Hope you guys like it and encourage me for more, because I have lots to say.It happened around 4 yrs back, at a relatives marriage ceremony.

I was 18 then and she was 32 yr old. My sexual encounter happened with the help of my mami(Rekha)… She is just awesome lady, with very sexy figure that can envy any lady or girl; with awesome pair of boobs and a killer buttocks, she is just too good to put in words. Her figure is 34b,28,36. And also she has killer smile.

I have always fantasized about her, of me fucking her all day long , she sucking my cock and I cumming in her mouth, she swallowing my cum and many more.

I used to stay with my mama as my coaching classes were near from his house. And that gave me opportunities to even smell her used panties, which was a real turn on for me ; I just love doing that. The juices from her pussy all dried up there, and I even licked them, just to get a taste of her natural honey.

So in the marriage ceremony she was looking the best of all , my eyes were always following her, tried to be very close to her, so that I could the smell of body.And sometimes trying to touch her pretending it happened unknowingly.I know she noticed my attention towards her and she liked it.

To say the truth I also wanted her to know that I am eyeing her. So after the ceremony got over, we all had our dinner and we had to stay back. So I went to sleep and as usual I was thinking about mami and my cock was growing in size both length and breadth, and I was slowly stroking it and dont know when I slept off.

Suddenly, I felt a soft hand crawling up my thighs, it broke my sleep but I didn’t wake up. I didn’t know who was doing it, but I was liking it , slowly the hand started moving more and more upwards, I was shivering with ecstasy, then finally it reached my manhood my cock and started stroking it mildly.

Now I was unable to hold myself, so I opened my eyes, and to my astonishment it was none other than my mami herself, it was like I have got all the pleasures of the world. She told me just be quite and enjoy whatever is going on, I obeyed her. Her speed increased on my cock now she started squeezing my balls too . I was loosing control over myself.

Then she opened her blouse and what I saw was way beyond my description, it was so magical, so heavenly arousing, she said start sucking it, I obeyed it like an obedient student.I could believe what was happening with me. My mami stroking my rock solid cock and making me suck her milk jugs.

Then she lifted her sari and sat on face lightly and told me suck her honey hole, which was enough to make me mad; the smell of her pussy which I was familiar with was making me crazy and her clitoris rubbing against my nose, guys I cant describe that awesome moments in words.

Slowly slowly I could hear her sexy moans and she now my tongue was inside her honey hole getting to taste her love juice. My tongue was going in and out , in and out, in and out, literally I was fucking my mami with my tongue. She was loving it, I could make out by the moans that she was making. I was also getting mad.

She started to say, do it harder harder, fuck your mami with your tongue, fuck me; aaahhhh , mmm, sssss.. Oooohhh all sorts of noises were coming out , she was almost jumping on my face. I didnt want that to stop.

Suddenly she came in 69 position, wherein she was on top of me and my cock was in her mouth and her pussy was in mine, now the game began, both of us were sucking each other, she was squeezing my balls with one hand and at the same time sucking my cock too . And I was pinching her clitoris and fucking her with my tongue, she too was having a heavenly experience…

We both were in that act for almost ten minutes now, and now I was feeling like I would erupt my load anytime I was also moaning hard, and she knew that I am about to cum, but to my surprise she didn’t leave my cock, but kept on sucking it even harder.

Then the ultimate time came, when I erupted in her mouth and dear friend she swallowed it fully and even licked my cock clean , same time even she dropped all her honey in my mouth, and I too swallowed it fully. It was the tastiest juice I have ever had in my life.

When she got up I could see sum of my sperm on her lips and on her cheeks, which made me even hornier. Then she told me I know that u like me and always had a sexy eye on me , which I like; and that’s why I decided to give a taste of myself to you .

She even gave me two of her recently used panties and she said it for you… In the morning it was all normal as if nothing has happened. She told me that I was very good with my tongue and she cannot wait to have my cock in her pussy. Later I went to bathroom with her panties and again started to lick the dried up juices on it and kept on smelling them, again I masturbated

Friend tell me how my true story was … My email id is —

And if I get a got response there are more true stories of me and my rekha mami, which would come to you ..

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