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Me And My Cousin Sis

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

I couldn’t remember , when exactly , My affair started since we are doing this from my Child-hood . We are Tamilians Living in Tamil Nadu State in Chennai , India . I have a Computer at Home But it doesn’t has an Internet connection . I used to go computer centre to check mail and would collect stories from all sex websites in a floppy. I copy it to my computer and then read . So far I have a rich collection of 450 stories . I have crush for two things . One is the computers and the other one is GIRLS .

I have a rich collection of many different Girls in their nude poses . Enjoying Girls and their structure is my hobby and so I often involve myself in ‘siting’. I am known to others , as a Book-Worm as i used to read a lot of Computer magazines and writing programs in C. But No one knows that i am a sex-loving fucker except my cousin sister . Her name is Anjali( Nick name) . She is 5 feet , 6 inches and of 17 yrs of Age .She is doing her +2 . She is not too fat , not too lean , measuring about “37, 30 , 36″, Lemon Coloured , Curly Haired extending upto her hips , massive lower Jaw like Kareena kapoor ( a symbol of ‘lust ‘ and Sex-attracting ) , fleshy , with some belly . She likes jasmine and always decorates her hairs with that . The most interesting thing in her is her boobs and her buttocks .She has a nice , round , hige ass . Her boobs are really fleshy with handfull of flesh . She is a typical south-indian girl with well built body , even though she doesn’t practice any kind of body exercises. Her thighs are quite fleshy , to match her round shaped ass . My name is Aryan( Nick Name, since I should not be identified by this society ). I am doing my Final Year , Computer Science and Engineering .

I am 6 feet tall . I regularly goes to Gym , from the very beginning of my child hood . I am very interested in maintaining my physique and very much Straight forward . My chest measures about 38″ , round the buttocks 36″ , round the Hips 30″. Arms about 14.5”.Black eyes . My prick is about 6.5″ with a thickness of about 4.5″(god has really gifted me and i feel very happy about that). When I was doing my +2 , I was really scared and was feeling guilty about my affair with my own cousin sister . But , later , one day I saw personal messages at and and convinced myself that this world is full of my kind of peoples with my fellow peoples posting their xperiences . Last time , when i was at her home , this happened a year back , when i was doing my 3rd year and she +1 . It was about 8:00 PM . Her father(siththappa) was watching T.V. , her brother (thambi) was doing Homework , and Her mother was busy at Kitchen . There is a bedroom adjacent to the hall and we were sitting there. I was in mood so I said in her ears “10 nimisham kazhichchi maadikku vaa”(come to upstairs after 10 min). Sayin this I went to upstairs and no one doubted me since I usually do this whenever i go there. I began to wait for her . After 10 min os so , I could see her climbing the footsteps. I gave her a hand , and lead her to a dark place . It was an open-air corner . We sat there . I didn’t know How to proceed further .

I kept mum and she followed . After sometime , I broke the silence and grabbed her and kissed her on her lips , so passionately , that she wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled me so tightly . My tongue explored her mouth . It was a very nice feeling and i didn’t know how long we were kissing each other . I wanted to do it very slowly ,as i had the luxury of time . she was wearing a green colored nighty with flower-like design.I started kissing her cheeks , neck , bit her ears . then I leaned forward and pulled down her nighty zip. she caught my hand but didn’t do anything against me. I slowly made her lie down , looking into her eyes and she was looking into mine . I wear a glass for my eye defect . she slowly took it and put it by the side . I tried to pull down her nighty , but , since it was her neck portion it tore . I didn’t really cared about it . I began to shower my kisses , in her neck and her boobs. She was wearing a black coloured Bra . I licked her boobs but could not access her nipples . I pressed her left boob with my right hand , slowly gave it a twist . I moved her bra downwards caught her nipple between my thumb and my forefinger . she was moaning heavily “Annnnaaaaaaaaa .. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh”and was fondling my hairs . I began to lick and suck her mammaes , while doing this I lifted her nighty with my right hand up to her knee . She was cautious enough that , she often looked to the steps , ensuring no one there .

She caught my hand on the way but there was no strength in that touch . I moved my palm slowly from her leg , thru her knee , on her thighs . I could feel a cloth . It must be her panty . I inserted my fingers into it . she moaned like ” hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm……….Annaaaaaaaaaa ….. Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiyooooooooooooo Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.Her head was moving on either side , her hands were fondling my hairs , sometimes i could feel her fondling , really hard . I guessed , she was unable to bear the ecstacy . I lifted her nighty further up , and i couldn’t see her panty , but was not able to identify its color ,Since it was so dark . I left her right boob and took her left boob between my lips . I slowly encircled my tongue round her nipples making a heartin shape . Then I opened my mouth wide , with my teeth I rubbed her boobs and bite her and repeated this for several time . In all these time , I rubbed my palm inside her panty . she was holding my hand tightly . I was slowly rubbing her clitoris and her lovely hole which was already wet while sucking her left boob. I repeatedly sucked her both boobs . while i was sucking her boobs, I could feel her heart beat running too fast . As time goes on , her moan gained high pitch . I afraid , it would not be safe . I said ” yey , kaththadhe ” ( Don’t shout ) while saying this i put my hand on her mouth . She bite my palm which i felt erotic . She lowered her pitch by biting her lips and controlled herself and I again inserted my hand into her panty . This time , I tried to insert my hand in between her butt , but , as she was lying on her back , i could not do that . I said ” un kaala konjama thoookku di “.(raise your leg). she misunderstood and lifted her right leg but I wanted her to lift her left leg which would enable me get a good access to her ass valley .

I said ” indha kaala illa . Andha kaala thoookku di”. (not this one , i mean the other). She smiled saying ” naan indha kaalannu nenaichchaen “(i thought this one ) and lowered her right leg and raised her left . Now i inserted my hand into her butt cleavage thru her panty . That was too warm , i felt it in my hand . I continuously did this to her front pussy and her butt cleavage alternately. She came in my hand as i was rubbing her pussy , since it was her first time , doin sexual intercoarse . My palm was full of sticky gum . I , after sucked her boob enough , I could feel that she wanted me do something to her pussy . I slowly moved my face downwards leaving her boobs , inserted my tongue in her ‘thoppul’ and began to swirl it inside pressing deep into it . Since I was not provided with enough space , I could n’t experiment my fantasies and instincts . Then I gor further down , with my two hands I pulled down her panty . I saw her lovely triangle . It smelt good with lots of flesh around . Her’s was a , perfectly shaved pussy . I guessed that , she might have expected that this would happen . I planted a no of kisses in her both thighs and began to massage her things with my both hands . In all my these activities she kept her eyes closed , bite her lower lip , and was massaging her boobs . I first caught her thighs , widened it and was lowering my face , she looked at me strangely . She didn’t know what i was about to do . I said “rendu kaalaiyum nalla virichchu vai”(spread your legs wide) . She said “yaennnna ” (why anna ?).

I said ” solratha sey. kaelvi kaetkaatha “(do what I say. Don’t ask Questions). She did it , looking at my eyes . I widened her legs and began licking her pussy driving my tongue deep in to her pussy . she said “Aiya , cheeeeeeee……….”(dirty………..). I said “wait pannu. unakku kandippa pudikkum.”(wait. You will like it). I continued licking her pussy. She closed her eyes and caught my hairs with her left hand while her right hand was moving here-and-there , saying that she is screaming . I wanted to give her maximum pleasure , so i hungrily sucked her pussy and started biting her pussy occasionally. She was screaming , her body was shivering violently and she started shouting at me like “aiyooooooo……….mmmmmmmmmmmm……aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..mudiallae…en nala mudiale…mmmmmmmmmmmm ……thaanga mudiale . ………mmmmmmmm…aiyoooooooo..apppaaa……..”. Her breath , by now , has become so warm which i felt in my hand when i closed her mouth , fearing her erotic sound may leave us in an awkward situation .

Then I started finger fucking her . She was sqiurming heavily and caught my hand tightly but i could feel her hand slowly loosening . she was saying something like ” innum nalla …………. ulla ……….angathaan …………..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..kuththunga .. kuththunga ……innum nallaa mmmmmmm………aiyoooooooooommmmmmmmmm….mmmmm.. I didn’t remember how long i did it to her . I guess , i did it for about 15 mins . Then i slowly climbed on her and tried to guide my cock into her in to her pussy. When i Took out my cock she saw it and kept on staring at it . I was proud to show her my 4.5″ thick cock . Such a large cock , she didn’t expect it seems . She slowly leaned forward and took it in her hands .

My prick was rock hard at that time . She didn’t know how to handle it . I remembered her about the xxx movie that i showed her a few months before . As the place was so less in altitude , She can’t do the blowjob properly . I started guiding my cock to her pussy area . As it was dark around , I couldn’t locate it exactly . I placed it at the wrong place . She smiled and leaned forward , took my cock and stood silent . I asked ” enna”(what?). She said in a low voice ” enakku bayama irukku , Anna”(I feel scared , brother). She asked “romba valikkuma “(does it pain). I said ” Unakku valikkama naan paaththukkaren . unakku rommba pudikkum . padu..”(It won’t hurt , you will like it . lie down ). She said “Anna penetration vaendaam . pls….annaaaaaaa”(No penetration , brother ). I said ” nee pregnant Agaama naan paathukkaren “.(you won’t get pregnant.). She didn’t accept. while we were talking like this , I was finger fucking her with my one hand , while my other hand was pressing her boobs. I slowly thrust my cock into the lovely hole , but it was so tight that it didn’t go first . As she had already cummed , her pussy was so wet that , i needed no more lubrication . I caught my prick and thrust it hard into her hole , this time I was successful to some extent , half of it gone inside . I pulled it out slightly and then I pressed in her hard , this time it went in fully . In that position , I laid myself on her and stood like that for sometime . Then I started pumping my cock into her hole.A strange sound came out “plunge ..plunge ..”. I kept on pumping my dick in her pussy , slowly at first and then slowly increased my speed . She was screaming this time as she was getting her peak pleasure from it then . I felt that I was about to cumm , So hurriedly I took my dick out of her pussy and cummed my juice on her belly . I felt very tired , but we got to get down and mingle with everyone so as make that occasion , not a notable one .

We dressed ourself and got up . She asked me to leave first . She didn’t tell me the reason . I guessed she must be having trouble in walking . I didn’t say anything , and went to the hall after i took my glasses . It was 9:15 PM then . After reaching hall , I began drawing their attention , since she should not be noticed by anyone . That was the greatest struggle above all . At last no one noticed . Next day she didn’t go to school . I gave her full-day company comforting her . I found only a few peoples from tamilnadu , dare to put their xperience here . I am pasting my xperience here for the notice of south indian peoples . ( This is a 100% True one ). My mail Id is

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