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Me And My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

This is a story of me and my aunt I’ll just start for the beginning. I live in the Bahawalpur now but when I was in the 5th grade I went to Murree actually my parents sent me they thought the studies are better and they were right but any ways once I went their we started looking for some good hostels (children study there and live there sleep there and everything) well we found one it was called ……………….. it was in the hills its was a great hostile I really liked it well maybe not at first. Later on my parents had to leave for so they droped me off at school and told me that I would have to go to my uncles house during the vacations. My uncle wasn’t really an uncle he was just my dad’s good friend he lived in Lahore so the first day I went there It was OK I kinda liked it.

Well, later I grew up and now I was in 6th grade and my uncle finally got married and his wife wasn’t all that sexy she was kinda hubby but her skin color was really white. Well soon I was in 7th grade and when I went to their house I actually realized that my hormones started to kick in so I would get horny by looking at her by this time she had a kid about 1 month old and in the mornings she wouldn’t wear a bra just a kurtha and I could see her tits just hanging down and sometimes she would run up the stairs and I would watch her boobs bounce when she used to was clothes her kurtha would stretch alittle bit and I would go to the roof and look down at her boobs I think she used to notice me.

My school had ended and in half a month I would go to be back in CANADA for sure and so I thought that I should have sex with my aunt cause she would make me really horny so one day I was with her kid in the bed room putting him asleep and her husband was at work he is real-estate agent any way when he fell asleep she came in and said” Oh he’s asleep thank god” and she laid down next to him and started reading a bool and just sat there and got horny finally I went over to her started looking at her book just to get close to her then I slowly started getting next to her arm then I was in so much lust that I stood up and grabbed her book put it away and got on top of her she said “I knew you wanted me so come on fuck me” so I slowly took her kurtha off and she wasn’t wearing a bra I took off her pajama and her underwear (she was chubby) then she took off my clothes and my hard was on I laid on her soft body then she started to suck my Dick harder and harder it felt so good later I told her to stop I was afraid of getting her pregnant so I turned her around and opened her ass with my fingers and she asked me “what are you doing?” I thought she had never had anal sex and told her “you’ll find out” then I slowly pushed my Dick in her ass then she screamed luckily the kid didn’t get up and she said “it hurts” then I said don’t worry it’ll feel good soon she started to tighten her ass up but that just felt even good .

I grabbed her by the hips and pushed in my Dick harder and faster the feel of her soft ass on my hips was so great finally i felt my sperm coming out and i felt drained so I laid on her back then I got up and took my Dick out and it still squirted out on her ass and back and dripped down to her pussy and then she tightened her ass and pulled it away but I forceful pulled it back then the kid woke up and he quickly put her clothes on and picked him up and tool him out i just laid there naked and smiled. when I was going to leave for Murree, bye to her husband and when I came to her she hugged me and said in my ear come back soon I smiled and said bye and left. All, the girls, aunties, bhabies, those are intrested in safe sex contact me all information will be confidencial.

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