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Me and Mera Jijaji

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hi guys This is Sanjana from Mumbai. I want to narrate to you my very first experience of sex. I am good looking, my friends call me kareena. My vital stats are 36 28 36 and of 5’4” height. I have a very innocent sister Brinda whose hubby is the one who fucked me.

She is shorter and fatter than me and doesn’t look as beautiful as me. Her hubby is my dream love Raj. He looks so sexy and irresistible. He looks so handsome and 5’8” high. He became my dream love from the time I saw his first when he came to fix marriage with my sister. I came to know(afterwards) that he too has an attraction towards me. The story begins when I went to Delhi a month after my sister’s marriage to see her. When I went there since they live in a single bedroom house, I used to bathe in the attached bathroom near the bedroom.

One day I forgot to take my towel and shouted to my sister to bring it. My sister was there in the kitchen so didn’t hear my words but Raj heard it and brought it and knocked the door. Thinking its my sister I opened the door and stood barely nude before this dude. His thing tried to pierce from his pants and come out as soon as he saw me. When we both realized where we were he went out then but from then he always tried to touch my boobs and pussy pretending accidentally. I always tried to show him my assets, I always wore in home when Raj is there and my sister is not there thin transparent clothes from which my boobs buried in my brassieres are clearly visible.

I used to see his peculiar attention to me than to my sister. The occasion came once when my sister went to a friend’s house on a Sunday to chat. He and I were alone in her home and as I was climbing the stairs I fell down and there was a broken glass piece which hurt my thigh and started bleeding. With my cries, Raj came running out to see what had happened. He bent down and pulled up my minis to examine the hurt. He saw the dark red blood on my fair thighs and I saw a spark in his eyes. He brought some ointment and applied it on my thighs and soon tried to insert his ointment rubbing finger in my panties. Shocked at his sudden act, I looked straight into his eyes. He said “ Sanju, I know your intention and you know mine. This is the time that fatty Brinda is not at home. We shall use this opportunity. My thing is dying for satisfaction. What do you say?” I pretended and said “This is very much wrong Jees(I call him like this). What if didi comes to know about this? Mera intention to yeh nahi hai Jees.

You are just like a bhai to me. Mujhko tumse vo karne mein interest nahi hai. Understand me Jees”. He laughed and said “ Common Sanju, you are wasting our time. Mujko tum pasand hai, teri aankh, teri lips, teri………….”. I asked “Meri kya pasand hai tumko. Meri yeh (catching my boobs). That’s just an attraction Jees. Mujhe chod do pehle”. He screamed “Sanju aaj tume mein nahi chod doongi – tu bole haan ya naa. Decide yourself.” I then thought that’s the right time to accept and said “ Ok Jees. I agree but this should be only between us. You should not tell didi or any one else. That would spoil my future. On that condition every beauty and curvature of me are yours Jees, take them”, saying that he lifted me and took into their bedroom and dropped me on their bed.

I started opening my top and Jees started pulling my skirt along with my panties down. My opened my transparent top which makes no difference in wearing it and without it. When I started unhooking my bra, he caught my hands and asked to give him the privelege to reveal my large and beautiful milk white boobs. He started licking my boobs and said that he never had a nice experience with Brinda as he thinks that she does not behave like a woman itself. He took almost half of my breast into his mouth and started sucking them when I was licking his neck, his ears passionately. He made my entire body wet and gave me a very loving and the first kiss between us which I would never forget in my lifetime. He then came down my pussy which was already wet with precum and started licking it like a hungry beggar. He inserted his finger into my pussy and finger fucked it. He gave slight movements to my clit with his nose and started sucking it giving a very happy sensation to me. He licked the fullest of my juices making my pussy dry.

Then he asked me to taste his thing and stood with his thing at 90 degrees angle to his body staring deeply at my body. I went and sucked his thing and almost more than half of it was in my mouth when his juices came out and shot out deep into my throat and satisfied me. He then pulled his thing out of my mouth and spread his juices all over my body, on my cheeks, my lips, my boobs, my hands, my pussy everywhere on me. I started licking my own body for his juices. He came to me and seeing me seriously licking my body for his juices, he lifted my head and gave a long and a very passionate kiss for five minutes and tasted his juices on my lips.

He then started to insert his thing into my pussy but before that as it was my first time, he started applying some cold cream over my pussy as well as his rod. To prevent my sister’s doubt we spread a towel over the bed as it bleeds at the first time sex. Then he started inserting his rod into my hole which was too small for his thick and long rod. I screamed “Jees, slowly o my gosh, its hurting me, its very difficult to take it innnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooouuuucccccchhh”. He told to hold on for a moment and I will feel good and I’ll enjoy it. With another hard push and a large scream of mine, the whole of that 7” rod was inside me and I calmed down.

He started giving me slow shots. I was relaxing and enjoying it. Then he increased his speed of shots and me my screams. One final push and he came. I screamed slowly “Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” and I had my first and the very first orgasm. He fucked me three more times that day until stupid didi rang the bell. We had sex many times when we were alone and after that I returned to our home at Calcutta. I was just 15 when this happened and now I am 18.

Till now I had sex with him for a number of times. Please don’t contact me guys, I am interested in my Jees and only Jees and only Jees.

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