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Me And Brother Bang Mom

  • desipapa
  • November 18, 2015

My brother Ramesh had come from village to Mumbai to look for a job and father got him a job at a college as a clerk.My father a professor,so busy in classes and college all day and not fond of sex.My mother always looked starved for sex but she never reacted as she thought it will put a wrong teachings to me.Let me tell you about my brother.He is dark,tall handsome and has a penis size of 6.4 inc long and 4 inc circumference thick penis while mine in a 5.2m inc long and 5.3 inc girth of penis.My mom has a perfect figure of 36-24-36.She never had sex after I was born.
Now let me come to story.I always jerked by fantasizing my mom getting gangbanged.Once my brother saw me doing this and he confessed that he also wanted to fuck my mom like a bitch.We thought for some days and came to conclusion that I will seduce mom as I could get near to her.Slowly and steadily I started playing pranks on mom and posing as if I am doing innocent mischief.So now mom cuddled with me like a child and I used to enjoy that.Once I made a bold move to grab her boobs by mistake but she ignored knowingly.Me and my brother became happy knowing that she is liking the touch of a man rather than her son.Just to confirm I made another bold move.

In diwali mom used to wear saree everyday and we used to stare at the navel,belly button and her curves.She was in the kitchen and I went in and complemented her that she is looking beautiful.She blushed.I hugged her from behind by deliberately moving my hands around her waist.Her breathing increased a little but she controlled.Slowly as days passed I started to talk about sex and sexual desires to her.She became very open and also talked naughty things to me.My dad on one day told us that he is going to village for 8 days for farm work.Me and my brother rejoiced to hear that and decided to take this opportunity.

On one evening mom came from a friend’s place and she was in beautiful blue transparent saree.We got aroused and we made a plan.My brother told my mom that he going to his friend’s place for a night party.Although he would be returning back acc to plan as I will make the door open.He went.My mom was tired and went to bedroom and I followed her.She stood in front in front of mirror and said “it was tiresome there and there is also cold these days”.I hugged her from back this time too deliberately and tightly.My erection was pressing mom’s soft ass.She noticed it but didn’t react.

I made my next move.I made her loose hair on one side exposing the neck and shoulder and kissed her neck and kept my lips on them and asked her how it feels now.She said”dont do this to me.I am your mom” but she didn’t make me aside and didn’t even move in order to break my kiss.I kept kissing and then turned her around.And I kissed her strongly on her lips and she did respond well.I then broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

We both looked passionately into each others eyes.She thought it was love but I had damn thing ant the back of my mind.She agreed to have sex with me only under one condition that I should wear a condom.I took this opportunity and went out called my brother and my friend shubham.We took 3 packets of condom and stamina pills.Only I went inside and both of them hide themselves in the kitchen.My mom made up herself a bit exposing a lot of flesh.

I went near her pulled her saree pallu harshly and made her go round and removed her saree.She said “be soft you are not raping me,do you?” to which I replied “you may feel like that after we complete.”she thought it was just my fantasy.I then kissed her and squeezed her boobs over her blouse.I then removed her blouse and petticoat.She was in white bra and black panty.

I removed my own shirt,pant,banyan and remained in underwear.I removed her bra and panty and was surprised that she had clean shaved pussy.She removed my nickers and I thrusted my cock into her mouth and she gave me a beautiful blow job.I then took a stamina pill and put on a condom.

I put her on the bed and I tried to insert my cock into her pussy as it was large in size,my penis was 4 cm thick and her pussy hole was 1.5cm thick as she was virgin all these years.I licked her pussy and then thrusted my penis into her vagina.She cried in pain and moaned in pleasure aaaaa.

And then I started slowly and she was like your cock is giving immense pleasure,.Its tearing my cunt.Then I started ramming her pussy and she cummed.But I was she not finished.I twisted her round and made her sit on my lund.But before she sat I removed the condom and threw it.

Meanwhile ramesh my brother and shubham took stamina pills and as per planned took the wet condom I threw.I pulled mom over me and passionately kissed and holded her tightly.Shubham came instead of my brother wearing the condom to fuck her.We wanted to surprise her by double penetrating her.

Shubham’s cock was 6 in long and 4.7 in thick.I was terrified whether mom would handle the pain but then signaled shubham to go ahead.And he rushed his cock into her ass and its just tip was in mom went crazy in pain but he was ruthless and shoved half cock into her gaand.Tears came into her eyes.Her right rand on my shoulder and left hand on her gaand and she was looking into shubam’s eyes for pity.

But these pitiful eyes encouraged shubam and me to ram her hard and we both continuously fucked her and in between my bro came while she was enjoying dp and made her give blow job in that position.Shubham moved upwards keeping his lund in her gaand and making mom lean over me completely and then my bro inserted his lund in her pussy.So she was having triple penetration.

We forced fuck her for two hours continuously.She went unconscious couple of times but we fucked her without any pity.Its been two years and now my mom is pro in fucking and she has got fucked by many of our villagers.My mausi also got fucked by all of us.I will tell that in next part…..

Me And Brother Bang Mom

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