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Me And Bhabhi Four Times Lovely Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 28, 2015

Hi friends I am Romit and I am doing my graduation. I want to tell my incident that I will not forget for all my life and always miss it.

The incident happened when I was leaving with my elder brother who had got married to a wonderful woman Radhika ( fig 34 30 32) who is now my bhabhi and I can say my love. At that time their marriage had got only 2 years. I was always leaving in my brother home as my college vacation was there at that time and one day it was raining very heavily and I was in my room and my bhabhi came fully wet from outside and knocked the main door and when I opened I saw my bhabhi’s sexy and hot curves, she had wore red sari and blouse and from there I had dream to have her sexy body in my arms. I had scanned her from top to bottom and I think she had noticed me staring her.

After seeing her in this situation I had masturbate in my room. In lunch period she called me to have lunch and she had told me my brother has gone for some office tour for 10 days. As I heard this something happened to me and started thinking to have one night with my bhabhi but how and when. So I started to stare her and help in her work. After two days in morning when she was taking bath I went to her room and checked her bra and panty but I was unlucky she saw me checking her bra and panty, I kept all that and went outside with saying anything, her face was angry but she had not told anything. I felt guilty that day, but mind was always thinking of her sexy mind.

First time:

At 8 evening she was preparing dinner & I was in my room and decided to say sorry for the morning incident but when I went and saw her in short and top I changed my mind and decided to have it today whatever happen I will see it.

After dinner I went to her room she was still in same dress I went straight to her and she assumed I will say sorry for the morning incident, but hold her hand pushed her to the wall and started to kiss her very badly she was pushing me against to resist and scolded me saying” what is this”, but I didnt listen her and hold her waist very tight and without replying, staring in her eyes I kissed her very gently and she had also responded to this very gently we kissed for 5 minutes and then I move her to the wall and moved my hand to her boobs and gently pressed her right boob (it was round and really awesome feel) and kissing her neck she was moaning ahhh lightly .

Then I removed her top, she had wore red bra, I turned her back kissed her back and unhook the bra and slowly removed the bra. She was facing against the wall and then I moved my hand to navel to lose her short and then I put her on bed (only in panty). I removed my shirt and pant and we were on same bed as I dream and started kissing my bhabi’s lips and moving my hand near her navel. I started kissing her neck and pressing her boobs she was moaning ” ahh uhhh” very lightly and pinching her boobs.

She had kept her lower lips under her teeth that makes her more beautiful. Then I moved my hand towards her panty and moving my figure over her panty. After that I moved my hand inside her panty and put my middle figure inside her pussy and moving in and out, at the same time I was sucking her boobs licking it and my bhabhi was moaning loudly “ahhh uhhh uuuum”.

After that I stood up and removed my underwear and my dick got erected to 7 inch and my bhabhi was in the bed then I went close to her leg kissed her leg removed her panty and then spread her legs and seen her lovely pussy. I kissed her pussy lips sucked her pussy lick it moved my tongue in her pussy and pressing her boobs and nipple very hard and her moan ” uuuhhh umhhh ahhh ” making the night more romantic. Her pussy got wet, I started moving up kissing her navel licking her boobs and kissed her lips, my dick was touching her pussy lips.

I looked in her eyes I was not getting confidence to fuck my bhabhi but when she put her arm on back of my waist,i slowly moved my 7 inch penis inside her pussy it was really very tight and she was moaning very loudly uhhh uffff and in three stroke my full penis was inside her. Then I take few seconds and started moving in out very smoothly and increased my speed she was moaning” fucck mee faster harder ahhh uhhh harderr ahhhh fucck me romitt uhh” and I cum inside her pussy. I fell over her she moved her hand over my head and kissed me and we slept in her bed that night

Second time:

Next morning she had wake up before me and went for bath, as I was sleeping bhabhi had kept the door open, I get inside she was taking shower. I put my hand on her shoulder kissed her back.

Then moved her towards the wall I kissed her under the shower pressing her boobs then suck shower water from her nipples it was really awesome then kissed her navel, spread her leg put one leg over my shoulder sucked her pussy and figured her pussy for about 5 mins. I stood up & turned her, facing her against the wall I hold her waist bent her little and insert my long penis full in one stroke she moaned in pain ” issss its paining” kissed her back neck said sorry put my hand on her pussy to relax.

Then I moved in & out my balls were making thap thap sound and she was moaning loudly ” ahhh umm fuck me harderrr uhhh umm “, as I increased my pace I hold her waist very tightly and again I cummed in her pussy . Then I removed my penis from her pussy and my lots of cum was flowing from her thigh. Then we kissed each other and I told bhabhi I love her.

Third fuck:

I was sitting in my room thinking of bhabhi and bhabhi had come to my room in a red lingerie upto her knee. She sat near me on my bed and kissed me very gently and moved her hand on my thigh and touching my dick over my nicker it had already erected. Then she removed my penis from the nicker and give me a smile, kissed my penis tip suck it move up and down twisting my dick she had taken my penis deep inside her mouth.

Then she came over me sucking my cock in 69 position. I lift her lingerie upto her waist and removed her panty and started sucking her pussy in 69 position for about 10 minutes. After that she sat over my stomach and takeoff her lingerie and kissed my lips and her boobs were hanging. She took my penis in her hand and put it inside her pussy and she started jumping on my penis moaning loudly “ahhhh uhh ooyehhh “. When was about to cum she again started sucking my penis and take whole of my cum in her mouth.

Fourth fuck:

The next day when I went to bhabhi room she was reading magazine in bed wearing shirt and skirt. I sat over back and told her read your magazine.Bhabhi told me you are good fucker she like me in bed . I removed my pant and turned her opened her shirt removed bra sucked her red erected nipples um licking her boobs with my mouth all over she started moaning uhh ahhh pressed her boobs then turned her and I am over her back put my hand under her skirt slide down her panty and spread her legs and put my hard erected 7 inch penis slowly in her pussy, bhabhi moan “isss ahh umm” .

As I am all over her back I told her have you fuck like this she told no, then I started moving my hip so that my penis will penetrate her pussy in and out “ahhh” I moaned. Bhabhi moaned very loudly” aahhuuhh umm ” and I fill her pussy with my cum. She kissed me and told me she also loves me.

Next day my brother came but I love these ten days . I hope you all will like my story and give your comments

Me And Bhabhi Four Times Lovely Sex

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