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  • September 4, 2015

Hello all desipapa readers this is Vikey from Bangalore. I recently came to know about this site while I was surfing and found lucky to view this site. This site provides the platform for telling one’s feelings about “sex”.

The best part about this site is the Sex Stories. I am very fond of these incest stories and here I am for telling u my real experience with my mother. First a little into about me. I am Vikey doing BE, in a reputed college in Bangalore. Height 6 feet 2 and having 7 inch manhood. Now about my mother. Her name is Lakshmi, she is a homemaker, 39 yrs of age, has a heavenly structure of 36-30-38. Her Bra size is 36A, and panty size is 110cm.

She is whitish and beautiful. What I like about her or mad on her is because of her round fluffy ass and boobs. From the age 18 itself I had an incestuous eye on her. I don’t know what made me to go mad on her but all I wanted at that time was to see her nude. I tried all sorts of things. I hid my cell phone in the video mode just in front of the bathroom where we used to put our clothes. But it all went vain as I did not position my phone in a rite way. All I could capture was her legs below knees. After seeing that I was kicking myself to somehow make an idea to watch her nude, but could not find one. After that we shifted our house twice but there was no opportunity for me to see her nude.

I used to fantasize about her while I was masturbating, for almost 3 years since. Now coming to the incident, it was at the age of 20. One Thursday morning before I left for my college, my dad told me that he and my sister are going to the native place for some work and will only return on Sunday night. So I came to know that I and my mom will be alone in the house. While going to college and even during college hours something was disturbing me. Then I said myself that this is my chance to somehow seduce my mother and watch her nude. So I was planning for a way. It was 5 in the evening and I reached home. I was happy at that time as this was the best chance I could ever get. My mom greeted me in and daily routine went and it was 9:30 in the night. We ate and we were about to sleep, at that time I asked mom if I could sleep with her in her room. For that she answered ok, but after thinking for 5 mins.

It was 10:00 pm and we locked the main door and went in the room to sleep. After she went to deep sleep I opened my eyes and watched my mom sleeping. It was a beautiful sight and scene of my life. The moon light from the windows was enough for me to see her lusty lips and great boobs. But I did not have any courage at that time, so the plan changed for the next day. Next day Friday, nothing much to say all I could do was masturbating thinking yesterday’s scene. But 2day my luck turned to my favor. After the day’s daily routine, it was 10 in the night and we went to sleep.

Today also I was to sleep with my mother. My mother had done too much of cleaning the house that day, and I could see some pain in her eyes. But she did not tell me about that. I asked her “mom, is something wrong?” she said “nothing son” but I could sense that she was feeling a little uncomfortable. I again asked her “mom is something wrong? For that, as she could not withstand the pain, she said “son I did all the household chores today that my back and legs and hands are paining.” I asked “can I help u???” she said “ no its ok.”. I again said to her “mom, I can see that u r in a lot of pain and u are not well, so I can help u, I am your son u no need to feel shy.” For that she replied “K son, get that oil and please apply it on my back, hands and legs.” I knew that this was the opportunity that I was waiting for and grabbed it. I took the oil bottle and sat next to my mom. She was smoking hot in pain. She was wearing a saree that day, but usually she wears a nighty.

She asked me to first massage her hands first. For that I replied “K mom!!!!” After massaging her both the hands she said me to massage her legs. Her back was aching too much that she could not get up, so she said “Vikey I am not able to bring my hand down, so please pull my saree till the knee and u can massage there”. I started massaging her legs, toes and ankle and I could see that she was enjoying it and moaning a little bit. I said “mom, I am finished”, she replied “thank u son! Now go to sleep”But still something was bothering her she was not able to get sleep. I asked her “mom what it is at again, why r u feeling uncomfortable? U can tell me everything” she replied me in a shy face “my back is aching too much and I am not able to get sleep”. I asked her if I can massage her back, she was shy but had no other go, she said ok. I again took the oil in my hand. My mom was lying on her breast and showed me her back. I started to massage her on her back with some pressure that made her to get some sleep. After sometime I knew that she was in deep sleep. I put my hand under her blouse and could feel her bra strips. I was amazed! I was massing there for some time and pulled my hand outside. Now I brought my hand near her ass. I slid my hand under her tight panty. I could only touch her upper part of her buttocks and could feel her deep ass crack. That took me to seventh heaven. Suddenly my mom turned on her back in sleep. I saw her huge breasts and thought of touching that.

Then I saw her beautiful face and lusty lips. I then decided to kiss her. I planted a soft kiss on her lips; there was no reaction from her. Now I started kissing again on her lips, this time for 5 mins, by that time she woke up, but I did not get off her. It took few seconds for her to realize, and they started to push away my body, but she couldn’t push my 90 odd kg body. Then we broke the kiss. She got up and slapped me on my face. She asked me if this is the way a son behaves with his mother. I said “no, but mom please I want to see you nude, I want to touch your body.” She was shocked to hear this from my mouth. She said “Vikey this is not the right way to talk to your mom, please behave yourself I said “mom I have thought much about that and I wanted this from you, please don’t say no” she replied “mother-son relation is a pure form of relation, I cannot commit a sin by breaking it” I said “mom please allow me to watch u nude please, or else I will die. I have to please” I started pressuring her. After a long battle of words I convinced my mom. She said ok, but only seeing and nothing else. For that I replied “ok mom, thank u, you are the best mom in the world” She stood up, I said “mom one favor” she asked “what?” I said “please mom can I undress u, please” she said “no” I pleaded to her, and without any other go she accepted. I was very happy hearing that, and seeing my own beautiful mom nude. I went near mom, she was shy “how on earth did I allow my son to undress me and watch me nude”. I slowly removed her saree knot from her hips and threw it down. I stared at my mom who was now in her blouse and petticoat.

Then I unhooked her blouse. I untied her petticoat and it fell down. Now again I starred her, she was standing in her bra and panty. It was the scene of my life. I was taking a look at her body for 2 mins and was admiring her. She said “ok now, is this enough, will u leave?” I said “mom no I did not see you nude yet” again I was ogling at her navel and went close to her. I went closer to her and could feel her hot breath on my face. I took my hand and unhooked her bra, and down it fell, she closed her eyes in shy. I also removed her panty. Now my mom was nude in front of me. I was seeing her beauty for 10 mins. She saw now my 7” erect cock from my pajamas and broke the silence. She you saw rite, now u leave” I said k and was standing there. She said me to go, but I replied “mom u can dress up, I’ll stand here please mom” she said ok.

She bent down to get her bra, but something went through my mind, I went close to her and again planted a kiss on her, she resisted but I didn’t let go her, we smashed to the wall and I was kissing her. She broke it and said “I knew this is where this will lead to and I can’t allow u for that” after hearing this again I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her on her lips. She tried to resist but in vain as I was pushing my 7” cock against her. Now she lost her control, and instead of resisting she was enjoying. I was kissing her and I was trying to put my tongue into her mouth, she also started kissing me with passion and we explored each others mouth. I sucked her lips and her tongue. We broke the kiss and we saw each other, and my mom said “common son now explore your mom’s body and fuck me” I was happy to hear those words from her and make her lie on the bed on her back. I again kissed her on her lips, and started lick all over her body. I went near her hairy arm pit and smelt her sweat; it was arousing me I even kissed there for some seconds. I then kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, and lips and was kissing and sucking her navel for 2 mins. She was moaning ummmm….hmm… ohhhhhh…..

Then I started licking her legs, toes and slightly bit her toe fingers. She moaned hmm…. Uhhhhh….. This aroused me again planted kiss on her lips. Then I took both her brats in my hand. She has a 36 size breasts and pink color nipples; I first massaged both her boobs, I pinched both her nipples and she was … mmm… mmm…. mmmm… Uhhhhhhh,,, ohhhhhhh. Then I started kissing the left boob. I started kissing her nipples and sucking them. I was sucking it madly and my mom was … mm. ohhhhhhh my other hand was fondling her right boob. I sucked her left boob for 5 mins and now concentrated on her right boob. I kissed, fondled her boobs for 10 mins, all these time she was mmm…ohhhhhhh, All these sounds made me more mad and she was taking her hand towards my erect cock. I asked her to undress me, she obeyed and removed my banian and pajamas and I was also nude soon. Again my mom lied down, I took my cock and placed it near her cleavage and started pushing it up and down, my cock was locked within her breasts and I was fucking there. Then I removed my cock, and asked my mom to suck it.

My mom first planted a kiss on my cock head. It was a great feeling. Actually she was the one who removed me foreskin. It pained a lot though. Now she was sucking my cock and giving me a blowjob. She was taking my dick in and out of her mouth, she was enjoying. She was sucking in like a lollypop; she also took my balls into her mouth. She was sucking my cock with great pleasure for 10 mins, then something rushed through my cock and I cum in her mouth, my mom swallowed it. She said “it tastes better than your dad’s, and yours is also much fat and longer than his”. I was stunned to hear this. Now se said “I can’t wait any longer explore the canal where you were born”. After hearing this I at once went down and parted her legs. She had a very bushy pussy. She has never shaven it as all other Indian women. With some difficulty I planted my first kiss on her pussy. She said mmmohhhhhhh, I started exploring the place from which I came out.

She had a great pussy lip pink in color; I kissed at that also was kissing her clits. I started licking her pussy and was doing in for 10 mins. She said she was about to come, and soon her love juices came out, she had her first orgasm. I liked all her love juice, I took some in my mouth and kissed my moms lips she also enjoyed her juice. After that I started inserting my finger into her pussy, it was wet. I first put my one finger, the I put my second one and increased my speed, My mom was enjoying and moaning with pleasure … mmm…now I started putting m other finger. Now all my three fingers were fucking her and she was … mmm… Uhhhh, hhhh came to her second orgasm. I cleaned her pussy, sucked her love juices. By this time my cock came to its hardened shape and was ready. I slowly took my cock and first I was rubbing it with her pussy then I inserted into her pussy, though she was wet but I could insert only a little of my penis, she was also in pain.

So I asked my mom to lubricate my cock. She at once took it in her mouth and covered it with her thick saliva. Now again I inserted my cock, her pussy walls were tight, I think my dad didn’t used to fuck her well, and I guess it was years that he would have fucked. After some pain to me and my mom, I successfully inserted by full erect cock into her vagina. She moaned in pleasure… mmm… mmm…. mmmm… Uhh I was there in that position, where my cock was fully in her. I lied down on her in that position and kissed her lips for 2 mins, she said me “common baby do it!” Then I slowly took my cock out of her vagina, all this time she was … mm… uhhh,,, ohhh, ahhh ehhh Then I started moving it in and out with slow pace for 5 mins, now I increased the speed.

I was fucking her in top speed for some 10 mins. I was fucking her and she was ,,, Uhhhhhhh,,eh I was fondling her boobs and nipples she was enjoying. She was biting her lips in pleasure and telling yesss uhhhhhhhh Ur der Ur der….my mom had already reached the climax, but I stayed for few more minutes. After 15 mins of fucking her in her pussy I removed my cock from her pussy and put it in between her breasts. I started fucking there and within seconds I cum. My cum burst onto her face she started licking all the cum. Even I tasted some of my cum while I kissed her on her lips. We both enjoyed the fuck session and both were tiered. I lied down besides her and watched her in her eyes. She had some satisfaction in her eyes. She then said that my father never used to satisfy her and she liked it and enjoyed it after many years. She said “thank u, my son” I replied “my pleasure mom!” She laid on me, her nipples touching mine and my discharged cock on her pussy pubic hair (that tickled me a bit) and kissed me for 5 min. She also put her tongue in mine, and I put it in hers and we were in ecstasy.

Then we broke the kiss and went to sleep. That was the best day of my life. It never stopped and we fucked each other many times, she exploring me, and I exploring her. I would love to hear comments from you great people here. Hope I have a written a good story. And friends this is my real experience. Apart from the names, of course, every part of the story is real. Please comment on my story. Any girl, aunties who want some real fun can contact me at Secrecy is assured and we can have some fun.

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