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Mazza Sex Ka Aunty Ke Sath

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

My name is Imran and I lives in Gulshan Karachi . it was 3rd January 2002, when my friend Amjad has to take off to Australia for his graduation, all the relatives of my friend were other woman was also present who has came to see off his son his son was also going from the same flight, when that woman came to know that my friend Amjad is departing from the same flight then she get franked with my friends family.

She told that she has two sons at cadet college and other is now going abroad for studies, and her husband was in Lahore due to a business meeting , therefore she has came alone to see of her son. Now the real story starts that woman she was beautiful she was about of 35 or 37 yrs: , I was talking with my friend I saw that the woman islooking at me with crossed eyes I saw her she was still watching towards me, I think that she watching some where else, but after some time I again feel that she was watching towards me once again our eyes meet with each other she smiled. Now at that moment I was assured that she needs some thing , I also give smile in reply.

The fight came 1:00 am after seeing off to my friend all his family and me and that woman we were leaving , but there no space for me in the cars of my friends family because some of his relatives came through the taxi and they were going through the cars, at that moment near to us when she saw this problem she said that, no problem, he can go with me I can drop him. I was also wansting that all agreed on it. So when I seated in that woman,s car she gives a sexy smile in reply I also smile, kia mood hai , I replied as u wish. She came nearer to me hold my penis, as at was hard she said ghar chal kar dekhatee hoon kah is mein kitna power hai, then she drove towards the home. When we reached the home , she leads me towards the bed room where she said to me stay here I m coming, after about 15 mins she came wawo she was in nighty and was looking really beautiful. I get up hold her in my hands starts kissingher she was also replying she put off my shirt and I put off her nighty wawo now she was only in bra and panty she hurriedly put of my pants during that I have putted off his bra which was of pink color her boobs were really beautiful I was in the world of dreams, then she took my lund which was hard like a iron rod in his mouth and start sucking it I was really feeling a lot of joy she was sucking it deep in her throat after some time I cam in side her mouth she also sucked my cum .

Then I took her to the bed put off her panty I was really wanting to saw her choot , her choot was quite clean at the same tile I was sucking her big boobs I put my finger in my mouth and when it was lubricated with saliva I rubbed it on her pussy she make a sound mmmmmmmmm I was really enjoying that so I starting moving in and out my finger in her chooot . she also was enjoying that then my lund was again starting erected said her to lubricate my penis with his saliva she hurriedly did that her choot was also wet.

I put her legs on my shoulders and put my lund of 8″ inside of her choot there was no resistance in her chooot I was pumping in her choot she was really moaning mmmmmmmmm ahhhh ohhhh aassssssss aur zor say karo zor saytaiz karo na jaan sarey kay sara inder daal do na! I cum o her choot I fell on her. She went away and came along with taking a glass of milk asay lay lo abhey aik aour lagani hay. I took that and drink it n seconds after that she came and start sucking my lora again and I was rubbing her ass her ass was also really beautifulonce again my penis was on his extreme then I said her that now I fuck u in the doggie style she turned and put her back side towards me and said gand mein nahien dalna . I said don,t be worrie I m not going to fuck u in ur ass . I put my penis in hi pussy from the back side and start puming in and out I and she also really enjoyed that style I cum on her “gaand” after that I fell on the bed she went away after about 20 mins she came back and lets take bath . I said both of us take bath to gather she “hann jaldey aaoo naan”. During bath I once again fucked her from the back side. After taking bath she went and came with meal. I take the meal , And I was leaving it was too late it was 4:30 am, she said u can inform at ur home that u will come tomorrow so I informed at my home . and slept there with her,on the next day I awaked but she was still sleeping I said her that it,s 12pm and want to leave she jumped on me again started kissing me put off all my clothes and her own, and sucked my penis and put her basck side twards me she was in doggie style and asked me to fuck once more I again fucked her.

Than I took bath and was ready to leave she came and said give ur phone no so that whenever I need u I can call u, I give her my e mail address , now she mails me and I confirms her from the telephone and fucks her , she also give me 3000 rupees on the first night for well serving.

She also gave my e mail to her other nearest friends I have also fucked her friends for each night I get paid 2000 rupees. Now every Saturday and Sunday I m booked by her or her friends, im also getting fun and earning mony. Any girl or lady who wants my service I will be available for her except Saturday and Sunday, if some body pays me more than that I will also be available for her on Sunday night or Saturday night. U can call me without any hesitation . i will be available for u?, I m also a student of BSC. My e mail address is

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