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Mature Wine Is Divine To Taste

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi folks! I’m Vijay, 35 years Software Engineer, shifted to Hyderabad in April 2002 on a deputation. I was provided a flat in an upmarket area due to my position. In that building there was 8 flats, 2 in each floor. I was in the second floor. Opposite to my flat was Ms.Sharmila Kulkarni, 57 years, Corporate Communications Executive, with provocative figure (slightly rounded – want her photos? send your requests to me. The decision to send her photo(s) rests with her ONLEEEE!) Having curves at the right spots and sensual to look. I’ve never seen her family thus far and we were just Ha! Ha neighbors only. Once while going to my office on Saturday, which is a regular holiday for which I use bike, and in regular times the office car. That day, Ms.Sharmila came urgently to me asked “Can you drop me in my office? My office car has not come and I’m late for a very important meeting”.
I asked her ” Where is your office?” She told “Near Electronics City” which is about an hour’s drive. I looked at her, she was in a neatly cut silver Grey skirt exposing healthy legs and peach chiffon top and a coat, made her look very sexy and sensual. She had a Very light make-up and a softened pleasant smell of perfume emanated from her. She now started to beg me “Please drop me, I’ll be very much obliged to you”. I told her to ” Ok! Get up”. I started my bike and was cruising towards her destination. She was hugging me by my waist and could feel the luxurious comfort of her billowing breasts on my back. I deliberately took her through bylines, which were pot holed, conveniently was feeling the mature softness of her sensual fleshiest on my back. Many times she tightened her grip on my waist and even went down towards my crotch. I was thoroughly enjoying the ride with her at my back.

At her destination I dropped her 10 min earlier than usual, when she thanked me profusely until I was taken aback by her action. She turned suddenly towards me and kissed me on my cheeks and said “See you at home”. I went to my office and could not get involved in my work and passed time till lunch and returned home and lay down after my lunch. I heard the doorbell ring and looked at the time, it showed 5.30 PM. I got up and went to open the door, I was pleasantly shocked and surprised to see Ms.Sharmila standing there. I was dazed at seeing her and came to my senses when she asked me “Can I come in?” I sputtered “Yes, You are most welcome” and showed her in to the drawing room. She came and sat on the divan, tucking her sexy legs under her. She had removed her coat and draped it on the sofa. She asked me ” Are you staying alone?…….Mr…… Vijay” I blurted eyeing her with lust. I nodded and said “yes”. She said “you have tastefully decorated the flat!” I just smiled at her comment. She then asked about my family. I told her the details that “I’m on a deputation for 18 months and my family is living in San Antonio, USA” She asked “why I didn’t bring my family along?” I told her ” my children are going to school and my wife is doing Doctoral thesis in Sociology – hence they couldn’t come with me” She then asked, “what do you do for food?” I told her ” I can cook to some extent and can live on it” Your wife is lucky” she said. Now it was my turn to ask her same details for which Ms. Sharmila was in tears and told sobbingly about her painful past ” My husband was a businessman and was very successful at that. His success was hard earned with lot of tensions. Still he marched with success after success. He fathered with me two sons and I was a loving mother and caring wife. Fate played a cruel part in our lives. We all went on a holiday to Europe. There one day he along with the kids went for water sports and were drowned in a freak accident, which hit me like a ton of bricks.

I came back to India alone after the last rites and the formalities. Fortunately he left me with a substantial fortune. This all happened at the peak age of 37 years. I fought against the establishment – male bastion! And succeeded in carving a high profile and successful life for myself, till this day and have never succumbed to the advances of males nor craved for physical gratification – only aim was to succeed, like my husband” I went near her and caught her shoulders and said “I’m very sorry to remind you of your sad past” She fell on my chest and sobbed inconsolable for quite some time. I let her be there for some time. After sometime, phone started to ring, when she let go – I wiped her tears with my kerchief and asked her to relax. I answered the phone, it was my colleague inviting me for dinner in his house, which I politely declined saying “I have made food for the night” and he did not persist. Now Ms. Sharmila got up and said ” I’m sorry to have disturbed your privacy”, for which I said “not at all”. “I presume the bottled up sadness has outpoured and lightened you mentally, now”. She nodded and said ” You are having dinner with me tonight. Why did you lie to your friend?” I told her “I have already made preparations for it”. She told “forget it and come to my place for dinner”. I told her “I’ll freshen up and come in an hour.” She got up and pulled me closer and gave a fleeting kiss on my lips and said “come soon, I’ll be waiting for you”. I freshened up with shorts (no underwear!) and T-shirt and chatted with my family for half-hour and went down to get a bouquet for Ms. Sharmila. I got a bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums and went to her flat and rang the bell. Ms. Sharmila was really dressed to kill with cream tank top T-shirt (She did not wear bra underneath, which was showcased by her transparent top!?) and grey baggies (shorts) exposing more of her sexy and shapely legs, with an exquisite perfume – “Shalimar” wafting in the air, when she opened the door, said “welcome Mr.Vijay”. “This is for you Ms. Sharmila” saying, handed her the bouquet. She said, “lovely, you have very good taste!” The drawing room of her house was more gorgeous, paling my drawing room beyond comparison. I commented her fine taste in acquiring things and decorations.

The time was around 8 PM. She asked me to forget formalities and call her “Shammee” Then she asked me “Do you drink Vijay?” I said, “I don’t, except with exceptional company”. She retorted “what sort of company I am?” I told her “you are exceptional~!” She went in brought Champagne and Moet Chandon – a costly and rare wine! We were sitting on the sofa near each other but not too close to each other. We were just conversing about our past and slowly inched towards the topic of sex, which made both of us blush and somewhat reticent. The Champagne made us relax and went into the discusssion, very deeply, to a point of no return. She was drinking quite quickly, making her tipsy. Now she moved closer to me, her thighs touching mine, finally leaning on me and speaking incoherently. I now could peek into her T-shirt and could see those succulent melons bulging out of her shirt provocatively,which were definitely larger for her frame. I now pulled her closer to me and could feel the heat of her engulfing me. I called Shammee to get up and relax, when she said “I’ll relax on your lap, I’ll sit down”.She sat down and lay on my lap. With the top 2 buttons opened, half her breasts spilled out of her shirt. Her breasts looked healthy and firm for her age withslight sagging due to size and weight! A part of her areolas which were pink and were surrounded with small nubs protruding and erect. I let her relax for sometime,in the meanwhile my cock was aroused due to the situation there and gaining rigidity fast and poking her thru my shorts. She asked “what is this thing protruding and poking me and disturbing me”. I told her “it is a sword looking for its warm, wet and fleshy sheath”. “Firstly I want to test it” said Shammee. She now removed the zipper of my shorts and freed my struggling erect fuckpole from the confines. It was now swaying proudly erect on its base.

Shammee gasped and said “You have a pretty long and thick organ with still thicker cap on its top(cockhead)” so saying she came down and started to lick and suck my pink and thick cap of my cock which had a drop of pre-cum at its tip. Shammee caught my cock with both her hands and was literally engrossed and enamoured with the size and started to push into her sweet, warm and sexy mouth. My cock entered her warm mouth until half and she wanted to thrust the whole length inside her mouth, but no way! She was sucking like a lollipop and thoroughly enjoying it. I bent forward and started fondling her big boobs, which was soft and silky to feel! Her sucking made my balls to send signals of an impending explosion of cum! I was in no mood to pull out of her mouth as I was enjoying as much as Sheammee was! I suddenly let out a deep growl catching her head with both my hands and bucked myself sending my cock until her tonsils and ejaculated inside making her gag. But Shammee did not let go off my cock and swallowed all the cream, which now started to dribble along her chin. It was very erotic and exciting to have my cock sucked by an expert like Shamme! I lifted her up and pulled her over me and she kissed with her sensual mouth, tasting of my cum – which was new to me! She lay on top of me for quite some time very much relaxed. I shook her and remided of our dinner. She got up slowly rubbing her whole body on me langrously and went towards the kitchen. We both were now naked now. She went in and brought the dinner and laid on the table. I called her and asked her to sit on my lap and we both ate fondling each others body. My cock got ready for action standing proudly in between her thighs, which she pushed a little bit inside her lusty sheath and rubbed vigorously, making both of us squirm with pleasure! We completed the dinner in the process aroused ourselves to the peak of excitement. We also indulged in drinking of the fine wine – Moet Chandon! which aroused us further. After cavorting with our naked bodies for some time, Shammee led me to her bedroom, which was still beautiful in decor.

Shammee told me in a choked voice ” First time in my life, before and after my marriage and after the death of my husband, I have succombed to pleasures of this physical body – which I am unable to explain. On one side I feel I’m cheating my dead husband being prudish and on the other hand I cheated my physical longings all these years, supressing and killing my emotions. i stilll fail why I am surrenderring my womanhood to a total stranger – You”. I told her “The answer is in what you said just now, which I quote” I cheated my physical longings, by supressing and killing my emotions” and that sums all you did just now, though late by normal standards, but definitely not by your physical standards”.I went near her and and hugged her softly, consoling her saying ” Whatever happens is for good”. She pulled me down on the bed and asked me in a broken voice “Vijay – tell me the truth, Do you really like me? At this age am I still worthy of lay?” I replied ” yes I like you, and I promise and swear you’re really still delectable, sensual and sexy even at this age and to be honest I like you for your age!” saying this I kissed on her pouting lips and hugged her to me softly. I was lying on top of her with my erect cock nestling in between her thighs resting on her warm and sensual cunt lips! Now Shammee spread her thighs and put her hand under me and guided the thick cap of my cockhead into her warm vagina. I was fondling her bulbous melons and kissing her. Shammee spread her thighs more and lifted her buttocks and entwined her legs around my hips and pressed me towards her, making my engorged cock enter a fourth inside her spreading wet and warm vagina. It was so tight a fit around my cock, due to its non use for this purpose over a very long period! She was also slightly uncomfortable with the size of my cock inside, as it was spreading her vagina beyond her imagination, but did not give up.

I lifted myself on my hands over her and pulled out my cock out of her vagina and went down towards her slit and started to lick around her hairless vagina pushing her towards ecstacy of lust and carnal pleasure. I dipped my tongue into her wet vagina, licking all around entering into the depths of her vagina. She was literally moaning, lifting her buttocks to assist me in licking further inside. She was moaning” this is the best ever enjoyment I’ve ever enjoyed. Veeeeeejjaaaaaaaaaaaay you are pushing me towards heaven! OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Veeeeejjaaaay I’m unable to control myself! Oh God! I want to die with this pleasure! AAAAhhhhh!it’s very nice UUUUUghhh! I’m coooooommmmmmmiiiing! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I could feel her vagina go into spasms and squeezing my tongue sending forth a lot of her lovejuices, which I licked and drank Greedily! All the while my cock was fighting with the bed under me. Now I got up and climbed on Shammee, guiding my cockhead towards her wet vagina and thrust into her slowly and it was now moving in slowly. I could feel her cunt muscles expand easily wet with juices, giving way for my big meat. My cock could feel her cunt muscles tightening around it. I pushed almost to three fourths, beyond which Shammee was unable to bear the pain! my cockhead rested partially inside her cervix with the aim to shoot deep inside her. I now slowly started to pick the rhythm of fucking Shammee – the sensual, voluptuous mature lady who cooperated with me in fucking her – like a girl half her age! I now slowly picked up the tempo to fuck her by faster strokes,which she assisted by lifting her buttocks. I sometimes squeezed her sensitive breasts and was fucking her furiously now. Shammee was screaming, raking my back with her strong orgasm, which shook her whole body one after another. After fucking her tight vagina for a long time, I ground my pubic bone against Shammee’s pubic bone and thrust deeper and exploded my ejaculation deep inside her womb and it was spurting a lot for some time with great volume and intensity!

The pressure created was so intense, My cock almost was pushed out of her vagina. I caught My cock and pushed again inside her displacing my semen filled in her vagina, dripping towards her anal crack! I lay on top of her exhausted.We both slept like that for quite some time and it was Shammee who stirred under me saying “this is the best fuck i had in 20 years after abstaining – a total and complete satisfaction – both physically and mentally. Vijay, Thank you, you have ignited the flames of passion in me and made me a feel a complete woman! I’m deeply in debt to you for the wonderful sex you gave me! I forgot to mention – Shammee has a pierced navel(belly-button)! She asked my suggestion for vaginal piercing, which I told her later! She pushed me down and hugged me tightly and said “good night” and drifted off to sleep. I looked at her lovely face which looked more calm and clear and slept hugging her. In the morning I got up first with a solid hard on and looked at Shammee who was still sleeping peacefully. I caught my cock and climbed over Shamme towards her breasts and put my cock in between those big boobs and was fucking in between them, when Shammee woke up, seeing my cock in between her breasts, she caught her breasts with both her hands together and asked me to do fuck in between them faster. Every time my cock would reach her mouth she would lick it. I tit-fucked her for some time and shot a huge load of cum going beyond her pillow,on her hair, face and finally pulled out my cock to unload on her creamy big boobs and spread it with my thick knob around her big boobs! She licked all around her mouth and pushed her breasts towards her mouth and licked it clean off my cum and said “my morning drink is over!” I got up cleaned myself and came towards the bed and lay next to her relaxed as it was Sunday. Shammee asked me to stay the whole day with her, which I obliged and we enjoyed many more fucks during the course of the day intermittently. A connoisseurs delight is matured wine, applicable in my context with Shammee. Oh! Sure, I can bet to my last fortune –

Shammee is truly a connoisseurs delight! Her photos which she obliged are the proof of the pudding and I’m having it tooooo! After that heavenly first fuck, we now fuck regularly as and when time permits, until last week on Independence day. We had the culmination of freedom to have uninhibited sex as we like. I’ll write about it later. Firstly, I would like to have your comments, suggestions and views about what I did – Is it the right thing I did to Shammee? Any one living in HYDERABAD want to have sex pls. mail me to the e-mail id given below I’m not looking for sexual favours or gratification, BUT do not have any objections IF lady’s of any age are interested in any sort of activity – physical or non – physical – YOU choose. Honesty and candidness appreciated. Utmost discretion essential. Contact me

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