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Mature Boy With Wanton Woman

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Dear desi fans. I’m a regular reader of desi stories. I’m a married man of age 29 living in kerala. I had a lot of sex experiences before marriage as well as after marriage. I’ll tell u one bye one when I get time. I had my first experience with my aunt 16 years ago,that I’ll tell u later. This one is about the second woman in my life. I was 18 then and that time I had learned the game very well. I had to thank my aunt for teaching all the things to please a woman even she taught it for her own need. I told u I was 18 then I went to my aunt’s house (not the aunt first I mentioned) as I was preparing for my+2 exams.

Near that house there was a bank manager who was about 47 and he had a wife of age 35 and 2 daughters. They were reserved types. We would go there when there was any call for us (remember my aunt didn’t have a phone at that time). But I always felt he didn’t like it. In his presence his wife never talked to me. The only time she talked to me was when my aunt introduced me to her. I stayed in a room which faced their house. I used to read until mid night. At that time my aunt whom I fucked was gone abroad to her husband and I had not been having a good fuck for months. At that time I used to read porn magazines and see porn films. But in my aunts house there were no VCR. I relayed the books it self. Every day I used to masturbate remembering my aunt. One day went out side to pass my urine after I jerked off my self. Then I noticed light in side the other house I wouldn’t have gone there if I didn’t see some movements in side. My curiosity aroused and I went there and peeked in side. The sight was the same I expected. They were nude. I saw them naked in bed. That big man was on top of his wife. He was not moving but I could guess his cock is inside her.

He was kissing her massaging her and doing all things except with his cock. After some times he started up and down motion and soon he grunted and fell on her top. She didn’t move a bit. Some times later he moved aside and lay aside. Then she raised from there, my God! I hadn’t been expected such voluptuous body she kept inside her loose Dress. Her body was white and body parts are made in good proportion; big but stern boobs fleshy but flat belly round and marvelous back and beautifully shaped long legs. I was away from the real world. I wanted to see her more. She stood there and wore a nighty and turned to go bathroom, suddenly she froze there looking at me. My god…I had forgotten I was peeping and I was standing so near the window. Suddenly I flew from there, and in my room I lay nervous and expecting my neighbor getting out side on search for the peeping tom. I prayed all the gods that she couldn’t recognize me. But nothing happened for the long time I waited. Then I stood and looked through the window, in the other house every thing was still, nothing was wrong there. That day I masturbated 3 times in a row.” I wanted to fuck her” I kept this motto for long days in my mind. But I was daring not to make a single move for fulfill my wish because she as the part of that family was so much a type reserved. I said I was not dare to make a direct approach towards her and I decided to try it indirectly. I started to look at her that my looking says I want to fuck her. When she comes near the windows I would stand only in my underwear’s. I’m sure she was seeing it but I’m not sure whether she likes it or not. One day I got the courage to show my fully erect cock to her. All these things I did as if I do not know she was seeing it. I could see her standing there looking at my tool by the corners of my eyes. She the same time was watching that any body notices her. That day after noon I came to see her in upstairs. Then she intentionally went to a room and opened a room and started to change the sari she wore.

She stood there in her petticoat and bra. That night I jerked 2 times remembering that scene. These types activities continued for days. Hence I didn’t get a reason to go to her house I couldn’t try my fortune. “Every dog has a day” it is not only applicable in case of death but in all the fortunes u gets in Ur life. And my day came. That day my aunt ant her family went for a wedding and I was alone in the house. And u know in her house she was alone on day time until her daughters come back from school. I was thinking how could make a chance to talk her then for my surprise she was coming to me as I was sitting in my room and through the window she called my name. I went near to the window and she told me there is some thing wrong with their grinder and whether I could try to repair. I was more than willing. She asked me to come to there. I closed the doors and went there. She was wearing a sari. Since I repair it she came close to me and bent to see what I do. When I looked to her I could see her boobs throbbing out of her blouse. It was unbearable .my tool stood up in a moment. I couldn’t take my eyes from those white big melons. “Why do you look me like this, r u seeing me for the first time?” she asked. I was shivering with lust and I feared I might grab her boobs within moments and rape her. But some how I said some thing; “ah…yes. No, no, no” She continued “I know it was u peeped through the window on that day.” She was actually attacking me with words, when her speech progressed I realized She was before me as I was before her to fuck. She said “I know u want to fuck me, and I also want be get fucked by you” “U can fuck me if u can fuck me as like I see in the cassettes” “If you are like my husband better u leave now” “Can u fuck me as a said?” I could not believe that I’m hearing those things from that lady whom I believed as a reserved one. “I’ll fuck as u said and take u where u haven’t been reached yet” I shouted to her She ran to the front door and within seconds she came back and pulled my dresses and made me naked. ” I want to see ur big cock close I’ve been longing to see it close since u shown it throw ur window” she said

She took my erect tool in her hand and looked on it without missing any thing. “Suck it,” I said, but she was not ready she said that she had never did it and she couldn’t do it. I knew she wants me so bad and I decided to take the advantage of it. “If u can’t I won’t fuck u” then I looked in to her eyes. She looked in to my eyes And said “if u want it that much I’ll, but don’t come in my mouth” I agreed. She slowly took it in her mouth. That was a beautiful sight. My long cock disappearing in between two red lips. At first she struggled a bit to do it but then without hesitation she did it. I held her head. I knew I had to make this bitch satisfied, if she continue like this I’ll come in her mouth within minutes. I cannot control my self when someone is giving head to me. But I can last, as much I wanted when I fuck someone. I withdrew from her mouth. She was in full dress then. I wanted to see that beautiful body. I asked her to remove her dress. In half a minute she was stark naked in front of me. I would have ejaculated on seeing her body if I hadn’t experienced that much. I went close And took those melons in my hand then I started to lick it I know how to use women’s boobs. I could make them almost orgasmic only playing on their tits. She started to moan “mmmmm……… yes….”she adjusted her boobs as to get maximum pleasure. Then I moved down, licked allover her stomach, then the triangle…………. She started to move her hips with my licks. I slowly inserted my two fingers inside her and at the same time licked on the outer lips of her pussy. She shut her eyes close. Slowly I pulled my fingers back I could see her clit appearing out side with my fingers. I just stopped over it and waited for one moment, sharpened my tong and took that thing in my mouth, “Aah…” a loud sound escaped from her. I started to work over her clit. It slide in my mouth I used my teeth as well my tong to pleasure her She became so… wet.

Her juices were flowing out side it filled my mouth and made spottes in the bed sheet. She started to cry “yes…. that way…. faster… ah …mm… aaaggh..My god…yes…”I knew she was enjoying it and it’s the time to start fucking. I stopped licking and she seemed somewhat confused. She begged me to do it again. I consoled her saying I’m going to fuck her hard and make her enjoy it never she did before. I took my tool in my hand jerked it two or three times and came over her she was filled with anticipation. I was enjoying it. Without putting it there I asked how my tool was? She said big… so big…2 inches bigger than her hubby’s. I just rubbed it over her clit, her hips jerked. Then I placed it in the opening and licked her boobs again.” push it in…..” she asked. But I didn’t do it, instead I locked her hands using my hands then I placed the shaft head in her pussy but I didn’t pull it inside. I knew she couldn’t bear the anticipation. She begged me, and then shouted me to fuck her hard. But I remained there fondling her boobs and kissing on her lips and nipples. Then in a sudden motion she released her hands from my hold and placed it on my back and at the same time I felt her pussy engulfing my entire cock in a swift and smooth movement of her hips. She stopped there for one second savoring the sensation made my huge tool that was new for her. “Oh god this is the real one made for me” saying this she started to move up and down beneath me. Her pussy was really some thing special; it was pulling my cock when she moves up and squeezing mine with tremendous power when she moves down. “Son of bitch fuck me … fuck me hard as u promised me,” she yelled. I realized, if she continue this I couldn’t hold back any long. So I decided do initiate the action so that I could control my self. I positioned my self on my hands and pulled my tool out keeping the head inside her hole and pushed it hard. “Wow! Aaah.

That way, I like it do it, mm…. yes, “every time I pull out I could see the inner lips of her pussy, which came out, wrapping my cock. I continued to fuck her in a gentle and slow manner for four or five minutes, that was incredible. She was doing so much with her hips and lips. On my each stroke her pussy came up wards and received my tool and in each out ward motion she tightened her’s and massaged my shaft. I was increasing my speed and I knew I’m going to come but I wanted to last at least to make her one orgasm, but I can’t if I continue like that. Whole my body urged me to move faster because the pleasure was that much. I told you that I’m experienced and I know I had to stop other wise every thing might be spoiled. I was on the verge and suddenly I pulled my cock from her hole. She cried “no, no…. fuck me. I want it more. Don’t stop” she was literarily started to cry, “please… Do it some more.” I consoled her that I was not stopping but I wanted to change the position and asked her to be on all her fours. She rolled and stood in doggy style. I came behind her and entered her from back. You see really I didn’t want to change the position but I wanted to keep my tool out side the pussy for some time. It may help me to do it as if I’m starting a new session. The new position gave her more freedom to move and she was fucking me with tremendous speed. She started to make loud noises. Again the urge for shooting was capturing me and I asked her to move over me and fuck me. But this time I didn’t get enough time to over came the urge because she turned and pushed me and came over me without wasting a second.

She held my tool and impaled her self on my cock and started to bounce up and down. Her boobs were flying in front of me. I played with it. I closed my eyes and tried to distract my thoughts, as I wanted to last up to her orgasm. But every thing was in vain. I could not control my self and with a loud grunt I came in side her deep canal. She didn’t mind it. Reader u don’t worry: I never fail in this case because my aunt made me a perfect artist in fucking. I could remain hard even after having an ejaculation, the only matter is that I can’t enjoy it for the next 2 or 3 minutes but I could continue fucking as my mate demands. I remained still under her and said” don’t stop, fuck me hard ” she did it ‘cos she wanted it. She as well her pussy was making so much noises. She minute by minute increased the pace and started to grind my tool vigorously. I knew she was struggling to have her orgasm. I have to trigger it I helped her jerking my hips and at the same time I rubbed her clit lying under her. Then she made a loud cry and bounced up and down all the length of my shaft and sit on it as if she wanted my balls too in her hole. She was shivering and again she bounced 2 or 3 times and sat on my tool as she did before and rubbed her vagina on my pubic hair keeping my entire shaft inside her. All this time she was shivering like she was suffering bitter coldness. I could feel all the pussy muscles clamping on my tool and I felt as if it’s some thing dry and made of plastic.

Then she fell over me and lay there still for long time. When she over came the bliss of her orgasm she raised her head and smiled to me and kissed my lips and on my cheeks with love. She told me” I love u, for what u gave me, u don’t know what u gave me” I told her” I know it, it’s the orgasm that you didn’t get from your husband” she replied ” more than that it’s the first orgasm I have from fucking a man. I had it my self rubbing my clit seeing blue films, but I never had it on a fucking session with my husband” I was amazed to hear her words. If I knew this before I would have ejaculated while she having her orgasm. Because I like so much to experience women having orgasm using my cock, really that I prefer the best pleasure I get than having an orgasm of my own. My tool was still in her pussy and it became hard hearing her words. She asked, ” Do u want to fuck me one more time?” I said” if u wand u can, “she suggested we can fuck next day again and I returned from there. But in the same day after 2 hours she came to me and asked me to come to her home. The she made me fuck her again and she enjoyed that fuck also with having a loud and shattering orgasm.

We enjoyed sex for six months then my aunt caught it and without making it an issue she sent me back to my home. Though, I get some rare chances to fuck her without knowing my aunt. Here I request u to share ur experiences by sending them to desi galleries. And I’m always ready to help my male friends giving advices some times that may enrich ur sex life and I’m also ready to help my female friends using my experience and knowledge in this field. I will share more of my experiences if this particular one is appreciated by u readers.

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