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Mast SONAL Ki Chut Me Lund Daala

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi, I am sonal from gujarat. I am 18 and belongs to upper middle class family,my father is a businessman and mom is housewife and doing some part time business of jwellery exhibition.They are 46 and 42 respectivly.I have one brother who is 20 and in last year of college ,while I am in first year of college.our family has got very good reputation in society.But it is fact that we all family members are violating social rules and values,Ours is an incestous family.But outsiders do not know anything about us.

All these things started just one year back.My mom had been to Mumbai for 10 days as her jwellery exhibition was organised over there.It was third or forth night after her departure.there was little cold in the atmosphere and we had been to our respective bedroom after dinner. We have got big house with drawing room,kitchen,store,dinning place and guest room on ground floor and three bed room on first for my parents ,one for me and one for my brother Vipul.there was a big balcony on first floor from where we can watch directly in drawing and dinning room as drawing room had double hight.

At about midnight I wake up to pass a pee,when I passed thru balcony to visit a bathroom I seen that dim light was on in drawing area.I didn’t noticed the same but when I returned from bathroom I heared very little noice of TV set or something like that.When I watched at TV set in drawing room,I surprised TV set was not there in the corner.I wondered how it is possible but when I tried to check comming downstare,noice of TV became more cleare.It was from guest room.I again surprised that who will be there in guest room ,and why the TV set has been brought to guest room.I got little fear but I decided to check in guest room.the door was ajar,I slowly moved towards door and peeped in to bed room.there was one more surprise,say it was shock to me.TV set was on in the room and one blue movie was going on.and in front of TV set my daddy was lying with Geeta.Both of them were half naked.I could not believe my eyes.Geeta was a daughter of our next door neighbour.she was just 19 and her parents were in USA on one assignment for two years. she was living here with her grand parents. when my eyes set with the darkness of the room,I could clearly see that my dad was playing with geeta’s hard tits while geeta’s hand was inside of my dad’s pyjama.both of them were very hot and kissing each other passionatly.while on TV screen there was one white girl who was sucking cock of one black male and there was one more male who was entering his dick into that girl’s pussy from rear side.the scene was very hot.all the charecters on TV screen were moaning heavily.and their actions were getting speed.

I was watching some time on TV screen while some time towards my dad and geeta.Now they were undressing each other.First my daddy has pulled out night pent of geeta alongwith her penty.Her top and bra was already now geeta was copmletly nude in front of my dad.My dad was carressing her entire body and kissing her here and there.than geeta got a chance to pull down trouser of my my dad was only in his underwear,but geeta soon pulled down it also.Oh dad’s cock was very magnificent and trobbing heavily.I got very hot watching dady’s rock hard cock.Geeta bent forward and started kissing on his cock head,daddy was trying to push his cock into her mouth but she was little reluctant ,however she took the knob of it between her lips and she was licking it by her daddy was moaning slowly but very deeply.his hands were constantly moving on her entire body.Daddy was playing sometimes with her butts and sometime with her boobs.Geeta was also turned wild.while on TV screen both the male had shooted their cum in pussy and mouth of that girl.That girl was licking cum by her tounge while one man started licking pussy of that girl.There were really a very hot scenes on TV screen as well as on room floor. I don’t know when my hand reached to my pussy and I started fingure fucking my own pussy.OOh my pussy was dripping very hot juice.My entire palm became wet with my own juice.It was a really unbearable situation.I gave one tought to rush into room and hold rock hard cock of my daddy.but I could not do it as geeta was inside with my dad. Now they were rolling on the floor twisting their bodies with each other.After some time my dad relived geeta from his greep and tried to find out something.He than get up and collected a pack of condom from over TV set.But when he returned from TV set to Geeta,He watched me nearby door.When I realised that my dad has watched me a thrill of fear passed thru my entire body.Same was the situation of dad ,He rushed to put on his clothes.Geeta could not understand that what has happened.But my dad thrown a bedsheet on geeta and from inside the room told me to go away.I was fixed between the door.

Now geeta realised the situation and started finding out her clothes. I moved two steps back from the door but still I was in dilema,what to do,wether to go in my room or stop? Finally I decided to go upstaire,but before I climb the staircase geeta reached to me,she hold my hand tightly and started begging me.”Please sona,don’t refer this thing to anybody,please sona,tell me you will not say anything to anybody..” Now my dad reached to us and told geeta to go home.He assured geeta that “Sona will not say anything to anybody”. When geeta gone,my daddy came to me and told me with treambling voice that”Sonu,beta I am really sorry and feel ashamed,but please don’t refer this thing to anybody” As my daddy was now begging to keep everything secreat,I got out of fear and collected some courage to talk to my dad.”Daddy,tell me since how long you are having affaire with geeta” “It was our forth time only”Dad replied. “Tell me are you not happy with mom” I asked. “It is not so ,but how can I describe you sona” “OK I can understand dad,you wanted to taste some young girl,isn’t it dad?” I asked point blank,but daddy could not answer me. Then I hold his hand and brought him into guest room,TV was still on but movie was over.Reaching into room I told”Daddy,please replay the movie I want to watch it” “Please sona,now you go into your room and get sleep”my dad suggested.But I was very hot and determind to have some I kept on requesting my dad saying that”Dad please,I am very hot,I have watched some part of movie,I liked it too much and now wish to watch it fully” “Come on daddy,now we do not have any secreat between us,so let us enjoy” I hold my dad tightly in my arms and pushed my tight tits into his chest.Daddy was still undecided,so took the entire situation in my hand and started kissing my dad saying ” Daddy ,you are very nice and have a very perfact body,I watched you naked and now I want to feel the same,please don’t think much,come on” I inspired him.

My daddy was weakened but he made one more attempt to move me away.but I started opening up buttons of his shirt and told” Daddy,I am just like a geeta,treat me just like a geeta,I want you daddy,I want you,Please make me happy”

My words made it’s effect and daddy wrapped his both arms around me.his hands were now moving on my back.getting response from daddy I got delighted and placed my lips on daddy’s lips.I french kissed him for quite a long.daddy’s hands reached on my tits and he complimented me “Oh darling ,You are much much better than Geeta” OH daddy,you are also very sweet,come on what you left unfinished with geeta,finish it with me” I said and started undressing dad.when I pulled down his payjama,there was no underwear as he put on pyjama directly,watching me at door just few minutes back.So when his payjama falled on floor,his strong dick was hanging before me.This time it was not as tight as I seen it first time.Than I decided to make it tighter than before.I hold it in my palm and moved it up and down.daddy started moaning softly.I moved my fingertips all over each and every corner of his dick and balls.his cock was getting hard.At the same time I removing my night dress and all under garments ,I started massasing chest of my dad with my tits.My tits were very firm and nipples got erected.Dad was kissing my face and neck passionatly.

I realised that daddy’s cock was again as hard as I watched few minutes back.Than I took a seat between daddy’s leg and started licking his dick and balls with a very long strokes of my tounge.daddy was excited and maoning heavily,He was murmuring my name in between and expressing his pleasure.As he desired before geeta,I tried to fulfeel his desire.I hold his dick between my wet lips and engulfed his cock head in my mouth.Dad pushed his cock further in my mouth and I let it sleed happily.Almost half of the dad’s cock was in my mouth and I moved my lips up and down on it.Dad changed the position and keeping his cock in my mouth he let his hand move to my pussy.his fingers were moving in my pubic hairs and soon reached to my pussy lips.Oh my pussy was very hot and wet.daddy’s finger on my pussy gave me some strange sensation and my
entire body was shaking in excitement.daddy’s two fingers were moving in and out of my pussy…OH Sheet…what..the…great feelings I was experiencing…

AHHH UHH …..AHHH…It was the Great… OHHH PLeasure was beyond my expectation….OH hh I could not understand what was going in…I was experiencing peak of the pleasure…my pussy was feeled up with hot hot juice…Ahhhh I reached to Orgasmmmmm…….”Oh,Daddy you are great…do it…do it…don’t stop doing it……Ahhhhhh……But now my dad’s cock was also loving faster and faster in my mouth…I was not ableto hold it between my mouth. Than all of sudden ,dad pulled out his dick from my mouth and preseed me to lye down on floor.Immediatly he made my legs wide and placed his throbbing cock on my pussy. OH, I got some strenge fear when daddy pushed his rock hard cock between my pussy,,,,ohhhhh ,,,ahhhh,,,,,”Oh Daddyy…..y…. Ohhhh…..” “Please daddy,,,slowlyy..I am getting painnn…Ohhhhh”

But daddy,didn’t stopped and pushed his entire cock in my pussy with 3-4 strokes.his strokes were heavy and I was feeling a pain….But daddy was not able to keep any control.After entering into my pussy he started giving long and heavy strokes after strokes……After some time I was enjoying his strokes and in excitement I was inspiring him to fuck me hard and hard…soon daddy shoot his thick hot cum into my pussy and gave me one more orgasmm… We stayed as it is in each others arms for few minutes and during that period we were kissing each other just like two young lovers.Than we moved into bathroom and cleaned each other.Than daddy pulled out cassete from VCR and shifted TV set from guest room to drawing room.I helped him and wished him to have a good session with Geeta next night. Dear readers,this is one part of my story,I will describe in next stories that how my entire family get involved into incest. You can send me your views at

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