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Mast Sex With Cousin

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I am Rahul. I live in Indore. I am 32 years old.. I am working as a doctor. I used to browse in the websites. My favorite site is I used the read the stories in this site. I am going to narrate a true-life incident.I had a cousin. Her name is minu. She is 21 years old. She is good looking and had a good large pair of boobs. I used to watch her whenever I got time. She is very sexy. She used to visit our house often. Her mother sometimes has some tours and then Chinnu will be staying in our house. We used to talk about our profession.

She is studying for engineering.One day as usual she was dropped in our house by her mother, as her mother had to go somewhere. She will come back only after 3 days. Chinnu was staying in our house. On Sunday my parents went out for some shopping and for some other things. I was free from work and I was browsing Desipapa in my computer. Suddenly Chinnu came to my room and she saw what I was doing in the computer. I asked her to sit down .I asked her whether she had seen sexy pics. She said NO. I started showing her pics in my P.C. I found a brightness in her eyes. I was hot reading the stories in the site.She was wearing a light blue polyester sari and I could see her belly through it. I was able to know that she was wearing a black bra. I could see it because her blouse was so thin. She looked very sexy. These things made me so hot. I wanted to make a move. I pretended that my leg is aching and bend down. As I come back I made my hands touch her boobs. She did not care it much and presented me a naughty smile. I hoped she would agree to have a sex. She was sitting on my right side. I was sure that my parents would come only after 6 hours. So we now have only that much time.I placed my right hand over her left thigh.

There was no response. I started to move my hand forward and backward. I think she enjoyed it. After sometime she placed her hand over mine and sat there for sometime. She was getting hot. She stood up and looked at me. I also stood up and hugged her. She kept her hand around my hip. I kissed her at her forehead. She closed her eyes with a lovely smile.I looked at her juicy rose lips. I was thirsty. I kept my right hand over her belly and my left hand behind her head making her completely under my control; I came down and kissed her thirsty lips. She opened her mouth and my tongue was inside her mouth. My tongue was exploring all over her mouth. Her tongue also went inside mouth and was exploring. Our saliva exchanged. We stood with that kiss for about 3 minutes.At the same time my right hand went inside her sari through the opening at the belly and started massaging her belly. She liked it very much. My right hand then started exploration for her big pair of melons that were covered by her bra and blouse. I finally reached the spot. I caught one of them over her blouse and squeezed it very lightly. She moaned very lightly. Her boobs were so soft like sponge but its size will come to about 38C. I felt that I was touching a pillow.I then tried to make her hotter. I started kissing her neck. My hands went to her left shoulder and her sari was taken off till her hip. Now I could see the gap between her boobs and also a little part of her boobs. The neck of the blouse was too low. I kissed there and had given a bite at the edge of her boobs. She liked it very much. One of my fingers went inside her blouse in search of her nipples. I could feel her nipples projecting out to the bra. My other hand was massaging her belly. I took my hand out of her blouse and made her close to me and kissed her forehead. Her boobs were touching my chest.

She removed my T-shirt. I stood on my knees and started unhooking her blouse from the bottom. I removed her blouse fully. I could now see her black bra. I could see her nipples in her bra projecting out. I kissed her belly and licked the hole in her belly. My kisses came upward and I reached her boobs. I gave a small bite in her boobs and licked the middle part. My hands went behind her and went inside through her bra strip and massaged her back. Now I made her turn facing her back to me. I licked and kissed her back from her hip upwards.My hands went towards her bra hook, and then I unhooked it. The bra was open. She put her hands up and I removed her bra completely and put it on the floor. Now I came to her front and saw her big melons and the light brown nipples flushing out with full of juices. I kissed at her boobs and sucked one of them. My hand was playing with her other nipple. As I sucked harder, she moaned. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I then sucked the other boob. This continued for sometime.Then I came down wards. My hands went inside her sari, also her underskirt. I touched her panty. It was wet. I touched her pussy hole above panty. I became very thrilled. I took off my hands and started removing her sari. I removed it and put it in the floor. Then I found her underskirt. It was blue in colour. I could see her panty through it. It was white in colour.I made her lay down on my bed and I was exploring her for bottom. As I came up I also brought her underskirt up. I cold see her milky thighs. It was so white in colour that I kissed it many times. I came more upward till her panty is seen. It was totally wet. I then untied her underskirt and took it off. Then it was the panty. I put my hands inside it and played with her pussy.Then it was a situation that I cannot hold much longer. I removed her panty and turned my complete attention to her pussy.

There I found the red well-ripened hot pussy. I put my middle finger in to her pussy hole and brought it out. It was completely covered by her pussy juices. Now she also wanted me to fuck her. She removed my pants and underwear.Now her eyes were at my 5 1/2″ cock, which was hard like steel and stood erect. She caught it and massaged it especially its head. Now it was the time for the final round, the climax. I made her lay on bed; I was on my knees. I placed her legs on my shoulders. I moved towards her. I slowly inserted my cock in to her pussy hole. I was very careful as it might ache her. She moaned a little, Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I slowly move forward at last my cock was fully inside. I made to and fro movements. When my cock was about to burst I took it out and ejaculate it over her belly. After that we had that one more time and then I kissed all over her body. We two became tired and we slept for sometime. Then we woke up took a bath together and put all our clothes and was as usual when my parents came.It was one of the greatest experiences and any girls, married women and others who want such kind of sex with me can contact me at . They should be in between 20 and 40 years of age. I hope I could give you a good sexy contact.Secresy is guaranteed.

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