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Mast bhabhi ki jor lagakar chudai

  • desipapa
  • December 22, 2015

Hey readers, it has been so long I have been enjoying your experience and thought it as the right time to share my experience with you. Hope u will enjoy the same.
The story is about the time I was 26 and doing my MBA at Patna. I was liming with my brothers in-laws. My brother’s sala was married with a beautiful lady white as albatross with big eyes and excellent figure. To me it may be 34-28-36 I always used to jack off at night thinking about her.

It so happened that one night my brother’s sala told me to teach her wife how to drive a car. We set off for the drive at night. At an scheduled place where no vehicle movement was there I asked her to sit in the driving seat. I sat next to her almost touching her, as it was single seat of Ambassador. Slowly she started to drive and I frequently touched her breast to change gears and rubbed my legs to apply clutch and braked. This went on for an hour or so. In the meanwhile I was getting aroused and I could feel her labored breathing. During this exercise my cock was up 180 degree and was quite visible as I was wearing only bermudas. Suddenly in order to change gears her hands touched my cock and she suddenly sat upright and applied brakes. That was the moment I grasped her and started kissing her hungrily. My right hand was busy gripping here mammoth breasts and the left was squeezing her buttock over the Sari.

Suddenly she sat up and told me to return as the roads very empty and some bad element may catch us there. So we retured back during which period she was sitting on the othere seat and shivering. Once when we reached home she whispered to me not to mention anything to his husband and wait in the drawing room adjoin her bed room and watch TV till every one is sleep.

I went inside and my brothers sala asked me how was the first day I told him she was excellent for the first day. Then we all had dinner and brothers sala retired to his bedroom while I continued watching TV. It was an hour or so when the connecting room opened and LO there was Bhabhi wearing a see thru gown smiling at me. When my gaze fell down I saw that the material was very thin and her black bra and panty was visible completely. I looked away from her and continued watching the TV. Meanwhile she turned back stated showing her bums to me. Then immediately bent down and started fixing her bichia ( rings in the feet) As she was bending down her ass crack was quite visible to me and I started getting a huge hard on. As I could not wait any longer I jumped to my feet and grasped her from behind. She gave a slight moan and patted my head. She could feed my cock on her ass crack and started rotating her buttocks. Meanwhile I grasped her melons from behind and lifted her of the ground and carried her to the nearby diwar.

As she was resting on her back I knelt down and opened her gown which had buttons in the front. I grasped her tits and started eating them with my hungry mouth. As I was getting impatient I tore her black bra and engulfed her pink nipple in my mouth. It felt so tight and turgid in my mouth that I bit it sharply. She screamed aloud and cautioned me that her husband will wake up if I continue like this. Then I descended lower on her stomach and belly button. I gave soft kisses on them and by now she was trembling horribly. Now I could feel her hands all over my cock and she was pinching my cock real hard. It seemed to me that the lady is on fire and she is gonna eat me whole.

I descended down and pressed my face on her mound over the panty. She was moaning and writhing by now and I could feel her panty getting wet by now. Now I slowly started opening her panty by my teeth and she was giving sound from her mouth closing her eyes in ecstasy.

Now she was completely nude in front of me writhing in anticipation. I bent down and stated kissing her pussy lips and biting them at the same time. Now she was getting impatient and sat up upright and pulled down my pajamas. As I was not wearing any undies my cock sprang free growlling at her. She immediately got down the diwan and gobbled my cock in her mouth. I was climbing on cloud nine by now and my breathing had become erratic and rough. I was enjoying her velvety lips on my bursting cock and getting out of control.

I immediately pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her on the diwan again and got on top of her. Now she was lying on the diwan spreading her legs to the extent possible. The tip of my cock was nesting on her pussy lips. I took a long breadth and jammed my cock in her dripping pussy. A loud moan of pain escaped her lips and she held me like a second skin.

I was pumping in her pussy at full throttle and she was lifting her buttock from down under. It was like a machine is working at full speed. This tempo lasted for some 15 minutes and she started shrinking as if her climax was at hand. I could not control any longer and thus with a wild push I jammed in her to the hilt and came like a thunder.

We kept entwined to each other for 4 minutes and kept gaining our composure. After some time she got from beneath me and rushed to the loo. I could see a stream of cum leaking from her pussy and running down her thighs.

This is the story of my first virgin fuck with this lusty lady. After this we kept fucking at convenient time and locations, which I will tell u in my next story. Please feel free to communicate your feeling about my experience and oblige at my ID

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