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Massi Ki Chut Badi Mazboot With Sexy Legs

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  • December 15, 2015

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I am going to narrate a incident happened to me last year. Now without wasting too much time lets come to story. There are just 3 people in our family my mom my dad and me it was around December my mom and dad had to go to hometown urgently because my dads brother who lived in hometown had a heart attack and was in a hospital my mom asked her sister if I can live with her and she said it was fine .She lived in a same town so it was fine and I can live with massi and go to my school.

My massi was around 35 years old it was just her and her husband living in the house they had no kids.My massi is little over weight she has big boobs she is not that attractive before this incident I had never thought anything about her I did not had a girlfriend ever.

I was still virgin I had not even kissed I girl yet so my parents left and I moved in with my massi and her husband .She used to be real nice to me and used to treat me like I am her real son everything was going normal then after a week her husband had to go to Dubai for couple weeks for work so it was just me and her in the house that first night when I was eating dinner

She was acting little strange I could not figure it out why she was doing it she seemed really happy that night I thought she would be sad because her husband has left but she was happy she was wearing black nighty and her top few hooks were open that was the first time I have seen her cleavage ever and did not think of much and told her that I am tired and I am going to sleep

She asked me if I wanted to come to her room and watch some tv I said I will some other day and went to my room and went to sleep I used to sleep in t shirt and shorts then next day went by preety normal until night when I was about to sleep she asked me again if I want to watch tv in her room she said she has rented a new Hindi movie and it was a Saturday so I had no school tomorrow I agreed and went to her room and sat on the bed she was lying next to me we had a blanket on top of us as it was cold we were watching movie and all the sudden I felt her feet on my feet it felt little strange but I did not cared much and kept on watching movie.

After a while she started rubbing her feet on my feet I thought her feet were cold and she was just trying to warm them up and after a while movie ended and I was about to go to my room but she requested me that since her husband is not here she is little scared sleeping alone and said please aamien can you sleep here with me tonight and I agreed I went to my room changed and came back to her room she closed the room and turned off the light it was pinch dark

I laid there with my back towards her and she was lying right next to me and I went to sleep then around 2am I woke up and felt that her one hand was on my chest she hugging me and sleeping and her feet were touching my feet I turned around facing the roof but she did not move her one hand was on my chest and her milky boobs were touching my shoulders it was the first time I was so close to some women and all the sudden I had an erection my cock was still small around 5inches but it was so hard I could not believe it .

I was just lying there with my eyes closed pretending to be sleep when I felt her hand moving from my chest to my tummy and her legs moving on top of my knee I did not react and just lay there nervously thinking what she was about to do next then all the sudden she put her hand right on top of my shorts on top of my lund and was trying to feel my cock I did not know how to react I just lay there pretending to be sleep then she got up and sat right next to me.

I could sense that she was talking of her clothes and took her nighty off and was sitting there just in bra and panties then I felt her hands moving and trying to take off my shorts and all the sudden I was lying there with a huge erection and my own massi sitting next to me in just bra and panties I was little scared then all the sudden she put her hand on my cock and started stoking me it felt so good I thought I was in haven but just in couple minutes I had this strange feeling which was so good and some white stuff came from my lund it was all over my tummy and on her hand to look at it

I opened my eyes and saw her sitting there she looked at me and smiled I was scared she said son do not worry it is ok is this the first time this white stuff came from your cock and I nodded my head she said its ok I will clean u off and she bend down and started licking my cum she licked my cock first then she licked my tummy until she had eaten all my cum then she asked me that did it felt good and I said yes massi real good she was happy she removed my t shirt now I was all naked she asked me that if I want to see her all naked I said yes she took of her bra and I saw her melons they were huge 44dd and milky and then she took her panties off and I saw her shaven pink pussy.

She laid next to me and told me to come and lay on top of her I did that she told me to kiss her I slowly took my lips toward her then our lips met and it felt so good I felt current going through my body and my cock was hard again and then she told me to suck her boobs and I did that for about 15 minutes then she told me to lick her belly button then she told me to move more down and to lick her pussy I did that she was so wet her juices from her vagina were flowing all the way to her thighs her pussy tasted so good then she said that now she cannot wait to get fucked and told me son please fuck me I said I do not how to she said do not worry just put your lund on my fuddi I did that she held my cock put it right on her pussy entrance and told me to put it in and I did my cock was in her wet pussy I was in haven she told me to go back and forth and I did I could not believe that I was fucking my own massi and it was feeling so good after about 10.

Minutes I had that feeling again and I came inside her pussy and she came at the same time we then just lay there hugging one another all naked all night and had sex about 5 times that night .

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