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  • desipapa
  • September 21, 2015

I am loveciti4 from Lahore Pakistan. this incident is my real story of my name is loveciti4 , this incant start when I was coming back is from UK. London in 2000 and want to do some business here in Lahore .

During my stay at London I learned body massage from the very populer school of beauticen in London. I give a add in a large news paper with my mail no and tell them taht I give only home service by the email contact. so after three days I got a mail from a lady from johar town Lahore and send me her telephone no to call her and set the time for a massage . well I call her and she tell me that her name is parveen and she lives is c block in johar town so I desid with her the time of next day and the next day when I reached her house at afternoon she si alone at her house and very sexy boom shell . so we sat in her living room for or introduction as she some have frankness with me after a phone call so she wear a sports dress tight top and skin thigt bottom which show her every cruves of her legs or her cunt.

Well after some chatting I tell her to come to her show me her bed room so i have to ready the atmosphere she guided me into her bed room where I saw a television and vcr with a lot of movies espcily xxx and nude lady pic in the inside the room in these pic womens and her pubic coverd pussy in the painting . so its very erotic seen in her bed room well so i take me all materil out of my bag like some candles which have some erotic fragrance and my cloth sheet which i lay on her bed room floor and now i tell her that kindly u change her dress and wear a nighty and come on lay here on the sheet so she go to bath room and trun out in few minuts and lay on sheet so I take out my towels out my bag and tell her to that when i trun off the light of her room so u undress ur self and just lay nude on the sheet she do it and when I trun lights off and trun on the candles and she lay on her back so i put some of my olive oil on her tummy and her breast and strat her massage with my soft hands when i touch her tummy I feel that her body have some shirving so I tell her that pl dont feel any shy and feel relex and just think smell the fregrance the perfumes of candles. so now I sit on the lap of her thighs and straight massage woth my hand on her breast after three or four round she gave some moans and getting hot .

I tell her to turn to her back and now she trun into her tummy and show me her well shaped round ass checks which looks very nice and being a man I was too hot but as my proffesstional trraining i getr control myself so I dont show any of the offence thing with her now I applied some oil on her back and rub it with my plam and massage her with my fingers to relex her wiht her skalbone and her shoulders there as I know the there is a vane which is for sex enhancement so I rub it very hard and make her ready for sex so she axectlly done what i want she make very louder moans and feel very hotness and now she just trun at her face and beg me to pl rub my breast and rub my clit so i do as she tell me when i rub her clit she have wetness in her vegina and she have her first orgesam so finally she grabed my lund which is in his position so she take my tool in her hand give a very loud cry that WWWWOWWWWWW what a lund u have bastered I dont take lund befor like this so she oderd me to suck her clit i do it and take my mouth to her pussy and just suck it with my cold toung and give her a plasure of life after some time when my zabban inside her choot she have onemore orgesam and this time she give me her salty taesty cum which I drunk all then I reached her breast and suck them mmmmmmmmmmm mmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn what big breast her have and also 1″ erict nipple she have when i take them into my mouth and cut them and suck them hard she start crying and give me some offence word like mother fucker , behenchoot , gando oooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck me u bastered hearing this I know her typr of female.

Now I start my game and to rub her that vane again which i rub before and she made crazy and trun her body and rooled on to floor where nothing on floor and feel the coldness of floor and feel some more sexy appeal in her choot and beg me that pl fuck me fuck me hard so i grabed her legs and just sit near her choot and set her legs oon my shoulders and guided my lund to her cunt hole which is very red now and hot too so when i enter my lund into her hole she again cry and tell me taht take it out out pl uuuuuuuffffffffff mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa main mar gaiee ooooohhhhhhhhh mujahe dard ho raha hai pl esay nikalo ooooohhhhhhhhhh pl but i m onj my mood so i just give her a stroke and go into her choot till last and now strat very slowly move and gradually make my speed more and more after time now she feel very much plesure and also give me galies and talk dirty which I always like with any females mouth so I becaome more hardone and do it faster and faster now when i have to cum i told her that i have to cum she tell me just in my cunt u cum honey I love u , You bastred u r very much bolder then i think that you are . well now I have 20 female clint of body massage in Lahore and whenever i go to give them massgae I also fuck them and get money for this . any female want massage or fuck with cold tounge so mail me I will be there .. my mail is or

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