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Massage To My Innocent Chachi

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello readers, this is Ayush. I am 24, 5′ 9″ tall and handsome guy. I hope you have enjoyed reading my first story “My mature neighbour aunty” in which I have explained how I lost my virginity to my 49 yr old neighbour Namrata aunty. After two years of that i completed my studies and got the chance to visit my village. There lived my chacha who was married to an illiterate chachi. She was 45 at that time. Like any other ladies of a village she was shy and conserved lady. She likes me and usually takes my advises in all matters as she considers me an intelligent guy.

When I and my parents reached our village, I immediately went to the kitchen where my aunty was cooking food. I asked her,” Chachi, what are you cooking?”. She smiled and said, “Beta we will have karele ki sabji for the dinner”. While chopping onion, one onion fell on ground. But when she bent down to pick up that onion, she cried out in pain, “Ooi ma my waist”. She was so close to me that her cleavage was clearly visible. Her boobs were so big. I asked, “What happened chachi?”. She said,” Beta sometimes my waist pains a lot. I dont know how to get a rid of it?”. I said, ” Oh. Then why dont you consult a doctor?”.

She said, “Beta we are not too rich to visit a doctor. His clinic is very far and his fees is also high”. She was looking damn hot in her saree. Specially her plumpy waist which was sweating badly. I was thinking about fucking her at any cost. I said, ” Chachi. I think you should go for a body massage. A regular massage will give you some relief”. She laughed and said, “Beta no one has got time to massage your chachi. Let it be”. I said, ” Chachi, I can. I am a massage expert”. She said,” Really? Then please do it now. Its really hard for me to cook food”. There was still four hours left for dinner. I thought that it was right time to take advantage of her innocence.

We went to her room. Others were busy watching a movie in another room. Tv was damn loud. I locked the door from inside. She started to take off her saree and blouse and was getting ready for massage. Oh God for the first time, i saw her in bra and petticoat. She was lying on bed and waiting for a special massage from me. I said, ” Chachi. Why are you wearing petticoat? Just put a towel over your thighs”. She did as i said. Her big plumpy thighs were slightly visible then.

She said, “Beta bring oil from that drawer”. I thought that if i used oil, i would miss the chance to lick her sweat. I said, “Oh chachi. I dont need oil. I know some other techniques of massage”. My illiterate chachi was listening to me carefully. I said, “Chachi, science has progressed a lot. Have you heard of licking massage?”. She was confused. I said, “In some tribal areas of Africa, this kind of massage is popular. In fact you can see some animals doing that to one another”. She got excited and said, “Oh beta. They are animals. Its kinda weird if you lick my body”. I said, “I know but i dont care. I just want you get a good treatment”.

She said, “But Beta i didn’t bathe. I am not prepared for licking massage”. I said, “Dont worry chachi. Saliva is itself a natural antiseptic”. She was so ignorant about it that she easily agreed for massage”. Fan of the room was bit slow and i could see some sweat on her body.I took off my t-shirt and lower as i was feeling hot. My matured chachi was looking at me as I laid beside her. She asked, “How much time will it take?” I said,”Two hours. Why?” She said, ” Beta i have never been so close to a man other than your chacha. If some one sees us like this, i will get in trouble”.

I laughed. She didn’t know that i was going to fuck her and make her pregnant. She would be in bigger trouble than that. I tried to calm down my chachi. I said,” Chachi relax. I will finish it soon”. I started touch her waist and sniff her body aroma. Her mature and plumpy body was in front of me. She raised both her hands above her head and gasped. I moved my face closer to her armpits which smelt quite bad. I licked them thoroughly and suck her sweat.

While licking her armpits, I intentionally removed towel from her thighs. She didn’t realize it. Then i licked her shoulders and her cleavage. I asked, “How are feeling chachi?” She giggled and said, “Very cold. You are giving me nice massage”. I smiled back. I licked all over her plumpy waist. She was kinda a big meat to me. I said, “Remove your bra”. She was shocked and said,” No. Its weird”. I asked,” Oh Chachi. Your are my patient and a patient has to get naked if its required. I already told you that its a complete body massage”.

She hesitatingly took off her bra. When she did that, she blushed and didn’t look at my eyes. My mouth watered looking at her big boobs. Her boobs seemed unsucked for a long time. I started to press her boobs and felt her softness. I asked her, “Chachi does it itch sometimes?” She said, “Yes. It becomes intolerable. I press them but still i dont get relieved”. I said, ” Thats because you have lot of milk in you. It needs to be taken out”. She got terrified and said,” Beta help me. I cant bear it. It happens everyday”. I said, “Sure. Today your all body problems will get treated”. I started to suck her boobs and drank her milk for half an hour till her glands emptied”. She was feeling good.

Now i had to remove her panty which seemed the most difficult part. I pulled it down till her toe and removed it. She got angry and closed her thighs. She said,” You told me that you will just massage. What are you doing now?”. I said,” Chachi. Your all problems are associated with you pussy. Trust me. I always gave you right advice”. She said, ” Ok. Do what you want to do”. I opened her thighs myself. Her pussy had small hairs with big shrunk lips. She said,” Chhi Beta its so dirty. No one licks pussy”. I laughed watching her innocence. My chacha didn’t know how to give pleasure. I didn’t reply to her and started licking her dirty pussy and sucked juices from deep inside her. She was shivering. My tongue was exploring the deepest part of her pussy. I licked her for half an hour.

My illiterate chachi was lost in pleasure and i wanted to take the advantage of that. I said to her, “Close your eyes. I am gonna put massage rod inside your pussy”. She did as i said. I took off my underwear and slid my huge cock inside her. Oh God i touched the womb of my own chachi. She said, ” Can i open my eyes?”. I said, “No you cant. Just relax your pussy muscles”. I was moving my cock in her womb. Her inner pussy muscles gripped my cock tight and pumping my cock. She was moaning louder and louder. She made noises like ooi ma…. ahhh.. keep doing it. I was lucky that the tv was loud. I fucked her for almost one hour and finally released my cum.

I was scared. If she sees my cum dripping from her pussy, i will get in trouble. I pulled my cock out and said, ” Dont open your eyes chachi till i say”. I put pillow under hips so that my sperm gets stored nicely in her womb. I wore my clothes back and came near to her and said,” Now you can open your eyes”. She looked at me and said, “Beta i am much relaxed now. Thanks for massage. I can feel no pain in my body”. I smiled and replied nothing. After half an hour, i said, ” Now you can wear your clothes”. My chachi was gonna be pregnant with my child. I asked her, “Chachi why you don’t have any son?” She said, “I dont know Beta. Its God’s wish”.

My chacha and chachi were illiterate. She didn’t know that either my chacha has low sperm count or he doesn’t know to fuck. I smiled and said, ” Chachi. A good news for you. The pussy massage can treat that disorder”. She became happy to hear that and said,” Beta i am lucky to have a nephew like you”. I laughed. She went to the kitchen to cook food for dinner. But i already had a nice dinner. Send me email at Ladies of any age can contact me for fun.

Massage To My Innocent Chachi

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