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Married With An Indian Boy

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hi readers, I am Bliss a 28 year tourist from italy. I came to India as a tourist but here I meet Rajendra, a young boy who with his innocent moves forced me to marry him and now I am settled here after marrying him. I was not a virgin but this boy fucked me in such a way that I couldn’t think to go back to my country without him.
I arrived India in october’2001 and my first plan was to visit Udaipur in Rajasthan Indian , a beautiful city of lakes,what I heard.I came to Bus stand to board a bus from Delhi to Udaipur.It was 10.00 of night and bus was nearly empty. We were only six passengers in the bus. It was a luxary bus and I was sitting alone at window seat. In the way to Jaipur Bus stopped at a place. All were sleeping, I asked the conductor about the toilets and went for getting fresh. When I came back a young boy of around 23 years was standing out the bus sipping coffee. He smiled and asked for coffee. I smiled back and said yes if it is available. He rushed inside the restaurant and fast came back with a cup of coffee. The night was cold and coffee gave some relief. After few minutes bus again started its journey towards Jaipur. The boy was sitting just behind me came to me and asked to sit near me, which I approved. He took the seat next to me and asked me about myself and my plans. Hearing I was going to Udaipur he smiled and told me that he is also a resident of that city and offered me his services as guide free of cost. Now I have seen this stranger more carefully as I was warned about these kind of persons who may take advantage of you. He understood and said if I feel him a strange. I told him about my fears. He smiled and assured me that he belongs to a royal family and money is not his need.

Anyway by the time we reached Jaipur, we became good friends. He was o.k. with English so we were talking upon lot of subjects. Now it was morning and he offered me to have a day stay at Jaipur, as he is having a little piece of urgent work at Jaipur and we may go to Udaipur in the night. I agreed and that day we saw few places at Jaipur. In the night we again started for Udaipur. The bus was good and we were sitting together over two seats. This time also there were not much passengers in the bus. In the way he asked me suddenly. “Are you married Bliss”. I smiled and said no. He was assured of what but now his approach was different. He was trying to touch me at various occasions, which I didn’t mind and took his hand in mine. “ I am looking for a sweet girl like you to marry.” He murmered in a low voice. I smiled and asked why still he was unmarried. He told me that he is the only son and his mother is after him for an early marriage, but he wanted to be settle down first before marriage.He told me that they have a huge house at Udaipur with plenty of land and he wish to convert the entire in an hotel where only foreign tourists like me can stay without fear. He asked me if I can give her few important tips regarding the development of his dream hotel. I agreed and he got delighted like a child got his dream became true. Soon he slept keeping my hand in his palm. We reached Udaipur in the morning. I asked him about some good hotel where I can stay. He offered me to stay with him if I am not uncomfortable. I hesitate first but when he requested again I agreed and reached his house. It was out of the main town and really huge and wonderful.

I saw these kind of big houses in the books of Indian culture. At reaching their he informed me that his parents had gone to the village as they don’t like the climate of city. So there was only one servant couple in that house to take care of all the affairs. After taking bath and breakfast we moved around and saw the huge emptied land and house as well. Yes…the place was ideal for hotel if certain changes in the rooms could be made. We discussed various things and then returned for the lunch. In the evening I took his car and went in the forest belonging to him. I reached the place which I like the most beautiful. I got out of the car and locked it before I shut the door. I took the stuff out of the trunk after opening it. Carrying a blanket and a good book with me as I stumbled through the dense woods. I finally reached a clearing and gasped at the sight. Acres of green tall grass lay before me. Smiling, I skipped to the spot where I thought was safe to settle down. After laying the blanket down, I laid on my stomach and started to read the book. The sun shone on me, making me a little hot. I sat up and took my shirt off then laid it down beside me. I resumed back to reading. Deeply engrossed in my book, I didn’t see a shadow fall on me. I jumped when I felt a hand touch my shoulder, stiffling a scream. I stared into the person’s face in bewilderment. I sat up and covered my chest, since I was clad in a sexy bra. The person moved and I saw his face. Sighing with relief as he spoke, “Did I startle you? I’m sorry.” “Yeah, you did. What are you doing here? How did you know that I was going to be here?” I asked. He shrugged. “I always came here when I needed the time alone.

I didn’t know that you did too.” I motioned for him to sit down. He sat down by me. “So, well. What are you doing here without your shirt?” “I was hot. So, I thought I’d take it off since no one would see me. I sure as hell didn’t expect anybody. I thought I was the only one who knew this place.” He chuckled. I smiled. His eyes kept on looking at my breasts. I blushed. “You’re beautiful, you know that?” “Yeah, you told me that. Remember.” I looked away. “Oh, did I?” He looked puzzled. Hurt flashed in my eyes. “Yes. That night in the bus.” His forehead wrinkled as he tried to remember. Then, he said, “Ah. Now, I remember.” He gazed into my eyes. I lowered my eyes, avoiding eye contact. my chin was lifted by his hand, forcing me to look at him. I blushed. He smiled then kissed me gently. I moved back, afraid of what was going to happen again. He nodded in understanding. “I guess I better get lost. You look like you need time alone.” I laid an hand on his thigh. “Don’t go.” He arched his eyebrow. Then he covered my hand with his. “Are you sure? Seeing you without your shirt is tempting me. It’s like you’re playing with fire, sitting there like that.” I sighed then moved forward to him. Delicately kissing him, I rubbed his thigh. He held back, unsure. By now I have made up mind to seduce him. I asked him whether he fucked any girl before…. He said never. I darted my tongue into his, invading his barrier. He responded with a passionate fervor. His hands found his way around me and pulled me toward him. I moaned in relief. He laid back, still kissing me passionately. He let his hand roam around my body, feeling me and setting me on fire with his touch. I ripped his shirt, popping the buttons off. Then yanked it off. He chuckled into my mouth. He felt my hands slide toward his torso to his manhood.

That was when he became hard. He was red with heat. He moved away, panting. I looked at him, lustily. We ripped our clothes off and made an small pile of clothes. Naked, we lay on the blanket, caressing and kissing. He fingered my wet clitoris as I fondled his rigid shaft. I moaned, “Oh, god. I can’t wait any longer…” He moved my legs until they rested on his shoulders. Shifting into position, he gazed at my body. Then he thrust his hard penis into my dripping clitoris. He kept moving back and forth, with me arching my hips to meet his in rhythm. We held back as long as we could then we climaxed. I convulsed as he squirted his juices in my cunt. Then he rested on top of me as I moved my legs off of his shoulders to the blanket. I felt him go semi-soft inside me and smiled. “You were great.” I complied. “Thanks. So were you.” I blushed then laughed. “Guess we are going to go on like it never happened.” He looked at me. I looked back at him. I became nervous. He smiled. “We could do it again when the mood strikes us, like today.” “Sure…” I faltered for a second. “That’d be nice.” We stared at each other, lost into our thoughts. I manuvered out of his embrace, letting his dick slide out. I got dressed in front of him. “Where are you going?” He asked. I gazed over to him and said, “Home. My home” “Home?!?” “Yeah. Thanks for the lesson. Give me a call in the night and we see what we can do…” I bit my mouth, regretting on what I said. Then opened my mouth to say something else but clamped it shut and turned around. I picked my book up, saying “Keep the blanket and return it to me later.” With that I walked away. He looked after me, sighing. What did he do wrong, he wondered.

He was sure that I liked him. I got in the car, slammed the door and burst into tears. “Damn it! Why can’t I resist him?!? He’s screwing my life up! I gotta do something about it…” An idea struck me as I hit my fist against the steering wheel. “Oh, boy.” Then I smiled that smile which could freeze the meanest animal. I called him and asked whether he is happy now. He kept his eyes down and confessed that it was his first ever fuck in his life and which he can’t forget. We went back to the house and then I offered him to sleep with me that night. He came in my room and we took some wine. He started kissing me and whispered in my ears “ Bliss ………. Today is our night .. and I want to make it a memorable one. By 11.00 at night we were little boozed and then I gave him my every thing. I taught him all the games of sex and he was also a perfect pro who learned very fast. That night’s episode I feel should be narrated by Rajendra.. which I feel you readers will enjoy more. RAJENDRA : You my love were looking so beautiful.. I have decided at that moment that I will marry you. Then I asked you to go in our traditional bed room where newly married couple celebrates their first night. You walk in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing, just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After you pass, I close the door behind you and throw the bolt. You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. I only smile and wink. You look around; you’ve never been in that bedroom before. You look at the huge double bed in the middle of the room, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile. You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing on your face. I turn off the light and we are bathed in the soft, gentle glow of the lamps.

Still standing, I walk over to you and gaze into your eyes. Nonchalantly, almost flippantly, I take off my jacket and drop them on the dresser. Easily, oh so easily, I put my arms around your waist, and you put your arms around my neck. Gently, hesitantly, we kiss. Softly your lips press against mine, soft, smooth, warm, alive. We kiss and kiss again, and a sigh escapes your lungs between kisses. Your arms tighten about my neck as I hold you ever tighter in my embrace, my arms slowly massaging your back. We’re very close, and your pelvis rocks forward, meeting my own. For the first time, our mouths open and my tongue meets yours, both tentative, exploring, searching. A moan builds in my throat, and you capture it with your mouth and return it in kind. We stand there, afraid to break the embrace, your heart beating faster and faster, matching mine in intensity. We break the kiss, loosening the embrace, and look into each others eyes. You search my face, looking for a sign, afraid of “Stop”, hoping for “Yield”. I look down, and reach towards the top button on your shirt. I grasp it, and undo it while gazing into your eyes. Your breathing has slowed; you’re afraid to move. Down your shirt I go, undoing button after button. After I have finished, I draw you close and kiss you again. Reaching towards your collarbones, I put my palms on your shoulders, and running my hands over your smooth skin, I push your shirt off of you and onto the floor. You are not wearing a bra. Looking down between us, your already erect nipples brushing against my chest, you run your hands up and down my waist. I shiver, and we smile. You pull my T shirt out of my jeans and pull it over my head. Enjoying the feeling of our hands on our backs, we press close again, your breasts flattening against my chest.

We kiss, not hesitating, our tongues greeting each other like two old friends. Your pelvis presses mine again, but with a difference… it encounters my stiffening penis. You chuckle huskily, and wiggle your hips. I smile and tickle your short ribs. We fall to the bed, giggling. We roll together and, lying on our sides, embrace again. You throw your leg over my hip and press your crotch to mine. Taking the initiative, you kiss your way down my neck, across my chest, and follow the hair to my navel. You tease me with your tongue, looking up at me and smiling when I tense in response. Turning back to your task, you undo the buttons of my jeans, one by one, exposing my cock. You rub it lightly with your fingers, laying my fly open. You begin to kiss the glans, which makes me start to move my hips. I lift my ass off the bed, and you pull the jeans down to my knees. Lifting my legs, you pull them off, taking my socks with them. The jeans land in a heap upon the floor. You sit back, legs folded under you, facing me from at my feet. Looking down at your breasts, you reach up, holding them up with your hands, then slowly rubbing your fingers over your nipples. My cock, already erect, is beginning to pulse with every beat of my heart, my breath short as I watch you fondle your nipples. Ever so slowly, with a saucy smile, you reach down to your white shorts, pushing them down, taking your panties with them. Your closely trimmed bush is exposed at last, and you sit back to take your short off the rest of the way. They join my jeans in the heap on the floor. You bend over my penis again, taking it into your your mouth. You lick it, suck it gently, and kiss the glans. I put my hand on your neck, and you look up. Let me return the favour, I say, and slide down the bed. You sigh, and straddle my torso, letting your pussy lower slowly over my eager face. I run my hands over your smooth ass as you again take my waiting cock into your mouth. I read down to your pussy lips, already puffy with passion, and gently hold them apart. Slowly, teasingly, I run my tongue over your slit, tasting your juices. You moan, involuntarily, as I lick your damp pussy from back to front and back again.

Pulling your hood back with my fingers, I touch my tongue to your clit for the first time. You gasp, and my cock pops out of your mouth as you sit back, pressing your crotch to my face. Your hips begin to move in small circles as I lick your clit and pussy. Mmmmmmmm. Turn around, I say, and you swing your leg over my head and position yourself the other way, knees on either side of my waist. You reach down, run your fingers into my long hair, and kiss and lick your juices out my facial hair. I smile and kiss you as much as I can. Meanwhile, your pussy has been rubbing on my cock, the shaft parting your lips and your dripping slit lubricating my cock. You are getting more and more excited, and I pull you up and roll my hips, thrusting my hard hard cock into the air, pointed at your wet, waiting cunt. My aim is true, and you impale yourself on my pole, slamming all the way down. Simultaneously, I moan and you gasp, almost crying out. With my cock buried deep inside you, all the way to your cervix, you wiggle your hips, loving the feeling of my hard cock snug, tight, inside your warm wet canal. You raise your hips, and begin to move them up and down, clenching your muscles on the upstroke, relaxing on the downstroke. This gets me, impossibly, even longer and harder and you cry out each time my glans thrusts against, and frequently in, your cervix. I match you, stroke for stroke, your hair falling about your face as you gaze down at me, arms locked, hands on either side of my chest. I reach up, fondle your breasts and you moan even louder when I suck your nipple between my lips, hard. You move faster, I move faster, your arms moving to about my neck, my hands on your shoulders from behind and we slam together, harder and harder and harder and my cock explodes and I shoot come into your pussy and I trigger your orgasm and both our hips tremble from the intensity of it and you collapse onto my chest, my pulsing throbbing cock still inside you and neither of us can speak. A minute goes by, two, and you roll off of me to the side, my cock cool in the naked air, and our breathing slows and the light from the lamps dances about the walls and ceilings in delight.

We were exhausted by now and we slept in each others arms till next day morning. So readers we started like this and now we are married with each other. We have started our hotel which is doing fantastic. We will tell you more about us in our next episode. How do you feel about us, plz let us know at our id ..

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