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Married But Not To Each Other – Wild Couple Gets Wilder

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi Guys, We are back with a fresh incident that happened a few weeks ago. For those who have not read our 1st incident, my name is Jay, the male in this story and Piyu is the heroine of this story. We are both married, but not to each other. She is working and so am I. I am 36 and so is she. We met on one of the social networking sites, met in real and have had great times. We love each other a lot, but this story is not about our love, but our lust. Yes we very proudly say that we are in lust with each other. We are both good looking though nothing exceptional. She is slim small boobs, big nipples and nice pert ass with a little hint of tummy. I am tall, decently built, hairy all over and a good wide chest

We love kinky stuff and our kinkiness knows no end. We try experimenting new things every time we meet and this was one such time. She has accepted me as her master and will do anything that i order her to do. So this day I told her to wear a back open full length nighty and wait for me. I also told her to wear a dark shade of lipstick and put sindoor in her forehead. There was a specific reason for this as you will come to know later.

Now in Piyu’s words: I eagerly waited for him. Our previous meetings flashed by me.. and already i was feeling woozy in my legs. my tummy was turning over and over. I knew today was going to be special because he had been telling me about what to wear specifically. And he had been going wild on chat and phone with me over last few days.. i couldnt hold my legs together, baar baar haath ko chut pe ghumaane ki icha ho rahi thi!! But i wanted to wait.. this anticipation was too much but he is also too much..

Now in Jay’s words: I knocked the door and saw her open it slowly. I looked at her and there she stood, my Goddess. In a green low cut nighty. backless.. my God, how this woman makes me so excited, in spite of my having known her so long. I look into her eyes and i am filled with wild wanton lust. And my lust takes over me and drives me ahead. I close the door and put my hand on her head. She bends her head, but her eyes holding my gaze. i push her down. she understands and goes to her knees and unzips my pant.

My lund is semi-erect but wet. and she takes it into her mouth and it balloons up immediately. Oh my God, how does she manage to do this to my lund.. and she sucks it slowly, licking the underside, her lipstick sticking to my lund. and then fingers my balls and puts one hand into my gaand hole. And my dick grows bigger by the second. i pull her finger out of my anus and push it into her mouth. Woww.. the way she licks it, as if its a sweet chocolate stick. My cock is up and ready now.. But not for a fuck. But for something more

In Piyu’s words: When he pulled back, i was wondering what next. This man has an imagination like no other and the anticipation was high. He didnt disappoint me. He caressed my cheek with his dick.. uff this love monster that i so much like, felt nice against my cheeks.. and then he took it to my forehead. Oh god what is he going to do, i was left amazed when he rubbed his lund on my maang. Oh, he wants to make me realize what i actually am.

In Jay’s words: as i gazed at her, i realized how much i loved owning this woman and even more importantly, how much i loved to show her that. And so i rubbed my cock on her maang, rubbing out the sindoor that is a sign of her marriage. And that made me wilder and madder. I then proceeded to the other sign of a married woman and that is her mangal sutra. I put it on my dick and then tell her to suck my dick. Uff this is too too much. Oh how i love my whore and as she goes on i push her back. I tell her to sit on the floor the way she would if she were on an Indian style toilet. And then i ask her. Bol Piyu, tuu paida kyu hui?

Piyu: tera rakhael banne ke liye

Jay: tu paida kaise hui?

Piyu: Meri maa ne tere jaise 10 kutto ko chodke mere jaisi kutiya ko paida kiya

Jay: teri chut mera hai yaa tera pati ka hai

Piyu: Dono ka, lekin pehle tumhara hai

This makes us both hot and i push her down and go for her panties. Oh god the fragrance of her wetness, and her body is a killer effect.I push her panties aside and start licking her chut long and strong and she immediately goes over the top and sprays her juices all over my face and then we kiss passionately. I then give her a cigarette which she lights for me and places on my lips while i take deep drags and blow it all over her face. She bends down and starts licking my feet upto my thighs and my ass. She laves her saliva all over my ass and parts my ass and penetrates my asshole with her tongue and licks it deep and long as i hold onto a chair for balance.

I then turn her around and lick and bite her back, leaving no marks (have to be careful because of her hubby). And then i push her ass apart and lick her similarly. Uff the fragrance of her gaand hole!! Too much.. and then i start fucking her doggy style.. humping her like mad.. and i come gloriously over her back.

We lie panting on the floor, it is cold but we dont feel it as the heat of our body has enveloped us completely. And then we are ready to go on. I get down on my fours like a dog and so does she.and we face each other like dogs in heat and then come nearer to each other and kiss n nuzzle each other and then we turn our backs to each other and rub our asses together.. ufff its such a hot feeling.. and then i turn back and kiss her deeply. we love kissing each other for long and i want to not stop, but we dont have time and we have loads to do.

In Piyu’s words: he broke away from me and walked around to the bed, picked up my panties and started sniffing them slowly, all along staring at me and then he took them into his mouth and started chewing the part where my panty meets my chut.. this was really turning me on again and i could feel my juices flowing down. But the next thing he did absolutely took my senses. He slipped into my panties, came near me and made me lick his lund through my panties.. oh my god.. this is crazy.. this is madness but i love it.. and i make him harder and harder. i know the time is short and hence i just scoot to the bathroom with him hot on my tail. i sank to my knees on the bathroom floor and pulled my panties off him.. and rubbed his lund on my face, cheeks, chin, neck, etc. he then made me stand up and started licking my chut hard..

I knew what he wanted and i was dying to give it to him, i thrashed around and finally came and let out my golden stream of piss and watched lovingly as it hit his face and rolled off him.. oh my God,, i just so loved that.. i bent down and kissed him tasting my own piss. And then i waited for my master, my owner, my lord.

In Jay’s words: i stared down up at her, a half smile, licked my lips and tasted her golden juices.. ummphhh lovely. And then i stand up and make her lie down on the floor and start jerking off and as i cum i let out my piss n bathe her in it!.. Ufffffff lovely.. oh my God.. this is why we were together.. this is out destiny.. she lies subdued, a small smile on her lips.. love written all over

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