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Marriage At Midnight

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hi to all This is a interesting. This is a story of a Brahmin girl, she used to speak all including her boy friends. One day when I came to her home by 7 in the evening after my work, I saw only her mother was there. I ask whether she was ready, but she told me that it’s time for her husband and daughter to return home after work. I convinced her to have only an oral. I had a good relief then. I said thanks to her.

She smiled and she drank all that I done. She washed her mouth and prepared me some tea and snacks. I told her that snacks which she gave was not better than she did gave me few seconds before she laughed and told me that she would give me a party later on. I smiled when the calling bell rang. It cholan’s father. He was so hurry and he told that his mother was serious and they had to go to bus immediately. This made all of us very much upset. When they got ready, their daughter (cholan’s sister) Nissha came home. Her father told the matter and asked them to start. But Nissha told them that she had a meeting and she had to attend definitely. This made a hot conversion there and led to a fight. I told her parents that it was good idea for her to attend the meeting, as she would get good opinion from their staffs. Immediately her mother told that my idea was good. I smiled. But her father told that he could not leave a virgin alone in the house. We had a discussion for a while and I told them that I would give her company.

As I used to move freely in the house, her father told o.k. They went to the bus stand. I gave them company. When we were going, her father told me to see Nissha safe. I told I would, when her mother told me that he would keep her sister safe by smiling. I got the point what she said and I told her that I would certainly. The bus came, and they left. After a while, I called my home and told that I will come only in the morning. I went to Nissha’s house. She had taken bath and she had a turban rounded her head. She told me a big thanx for I helped her to attend the meeting. I said it was o.k. she asked to take a bath as she would prepare a good dinner. I took bath and changed on dhoti and a shirt of cholan’s . I went to the dinning table and had a good dinner. Really superb. Then she told me that she is going to do preparations for tomorrow’s meeting in the computer. So I said I will be in the hall and will watch t.v and sleep there itself. She said o.k. and she went in to her room. I was watching t.v for a while and it was really boring . I went to Nissha’s room and I told her that I was going to bar and will have a peg. She told me that she was also interested and she asked me bring a full bottle of old monk rum. I said o.k and asked her to prepare some chips.

I went and came about half past 9. She told me to start if he was interested, as she would take after finishing her work. I said I would wait for her. She told o.k. I switched on the television. The programs were very boring. So I went again in to her room and asked her whether any vcds were there. She told me to search in cholan’s room. I went inside and I searched his cd collection. When I found a movie called Getaway was there. I thought it was an action movie and I switched on. It was a real action movie about a group of gangsters. There were also some shots of fuck. This made me really hot. It was second time in the same house that I saw a really hot scene. I was really bad of making me free. I don’t want to be caught once again (last story). So I went in to the bathroom and I made free. I came out and started seeing the movie. It was really fine. There was a call from Nissha. I rushed in and she told me that she had problems in setting up power point. She asked to me set up accordingly. I sat in the chair and I was doing the work. She asked me what he was doing, I told her that I was seeing a movie called Getaway. She told me that it was good movie. I said yes. I was wondering that how she saw those movie. She went out and I did the work. I saw the net was connected. I opened the history folder and I was surprised to see that she had read a story from indianpassion website. I was really shock. This was because that I thought she never was interested in sex. This got me so much encouragement. But I was waiting for the correct time. I finished the job and I came out. I cudnot see her. She was in the bathroom. I was sitting in the sofa and started watching television again. I thought she must be hot after seeing those stories. I was waiting when the door opened.

I told her that the PowerPoint was ready in a floppy. She sat near me and we started drinking in the hall itself. She told me to take in to the room, as the windows were open in the hall. So we started party in the bedroom of her. We started slowly we were in the second round, when she told me that it was enough for her. She went in the bedroom. I know that she was not in full booze. She sat on the bed and slept. I was going on and on. After some time I stopped. It was about half an hour when she got in to bed. So I slowly checked her by calling akka akka. She was sleeping. I slowly took a pillow and I lied near her. First I started by moving my hands over her. After some time I slowly moved to her boobs. I started to rub. There was a slow response from her. She moved near me. It made me so much easy to touch her. She atlas opened her mouth and asked me what do u want. I didn’t open my mouth but pressed her boobs harder. She became so hot and she woke up from the bed. She asked me get up and asked me what I am upto. I told nothing. She asked me to go to hall and sleep. I was so embarrassed and I went to cholan’s room. I was thinking about that incident, when the door opened. She came to me and told that it was not so nice to be there with me in her bed. She asked me whether she looked beautiful. I didn’t tell anything. She came near me. She sat in the floor and started to rub my feet. She told that she was very sorry about the incident before. I said it was o.k. She slowly came near my thigh.

I was just becoming hot when she asked me again, whether she was looking nice. I said she was looking good. I told that if at all u r younger to me I would have married u. she laughed and she came near me and planted a kiss on my cheeks. I moved a little bit and allowed her to come near me. I jus pressed her buttocks and kissed her lips. She said it was great feeling. I said what. She asked me to press her bumps rather her boobs. I was just thinking how mad she was. She was in a nighty. I slowly unzipped and the whole cover fell down. She asked to switch off the light. I went and switched off the light. She was in her bra and panty. I slowly removed her panty and just squeezed her bumps. She pulled my dhoti off and she just played with my dick. I asked her to suck. She was not sure what I told. I asked her again. She took it initially with not so in a desirable mood. But when the time progressed, she had a full go at it. I asked since she loved to squeeze her bumps, to have an anal. She asked me how. I was so much astonished that she knew nothing. I asked her that she might have known. She said no. I told her to stop . I made her to sit in the bed and I went to remove my shirt. While removing I told her to stop pretending as though she knows nothing . I told her that I had seen the pages browsed by her. She was shocked and she was silent. Then I came near her and removed her bra. At this time we both were completely nude. I asked whether she wants to look my dick. She said yes. I switched on the light.

Oh what a sight am I having. She was completely nude. Her boobs were in tact. She had a good body than her mother. she said that it was the first time she was on one’s dick. I told her to stop lieing. She said it was real. I was so much happy. I asked whether she wud like to marry me. She nodded her head. I was surprised. She is about 2 years elder to me. I just had no idea. I said whether she is really interested in me. She nodded again. I said before having sex, let us make an informal marriage. Her beautiful lashed eye lit up and she asked me how. I took a ring out of mine and put it on in her fingers. She was so happy and asked me not to call me akka here after wards. I said o.k. I asked her to complete the first night job. She asked me to do whatever I feel like and she wud help me. I just took my dick and tried to put in her bumps. It was so hard to enter. But I felt that I was not so good for both of us. She turned front and I asked her to clean my dick. My wife just sucked my dick. And made mine clear. I just put mine in her cunt and boring her. She was not so good at first but after some time she was screaming. There was a bit of blood. She told it was ok she cleaned it and again I started. my hot cum came out. She said to leave it in her cunt, as I am her husband. I was happy. She took my dick again in her mouth and cleaned me. I started to squeeze her boobs. I just circled her nipple.

She become hot again and asked me to squeeze it. I did sueeze her boobs. I took it in my mouth and sucked hard, while my dick was again in her cunt and my hands squeezed her buttocks (bumps). She turned me down. This was very new to me. She jumped over me and I was just squeezing her front and back . she was shouting in pain. But she didn’t stop. Yet again I cummed. After that she lied in the bed taking a deep breath. I asked her about a proper marriage. She told me that as soon as her parents come she would get the permission. She also told me that, her mother doesn’t like her to marry non-bramin boy. I said that I wud convince her (in another way). Then we both slept together after taking a bath by 1 in the early hours. We just again had another and another. I satisfied her completely. She was very happy. In the morning, she told me to come home by 9 a.m. I asked her y? she told to have one more laughingly. I told what about meeting? She told me that she wud produce a leave letter. I went to home take a bath and came to her house. She had prepared food for me. We both ate. At one point of time I took a piece of idly from her mouth. It was so pleasure. About 11 in the morning, we switched on the television and we watched a movie .it was animal instinct. We enjoyed seeing that movie and we fucked once again. What a great 12 hours I had. Really it was wonderful. Girls, Women especially living in hyderabad want to have sex pls mail me at

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