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Mareena Sola Sall Ki

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

My dear friends, I am Rana Tariq ( ) you have read my stories Choota Bhai Bari Bhen, Mari Sali ki bati Faiza and Faiza and Kanwari Afshi and today I am going to tell you how a little girl became my beloved. Mareena was a little girl when my wife and I moved in this apartment. I fucked Fiza, Afshi and of course my wife in this flat. Mareena lives at 3rd floor and was a little girl to visit our home often, play with my daughter, carried her in whole area, spend nearly whole day whenever I was been in office.

Few days back my wife told me that she is going to her mom’s house for two days, I said OK. She left in the morning, being Saturday half day, I decided not to go office and phoned that I am not feeling well. I was wondering how should I spend this holiday, just watching dirty movies and play with my junior lund. I picked up some nude magazines and sit in the drawing room, watching them and playing with myself. Door bell was ranged, I opened the door and found Mareena standing there, she asked me, Baji hain kia, I said no, she looks disturbed and said mari ammi bhi nahin hain, wohh market challi gai hain, aur main nay kaha thaa kay main appkay ghar par rahoon gi. I said no problem, come in, she came in but looks hesitating, when she passed from me, our bodies touched, I realized that she is not the little girl anymore, she become young, her height around my shoulder, I am 5.8ft, I felt heat of young body. When I returned and locked the door, she become puzzled and asked, baji kabb wapis honn gi, mujay munni kay saath khalna hay.

said patta nahin, lakin tum agar chahoo munni kay toys kay saath khail sakti ho. She laughed and said, main bachi tu nahin hoon, aur app aaj office nahin gaiay, I said I am not feeling well so I am resting at home. Kia huwa hay app ko, bukhar hay kia, what innocent face she has, I looked her from the man’s eyes, she is simply ‘fuckable’ but I shocked my head because I saw him growing up since last six years. Accha abb tum bachi nahin hoo, tu kia khallo gi, I asked she turned red, I saw color changing of her face, nahin kuch nahin, lakin ammi nay mannah kia hay kay kissi aur kay ghar nahin jaana, lakin main khud bhi kissi kay ghar nahin jattai who Jimmi hay na, bara kharab hay, mara haath pakarta hay, kahta hay kay main Uski jaan hoon. Main nay bajji ko bataya tha, tu bajji nay kha hay kay main abb bari ho rahi hoon.

As she was speaking I was become horny, no matter every man specially when they are alone with girls become horny even she is their own close relative. Accha tum idhar batho, aur books pharo, main appnay kamray main hoon, fridge main cold drinks aur dossri cheezain hay, I said and moved to my room – I came in and locked the door, but I was feeling extremely horny, mara lund khara ho chukka tha, abb ya tuu muthh marta ya phir intizar karta – main intizar karnay laga. Ohh shit, I cried, I left the magazines on the table in drawing room. I slowly came out and thanks that they were there, but Mareena was not there, I thought she may be gone to her home. I picked them and returned to my room, when I was putting them back in shelf I realized that one was missing. I again came back and looking for the missing one, I head flush in attached wash room, I looked the door opened and Mareena came out holding magazine in hand.

She was surprised to see me and tried to hide the magazine but she dropped that, magazine was at carpet, opened where a couple was making love. I said nothing, picked the magazine and went to my room, after few minutes I head sobs, I came out and found she was sobbing, hiding her face in her hands, I asked what happened. Mari tuu appni phatt gai thi, aagar kissi nay dakh lia tuu mari tuu maa chudd sakti hay, loog bolain gay larki kay sath kia kar dia hay. Uncle app kissi ko battao gay tu nahin, main bhut gandi hoon. I said nahin tum roona band karo, kiun mari jann musibat main dalti ho, shabash chupp karo, I pet on her head, she saw in my eyes, her eyes was read and her lips were burning, tears running at her chicks, she looked me like a baby weeping for candy.

Suddenly doorbell rang, we were shocked and saw each other, I told her to go into my bed room, I opened the door, there was a neighbor baby, asking for some ice, I gave her ice from fridge and locked the door, when I came into the bed room, I found Mareena was standing there, when I reached closed to her, she asked, uncle wohh jo magazine main kar rahay thay, ziada darrd tuu nahin hotti, I said nahin ziada nahin hotii, phlay dard hoti hay phir maza aata ha. She asked, bhut maza aata hay kia, I said, hann, laking tum abb ghar jaoo warana, Warna kia, she asked, Warna, bass abb tum challi jaoo, I said and turned my back to her, she grabbed me from waste, encircled her arms around my waste and pressed her small boobs to my waste, I tried to removed her hands, but she grabbed my dick, which was already at his prime state, she encircled her fingers around that and squeeze hard. Mareena bass karo, but she was not in mode to let me go, she tried and successed to hold my dick.

I forced her to not to do but she was like glue, I pushed her hard, she dropped at bed, her legs lifted up, oh, haraman nay appni shalwar uteri howi thi, uski chooti si kanwari choot kay hoont khul gaiy, unsay kamezz upar kar di, aur tangin khool deen. Abb main ittna sheriff tu nahin thaa, kay eyes band kar latta, Uncle please, she said and closed her eyes, main puran phuddi chatto hoon, choodna ho na hoo, phuddy chatnay ka maza hi kuch aur hoota hay – Jabb maray hoont uskai gilli gilli phuddy parr lagay aur mai zuban uski choot ki jhirri main challnay laggi, khud-ba-khud uskay chootar phudaknay lagay, aaii, onnnhn she start moaning, uski choot kay mori say panni nikalnay laga aur mari zubann chappar chappar chattnay lagi, khatta khatta ziqa – aur uskay chootaron ka uchalna – achanak uski kammar Kaman ki tharah akkar gai, phir wohh dhelli parnay lagai, uskay hatth maray ballon ma thay aur wohh choot chuki thi, Main nay appay kapray utaray aur uski tangoon kay beech main baatth gia, mara lund pathar ki tharha shakhat ho raha tha, uski gilli choot kai mori par rakha, wohh samajh gai kay abb wohh chudnay lagi hay. Uncle please nahin, darrad hoo gi, I said nahin arram say karoon ga, darrad hoi tu batta dana nikal loon ga, I pressed my lund, head under challa gia, unsay appnay hoont dantoon main dabba liay – thura saa aur under gia tu uski annkon main annso aa gay lakin shabash nay jawan ki bachi nay mannha nahin kia, phir mujay zara zoor lagana para aur uski choot phuddi ban gai, wohh ronay lagi, uncle bass karain, darrad ho rahai hay, kuch under phatt gia hay. I said, sara lund thumhari choot main chala gia hay, bass aur thuri daar, us nay appni tangi utha kar mari kamar par rakh deen, main holay holay usko choodnay laga. Kall ratt appni wife ko du daffa chooda tha.

So I was not dear to cume early – laking uski garram, tight choot nay mayray lund ko paggal ka dia tha – aur main chootnay laga, for me it was hard to pull it out, so I made final jerk aur mari mani uskai choot bharnay lagi. Jabb hamm allag huway tu main nay deekha kay bed sheet par khoon kay nishan thay aur uski choot say mani nikal nikal kar bed sheet ko geela kar rahi thi. Main nay uska hatt pakar kar usko bathroom tak lay gia – aur khud bedsheet change karnay laga – wohh jabb wapiss aii tu unsay appni shalwar phain lee aur kahnay lagi. Uncle app kissi ku battaw gay to nahin – I said nahin, then she said app ki zuban bari zalim hay – bara maza aaya tha – laking jabb appnay dala tha tu darrd hoi thi – abb tu nahin ho gi – hain na – I smiled and grabbed her hand and let her sit on sofa, removed her shalwar and start again eating her pussy – she made it wash with soap – I eat her again till she made my mouth full of salty water – I fucked her again slowly with changed positions, she enjoyed every stroke. When we finished, we took bath together, during bath I coax her to suck my cock, with some hesitation she start sucking, but bad luck somebody rang the bell.

I warp towel and opened the door and found there was nobody, I got alarmed so I came back, dressed and Mareena also dressed and we sit in drawing room like good uncle / niece. Next day being Sunday she did not showed me her face but next day in the night she came for 20 minutes and let me fuck for one time. Now a days in the nights only whenever my wife went with her mother on walk or market we have fun. By for now – ( )

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