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Manmadha Sleeping With Wrong Men

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Next day Kumar asked her about the scratch on her bb, she got stunned and bluffed that a twig scratched it but Kumar started doubting her and Khadir and he worried about the truth. Sailaja was not able to remain away from Khadir she was eager to meet him as soon as possible. This is due to the effect of elixir she received with his cum. That evening at 5 pm, she removed her bra, wore a very low cut blouse to show his boobs to her beloved lover and wear a thin saree below her belly button.

I sprayed some nice perfume all over body and more at her pussy area and started walking towards Khadir’s shed but she is locked; she got disappointed and started looking for him here and there nervously while walking into orchard. Suddenly, some pebble hit to her back, when she turned back there were no body. Sailaja understood that it was nobody than Khadir, she laughed and asked him to come out, but there is no reply.

Her pussy became wet and body is compelling her to meet him quickly, so she started to search for him behind the bushes and trees and suddenly Khadir approached from back and hugged; with his touch she felt much relief slowly she removed his hands from eyes and kept over her lips and kissed. Khadir looked at her deep cleavage is clearly visible through her thin saree.

She looked like a cheap whore to him on seeing this Khadir thought in his mind ‘oh what a bitch you are you have fallen to me, I am going to f you like a male dog fucks a female dog you horny bitch. He squeezed her bbs and kis her lips deeply allowing his saliva into her mouth which she happily swallowed. He brushed her pussy in between her thighs.

Now he is eager to fuck her for long time and then holding her hand he walked towards the border of orchard, both crossed the fencing and entered into neighbour’s orchard which is also maintained by Khadir. He lead her into thick bushes and reached a place which completely hidden and nobody can see from outside. That place is so clean and peaceful at the spot.

Khadir left Sailaja hand and removed his lungi and spread it over thick grass and lain on his back with only a vest below his vest, leaving place for her to lie on lungi. Sailaja is stood leaning to a tree, her cleavage, naked waist and belly button provoking Khadir. Khadir started playing crazy youth songs on his cell phone in a low volume making the atmosphere more romantic and signal with hand to come to sleep besides him on lungi.

Sailaja: chhi and I won’t come to you dear; my body is still paining for what you have done to me in the shed.

K: laughed why you are so beautiful then, that I cannot control myself on that day. You might have left the place immediately before I do anything to you.

Sailaja: You naughty did you allow me to leave? You cuddled me like a python and you fuck

K: (catches her words in the middle) and what I have done? Say it laughed in fact, I was so gentle on you because you are weak, otherwise I would have shown my real love to you (laughed with convincing tone and I am mad for you dear, my darling Sailu, are not you happy for what I have done to you on that day.

Sailaja: shyly) yes darling and I was not fucked before like that by my husband. You have shown me heaven and I love you so much.

Khadir stretched his hand and signalled with eyes to come to him. She shyly closed her face with hands. Khadir stood up and took off his vest and walked towards her with his semi erect dangling pns. Sailaja is watching him through her finger slits and gulped seeing his massive cock and worried about thinking its size when it becomes hard. Khadir reached her and removed her hands on her face and kissed her lips passionately.

He started to remove her saree and thrown on spread lungi, her low neck blouse exposing her bobs very slowly, which she never tried to hide. He unhooked her blouse one by one and opened two ends like a drama curtain; they are standing stiff with hardened npls. Khadir opened his mouth wider and taken most part of bb into his mouth, starting slurping, sucking it towards the tip of her nipples and patted and played with her boobs for some time and then he moved below her boobs.

I licked and sucked her belly button and then he loosened the knot of petticoat and it fall on the ground around her feet, then he came on to his knees and kissed her belly and mound and sniffed her pussy feeling the smell of nice perfume he became more erotic and then he turned her towards the tree and bent her to hold the branch which is nearer to the ground in doggy style, now he kept his face close to her pussy sniffed an observed that pussy is already became wet.

Then he stroked his cock and kissed it with his fingers and kept at the entrance of her pussy, then Sailaja said to be gentle, he wildly rammed his pole into her pussy gradually completely in a single attempt and taken position by adjusting his legs for a long time fuck and started pumping her pussy with medium strokes by holding and squeezing her bb hardly and started weeping with ecstasy and after 100 strokes or above he hold her shoulders.

I hardly pressed his cock deep into her pussy and cum inside her womb with his warm cum and after his cock became limped inside and he remove it slowly and lifted her from bending position , she was sweating heavily and he kissed her deeply, walked backwards and fallen on his back on the clothes (saree and lungi) panting. Lying on the ground he is watching her nude and sexy body then Sailaja while panting walked towards him like a swan pushing her hair behind her ears.

She did not care though cum from her pussy and leaking downwards along her leg and slowly laid besides him and kiss his lips, cheeks, chin chest and slept with his head on his chest.

K: Sailu your can not is like heaven to me. Ilu darling you gave me much pleasure to me. Here is a small gift for you.

He showed a small box opened it and picked up and diamond ring.

S: oh, it’s beautiful. How much?

K: do you like it or not?

S: its lovely wears it to my finger.

K: Sure darling.

Sailaja kissed him on his lips and Khadir moved down towards her boobs and started playing became hot again and Khadir’s tool started poking in between her thighs. Khadir slowly turned Sailaja other side so that her back face his chest, he started kiss on her back and neck, kept pressing her ass, boobs by keeping his hands through her armpit.

His monster cock is poking her ass cheeks and crack. Then he lifted her right leg and kept on his thighs and moved closer to her. Now his cock is close to her pussy from her back. He softly brushed her pussy and holds his cock in his right hand and placed it on the entrance of her pussy hole and pushed it, only half of it entered into her pussy then he taken the ring from her hand and worn to her finger and both kissed passionately.

She said that she will remember that forever then he moved back from her making a angle at their genitals union, holding her waist and started fucking her. It’s also doggy style but in laying position, Sailaja felt so comfortable at the same time feeling much pleasure, he fucked her for 60 strokes in the same position, and then he removed his cock, made her to lay on her back and opened her thighs and moved to her pussy and inserted his tool into her can’t and started fucking in missionary style.

Sailaja shouted and pleaded him to make her pregnant and promised that she give him a son and kissing, chewing, licking her shoulders, boobs, lips he fucked her for over 100 strokes and cum inside her pussy both growling with pleasure. Later they cuddled each other, she looked at his watch and horribly started picking her clothes, shaking her boobs and ass cheeks and started weaving. One by one meanwhile Kh also completed his dressing and lifted her in her hands and carried her near the bungalow and left to go from a distance.

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