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  • October 6, 2015

Dear desi friends this is zubair (zubi) I live in bangalore I never thought that I would share this with anybody but when like you pals when I visited desipapa I thought of sharing this real life incident with you,but before sharing this experience with you,all those girls out there who read this experience & like it do mail me at ( m searching for sexual partner in bangalore. though it has been long time so sexiting was the encounter that I can now repeat as it happenned. This incident happened to me when i was in 2nd year of my college now let me tell you something about me .

I had my basic studies in tamilnadu (1st to 5th) then i came to bangalore ,I got admission in one of the good school in the city , there was my classmate her name was manjula,she was also from tamilnadu so we soon became friend since we were in 6th STD we dont know anything about sex but we always talk about sex as we know every thing ,after 10th we were parted in the way that we went to different Colleges in the city. After 2 years one day I went to movie during the interval I saw someone (girl) very familiar to ME.But I didn’tjameeltalk to her ,Dear friends it was manjula,When i went in front of her she recognised me ,in schooldays she used to call me Zubi,so she asked how are you zubi ,I sad fine how R U, “Im fine so how is life ” I casually said Its really boring without you manjula ,now she was really grown ,her boobs were really big when she was in high school with me she was known for her slim figure,but now it was all together a different figure with her grown Boobs,like a seasoned mango,the BRA she was wearingwas unable to get hold of her boobs.

Her father was in Milk business & had nearly 25 to 30 cows in his house,I remembered that one the cow was named after her i e; manjula ,she had come to movie with her friends after the show she left her friendsand came with me,we went have coffee,While having coffee ,I stared at her boobs ,& asked the cow manjula is still in your home ,she said yes, I asked so How Many litre of milk it is giving now,she said nearly10 litres,then she she said you Idiot what are you seeing at ( i was looking at her boobs)then she said you are very naughty ,I said U R very fatty so this was it ,we went to our homes While leaving she took my tel no & gave her tel no to me ,the Next day she called me & told me that she wants to meet me ,then I told her to come to same place were we met yesterday,when we met she told me that before 2 months his cousin rajan has come to her house from chennai ,she told me in detail that he had taken her virginity by seducing her & she told me for 1 month they fucked each other almost dailynow since he had left saying he will talk to her parents &will get marry to her since he left she was searcihng someone to satisfy her , by this time I thought that I should take some advantage of this situation so I asked her what can I do for her ,she said nothing when ever I call you please meet me,I said OK,Then she told me to drop her in her home .

So accompanied her to her home when we went there thedoor was closed & locked ,her mummy has gone to hospital for check up, key was at neighbor’s home,as we entered her home after sometime mummy came then I wished her ,she was tired she went to her room & went to sleep,now I went to manjulas room, when I went there she pointed towards her bed & she explained me in detail how rajan fucked her for the first time ,then she told me that she saw me staring at her boobs yesterday & then she asked to wait & went to her bathroom at this time my Lund was semierect ,when she came back I cant beleive my eyes, pals she was in red sleveless nighty . She was looking very happy and satisfied and told me that I am the best fucker in the whole world . I told her that I would fuck her ass the next time we had our sexual encounter.She hesistated a but finally she agreed She came and sat very close to me, her sexy legs exposed. The skin of her legs looked so smooth and creamy i wanted to touch it desperately i was overcome by lust. I couldn’t control myself anymore and moved my hand on her thigh and it felt so soft and heavenly…..she said ” naughty boy what are u doing?” I didnt’ let her say anything further and kissed her on her lips. She also responded and was kissing me went on for sometime…we were hungry for eachother. My hands started exploring every curve of her body. I was pressing her tits and she started moaning with pleasure. She was getting hotter by the second. I started nibbling her earlobes and she went crazy with passion. My lips were all over her neck and my tounge was going in circles on her skin. Meanwhile my hands went to the zip of her nightie and i opened it, her nightie just slipped from her shoulders…and i was looking at the most beautiful girl of my life in the nude with nothing but a red lacy panty on her. She grabbed me and undressed me completely in a minute. I then grabbed her from her waist and brought her close to me and started kissing her with renewed passion.

I laid her down on the carpet and started kissing her breasts. I licked her nipples and was sucking on them alternatively. She was writhing in ecstasy and moaning with pleasure. I then traced my tongue from her breasts to her sexy navel kissing her , moving down to her panty. I removed her panty with my teeth and was looking at a perfectly shaved smooth pussy. Her pussy lips were so pink and wet ….they beckoned me to kiss her pussy. I started by tickling her pussy with the tip of my tongue…she went crazy and grabbed my head in her hands pushed my face in her pussy. I got the message and licked her pussy with the tip of my hard tongue. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go , she was now moaning aaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! do it do it !!!!!!!the sound was very loud that Ithought her muumy will enter the room now ,But she was least bothered & started saying “aaaaahhhh zubi pleassssse don’tt stop….it feellssss soooo greattttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh where were you till now zubi do it do it .i want you inside me now…..i can’t wait please fuck me ….fuck me hard…”.

But let me tell you i really dont know at that time how to fuck I continued with hugging & kissng ,she said what are you doing zubi come on enter into me I was unable to understand what she was saying I told why dont you enter me ,now she sat on my thighs my dick was standing like a electric pole , & I was feeling that my Dick is inserting something ,I just took my head what i saw was completely adventure to me that my Cock is inside herpussy& is going up & down in Pussy she started to do like she is riding Horse, she was increasing her speed & the juice was flowing from her pussy like a river & we both cummed together& then she started explaining me of oral sex &then we took a 69 position and she licked my cock dry while I enjoyed licking her pussy juices. We both were completely tired and I lost all my stamina. & left before leaving I said thank you manjula ,she said all pleasure is mine. After a week I again got a call from her That day I was not feeling well & was not keen on having sex but went to her house as I had promised her that I’ll come when ever she calls me, I went to her house,we talked casually her intention was to have sex , I said I am not feeling well got up to leave She was highly aroused and stopped me and opened my pants and started sucking my cock .I was in heaven with that feeling. Believe me she seemed to be a professional hungry sucker.

I shot my load of cum all over her face and boobs which she massaged over her body like a lotion. But she was still highly excited and started removing my clothes. I was now completely nude before her and I made her nude too. Hungry as ever, she started sucking my nipples. This was a new lesson I learnt from her. This brought me again to excitation and my limp cock again started shaking. Noticing this she started sucking, moaning, licking my cock and my balls.

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuubbbbbiii you are so sweet !!!!!!!!!!She occasionally gave my cock a bite or a tight squeeze!!! Oh god! She was driving me wild .I decided to fuck this horny slut in a manner that she’ll always remember me not only while fucking but also while been fucked by her cousin if they get married . After that we had 4to5 encounters,then rajan promised,there parents talked to each other ,& she got married & now she stays in chennai & has 2 children,she really satisfied & loyal with her husband. WELL THIS WAS MY EXPERIENCE, EVERYONE IS WELCOMED WITH THEIR COMMENTS.ANY GIRL BETWEEN 17-24 , ANY MARRIED WOMEN BETWEEN 20 TO 25 AND ANY MOMS BETWEEN 36 TO 50 OR ANY DIVORSED WOMEN CAN MAIL ME IF THEY ARE UNSATISFIED WITH THEIR PARTNER’S DO MAIL ME AT i m in bangalore.

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