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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

This is your Rahul Singh from Calcutta back with another experience i hope you liked my previuos story “An Accident” posted on indian passion. Well for the new readers i would just like to introduce my self in brief. To introduce myself in brief I am a 31 year old married guy, height 5′ 11″ and people Say I am handsome. the most important thing about me is that I love sex. I just love it.

I have a nice size cock of around 7 – 8 inches and propotionatley thick. I love to eat and suck pussies and i am sure that any girl who lets me eat her pussy once becomes my slave. Lets start the story. its a true story and i hope readers would like it. Just besides my office is office of akash jain a 25 year old guy who is a chartered accountant by profession. He is single and has many girl friends. being my neighbour we have a friendly relationship though he calls me bhaiya. We talk about everything including his girl friends and sex. many a times i have told him that as he has so many girl friends why dont he introduce some one to me too. One evening around 7:00 pm he came to me and asked me about my evening plans. As usual i was suppose to pack up and go home so he asked me if i would like to join him and his girl friend and i agreed. We took off in 5 minutes and went to lansdown road from where we were suppose to pick up his girlfriend. I was driving the car and he was sitting besides me. when we reached the spot I saw a young girl of around 18 years wearing a jeans and a white top standing there. I stoped the car and she hopped inside in the back seat.

I was trying to see her through back view mirror when akash introduced me to her. her name was manisha and she was a bengali girl. She was damn sexy (as you must be knowing that bengali girls are a real hot thing too hot to handle) girl. We took off from there and in the way akash boughr 2 cans of beer and he shifted to the back seat of the car along with manisha while i was driving the car. from the rear view mirror i could see both of them drinking beer and chating and smooching. I was getting hot too hearing the moans of that sexy damsel. In the begining she protested but when akash told him not to worry about me as i am his friend she also started actively participating. in a few minutes akash took of her top and her bra and was sucking her boobs right there in the car while i was driving the car on easterns bypass which is a little less crowded. from the rear view mirror i could see both of them having fun. manisha had small boobs but they looked to delicious. akash was having one boob of her in his mouth while he was pressing and mauling the other boob. this continued for about 15 minutes and then i turned my car back to into the main city area. i was really feeling jealous as well as horny seeing akash having fun. after about fifteen minutes i reached esplanade area and dropped akash in esplanade. he asked me to drop manisha on lansdown road from where we had picked her up as it was on my way home.

Now manisha came and sat beside me in the front seat of the car and i started my journey back home. During the journey i was chatting with manisha and even asked her for a kiss which she denied. any way we reached at the spot where masnisha was to be dropped and asked her if i can do anything for her to which she replied that she wants to buy some cosmetics and if i can accompany her to a nearby shop which i readliy agreed. We reached the shop in five minutes and i parked the car and we went into the shop. There she bought some lipsticks, nail polish, maskaras and all. I made the payment for it and we returned to the car. She started thanking me for gifting her those cosmetics to which i replied that if she really wants to thank me then she has to thank me giving kiss to which she readily agreed and asked me to park my car at a deserted spot. the moment i parked my car she hugged me and started kissing and smooching me while my hands moved all over her body feeling all her curves ad ups and down. i even pressed her boobs. then we parted once again and i dropped her at her home. while leaving she gave me a good night kiss and took me cell no. promising me to call me next day. I was happy that atlast i have got her. And the next day morning i got her call at 10:00am in the morning where she asked me meet her at 7:00pm in he evening at the same spot and asked me to come alone.

I now understood that my gift has worked and i wnet there in the evening all alone and found her standing there Well guys and gals wait for the next part where ill tell you what happend that evening and how i fucked her. It was a great experience. now a days whenever i am horny if i have time i take her out in the daytime and fuck her and when i dont have time i meet her in the evening, pick her up in my car and just go to any deserted spot where she gives me a nice blow job and sucks me dry belive me she drinks all my cum. Any sexy gals, bhabhies, aunties who are too hot and want to cool down can get back to me at I assure you of full satisfaction and complete secrecy. I am a married man too and would not like to disturb my family life. I would like to remind you all once again that i am a very good pussy eater and would love to eat your pussies.

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