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Manisha Seduced Me On A Work Trip

  • desipapa
  • August 17, 2015

First let me tell you about this girl, she is a goddess having ample amounts of skin at all the right places of her body. She is 25 years old. Her skin is pink. She has great boobs, her waist is thinner as compared to the shoulders and her ass oh my god!! She has an incredible ass, just the way I like. I’m good looking guy with athletic body. I’m 27 years old.

I’m not much of a talker. I’m a shy guy. So I’ve not talked to her much in office. But I sure have ogled at her ass whenever I get a chance. We had to go to another city for a meeting. My colleagues were jealous of me because I was going with her. The day came, I reached the railway station before her so I had to wait 15 minutes for her. She called me when she reached and asked me to meet her at the platform as the train was about to arrive. After some time the train came and we boarded. It was an overnight journey.

It was 9 at night, most of the passengers were asleep. We both had lower berths. We started talking to each other. We didn’t know much about each other. She was wearing leggings and kurta. We shared things about our families and where we grew up, which schools we went. She was pretty modern as far as I knew. She was looked mesmerizing in the night light. That was making me little nervous so I kept looking at the window half the time. After a little chit chat she got up and left for the bathroom. I looked it as an opportunity and started staring at her ass.

As she was about to leave my sight she turned and caught me staring. Earlier we were sitting on our respective berths but after coming from there she sat next to me. She had a naughty smile on her face as she had caught me in the act. She kept touching me and fixing her hair while we were talking. I understood that she likes me but I did not had the courage to do anything. We talked for about an hour and than we went to sleep.

She was sleeping like a baby, on her belly. She did not covered her body. That reminded me of Diane Kruger scene from Troy, the only difference was that Diane Kruger was naked.(It was in Director’s cut so not all of you would have seen it. Google it.). Her face was towards me so I had to look in a way that she could not see me looking at her. She had already seen me looking at her couple of times and she was liking it. I could see the happiness in her eyes. But I did not just wanted to look. I wanted to do things with her.

After some time she moved and slept on her left side which means that her back was facing me. I think she did that on purpose. She wanted me to admire her body. So I was doing what she wanted. She was moving her butts slowly while lying there. It was making me go crazy. That was too much.She removed the bed-sheet a little from the lower part of her body. I could not control any more. I wanted to touch her, caress her. But I was at her mercy. She was toying with my feelings.

I didn’t knew when I went to sleep. She woke me up in the morning as we were about to reach the destination. I washed my face and sat next to her. She asked me with the same naughty smile, “did you sleep OK”? I said, “yeah, but it took me some time to absorb the situation.” She winked at me and smiled naughtily.

We checked into the hotel and headed for our rooms, which were right next to one another. I went in my room and took a bath before heading out for some breakfast with her. She was now wearing skirt and t shirt looking beautiful as ever. We went to the hotel restaurant and had some breakfast. She was touching my legs with hers. We returned to our respective rooms. As I was about to boot my laptop to watch a movie I heard a knock on the door. I opened.

She was standing there. She asked, “Hey, I have a question for you.” I said, “OK, go ahead”. She said, “How many more signals will it take?”

I took one of her hand and pulled her towards me and wrapped my arm around her waist. I kissed her, walking further backwards into my room. I slipped both of my hands down her back and under her ass, grabbing it tight before lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck as we began breathing harder.

She broke the kiss, then stared at me quietly with that naughty smile. I looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. She leaned back. I leaned in more. She leaned further back.

“Why are you teasing me?” I said. “Because I like seeing how much you want me.” I reached and pulled her towards me and started kissing her passionately. Our tongues were rubbing against each other. I overlapped her lips against mine started exploring her mouth. I could feel the roughness of her tongue. I took out her t shirt and the black bra she was wearing underneath.

I turned her around and started kissing her neck while squeezing her bosoms from behind. She was rubbing her hips against my groin. I was getting restless. I slid one of my hands into her skirt and started rubbing her vagina over her underwear. She was getting wet. She started rubbing her ass harder on my penis.

I took her to the sofa and made her lie in doggy style. I removed her skirt first. Then I slowly started removing her panty. This is the best part for me. I pulled down her panty to her thighs and buried my face in her sexy ass. She was well groomed. Not a single hair anywhere. I started licking her ass-hole first and then I started to move towards her vagina doing a to and fro motion. She started moaning hard.

Oh Yeah!!

Oh Yeah!!

Oh Yeah!!

I kept licking her and she kept moaning. Than she took my head and pulled towards her ass asking me for more.




Than I took her to the bed make her lie on her back and started fingering her vagina. Her vagina was lubricating a lot. I went over her to kiss her lips again. I kissed her for about 2 minutes while squeezing her boobs and caressing her body. She was getting restless. Her breath was already heavier. It was my time to make her wait. I than started kissing one of her nipples and massaging other with my hand. Kissing turned into licking. I was licking both of her nipples. I started biting her nipples.

She was sometimes rubbing her vagina and sometime giving my penis a back and forth motion over my shorts as she was not sure what to do. It was very sexy. After playing with her boobs I went down on her. I wanted to make her cum. I started licking and fingering her vagina faster

“Ohh god!! You are going to make me cum!! Please!! Don’t stop!!”

She sank her nails in my neck. She already had enough so it didn’t took much time to make her cum.

She rested for a while than she said, “it’s your time now.” “OK”, I said with a wink. I was lying on the bed as she got on me and started kissing me. I have a sensitive chest and I like getting my nipples licked. I think it’s because I don’t have any hairs on my chest. So when she started going down on me, I took her head and slowly guided her to my nipples.

She started kissing and licking my nipples and I started moaning. She kissed my chest.She then removed my shorts and took my penis in her hands. She kissed the head of my penis. She than started licking my penis trying to fit that into her mouth. She spat on it to make it wet. I was loving every part of it. She was jerking it up and down. I was getting hard. She took it in her mouth and moved her mouth in up and down.


Deeper!! I said.

She was licking my balls, took them in her mouth. It was amazing.

I asked her to put her vagina on my face so that we can enjoy each other at the same time. She did what I asked. I put both of my hands on her butt and started pulling her towards my face. I was fucking her vagina with my tongue. She was giving me the licking of a lifetime.

I made her vagina wet and ready for fucking. I than asked her to move to the sofa. I made her lie in doggy position and started rubbing my penis on her vagina. She said, “I can’t take it any-more”. I said, “you have to ask what you want”. She said, “fuck me, fuck me please”. Dirty talk turns me on. I than inserted my penis in her vagina and started thrusting forward and backwards. We both started moaning, Mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!mmm, fuck, ohhh god!! yes!! harder!! harder!!

I started fucking her harder, her breathing getting heavier. I than made her sit on my lap. She carefully sat on my dick taking it inside her. I had my hands on her ass and We kissed for a while before starting the up and down motion. Her body was on mine so I kissed her boobs before I started fucking her. I was squeezing and slapping her ass. I moved my hands to her asshole and started rubbing it.

I slid my finger into her ass and started fucking it. She was loving the double penetration. As I was about to cum I asked her. She said she want to taste it. I lied on the sofa and she started giving me the best blowjob ever. I came into her mouth and She took it all.

There were a lot of other sessions after this one. Let me know if you want me to write them for you gals. Feel free to contact me at

Manisha Seduced Me On A Work Trip