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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

My name is Meet (changed name), It is about a couple of years back when I was studying in college at Malad (Mumbai) & was also a computer professional at that time, had a computer at my home in the mezzanine floor where I use to work & learn & teach to only best of my friends here starts the story without any outside disturbance as the door kept locked. I had a classmate & a group friend Mamta who was a homely kind of a simple girl, was weak in computers & I was the best in my group in computers my entire friends learnt computer from me & so was Mamta. Let me define Mamta, a 5 ft 4” girl with 34 breast, slim figured with good pair of legs as she always wears frocks, minis, middies like that.

As usual I was teaching Mamta a day about the basics but she was very keen to know how the CD ROM works & how it displays the movie & all the basic stuff I got to change and said I have only XXX kind of movie CD’s with me & I can show you how to play the same only if you don’t mind she resisted but I said just to teach you let me do that I inserted the disk & plugged in the headphone into her ears forcefully so that she can enjoying the moaning & feel it, soon the movie began & my hands were still holding the headphone tightly as she was trying to remove it but slowly she was comfortable & I left the headphone up to her ears & came down to her breast & laid my hands over her breast doing nothing, she didn’t told a single word & when the movie went to little more erotic scene then Mamta resisted & I bundled up everything as It was mine & her first experience as I too touch a pair of boobs for the first time. I was shivering a lot & she was not able to look into my eyes.

Days went I teaching my friends as usual & One fine day Me & Mamta again were alone on the computer room, I grabbed a chance & inserted a disc in the similar manner this time I offered here the headphone & she wears it her own & I unbuttoned her first too buttons of her green leafy designed shirt & what I saw was a black lacy bra & I was squeezing her boobs over her bra & she moans uuummmm meet nahiiii, please koi dekhega, uum, aaaah don’t do that meet nahi karo aisa kuch hota hai. & slowly I parted a kiss on her lips she didn’t respond as she was not aware of how to kiss. I was caressing her boobs with one hand & with another I was caressing her right cheek & chewing her smooth lips which even she was enjoying & sometime later she too responded.

This continued for every single day after that day till few weeks & we both were lost in each other & was only lust between me & Mamta & no place for love. A week later my family went to native for a week & we got a chance to explore ahead of daily limits, I started as usual from my computer table & when we both went out of control I threw her on the bed which was just behind the computer table and then she was on the bed under me she was wearing a salwar kameez for which I have already unhooked here buttons & for the first time I was sucking those 34 sized melons awaited for me from past so many lives I believe I got lost in sucking so much that both of those melons became red hot & It was killing her with both pleasure & pain and moaned meet its is yours you suck it darling thoda thoda suck karo na, dard hota hai and her moans turned into screams & then the pain went beyond here tolerance & requested me to stop sucking more & I left the boobs at the same time & unzipped my pant & underwear & removed my 6” tool & inserted between her pair of boobs & started the boob fucking which we enjoyed a lot for quite some time till I jerked from between the boobs directly on her face & we ended up that day as we not at all thought to cross the final limit.

She dressed up here self & left for her home, the same night we chatted a lot on the experience we had & slowly I aroused her on the phone & later we started oral on the phone itself and started mastributing and did it for a while & finally made a plan to go for an intercourse Was a long night as we were waiting for the morning to happen & meet, its was 8am & there was a knock on the door & I opened, what I saw was Mamta standing at the door in Red color low neck T Shirt & a Mini skirt was wearing a sexy perfume to make the day longer & joyful. She came inn & I closed the door, surprisingly we both were behaving like we met for the first time untouched & unexplored, soon I brook the silent & hold her from her back biting her neck & unhooked here skirt down & then was her sexy low neck red T Shirt was down. Now she was standing in front of me in the same black lacy bra & A black bikini, she was shivering & smiling and looking In my eyes as she was begging me to get sexually satisfied.

Soon I removed the remaining & was completely nude in front of me for the first time the I took a Hersheys chocolate syrup from the fridge & pouring on her melons & started sucking her softly continued doing the same her body was shivering like anything & her eyes made me felt like a volcano gonna burst out of her very soon I left the boob & went down to the golden eye & when I poured the syrup on her cunt she started giggling of joy & I started caressing her boob with both of my hands & my tongue went into the lovehole to explore the wonders of the 7th world & there she goes, pushed me back brooked the buttons of my pyjama & teared the underwear & straight away gulped my 6” tool into her mouth & behaved as she would never leave that tool from her mouth In the entire life period, she started sucking it & I grabbed her hairs tight in my hand to make her do more faster and like a slave of mine within no time I took her on the bad & tried inserting my dick into her lovehole it was very hard for me & she started crying & requesting me nai meet nai mujse bardash nahi hota hai aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. mmmummy….. muje bachao, but I tried a little more & my dick found a way tearing that beautiful virgin gate of paradise & started fucking her slower to faster & harder & finally started digging a whole in it she felt afraid as she thought she is gonna be killed today or will be hospitalized but soon after few minute of my digging she joined the rhythm of fun & started moaning like uuuuuuummmm.. meeeet do u wanna kill me, please kill me, aaaah yaaaaaah. Yaaaaaaah…. Oooooffhh..

I love that fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeet fuckk me me more & more by lifting her pussy to eat my tool. Her boobs were bouncing like a rock & roll dancer due to the rhythm of ours. I was on the highest level of acceleration & was gonna cum….. Mamtaaaaaaaaa my darlingggg… m cummminngggg…. Before she says a word I shotted my cum in the whole & slowly the acceleration came to zero & I told her to go to pee immediately to avoid any accident & she does, she cleans up completely & my entire body was sweating & went for a shower & forced her to join in the same, we took bath for an hour or so by applying soap of each others body & soon went for another fuck in the shower & now with a previous experience we both enjoyed from start to end & thereafter I fucked her several times at my home or at her home depending on the availability. To get tips & tricks email me on

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