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  • October 6, 2015

My name is Asad i from multan Pakistan . I have been a great fan of this website “desipapa” . the most superior part of this site is the story section . I read all stories in this section and that,s stories gives us delecious feelings .I am 25years old boy.I just visited your site it was a wonderful one .After reading the stories I emboldened to share my own experiences with all others. Now i tell u a true story.This story is me and my aunty

First of all I want to tell you about my aunty , her name was Noreen.She was 20 years old and really a sexiest girl with a 36 26 36 figure.she is very sexy, beautiful, cheerful and nice lady, she was very frank with me and use to spend time with me.She is living alone at home.

One day she ask me to bring a novel for her.I gave her some sexy novels and Magazines and come in home.Next day i go there my uncl was out of city.I ask her r u read the novel? She is shy.I ask her r u like novel.she ask me yes.Now i ask her can u see xxx movies?she ask me yes,i bring a xxx movie.Now i put movie in vcd and i go her bed then we watching the movie & we lay in each other arms.After laying in each other arms for 10 mint,i put my hands on her boobs &i put my lips on her lips.Her toung in my mouth & . she was french kissed me.

She was wearing a pink neighty under black brazer & black panty.I started kissing on her lips, her neck, face , like mad me, moving my hands on her boobs.Ummmmm, it was great feeling for me.Iopen her nighty & I removed her brazer with my teeth and then she turned her back on me to remove her brazer from behind I opened her brazer pins and removed it completely, i kissed on her back and she turned around her big boobs with pink nipples were facing me and asking me to suck them so I did I suck them and i felt her nipples getting hard by the touch of my toung, i cut her niple ummmm ooooo she is cry,I kissed her on her boobs, and moving my hand down her chest belly.She catuch my land(cock), she closed her eyes and gave me a huge hug, pressing my chest against her bare boob,I felt her hard nipples against my cheast & i moved down and started licking her belly button and started rubbing her between her thighs. She pressed her legs together. She was so wet.

I started rubbing her pussy with my palm over her wet panties..and she moaned….oh yes..Asad I love you dear. I removed her panties. She had a pink pussy. It was shaved clean and smelled so fresh. I slide one finger inside and moved it gently. I was dying to suck her. So I placed my mouth and started sucking her. I slide my tongue inside her cunt and started moving it. She started moaning with pleasure..oh yeah..suck it dear…….lick my pussy…. I love the way u suck me. Her moaning was driving me crazy. I started licking and sucking her fast. My tongue moving in circles in her pussy. She was going crazy..oh God..ohhhh. My cock was very hard now and was craving for her pussy. I said I want to fuck u now. She said Yes honey…put that big hard cock into my pussy and fuck me hard pleaseeeeeeeeee mujay choodo(please fuck me)apna land meri choot mein dalo (put urs cock in my pussy).Now i take my cock on her choot(pussy),my toung in her mouth I kissssss her & i rubb her choot(pussy)with my land(cock).She ask me pleaseeeeee put urs land(cock) in my choot(pussy)pleaseeee.
Now she was out of control ,she asked me to fuck her quickly, and to give all my land (cock) to her choot(pussy). I put her legs take on my shoulder and put in my land(cock)in her choot(pussy), with a strong thrust and it was very tight, I rubbed my cock with her pussy and tried to enter her with a push and she told me” ZARA ARAM SAY DALO BOHAT DARD HO RAHA HAI” then I again pushed i had to thrust even harder to enter her pussy,she was screaming loudly, ohhhhh,hannnn ummmm aahhhhhhhhhhh meri choot phar do, hannn, zooooooor say, aurrrrr zoorrrrr say aahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh
ummmmmmm zooooooooooooor say choodo na ummmm aaaaaahhhhh ohhhh phar do meri choot ummmmbohat oooooo.Uhhhh ummmm,,zoor zoor,, say kero na uhhhhhh her eyes were close she was crying with joy please poora land under kero zoooor say ummmm meri choot phar dalo uhhhhhhh ummmohhhhh.
Then I said, Noreen dear I want to fuck you doggy style, she said “any way you want my love”, then she turned around she fold her legs and lifted her ass in air, kept her head on pillow and said “fuck me, fuck the shit out of me”, I entered my lund from behind and I told her to hand me a bottle of oil and she did, I applied more oil on my lund and plugged back in her pussy, then I made my two fingers oily and started to apply oil on her asshole, she started moaning and said “You are the best fucker in whole world” then I plugged one of my finger in her ass, and i entered my land(cock) in her choot(pussy) again and gave her some slow jerks after about ten strokes her pussy was all riped apart now she was feeling pleasure
“APNA PURA LUND MERE ANDER DALDO BOHAT MAZA A RAHA HAI THORA OR ZOOR SAI OR ZOOR SAI” she told me that she is going to cum and please be fast when I laston I become so krazy and move fast she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh …..pleaseeeeee…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhaaaahhah and
she had longer than last organism. After a while she said “Asad dear Fuck me hard…I feel so good…keep fucking me..Fuck me like a bitch. Oh god I feel so good. ..Spank my ass…

Fuck me good. Her words were driving me crazy. I was fucking her so hard now. I started spanking her ass and pulling her hair and this bitch was really enjoying it. I felt like fucking her forever. She was getting very loud…oh god uhhhhh ooooooo I am cumming..oh yeah..Asad keep fucking me don’t stop.uhhhhhh ummm uffffffff I was also reaching my climax. I said Oh dear…I am gonna Cum…I love fucking you. She said …cum in my pussy…shoot your load in my pussy darling….please I want to feel you wet cum inside me.she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh …..pleaseeeeee…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhaaaahhah oooooo.

Her pussy muscles were gripping hard on my cock. My cock was pulsating now. I shot my big load of cum inside her.she cum in no time her pussy was all wet to my cum We then lay there for a while. That night I fucked her 3 times. It was the most memorable sex of my life.
Dear reader she is out of country.Any mulatni(other) girl or women (20-30 old)need me then e-mail me here

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