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Mami Ki Gaand Mari

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi fans, this is Khan. From Hyderabad. I am a regular reader of erotic stories & want to share my real story with u all. I am 5.8” tall with good body aged 27 yrs. once I am outside my house my mami rang me a call on my Cell and told me to visit her house as mama is injured while coming down from steps. I told my father about this and left for her home which was in some where in Nizamabad village 245kms from my house. I went there on my car with some cloths and money.

At 5:00pm in the evening I reached there but no one is there in the house & it was locked so I enquired to the neighbors about them they told me that my Mama is in hospital, so I rushed there. I found uncle waiting on a wheel chair for discharge from there as he was in plasters on hand and both legs. We took him to his home. he could not even move from his bed, he needed help every time. So my aunt appointed a private nurse to look after him. Aunt started to look after his business. . And here my story begins. As uncle was plastered & injured and docs have told us that he should take full bed rest. So I decided to stay there till uncle gets well. Every day I used to go with aunt to their hotel. One fine day one of her friend came to see uncle and she began to talk with aunt on the dinner table.i was in the inside room. My aunt was complaining to her that she is hungry for sex since 1 month. Her friend told her to be patient.

After some time she left. After dinner we went to sleep. Suddenly lights were gone. Aunt came in my room and told me that she is afraid of darkness. So I told her sleep in my room. As my bed was very big she slept on the other side of the bed. After some time electricity supply came but aunt was not willing to go in her room. At midnight aunt got up to pea’s finished it and came again to sleep. But when she returned her sari was not properly worn but she did not creed. She came and sleep very next to me. I am late sleeper so I was just lying on bed; I put on the zero bulbs and came on the bed. aunt was also not sleeping but was trying. While sleeping my one hand touched her back but she did not moved. Whereas she came closer to me. I was excited so I began to move my hand on her back. Slowly slowly I began to press her buttocks. Now she was moaning in low voice I then dared to put my hand inside her blouse form back and found that she didn’t wearied any bra form inside. Then I moved my hand towards her boobs and started pressing them due to this she began to moan loudly I untied her blouse and started to rub my Lund on her gaand. She was also enjoying this.after half hour she turned her face towards me and began to kiss me on my neck. Now I came to know that she wanted me desperately. I said Mami aise kiss nahi karte, muh ko mere muh mein dalo aur apni jeebh se meri jeebh chanto.

As she was a village woman she said no. I said isi liye to aap ab tak pyasi ho jab aapko kiss bhi nahi aati.jara meri baatein suno aur mein jo kaheta hoon vaise karo.  now began to do everything what I was telling her. I make her naked and started kising her she replied and kissed me. I began to press her boobs. Her boobs were some loose. At the age of 35 she was still looking sexy. She said tum to bade harami ho, apni aunty kochodna sikhate ho.harami aunty to bahot dino se tumse chudwana chahti thi, ab chance mila hain to pura maza loongi. Then came near her red tight pussy & began to lick her, this was new to her as my uncle never doso.she was moaning louder and louder aaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhooooooo ahhhhhhahhhhhhhahhhh. Saale harami mat kar kaisa to bhi ho raha hain. But she did not stopped me . I said itne dino se apni hawas chupaithi to ab kyo nakhre karti hain. Abhi to chaat raha hoon jab lund daaloonga to chikhegi kya. And I kept on licking her after few moments she cum her white sticky liquid. I wiped that now I gave my lund to her and said abise chaat aur muh mein le, chal le le.

She took my 8 inches black lund in her mouth and started sucking it. After that I told her to sleep on back and spread her legs. I rubbed my lund on her pussy she moaned lodly and said harami daal naa tarsa mat chodmujhe jaldi jaldi kar. Apni mami ko chod na    ahhhhhhhhhh oooooo ohhhohhhooooo so I obeyed her and inserted my lund in pussy slowly slowly I began to take motion. Then I increased my speed.she was now shouting instead of moaning. Aaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhahhhhh ooo ooohhhohhh ohhho dhire se dard ho raha hain dheere se madarchod kutte. I said chal ab chup ho ja randi phad doonga puri teri aaj mein. Bahot dino se tamannathi tujhe chodne ki aaah ohh aaaaaaaaa noooo no no no dheere kar. But still I was speedily and deeply fucking her. I stopped for a while and put my lund on her gaand. She was afraid of my lund and said gaand matmaar kitna bada kain tera bahot dard hoga .i did not listened to her and applied her gaand hole some pussy liquid and also to my lund.

As I inserted it in her gaand she began to moan loudly and begged me to do slowly or take it out. But I kept on iserting untill it went full. Now my full lund was in her ass.slowly I increased speed she was now shouting in pain and was begging to stop. I stopped it after ten minutes when I came out & said abhi to shuru kiya hain aur do baar karoonga. Aaj teri gaand aur choot phaad doonga.she also enjoyed this 45 minutes sex show. Again my lund woke up got erect. Now she came on top of me and started on her own. She was actually fukcing me with her choot.after fifteen minutes we both cummed.she was completely satisfied.then onwards I began fuck her thrice a week. This is my real story of my sexy life. Now if any Moms, auntys, depressed house wives, Chachi or Mami who’s husbands are just run for their money and ignoring their wives erotic life. butnot below 30 years wants to share any kind of relation ship can send me an e-mail to but no time pass please

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