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Mami And Me

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

I am a 24 year old guy from Coimbatore, India. I would like to share something that happened 8 years ago when i was in my class 12. I was a day scholar in school and used to stay with my parents. I was fairly good in my studies or rather i was just above average. It was the the month of june and i had exams in july.There was a temple near to my house where they used to have festival at that point of the year. It was a 14 day festival and hence concentrating on studies was an issue and it was decided that i will shift to my grandfathers house for a month. Ours is a very close knit family.

My grandparents , my nucle and their kids use to stay there. Even though i was ok in studies i was known to be lazy and the job of ensuring that i dont waste time was entrusted to my mami. ie my maternal uncle’s wife.She was around 32 and was a teacherShe had a son of 10 years and a daughter of 6years . Every day at 4 am she used to come to my room and wake me up. It was her udty to do so!. The lazy man me used to get up , brush .and again go back to sleep with the lights on. One day i was caught. So it was decided that mami will continue her sleep in my room so as to ensure that i sit and study.

This continued for three days and it was then when i noticed of sexy she was. She had huge boobs that any guy would dream to see. One day i could get a glimpse of her cleavage and one of her tits as the saree she was wearing fell off her chest in sleep. It was a revelation. Till that time i never had any other thoughts abt her. But from that moment everything changed. I used to sit and watch her…and slowly stroke my dick . It was risky. But i did this for two days. Third day i was so aroused that i got up slowly went and lied down beside her. It was a single bed and had only little space between her and the wall. I took the risk as i always could get away telling that i was trying to sleep again. I slowly pushed myself into the space .My back was hard pressing her back. Slowly i turned . Now my front was fully pressed onto her back. I repositioned myself in such a way that my hard dick was pressing her butt. I was not sure wheter she was fully asleep. Anyway i decided to take a risk and placed my hand on her shoulder as if in sleep. My heart beat was going up. After sometime she made a change in her position and i proceeded to place my hnds on her boobs.I lay still fo some time and then made a change in my position as if in sleep but this time i pressed her boobs ans squeezed them. Nothing happned. I gatherd more courage and and statred slowly playing with her boobs. All this time i was not sure that she is alseep or not. I then proceeded downwards …first touching her bare stomach as she was wearing only saree and blouse. I caressed her bare belly …then returned to her boobs, this time with more confidence i started squeezing them. i also kept pushing her hard on her butt with my dick.

Finally i decided to slide my hand into her blouse. This was the final step as from there no justification is possible if i am caught. I did it ..and nothing happenend. From ther it was full of action. I put one of my legs over her and one hand i slid my hand into her saree from the front.. I reached her middle of her legs and i could sense that she was not wearing a pantie. It was hairy in that area. I rubbed and rubbed. Suddenly i noticed that she was beconing stiff etc . But absolutley nno sound. She did not moan or anything like that. It was all silence. It went on till around 6 am when i scared whether my uncle will get up.

I slowly got up went to the toilet jacked off and whn i came back i saw her awake. She was gettin up and leaving to the kitchen. I was scred how she will react. She din even look at me and went off as nothing had happend at all. That day was hell for me. I was all the time scared whether she will make an issue out of it and tell others. She din tell anyone. The next day she came woke me up. I was shockd to see that she got on to my bed to continue her sleep like she would do always. Then i realised that she was not against to my moves. I quieltly went and closed the door and like the previous day i started my job straightaway. This time i unbuttoned her blouse, undid her saree, lifted her underskirt , and finally mounted her . I was trying to push my dick into her pussy , she helped me in doing it by slowly solitting her legs. but still no word spoken.Her eyes were also closed as if in sleep. It was my firts experience in sex. I banged her with all my vigour and she just kept enjoying. Finally i was in a frenzy and was about to come. At that time she just put both her hands around me and hugged me . she was also in estcasy. She the entangled me bwteen her legs by crosing her legs with me in between! Then i came and i lay still for some minutes. I slowly withdrew my dick from her hole and lied on her side with my hands caressing her boobs. Not once i kissed her .Neither did she. We never spoke any word too. I got up after some time as it was nearing 6 when my uncle wakes up and opened the door of my room. Then i went to the bathroom and when i came back she had already gone to the kitchen!

Almost the sme thing happened for 3 more days during my stay there.

Now i am in Chennai, working.Till now we have have not spoken between us about what happened . And i am sure no other soul in the world knows our experience! Due to fate we din get any more opportunities after that. I still consider my encounter with my mami the most thrilling one i have ever had. Thanks to her i have developed a liking for women of her age who are very very concerned abt absoulute secrecy in such thngs ..

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