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Making Of Mature Girl

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi my name is Ravi .i am here to share my only single but trues ex experience.I live in Kolkata . I study in a reputed college , here is a girl whose name is Riyaa . she is very innocent girl wtih extreme beauty having a fairy like appearance . i was interesed in her ,so i made freindship with her . now when after one month she became very close freind of mine . one thing i want to say that i am sure that she didnot knew about sex at all. i wanted to exploit her this ignorance . but how to do it i was not getting any idea . but one day she came to me and told that , she was very upset .

Then i asked the reason . then she told me that every one in her house , behaves her like child , no one thinks that she has grown up now . suddenly a brilliant idea came in my mind . firstly , i expressed my compassion for her and then told her ,”iam soory riyaa but , actually u r not grown up , u should accept it.” now she became furious and cried “what do u mean by grown up , tell me . iam grown up girl .my age is 18 years , and this is not the age of child , u r my freind and u also telling that i am not grown up . “she began to weep . i understood that she was very upset due to childlike behaviours from her home. this was the point from where my plan stared to work . i told her ” look . have patience it is true that u r not grown up . but if u want to beacome gownup girl u will have to do somthing very special “.

Then she asked what she will have to do . i told her to promise that if u want to become grown up girl . will u do whatever i will tell u to do . she told she can do every thing for being grown up . then i told her to com at my home on a fixed day . let me tell u one thing that i live at my home alone . because my father works in mumbai mother lives with him and i have no brother or sister . after that i went to some of my freinds home and my whole idea to them after that on fixed day riyaa came to me home and i introduced her with my freinds and i told her that they also help in making u grown up . my freinds told her yeh they skilled in making any one grown up and laughed , riyaa also laughed but she did not knew why my feinds were laughing .

Now i told lets start . riyaa . was very happy that today she will become grownup . i reminded her promise. she told me that i dint require to remind me . then i told my freinds take her all clothes off. riyaa was stunned . she asked is it how to grow up . i told no this starting u will really enjoy this she stood still with shame when one of my freind started to unbutton her shirt . he could not controll him self and pulled the shirt with great jerk and it tore apart . now i told riyaa is she ready for becoming grown up , she replied in yes shyingly . i ordred y freind lets go make her matured . and then we grabbed riyaa . my freind pulled her skirt in one jerk . other tore her panty and i freed her big fleshy boobs from her bra . Now a fairy complete nude was standin in front of us . i cock was haeated like sun i to ld her to suck my cock shae obeyrd me and sucked it then another freind stared to enter his cock in her annal while another entered his tongue in her pussy . the annal penetration pained her but she could not cry as my cock was in haer mouth she only gagged . then i cummed in her mouth my anothe r now entered his cock in her mouth while i entred her my penis her hole was very narrow so priclked her boobs and she released the passage to her hole so now without wasting my time i entered my penis in her hole and she became horny she started to man OOOOOOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOOHHHH OR JOR …. SSSSSEEEEEE…..OR AAAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOMM.

THEN WE ALL cummed in her mouth she was filled with white cream in her every hole . we diid it 10 times . each time we experienced extreme pleasure with new freshness. then i told her that she will become grown up if she will let us do it every night for one week . she told it is very enjoying of she want do it again and again . Beleive friends fucking riyaa was like fucking a fairy , if any girl in kolkata want any type of relationship with me then pleae contact me at my email id

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