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Making A Blue Film

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

It was a pleasant evening when a chance acquaintance invited me to a private studio where a blue film was to be shot. It was a rare offer as these are always shot in complete secrecy. It was also the day when I entered in to the field of film making.

I was led through a secret door in the basement of a building. I had expected a dark dirty place but it was clean and well lit 2000 square feet layout. There was a king size bed in the centre of the layout. Huge studio lights lit the bed which was surrounded by four video cameras. To one side was a bar like counter where three well built handsome men were sitting. A large man with henna coloured hair was discussing something with them. The man acknowledged my acquaintance and then looked at me. He gave me a smile and continued with the three hunks.

Further down the layout were three doors. There were chairs just outside the doors and I was asked to sit there. From the chair I could see the bed clearly where the action was going to take place. A young lady in her early 20s came out from one door. She was a lovely chick with well endowed body wearing a yellow sari-blouse. She sat next to me. I could not help staring at her large bosom. A black beaded mangalsutra hung down her neck indicating she was married. She looked at me staring at her chest and gave me a curt look. I quickly looked away.

The henna haired man barked orders and the crew appeared out of the second door. He came towards us and stood before the lady and scrutinised her from head to toe. He took out a thick gold chain and handed it to her ordering her to remove her mangalsutra and wear the gold chain. She obeyed quickly. She then followed him to the bar counter. The lights were on and the cameras rolling. The three handsome men lead her to the bed and she lay down on her back. One guy lifted her sari and petticoat above her waist and the other pulled down her panties. The third man removed her blouse and bra exposing the full brea sts. The first man mounted her and pushed his erection into her. She lay there like a log as he began humping her. My dick hardened and my mind reeled with lust. I wanted to be in the actors place and fuck the lovely lady. He ejaculated into her and pulled out. The first shot was complete for review.

A few minutes later watching the review henna hair growled his displeasure. ‘The movie will be rejected’ he said. ‘May I give suggestion’ I asked softly and to my surprise he smiled and agreed. I suggested the first scene where the lady sits at the bar sipping a drink. The guys come to her and after some smooth talking they take her to the bed. A few good dialogues by me and some foreplay were shot. When the review was done henna haired clapped happily. ‘This is it..’ he applauded, ‘…you take over and I will pay you handsomely’ he suggested.

I agreed to the proposal. ‘I will have to get her a new look and also train her how to give expressions. For that I will need a couple of days with her and some money.’ Henna hair quickly gave me 50,000 bucks and told me to ask if I required any more. He also ordered the lady to be with me for the next two days and do as told. I was elated to have the beauty with me for the next two days. Henna hair had given me permission to use the studio premises for my training and also instructed the make-up lady, an attractive lady, to be with us and do my bidding.

We were left alone in the studio. I asked the lady to take a bath and instructed the make-up lady to do her make-up and hair after that. The lady disappeared into the bathroom. ‘What is your name…’I asked the make-up lady taking her hand in mine. ‘Anu..’ she said. ‘Anu…’ I said drawing her to me ‘…you are to do as I say right…’ She nodded. ‘Good….just stay quite and let me do what I like…’ I put my arms round her and crushed her to my chest. Her large breasts pressed against my chest. I put my lips to hers and smooched. She responded softly. My hand reached her bosom and I fondled them over her dress. I heard the bathroom door open and let go. ‘Get her ready and send her to the studio… wrapped in towel only’. I instructed Anu and left the room.

I undressed and got under the sheets naked. About half hour later the lady stood before me fresh and made up wrapped only in a towel. I did not waste time. Getting up I hooked my fingers into the towel I yanked it away leaving the lady stark naked. She crossed one arm across her bosom and covered her crotch with the palm of her other hand. I grabbed the lady and pushed her back on to the bed. Her large boobs jiggled as she fell back. ‘What’s your name sweet-heart…’ I whispered crawling over to her and cupping her breasts. ‘N..Neha..’ she said. She closed her eyes as I began squeezing and kneading the mounds. I parted her thighs wide and positioned between them. I opened her cunt-lips and guided my dick into the warmth of her pleasure trough. ‘Ooh…’she moaned as I buried to the hilt into her. With my cock in her tight cunt and her full firm naked breasts crushed under my chest I was in the seventh heaven ‘You married…’ I asked as I lay atop her unmoving. ‘Hmmm…’ she nodded. ‘Does your husband know about this…’ ‘Hmmm…’ she nodded again. ‘He sent you here…’ ‘Hmmm..’ was her answer. I lowered my head over her breast and took her nipple into my mouth. I gently nibbled at the teat while my hand fondled and kneaded her other brea st. ‘Ooh…uh…aah….ooh…’ she moaned. I began fucking her gently but thrusting in fully. I gradually increasing the tempo and the room filled with her sounds of lust. After long minutes we separated panting but satisfied.

After a while I was ready for another go but thought of Anu. I called her in to the studio. ‘Now I will give you a demo of what and how you act’, I said to Neha, ‘Watch as I perform with Anu – ask when in doubt’. I took Anu’s arm and pulled her to my chest. She looked up at me and shook her head. ‘I…I don’t do this…’ she said. Ignoring her my lips claimed hers in a kiss. I moved from her lips to her throat kissing passionately. Slowly I unbuttoned her dress kissing her down to the upper swells of her brea sts. She did not resist. I removed the dress and flung it away. She was wearing a white bra and panties. Her breasts heaved as she brea thed heavily. I clamped my lips to hers and smooched, stabbing her lips with my tongue till she opened her mouth a little. My tongue entered her mouth and moved round its warm interior. I sucked at her tongue and she hugged me tightly pushing her tongue into my mouth. She was getting in to the mood. I pushed her away for a moment and turned her round making her face Neha. Reaching in front of Anu I fondled her brea sts over her bra. My lips traced a line down her neck to the hook of her bra and with my mouth I pulled at the hook of her bra. It snapped open and I pulled the garment off her. I turned her round and bent to suck her nipple, first one, and then the other. She was moaning with pleasure. I pushed her back on the bed and pulled her panties off. I lifted her legs up and wide and placed them over my shoulders. Her cunt lips parted in that position. I placed my hot rod to the opening of her sex chute sliding in to its depth with one push. ‘Oooh…ow…uff…’ she cried out. As Neha watched I began fucking Anu. Slowly at first and then gathering speed. She was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts making sounds of pleasure. I was squeezing and kneading her breasts hard but she did not feel the pain as her mind concentrated on the pleasure between her legs. After long her body arched and she wailed. She began to convulse as she reached her orgasm. I increased my tempo and shot my load in to her. I fell upon her panting. We were perspiring when we finally parted. Neha’s eyes were glazed as if she was hypnotised. Anu quickly dressed and left.

‘So you saw how a female behaves when fucked….any questions?’ I asked Neha. She shook her head. ‘When the men kiss you or fuck you I want you to respond passionately and not lay like a log or plastic doll… understood.’ ‘Y..yes sir..’ she nodded. ‘Now I will show you how a female sucks a man’s cock’, I said going towards her. ‘On your knees before me…’ I said and Neha obeyed. ‘Open your mouth wide….’ She did as told. ‘Now take my cock in your hand and put it in your mouth..’ She hesitated for a second but quickly closed her lips on my dick. ‘Move your head up and down my cock while you suck on itlike a lollipop…’ Soon her head was bobbing up and down on my dick. I nearly swooned with pleasure. As I had just ejaculated in to Anu’s cunt it took her quite some time to make me shoot my load into her mouth. She ran naked towards the washroom and came out after rinsing her mouth.

The next day I took Neha for shopping and bought her the skimpiest and sexiest dresses and undergarments. After shopping I took her to a beauty parlour where I had her hair and eyebrows done, body waxed, privates shaved and a pedicure-manicure done.

At the studio I showed her some belle dance videos and made her perform some of them. I made sure that the dance she performed finally had a lot of boob shaking. She danced before I fucked her and corrected the mistakes she made. The next day was the last day of her training. I made her perform a striptease dance. I groaned with lust watching her naked boobs jiggle and shake as she danced naked. I pulled her down on the carpet and fucked her wildly. She was now perfect.

The shooting day arrived and under my direction Neha performed like a professional. Henna hair was jubiliant as he reviewed the movie. For next one week we shot every day for two hours. Each day’s shooting was reviewed closely and even the slightest doubt was cleared the very same day. The movie’s exports were a record and henna hair made me his partner. Today I produce the movies myself. W need new female faces. If you are over 18 years of age and interested please write to me at

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