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Maine Mere Maal Ko Ji Bhar Ke Choda

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi fans ,I’m Netdemon from Srinagar Ext. INDORE. I am a proud owner of a strong and athletic body. I am, no doubt one of the most experienced and real good kiky-lickers in the city. I can seduce any girl just by touching and breathing over her. All my girlfriends who regularly contact me to get their deadly dosage of irresistible pleasure of sex from me say confidently, “You are the best”.

But the condition was quiet different a few years ago, when I studied in 12’th standard in Central School Dewas. The girls knew me only as a volleyball champion of the school. I am going to tell you my first encounter with a girl whom I still remember coz she was the one who made me fan of kiky-licking. I met the girl, Suma, at Central School Mhow, when I went there to participate in the zonal Volleyball tournament. I had been to Mhow a couple of times before and had made some good friends there. One of them was Bonny. Bonny was a handsome and rich guy and was the ultimate choice of all the girls there. Here I must remind you a fact that Central School Mhow, being in Military area has the smartest, sexiest and unbelievably ‘Bindaas’ gals from defence families. At that time I used to get sexited just by watching these babes in their small skirts and thin, skimpy and almost translucent shirts(which they wore intentionally).

These cuties gave airs to the spark and turned my sexual desires into a fire which burnt me each n every second. All I wanted was “A Girl”. So, I told this to Bonny. I could not believe when he said “Ho jaayaga” .”Kaise…?”, I asked. He said, ” Yaar ,the girls here are bindaas. They are very open-minded. I will arrange for you. Pakka”. He asked me to meet him later. When I went to him. He was talking to a girl. He introduced me to Suma, his friend. Suma was a perfect heroin for an adult movie. She had huge and erect boobs with pointed tits trying to tear her shirt out. Her body ,in all,was like an hourglass with round and volvous buns. She had mysterious deep blue eyes. I saw expressions of invitation in her eyes and they indeed were meant for me as Bonny said “She is the one about whom I told you “. I was gonna run out of my brains. I shook hand to feel the softness of her body. I could easily think of the soft tender pussy of hers. I was already getting hard and wet and was dreaming of her nude body rubbing against mine.

My dream was broken by Bonny’s voice,” ok, kal milenge”. Only I could tell how I passed that night. I imagined every possible way and sequence of harnessing all substance of her body .I don’t remember how many times I virtually ‘came’ inside her cunthole. I (basically inexperienced) made a complete plan of the grand trial of my life. The night seemed never ending. Eagerly waiting for the time my dreams materialize ,I got ready for the final match of voleyball. The match ended with our victory and we were asked to stay in the school for a week more. To change I went to my room. “May I come in” a sweet voice came, it was she….!. I nodded with my eyes wide open. She sat on the bed and asked me to sit near her.I sat. I could not believe on my fate. I tried to hide my hesitation but she judged out and asked me to be frank and open. She shifted close to me and I could feel her soft thighs and the cool scent of hers.

I was freezed and forgot all my plans. But, she was unbelievably bold. She slid her hand around my neck and said, “Kabhie kisi ladki ko nahi chua kya ?”. I saw an open invitation in her eyes….,gathered all my courage and embraced her in a flash. OOooooo… her body was like silk..soft,smooth and warm. She din’t resist. I whispered “would u make me feel good…”? In the reply she gave a wet kiss on my ear and said “sure”. She moved away for a second and took out her shirt..I was stunned to see her boldness and then her gorgeous boobs in her bra…they were full moons and I just could not move my eyes from tool went steel hard. She asked me “Do whatever you want !”. It was the time for me to go on the job, but I could not think what to do…I was complexed of her boldness and was feeling like a child in front of her. I hesitatively touched her boobs….She said,”you are a baby,u know nothing…”.I innocently saw in her eyes, she understood my problem..and said,”OK now I’ll tell you what to do and you do it that way.” I nodded. Now she was the teacher and I was the student. She took off my shirt ,opening each of the buttons by her teeth. then removed her bra..!and embraced me..I could feel the hot body of her’s and her pointed nipples against me. She sat on the bench pulled my head to her milk-melons and said “lick ’em”.I did. “bite…,suck..,rub..”and I carried out what she said.

I was feeling hot again. She slid her hand in my pant and started rubbing my dick. I too unhooked her skirt and slid my hand in her panty..she was wet and hot..”good going” she said “now move down”. I licked down towards her pussy.”take it out,don’t use ur hands”. I grabbed her panty in my lips and pulled it down. The intoxicating smell of her juices filled my nostrils. “Now lick right there,use your lips to suck and tounge to lick…”.I started on the treat,licking hungrily and sucking. I felt her clit go hard and sucked it deep.she moaned..”mmmmmm”. Her juices tasted sweet-n-sour and I licked ’em all. As I licked it harder her moans and sighs went louder and faster. Taking her pussy lips in and pulling them, rubbing her little seed rigorously, licking her cunt-juices…everything took me to the heights of ultimate pleasure and I just wished to continue it forever. Same was her condition..she was moving her hips to me ,synchronising with my lip movement and constantly moaning. As she reached towards the exploding orgasm, she moved, moaned and cried impatiently. She pushed my head deep in her sweet hole as if she tried to bury me in there. I continued on licking hard and suddenly a gushing stream of hot juices wetted my face. I licked them all. She gradually settled. Pulled my head up and gave me a passionate kiss,”you were great”. After few minutes of silence she started kissing me, and then.. it was her turn…

She kissed me all overand finally reached my dick..took it in her warm soft and wet mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. I can’t tell how hot I felt. Then she pulled my tool into the real hole. OOooooohhhh…it was incredible…She put me down and rid me like a horse. I held her body hard and started pumping deep. “mmmmm…,keep goin'”,she said. And then we both came on the verge of a bumper orgasm. Holding each other tightly we collapsed at last. We laid there unconcious for an hour when somone knocked, it was Bonny. We got up, dressed and opened the door. Bonny came in smiling, “Hi!, how was the time..? Enjoyed or not..?”. She smiled and me too. I thanked Bonny and they left. For the next three days I and Suma enjoyed hours together when she taught me how to give the best fuck to a girl. But the thing that gave me the real pleasure was ‘Kiky licking’ which I did for hours continuously and Suma kept begging me to leave. When I left, she had her eyes wet but with the same inviting expression which I saw first time.

We met a couple of times afterwards and enjoyed each other. Then her father got transferred to Dehradoon and we never met again. But I still remember her for the training she gave to me, for the good times we spent and for telling me the introducing me to the planet’s most interesting task;”Kiky-Licking”, which is still my favourite job in fucking. I’ve got a plenty of sexiting incidents to narrate which i’ll tell in my coming stories. If any gals(specially from indore) wanna enjoy the real treat of an ultimate sex or even want to know how it is done..then they may contact me at . Bye for now

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