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Mail From Shami

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Tonight he would show me the night life of his town. So I got ready to go out. I took a nice long shower. While the hot water was running down my body I was just thinking of him. After I felt very clean I got out of the shower and dried my body, put some lotion on and then my dress. A long winered dress, it reached down to my feet, backfree and slits on the sides. I also put some make up on and did my hair. I decided to just let it flow down my back. I put some perfume on too and then he knocked on my door.

“Are you ready?” he asked. “Yes, I’m ready for you” I answered. He wanted to show me a bar with a nice view. But when we got there we found out that the tower was closed. That was not good. “There is another bar around here, do you wanna go there?” I didn’t mind. I was pretty sure he would only show me the good places. At the park house we waited for our car.

While waiting he put his arms around me from behind. He stroke my stomach and moved his hands up. It was not hard to reach my breast under my dress from the side. So his thumbs rubbed over my nipples until they stood up for him. Then
his hands wandered down over my butt. Both of his hands rubbed over my butt and suddenly they stopped. A wondering sound left his mouth. “Do you have anything on underneath?” I just smiled at him and then our car was there. On our way to the next bar he had to find out more about if I’m having panties on or not. So his right hand moved from my knee up my thighs, he
moved my dress to the side which wasn’t hard because of the slits on the side. I felt his hand between my legs. He found what he was looking for, Nothing!!

“Mmmmh”, he said and smiled at me. I moved my head back and closed my eyes and opened my legs some more. I enjoyed his fingers. Then he stopped. “We’re here Baby”. He had a big grin all over his face. Of course I wanted to stay in the car. I took a deep breath and followed him out of the car. In this bar the tower was also closed but we stayed anyway and bought some drinks. We looked for a nice place to sit down. He looked at me and shook his head, still the big grin in his face.

“My Baby ain’t got anything on underneath”. It really turned me on to walk around like that and I bet it turned him on the same way. It was our little sexy secret and all the people around us had no idea.

I could feel the alcohol now. I pulled him closer, licked his ear, put my tongue in and whispered nice things. He just smiled but his eyes told me a lot. My hands moved over his lap. I felt his dick thru his pants. I liked what I felt. I grab it no matter who was walking around us. We could have left but it was kinda exciting to play our games around all this people. He reached under my dress again up my legs and then he could feel my wetness. After a while we had to leave.

Of course we kept rubbing each other on the way home. Good we didn’t have to drive far. I then had the idea to jump in the pool at our home. We really wanted, we wanted to go upstairs to slip in our swimsuits. In front of our door I nibbled on his pants and as soon as we got in the room, we started to kiss each other wild. He pressed my against the wall holding up my arms. I had his pants opened before so they moved down to the floor with no big help. He just lifted up my dressed and pushed his dick inside my wet pussy. A loud moan came over my lips. He carried me over to the bed, his dick still inside me.

I was so horny for him. As soon as he laid me on the bed he fucked me real hard. I felt him deep inside of me. He was still holding my arms up while he kissed my breathless mouth and I tried to scream. Then he moved my legs over his shoulders. His moves got slower but he still pushed his throbbing tool hard inside my hole. I saw him watching his joystick sliding inside my pussy. So I opened my legs some more and rubbed myself. I knew I would enjoy watching this too. His balls were pounding against my ass. Then he grab me to turn me around. He was squeezing my ass cheeks while he fucked me doggie style now.

His moves got fast again and one hand rubbed my clit. He could tell I was close to cum by my moans. He kept pushing his dick in my hot pussy. I felt flashes go thru my body and then he was exploding inside of me. After we came I still pressed myself against his body and he held me close, he wanted to stay inside of me as much as I wanted him to stay inside.You all can send your comment on

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