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Maid Trapped

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi, this is Radhakrishna, once again, with a hot experience. I am 20 years old guy with 5.7 height and medium build body. This story is a continuation to my previous story Chubby and cute boy. In my previous story I assured you to tell my hot sex with the maid of my chubby neighbour aunt Pushpa

Who lives in the opposite flat. I told you that I have sex relation with my hot chubby neighbour Pushpa. That is continuing till the date, whenever the opportunity comes. After 2 months I came to know that her maid Rani was observing me with doubtful manner. I felt that she may tell the whole story to the people in the other houses. One fine day I told the same to Pushpa aunty. She was afraid of the maid and told me to shut her mouth in anyways, otherwise her respect in the apartment will be lost.

Now I am going to explain about Rani. She is 34 years with semi black skin tone, 5.4 height and 55-60kg weight. Her measures must be 34d 30 36. She is clean and nice looking lady. As she is a maid, till now I don’t have any observation on her. But now I have to maintain friendly relation with her, by giving money or gift or at least with small concern. So I am slowly approaching her with friendly smiles.

First she looked serious to my actions. But after 2 or 3 days there is a small change in her behaviour. On a fine day I took a water bottle and asked Pushpa Aunty to get me some water. She told me to go in to my flat and she will send water with Rani, the hot maid. So I have to move friendly with her. I went in. Till then I don’t have any sexual feelings towards Rani. My only intention is to shut her mouth without telling the stories to other members.
I waited for a while for Rani.

But she did not come with water. So I closed the door (not bolted) and went to take bath. After 10 minutes I completed my bath and came out wrapping a towel around my waist. Then the door bell rang. I told her to come in as the door was not bolted. She came in and observed my bare chest and thighs in the towel. I stunned by seeing her. She wore a semi transparent black sari with matching deep neck blouse. Her cleavage is clearly visible to me. Her tight sari is reveling her bulging ass, which is shaking up and down while she walking.

First time I felt horny by seeing the maid. I asked her for her name and she replied Rani. Then I asked about her family. She told that she left her husband 4 years ago and living with her parents. She has one male kid who was in the hostel. I asked her work in my flat. She refused and told she had lot of work in Pushpa aunt’s house. I told her that I will talk to aunty.

That day evening I told all the things to Pushpa aunty. But she said it’s the best way, as I am bachelor. She told me to seduce her maid and fuck secretly. Then she will be in our grip. She also told me to spend on the top floor by evening 7 o clock and she will send the maid to the top for some work. By evening I waited on the top for the maid to come. It’s already dark. I am scared to deal with her as don’t have any idea to seduce her.

Suddenly I got an idea of showing my big 7 inch cock to her. I am not sure it may work or not. I heard the steps sound of coming from the down. I switched on my mobile and saw porn pictures in it. I took my shorts to knee level by shaking my tool, moaning slightly. She came to the top and looked at me. My 7 inch tool was fully erected and clearly visible to her in the mobile phone light. I pretended like not observed her. I began to shake my tool more and more.

Actually she came to take the dry clothes, but she forgot her work spent time by looking at me. She began to press her boobs and finger fucks her pussy by staring at my hand work. Finally I got orgasm and leaked all me semen on the floor. She slowly left the place by taking the clothes. Next day I told my aunt everything happened in the night. Again she told me another plan, which is the last one.

As our plan I went to her flat at 9 in the morning. I requested Pushpa aunt to send her maid to my flat for the room cleaning and washing my clothes. She looked at Rani and asked her weather it is ok for her. She readily agreed for that. After some time Rani came to my flat to work for me. She was in nice light color sari and blouse. She looked so hot in the sari. Her 34d boobs were clearly visible while she swept the floor. Her huge ass was also swinging at my face.

Slowly I rang Pushpa aunt and told her to go out for some time. She came to the door and said Rani that she was going out and would return by afternoon. She said ok and returned to her work. She completed the sweeping and asked me for the bath room to bring water. I show her the water and closed the main door. She tied her sari to the thigh level to clean the floor. I asked her weather she needs any help. She asked me help her to lift the tables and bed. I took off my shirt and pant. I wore skin tight shorts, through which my bulge was clearly visible.

She was cleaning the floor by bending full on her arms. I felt her milky cleavage was more visible. Her nice shapely legs were swinging before me. I wanted to press her boobs hard and fuck her pussy in high speed jet action.
I came to the room where she was working. She looked at me and gave a smile. She sat on the floor to clean it with water. She was already wet by sweat and water. Her cleavage and nipples were clearly visible through the thin clothed jacket.

Her strong thighs were looking so hot. I got immediate erection in my shorts. She was also very hot by seeing my bulge in shorts. She took the bucket and went to the bathroom to bring water. She called me to help her to bring the bucket. I went to the bathroom to help her. She was filling the water from tap. Slowly I stood back to her. I kept my erected huge cock in between her ass cheeks. She was not responded in either ways. Again I kept my hand on her creamy midriff folds. She leaned back to me, by pressing her hips to my bulged cock .

All of sudden I opened the shower and acted as a mistake. We both completely wet. I began to hug her there it self. She started to respond for my actions. She turned towards me. I sucked her lips and pressed her boobs. She pushed her body towards me and moved her hand to and fro on my hard cock. Then she told me to complete her work first. We both separated and completed the work in 10 minutes.

Then we completely removed our clothes and dried under the fan. We both entered the bath room naked and began to take bath under the shower. I saw her naked body under the shower. We both hugged for 10 minutes by kissing and sucking lips passionately. She applied soap to both bodies. We rubbed each others bodies and private parts. She had clean shaven pussy and arm pits. I began to suck her pussy and bit her ass cheeks. She was in full mood to cooperate with me. We both reached my bed with naked bodies.

She was laying on the bed by showing all her assets to me. I jumped on her and began to suck her boobs. She moaned aloud as she deserved sex for 4 years. She hugged me and began to suck my lips. I kissed her on lips, neck, boobs. She started to explore more. I reached her fat tummy and licked her novel. She told me to keep my cock in novel which was as deep to cover my half cock. She got more excited by novel fuck. I asked her to take 69 position. We both licked our organs.

She started moan loudly. I kept my four fingers in her pussy and made to and fro action. Her pussy was so slippery with all her juices. She closed her eyes and bit me with her sharp Niles. I was not able to bear the happy moments. We stud on the floor. I bent her to the bed and fucked in doggy style. She started to thrust back her hips. They were so curvy and fatty. I pressed her boobs and midriff. I kept my tool in between her milk tanks began to boob fuck her.

She began to cry like ohhhhh fuck me hard please. Again I lay on the bed and asked her to reach my top. She rode on me and forced her pussy on my rock hard cock. She began to fuck in full speed. Then I kept my legs around her turn to upward direction. She pleaded me fuck hard. I motioned in full speed. She closed her eyes with plenty of pleasure and moaned aloud. I too poured my juices in her pussy. Again we both went to bath room to clean our selves.

We were enjoyed for some time in the shower bath. I asked her weather aunty may return home. She assured me she would come in the afternoon. But reality was not that. I was not bolted the main door. Because aunt told me that she wanted to see the entire episode by hiding in a secret place in my room. After bath we came to my bed room.We were busy in hugging and kissing, and then suddenly Pushpa aunt entered the room.

Rani was shocked by seeing her. Then I told her not to worry about this aunt also joins us whenever she wanted the sex. Pushpa aunt told me I performed very nice with her maid and she also needs the same action with her. From the day onwards we used to three some also. I love both Pushpa and Rani equally. Please send your suggestions to Encourage me to know the three some experience with the both horny aunts. That’s all friends.

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