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Maid To Taste

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015
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Maid To Taste

Writer: John

Hi, after your warm response to “cook became my meal” and many requests to write more about my sexual encounters. I am here to narrate one of my more Memorable days in bed. So far all my love-making partnerships have been my 2 maids, padma when i was in chennai (“How I finally attained my maid part 1 and 2) and more recently in Bangalore, with a mature woman named gowri.

I believe with a maid, there is a purely raw sexual interest in the relationship and hence the experience is more pleasurable and that much more rewarding. I found my maid to be more experimental in bed, willing to do different things to spice up the session and prolong the time before we finally climax.

My theory is, sex is only a initial level of curiousity and primal urge a man has. But once he experiences it regularly, like anything else it can soon become boring one must mix up things in bed regularly to keep the passion flowing between bodies. By this time, Gowri and I had sex for over a month, on a daily basis making our sessions nearly 30-35 times in bed, totally.

I knew every square inch of her naked body including all the hidden spots where she had moles and birth marks. Also, the way we had foreplay, sex and climax, was becoming routine. So, after a hard week of work, on a cold Saturday morning I was looking forward to gowri and I having a hot session since sex was a great stress buster.

I was eagerly waiting for her to come and as soon as she entered I trapped her in my arms and started kissing her neck and ears, fondling her nipples with my fingers. But she dint look to eager, so i stopped and asked her “whats the matter gowri, not feeling hot? She turned around and looked at me and said “Every week it’s the same thing. I like your body and your long cock, but the pattern is the same everytime.

I understood what she was trying to say, but my pride was hurt to hear she wasnt turned on by my actions. I took it as a challenge, I said “today, refuse me as hard as u want, but i will end up seducing you and putting you under my cock, once more”. She just smiled and said “Try”. She liked this change.

I went near her Curved body, wearing a maroon saree, wrapped around her luscious hips. I bent down to her navel level and opened the curtain of her saree to see her vertical navel, and gave a wet smooch directly on it. She closed her eyes in pleasure as, I kissed it 10 times in 1 minute. Then I went down to her foot level and kissed her toes and feet up to her exposed thighs.

She was controlling her laughter, when I kept using my tongue around her tummy and thighs. I said “The challenge of the game is if you laugh you must open your nipples to me, if you don’t I will keep licking till you laugh. She burst out laughing in pleasure; I said “Your nipples are now my property”. I erotically took a knife and unhooked her bra.

I kept circling the sharp tip of my knife on her wheatish breasts and perky brown nipples. She questioned “what are you doing I gave her a smile and said “I am gonna cut and eat these fruits. She looked horny for more such talk, I bent down and took a nipple in my teeth and pulled like calf drinking milk from a cow. She bit her lower lip in lust looking greedy for me.

I whispered in her ears “you know how many times I keep calling you tasty. I’m going to make you even tastier today. She raised her eyebrows lying topless on my bed. I went a got an apple and a bunch of grapes from my fridge. I placed the apple of her navel, and cut it into 2 pieces. She started looking hotter by the minute as I rubbed the grapes all over her nipples, hips, thighs and started licking it.

I said “Ummm You are tastier today, surely, I placed one piece of the apple between her breasts, laid my head on her thighs and started biting her boobs and the apple together. She looked upward in lust. I knew she was enjoying it, she came to my ears and said “even I want to taste you differently today I said “sure, my darling I went and smeared some honey on my long, throbbing cock.

She said woooh, today is definitely more erotic and fun than usual. Before I could say anything she grabbed my cock and put it her mouth, sucking it and licking the honey at the same times. I could see the bulge of my cock on her cheeks. She was taking it deep into her throat. The feeling of her blow-job was immense and I controlled hard my ejaculation.

She looked at me teasingly and her head under my dick and said “This is my game now. If you pour your cum now, you lose the game and I can do whatever I want with you” I had to work hard to control my ejaculation as she literally brushed her teeth my with honey cock. After a while, she said “I give up I said “then this means I get to do whatever I want with you with a wicked smile.

She looked sexier when she acted trapped. I lifted her naked body with my 2 hands and dropped her on the bed. I took 2 cloths and tied up her hands and blindfolded her, in a playful way to the stand of the bed. We were having role-play in sex. She was my prize and I was the hunter. She acted and begged for mercy “Please don’t do anything to me.

I took an icecube and made it slide from her forehead to finally her vagina were it melted. I said “wherever this ice-cube has travelled, my cock will follow. She looked deeply in lust. I placed my cock in between the ridge of her breasts and repeatedly tit-fucked her. I clitoris and fingers tickling her cunt, her pre-cum began to flow I rubbed my cock against the length of her trapped body and finally it entered her vagina as

She moaned loudly “aahhhhhhhh I began to pump her with a sense of purpose and starting kissing her as kept pumping. She lifted her legs to a higher angle to give me more space to enter her. I caught the flesh on her hips for support and raise the speed of my penetration to top gear. Her screaming was louder and she said “rub me, say my name, rub me. I kept repeating her name and making her toward to the climax.

I switched position and lay down on the bed. She went and sat on my cock and began riding the horse. I kept moving my lower back to give her a sense of forward-backward movement as she closed her eyes our climaxes coincided with perfect timing, as my White hot sperm came shooting thru like a rocket, after a wonderful electric feeling surged thru my body.

She looked down at me and fell on my body, as we lay on naked bodies, licking each other’s sweat of passion. By introducing objects, food and role-play in sex I had it made it more pleasurable, successfully seduced gowri to satisfaction once more. More such sexperiences coming soon. To hear more such lust-ridden tales or advice on how to spice up your bed sessions, Mail me at

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