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Maid Satisfaction

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello Desi readers, I used to come daily to read some new story in our beloved web site. Well to day I am going to narrate my life incidence which happened with my maid servant. Let me introduce my self, I am an engg student in Hyderabad. we r from a middle class family, I am 20 and this incident happened inlast year in march. 

We have a maid servant, she is a muslim. Her name was shaza she was around 5’3 hight and with slim personality. I got attracted to her one day while she was sweeping my room, she bend down to sweeping then I saw her boobs which were of medium size she was wearing an black colour bra also. Form that day on wards I started dreaming about her and used to mastrubate a lot thinking about her. I was getting eagar day by day to get her but don’t know how. I day I was surfing our beloved desibaba site and read an story in which the boy fucked her maid when she stoled something from her mothers shelf. I too got an idea and on one Sunday when my family went to visit my aunts home I made my plan, as usually noorjahan started sweeping the house as she was coming to my room I kept an 50/- note under my bed and hid in my bathroom, my bathroom door has an tiny hole from which I can see my whole room. 

As she started sweeping my room she came near my bed and saw the 50/- note under my bed, she kept quite and looked hear and there and slowly she folded the not and kept in side her bra and started sweeping the room. My plan worked successfully, I came out of bathroom and acted as if I am searching 4 something and turned to her and said did u see my 50/- note fallen here? She replyed no and started moving fastly, I cought her and said don’t lie I saw u taking the note she demanded to leave her but I cought her tightly,she stoped resisting and I said where is the note she replyed saying that she don’t know any thing about the note, I said that I don’t belive her and started checking her dress whith out her permission I checked till her waist and stopped, she said is it over “r u satisfied” and started crying. I said no its not over, she was surprised to hear that asked what else left I showed her breast and she quickly covered it with her hands, I said if u wont allow I will say to my mom and u will loose the job, she started crying again. I asked her to stop and started pressing her boobs where I found the note, she kept quite . I asked her what was that then, she started begging me not to say to my mom. 

I said I will not if u do one thing, she said “any thing” with out thinking. I said that she can have the note and satisfy me. She reply no. I said ok I will tell my mom about every thing, she requested not to and she will do what ever I say, finally I got success over her. First I started kissing her lips but she was not responding I asked her to respond and she started to respond and we kissed around 5 mins later I asked her to remove her dress she did and she was wearing a red bra and red panty which was my favorite. I askd her to remove my cloths too and she did I was in my underware. With my cock already erected. I then again kissed her and started removing her bra and sucked her breasts hungrily I don’t know what happened she started moaning and hugged my tightly as I was sucking her boobs, I was unable to breath properly I used to stop a sec to take air.i stoped but she asked me to suck other boob as she felt nice. I did and later I removed her panty and my underware . I aked her to give blowjob 4 which she agreed and started giving blowjob . 

I felt like I am on cloud 9 and I unloaded my sperm in her mouth with out telling her but she took it all and made me dry, now it was my turn so I made her lay on my bed and kept my both hands on her boobs and started licking her pussy along with pressing her boobs. 

She felt nice both at a time, she said that she was cumming and unloaded her sperm. I licked it nicely and it was time to final round that is …can u guess gals and boys????? Yes FUCKING. I kept her lay on the bed and I went top of her and kept my cock head on her pussy and started penetrating slowly and it did not took much time to penetrate completely just in 2 attempts I went in completely, I asked her if that hurts and she said that not I does not coz its not her first time. I was surprised and asked her who did it first she said that she has an incest with her uncle, I was aroused with that words and started fucking her hardly, she held my back and pushed me to wards her, her nails were scratching my back that almost blood cane from my back, she said she was sorry but the pain was nothing in front of this pleasure, I did not stopped fucking. I still have this scratches on my back, they r healing. 

We 2 at a times unloaded and got tired, she was satisfied completely and slept in each other arms 4 half an hour with my cock in side her. Later we got dressed and asked her to ware skirts and come with out panty in side. Next day she came wearing a skirt, I was ready to fuck her and I used to fuck her once a day. but one day my mom cought her while she was stealing 200/- from her almara and throwed her out of the house. I miss her daily. so… gals and boys how did u like my incident????????? any comments can be send to

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