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Maid Made Me A Beast

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi there, my name is Rohan and I am 25 years old. I live in Nagpur with my wife. This is a real incident which happened to me-a great experience with my maid Rupali (name changed) during the time when my wife had gone to her mothers place when she was pregnant. You can put your comments and suggestions on

I used to go to office around 9 am and used to come back only after 8 PM. This is the reason I told Rupali to come by 7 in the morning to finish her work. She used to come sharp by 7 am and finish off by half an hour.
Months passed by and I started missing my wife during night and on the days when I used to have off. I was desperately looking for sex and I thought Rupali may be my solution.

I started staring at her whenever I found chance but I found she was ignoring me. Well in a nutshell if I describe her she is around 24-25 years of age 5 feet 4 inch, average figure and mildly white in color and a very cute face. She was married to a cab driver few years back.Coming to the story on Saturday which used to be off for me I told Rupali to come after 10 am finishing other flats work so that I can a good sleep. That day I got up by the door bell ring, I found Rupali greeting me, she was wearing saree always.

As she passed by I lifted the newspaper just going through it went into the kitchen to make tea. She was washing utensils that time in the kitchen and since it was a daily routine she was not surprised seeing me in the kitchen. She was washing utensils and I looked at her pretending as if I am looking for the utensil to make tea she understood that and quickly gave me the utensil and the cup by washing them.

I gave her a smile which she responded and got back to her washing, I looked at her ass which was swinging as she was bending to wash vessels in the sink. It was awesome, I looked at her boobs which were covered by the saree and her naval area I was able to look at her skin since she wore her saree under her naval area.I lit on the gas and just turned around knowingly to get the tea and milk powder just when I saw her going out of kitchen finishing the utensils cleaning.

This resulted in a collision and I banged on her so hard that she was falling down screaming. I held her by her waist by my right hand and left hand on her back looking straight at her eyes. She was stunned and looked at me for some time as I was still holding her in that way even she was on her foot now, I wanted to smooch her there itself but held myself. I cracked joke by saying why don’t you use a horn while you walk the train would have derailed on which she laughed.

I was staring at her still holding her in that manner I was able to smell her now and started taking long breaths she slowly stopped laughing and was looking at me. I thought it’s now or never and I started to move my right hand go slowly down to find her sexy ass and left hand started caressing her back slowly I moved my face towards her. It was very clear from her reaction that she is completely surprised from my acts as she is working in my house for years and never saw me like this.

I rested my hand on her ass over her saree and started pressing it while the other hand found that she was not wearing bra inside her blouse. I stopped near her lips but she was still staring at me and not looking to my lips which was not very encouraging I thought; I kissed very gently on her lips and pressed her boobs with my left hand while my right hand was busy looking for the asshole over her saree.

She felt good at that time wasting no time I started pulling her to the bedroom and while going I just ensured my main door was locked.As we entered into the bedroom I left her and made all the curtains properly set so that no one knows what’s happening inside. I grabbed her pallu and in a moment it came out of her shoulder quickly I started kissing her cleavage and oh my Good she smelt good. It was then I think she regained her senses and moved behind saying this is wrong

And we should never think of this; now a do or die situation for me I didn’t move but told this will be between you and me and no one will know about it, I continued saying I have not met you earlier else I would have married you saying this I stopped and she was stunned on hearing it. She told I was just trying to fool her for my sexual needs and nothing else what would happen when my wife is back,

I told Rupali I Love you and I would see I safeguard my words saying this I moved towards her and she started moving back on this I stepped on her pallu which was still lying on the floor and she stopped. I grabbed her face with my hands and started kissing and eating her lips. She still resisted and pushed me back she said no lifting her pallu and placing it back to its normal position.

I grabbed her from her back and started kissing her shoulder and pressing her boobs with my hands under her shoulder. She resisted once again saying she will leave my work from today and it seemed I was loosing the battle.I kept on kissing her back and neck and with one hand I was pulling her pallu down while the other hand I held the saree knot. With a slight pull the knot was open and her pallu was lying on the ground and before she could react anything to that I pressed my penis on her asshole.

Now I attacked the strings of her petticoat and in a moment the petticoat was lying on the floor keeping her only with blouse on top and panty in her lowers.

She started putting all her force to move away from me and I was continuously pushing pressure on her asshole with my manhood. She started moving up and down to hit me on my face but I kept my face in parallel to face so as to nullify her intentions. I held her blouse with both of my hands and said if she still resist I would tear it off and she will not be able to go out.

She seemed to be frightened a bit and in that opportunity I unbuttoned her blouse but it was still hanging from her shoulders I kept both of my arms on her boobs and started pressing them. It was so awesome but the only thing I was worrying if she does not cooperate I will be in burning water after wards. I pushed her to the bed and forcibly laid her down facing her face on the bed.

I sat beside her and I kept my right leg on her back and pressing her hard so that she cannot move while I removed the blouse first and the panty with some struggle. Now she was completely nude I quickly removed my T-Shirt and my sorts and underwear making both of us nude and during the whole thing I managed to keep her laid in the same position.

I then laid myself on her bare back and started kissing her all over but something was hurting me in my knees I looked there it was my mobile. I quickly lifted it and was about to move it aside but thinking of the great experience I started to record kept on the chair beside my bed so that everything is visible from there.

Then I held her on her shoulder from behind and started pulling her so that when I sit she is resting her back on mine giving my camera a full view. I was not able to go on top of her from her front till she is too much tired or she is hungry for thrust I choose to try out the second option and kissing and biting her from behind I looked for her pussy and inserted my finger in it. Wow it was warm

I thought my pushing, pressing and kissing might be doing the trick but still I wanted her to lead to one orgasm so that she surrenders. During the whole activity was being recorded I started my finger move in and out and she was pushing and resisting me even harder. She started shouting now which I thought is the last option she is left with. I quickly said her what if someone comes here and see you like this, I will change my job and go away from Nagpur but you and your husband will be here.

People will not give you work and will not ask her your husband’s service as well. She stopped a bit and finger gained momentum with another finger joining in, now her pussy is being getting finger fucked by two of my fingers and I was kissing her all over her face, with a jerk I moved her face towards right and started smooching her, she resisted and cried to leave her but my fingers kept on obeying my mind, I could now feel my fingers getting wet though her mind is not accepting the fact but her body is slowly giving up.

While my other hand kept on pressing her boobs and nipple, I continued fingering her pussy and smooching her, she kept on begging for mercy and that she is married and she loves her husband. I wanted to say something but I kept on doing what I was doing I smooched her once more and this time I got her for longer I found her tongue and swallowed it almost. It felt she was giving up and started enjoying as

I found her back pushing my chest gently and her pussy started licking heavily I understood she is about to reach orgasm and I geared up my speed in fingering, smooching and fondling boobs and nipples. She was moaning slightly and with time she moaned bit louder and in a moment she pressed my thighs with both of her hands and lifting her ass in air she reached her orgasm my fingers were completely wet by her fluid and I bit her slightly on her face saying what you did to my hand.

She was in tears and some sort of relief in her eyes.It was my manhood’s turn to enter her pussy as she was calm now and was breathing heavily I moved her towards me kissing her all over biting her nipple and boobs for some time and started positioning my penis in her pussy she saw my penis for the first time and was shocked to see my 7 inch penis. She cried don’t do this to me we both are married and it will hurt me to which I commented it seems your husband does have a small tool she stared at me, she was helpless had tears in her eyes.

I pushed my penis in her pussy she screamed I understood she will enjoy this, I told her to be calm and cooperate else it will hurt she was still crying in pain I moved back and forth slowly and her boobs were swinging in air I grabbed them and pressed them hard she was enjoying it seems as she moaned, I increased and her moans also increased. With a deep thrust I pushed her hard pushing my whole penis inside her, she cried with pain as her pussy was very tight,

I kept on fucking her for sometime and she started to enjoy as she was slowly moving her fingers in my hair. Slowly she was lifting her ass from the bed to get the thrust and nailing on my back I kept my hand beneath her waist and continued fucking her, after 10 minutes I was about to cum I stopped held her waist pressed her towards me and lifted her and after

I sat on my buttock I pulled her over me guiding her legs to cross beside me. I sat and pulled her back and forth and in sometime my penis burst and her pussy was getting my sperm for the first time, she started kissing me this time and I sucked her nipples.We collapsed on each other thinking what would be next.

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