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Maid In Mumbai

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi Friends, This is a true story that happened when I was 22 and first moved to Mumbai for my job. I was new to Mumbai and settling down to the fast paced life of the city. I shifted to an apartment owned by dad’s friend who was now living in US. His apartment was lying empty from last couple of years though was fully furnished. All I had to do was move in with my suitcase.

The apartment was in the sub-urbs and far from where my office was but than you don’t get such nice apartments in Mumbai even at double my salary and I had it for free. The burden of such a place is to keep it tidy and decided to keep a maid to keep it clean and wash my clothes. I requested watchman of my building and next day he sent a lady to my apartment for the purpose. I asked her the usual questions where all she works and where is she from etc. She was dark complexioned and had big expressive eyes. She was from Latur in Maharashtra.

She was totally clad in a Sari. I did not pay much attention to other physical attributes and decided to keep her. She joined work from next day and came at 7:30 in the morning. Her first day at work and I was getting ready for office, I would take a peek at her every now and than to see if she is working Ok. She had squeezed her pallu and tightened up so that it does not interfere with her working.

That is when I first noticed shape of her boobs which were like a perfect round and I could not feel any sagging there. They looked lovely. Just before she was to mop the floor she lifted her sari to almost knee length and tucked it in her petticoat so that she can comfortably sit and mop the floor. She had dark but satin legs completely hairless and all those sit-ups for work had made her legs very shapely. I than noticed her tummy and realized that there is not an inch of fat or flab visible. Later when she bent to mop I could see her cleavage from front, Her boobs were not big but just the right size to compliment her petite figure. I was turned-on completely.

All I could think of was to go back to the bathroom and masturbate. This than became a daily routine, she will come work and I will enjoy her raw beauty for sometime and than masturbate. I just could not gather enough courage to take it to the next level. I was getting frustrated by each passing day and decided to do something about it. I took out a magazine from my porn collection and opened a centerfold with a nude photo of a model and kept it on the floor as if it fell from a table and that page is lying open accidentally. She started to work and noticed the magazine while I was watching from behind the curtain in other room.

She picked up the magazine and looked around to see if I was there and than quickly glanced through the rest of the magazine which had other photos with couple having sex in various position, nude models etc. I was sure she liked what she saw and I became hopeful of taking it to the next step.

I suddenly entered the room and she dropped the magazine. She again picked up the magazine kept it on the table quietly and proceed to the room where I was earlier. I called her, she came and before I could ask anything started explaining that she was just keeping it back from the floor. I asked her to relax and said it is ok and it is natural to like such stuff and pointed Her to the cupboard on the top and told her in case she wants more there are others there as well.

She is free to go through the stuff if she wants. She was totally silent may be not knowing how to react and red flush was visble on her face even though like I said she was dark complexioned. I passed her the magazine again and went back as if nothing had happened though smiling within that things are going as per plan. Later she came to me and asked “Can I ask you a question?” I said “Yes” Why do these girls pose like this? I answered “Money what else”. I quickly asked her back – Do you want to make money like that? and couldn’t believe what she said “I wouldn’t mind but who would pay money for an ugly one like me”I just laughed a little and commented back, you don’t know what you have and anyone would be happy to see her that way. I would love it for sure.

Saying this I held her hand drew her close and gave a tight hug to her. She smelled of sweat but at that point nothing seemed to matter. She tried to set herself free from my grip but I held her firm. Realizing she can’t wrestle her way out she requested “Please leave me, it is not correct, I am married”I did not pay any heed to it. I could feel her lovely breasts against my chest. Slowly her resistance to me died down and felt her arms also behind my back and I understood she is giving in.

I loosened my grip over her and cupped her right breast over her blouse and squeezed them a little and she lent out a little moan. I lifted her and took her to the bed and hugged her tightly, felt for her ass above her sari and it surely felt nice. I started un-hooking her blouse from the front and as I spread it open I saw the pair of beautiful melons which as I expected were firm and just the right shape and size. She was not wearing any bra. Without wasting any time I attacked them like a hungry dog and started licking her nipples and sucking them in-between.

I bit her nipples a couple of times and she requested not to do it as it hurts. I was on the other hand going mad fondling and loving every part of her boobs. I slowly lifted her saree from my right hand and started caressing her silky legs with my right and fondling her boobs with my left hand. Suddenly, she held me closer and tighter as if she was about to come and she did come as I could see a glow in her eyes that said it all.

My dick was rock-hard and was having trouble staying in my shorts but before undressing myself I quickly undressed rest of her by removing her Sari, Petticoat and black panty which was dripping wet. She had dense pubic hairs but I quickly got down to undressing myself and as soon as my cock came out of my shorts without even saying something she quickly got hold of it started giving it gentle strokes and went down to lick my balls.

I was enjoying every moment of it and felt that I could burst out any second. I stopped her than and there, opened my drawer and took out the condom, wore it and decided to penetrate her vagina. She understood and placed my cock on the edge of her vagina and my dick found its way inside. Her vagina held my dick like a Vise and I started to give her slow strokes and kissing her over her neck and shoulders. She was enjoying it and giving out light moans at first and getting louder as I increased my speed, I was on seventh heaven and I finally exploded my love joices in the condom.

It was just too good. We stayed lying there hugging each other tight for next few minutes when she let her grip go and asked if she can say something. I asked her to go ahead. She said it is the first time that she has felt sex was so good. Else, her husband usually just puts his dick inside and is done in few strokes.

She just loved the way I fondled her and made her cum multiple times. My dick in the meanwhile was semi-hard again and I showed her that and asked her to put in her mouth and suck it. She was scared a little but I told her nothing will happen, she reluctantly put it in her mouth but soon started sucking it as if she has been doing it for years.

I was ready to fuck her again but wanted to try something different so took her to the bathroom and took her under the shower and fucked her again while the shower was watering our bodies. Having come once already this time it lasted much longer and felt much better. We later toweled each other dry and had fun with each other’s body. After this, We than had sex almost everyday and tried multiple positions, locations and had a great time till I had a girl friend and she decided to move-in with me. I had to let go of her services once she shifted. We re-ignited our passions a few months later but that is a different story

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