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Mai Aur Meri Maa

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

It was 1992, I was 17 and like every other 17 yr old, I was horny 24/7. I was masturbating 4 or more times a day! I had just graduated from High School and I was almost 18…just shy by 6 months or so…Just a little background, My Mom worked 9-5 and my Dad worked weird swing shifts where he would work a different shift each week…So for the most part I was home alone the whole summer and I stayed naked all day because I was by myself in the house. I had a part time job though…I worked like 3 or 4 nights a week at most at a video store. It was this small maand pa video store but they/we had a porn room in the back where you could rent porn movies…

I took home VHS tapes every night and I would copy them! I had a gigantic porn video collection in my room. By the way, my room was our whole basement and My parents let me have my own phone line which was very cool back then….I didn’t have many friends. I was quite the loner in school. I was so glad school was finally over! But, I did have something I didn’t realize was such a gift until gym class Found out it was. In the 12th grade only, we were forced to take showers all in the same shower stall, in this big shower room together and I dreaded it so much. What I didn’t realize until the first time we had to do this It wasn’t every gym class though. it was only the ones where we ran track or got really sweaty), was my cock was much larger then pretty much the rest of the boys! Now I thought was normal size because I had never seen a dude my age at the time naked. Thought I was normal size because it seems like I was just as big as the porn stars I had seen in various porn movies I would take home from work almost every night! I was 9.5 inches long and 4 inches around when I was 17…Yeah of course I measured it! What kid didn’t at 17 yrs old! I had always wanted to go to a adult book store since I was like around 15 but Was never old enough to but since I was almost 18 and only 17, I thought I would at least try. Low and behold I got in no problem. Once I was in, it was an oasis to me! Started to spend all my money on porn for the most part and oh yeah my own phone line (My parents made me pay my own phone bill). I started to go to the adult bookstore closest to my house like literally upwards of 4 times a week and of course I got to be really good friends with the guy behind the counter he also owned the place).

 He was very cool and he let me start to trade my porn magazines in because he also sold used porn magazines. He was so generous because he knew what I liked and sincere didn’t sell every magazine every month (he had a ton of magazines. All kinds of them), he would let me trade 1 magazine in and he gave me like 5 new ones to pick. So I was trading in upwards of 10 magazines at a time and I would walk out of there with boxes full of porn magazines. Remember, this was before the internet so that was the only way you could get porn back then (unless you worked where I worked and got free tapes to copy)! He also gave me the magazines he didn’t sell that month minus the cover of the mag. he had to return the cover for credits for the unsold ones. So you can imagine I had a gigantic porn collection which kept me very busy! I was so horny, masturbating and porn consumed me pretty almost 24/7. I also bought various fake pussies to funk’s , after going there for a couple months, Steve, the guy that owned it asked me one day, Khan I see you have never bought these before…He handed me local swinger magazines called “Ohio Connections”. I was sort of naive and had never heard of a swinger nor did I know what it meant before or what it was all about. He explained to me, that basically these newspaper like B/W magazines where full of ads from real people locally just looking to hook up for sex and he showed me the different “lifestyles” and he actually was very cool to explain some of the lingo in the ads.

He said, man, you should try these and try to hook up with some people to fuck! So I bought some swinger magazines and thought what a great idea! I had no idea these existed! So as I looked through them I realized in order to correspond with any of the people in the ads, you had to make your own ad! So I did…I took Polaroid’s of my cock (not face) and I wrote an ad and I had to mail it in! I know weird and they would put the ad in the next mag. There was a fee. the way it worked though was you got a mailbox associated with your ad and a box# that corresponded with that mailbox that you had to call on the phone to get your messages if any body saw what they liked…I was close to the deadline for the next magazine, so it took a couple weeks but I got in the next magazine….Whoa, did I get a lot of responses.. Inky ad I basically said, I was looking for women or couples to hook up with only during the day at my house while my parents worked…I lied about my age. I said I was 19. I put my cock size and the pictures of my cock where right above the ad. Now the lifestyle that intrigued me the most was couples looking for a guy to fuck the wife or girlfriend while hubby or the bf watched and possibly joined inland of course single women….

The first day it was in the magazine, I got like 20voicemails in my box…I was amazed…All ages too! I found myself more wanting the more mature women as I read ads from other women and couples. The main reason I preferred more mature women was that most put in their ads that they had a hysterectomy already or they had already gotten their tubes tied. I also thought they were so fucking sexy too! I was still a virgin too! so I started to correspond with these people that left messages. They all left phone #’s to call as well in their vim’s. So I started to basically make a schedule for the ones I was interested in meeting and letting in my house. I screened them because I called them….I started literally the next couple days after my ad ran. My first was a 55 yr old married lady that lived only a few minutes away from my house…She came over and I brought her down to my room. I always had porn on before they came and I always answered the door naked to crack the ice very quickly. I also asked them to not be obvious and like park around the block just so my neighbour’s didn’t think nothing was up. This was during the day, so not that many of our neighbours where home anyway…Nobody ever forgets their first. Her name was Linda.

She was into fucking younger guys and she told me she couldn’t resist what I had! When we got down to my bedroom, she had already had her hands all over my cock once she walked into the door and she was amazed at my size. She, like a lot of others would say, “I cannot believe the size of that thing for a 19 yr old…Little did they know I was 17 only….Linda got on my knees and immediately started to suck Moyock. She was a great cocksucker and oh man the feeling of warm wet lips around my cock for the first time was just amazing…I came in her mouth only minutes later. She took my whole load and swallowed it all. She then got undressed and laid only bed and spreads her legs and said fuck me with that thing Khan! Of course minutes later I was ready again! I got in between her legs and he pussycats surprisingly shaved nicely. Not all the hair was gone but it was trimmed very neatly! her pussy was dripping wet and she was playing with her huge 44Dtits which I started to suck on as I put my cock head to her very wet pussy…Soon realized that whoa she was way tight! It took me some time to get my cock heading her. She was a very heavy moaner and screamer!

Once I got my cock head in her, it was easier to fuck my shaft in and out and deeper and deeper. She screamed out thins like.” Holy Shit that thing is HUGE!!”As she came…I tried to be careful because I thought I was hurting her! She was screaming in ecstasy when I thought it hurt her! I could feel myself stretchingher pussy and I also felt my cock rubbing against her clit as I fucked her…Itfelt so fucking good…In and out I fucked her, But, I found out very quicklythat a woman’s pussy on average is only 6 to 7 inches deep and I was 9.5 long! SI fucked her, I felt like I hit a wall in her pussy! She jumped and goes WHOA!Really loud..I stopped and went..”What”…She goes “Holy shit Khan, I thinkyou hit my womb. She goes I still have everything but my tubes are tied…Shelooked down at my cock and goes, “There is more!”..I go yep! She goes..get itall the way in me! Push into my womb if you have to! I want it all in meKhan! She told me , she had kids older than me! So I pushed past it slowly..Ifelt my cock go in her womb! I was fucking amazed! I got my whole cock in her tomy balls! At this point though I was ready to cum! I told her this and shegrowls at me..Fill me with all your cum baby! I was only able to pull out fullylike twice and I pumped my whole cock in her twice only and I shot jet after jetof my cum in her womb and pussy! I felt every throb shoot out of cum in her! Itwas amazing! I was of course was hooked..I fucked her 1 more time until she hadto leave before her husband got home..Linda became a regular..

She literallywalked to my house later on…I started to call all these people back..My nextencounter was couple that wanted a well endowed younger guy to fuck the wife whilehubby watched and took video and still pictures….I thought I was going to beembarrassed with a guy there watching but it was very hot! My first couple, shewas 45 and he was also 45..Oh I fucked her good and hard and she would humiliatehim while I fucked her..This started my foray into the cuckold lifestyle..WhereI was the bull and he was the cuck. She told him what to do all the time..Healways had a very small cock…Another lifestyle i had just learned and didn’tknow about…I was so damn horny that i was scheduling different women andcouples almost every day..Well the day my dad worked first shift of course sinceboth my mom and dad where gone 9-5……So now here is where it starts to get good….So after getting this steady stream of pussy for most of the summer(3 monthsstraight), i stumbled upon something in the basement of our house..My dad’stools and tool bench and tool shed where on the other side of the basement and Iwas on that side one day and as i search for a specific tool, I came across mydad’s porn collection! I had no idea he had any in the first place! i was veryintrigued as most of his magazines where of amateur women and couples fucking itseemed..he had some pro shot porn but not much…But what I found with his pornis what shocked me…I found this shoebox under his magazines..

His magazines where stuffedpretty deep in this tool shed. All these tools where all around the magazines…Ifound this shoebox full of Polaroid pictures, I opened it up and they were allof my mom naked and a lot of my mom fucking other guys! I was like WHOA!! And Iinstantly got hard! My mom was really turning me on! i thought this is not rightbut damn she is hot! I didn’t understand the whole reason she was fucking otherguys in the pictures, then it hit me, My parents are or had to be swingers! Holyshit! No way had I thought! I knew this was wrong but my mom was really turning meon, so I took some of the Polaroid’s to my bedroom and I started to masturbate tothem right there…I thought…I want to fuck my mom! i seriously wanted to fuckmy mom but how do I let her know! I didn’t have the balls to just ask! ithought this is so wrong but the thought got me really turned on! I thought of aplan…..What i started to do during the day when they both worked was i would go into mymom’s dirty clothes basket, take pairs of her panties out and masturbate withthem..I started to smell and then lick her dirty panties..The taste of her pussystains/juice started to really turn me on and boy I got rock hard..I wouldstroke my cock with them. Rub my cock all over them and I would cum all overthem, then put them back where I found them in my room..I always kept a fewPolaroid’s in my bedroom as well hidden under my mattress along with at least onepair of panties that I always found myself smelling and tasting wheneverpossible….I did that plan again like everything else, almost every day..Ididn’t do it every day because I didn’t want to soil all her dirty panties…Fromthen on it was weird talking to my mom….The best was when i would hear herwalk to the bathroom across the hall from her bedroom to take a shower. Theirbedroom was right above my bedroom in the basement. I would go right into herbedroom and get a freshly worn pair to lick and taste….mmmmm i loved those!I was still hooking up with women and couples during the day on a regular basisand they all knew i lived at home with my parents still and where cool withit….One of the couples i fucked on a regular basis where over and i had justgot done fucking the wife and we were laying in my bed when i thought tomyself..I am going to ask them their advice on getting my mom…So I brought itup to her. We were just naked laying there as she slowly gave me a hand-job and Itold her what i had found and showed them the Polaroid’s and what i wanted to dowith my mom and what i had done so far with her panties and i showed thempairs..I let the husband smell them…They got really turned on by it andthought and told me “She will love your cock Khan..go for it!”.They thought itwas fucking hot. The idea of a son fucking his mother…I told them I didn’t thinkit was working with the panty thing and I told them what plan B was going tobe…Plan B was this, On the days my dad worked 3rd shift, I would put a pornmovie in, in my room, get naked at like 12am or later at night, bring out someporn magazines and a pair of my mom’s panties i already had and masturbate with thepanties, magazines and porn movie. What I did to attract her was I kept the door to myroom cracked and I put the porn movie slightly loud so she would possibly hearit since her bedroom was right above me…

So I started to do that during theweeks my dad was on third shift and gone until 8am…during the second week ofdoing this as much as i could, it finally happened….What I did when I came every time i masturbated was i cleaned myself off, putthe magazines away and turned the TV and went to bed..well, one night I gotadventurous and thought maybe this will be the night…so i came on myself theni fell asleep with everything still out and on….At around 2am or so, i wasawoken to a warm wet feeling around my already rock hard cock..I woke up and Ididn’t know where i was at first…I focused and looked down and there was mymom, totally naked sucking my cock! She was between my legs going to town on mycock stroking with both hands! I grabbed her head and just started to fuck hermouth and of course shot a load in her mouth!She was only able to swallow almost half of my cock in her mouth at first..Shetook my load of cum in her mouth and swallowed it all(pretty much all of thewomen I fucked at that time did that..Swallowed).She took my cock from her mouthand I go…MOM..what the!…She goes don’t play dumb with me….She picked upthe pair of her panties I had on my bed already which were all crusty from mycum….She goes “Khan I know what you have been doing honey”..I go,ummmm…uh….uh..She goes, don’t play stupid with me! Before I could sayanything, she goes I know you found the pictures of me, I know you have beenmasturbating with my undergarments and filling them with your cum and puttingthem back where you found them..I know your father didn’t do that…She goes, Igrappled with this whole thing and I thought what the hell is going on here! SoI fell for your trap Khan, and I peeked on you late at night and watched youmasturbate from your door there and MY GOD son..Your cock is GIGANTIC!! Once isaw it, I thought to myself..No way carol, it’s your son! You can’t do that but Icouldn’t get the picture of your cock out of my head for the past few weeks!She goes, besides I thought you are only 17, this is double wrong..So…I toldyour father about how you found the pictures and he understood but when I told himwhat I saw of yours he goes, I want to see…I told him that you were only doingthis the days he was on third shift for a reason(She totally figured me out!).So he wasn’t there when I caught you! She goes, so what I did was I videotapedyou and figured since you were home all day, I would catch you during theday.WELL WELL Khan…I got you on video alright…fucking another women duringthe day.I was busted big time! She said that in order to get the video in theright light (whatever mom!) she had to do it during the day so she told me shecame home on her lunch break and pulled around the block and parked there andcame back to the house and came in without me hearing her through the sidedoor…She goes I heard you guys from outside fucking ! I videotaped you fuckinga lady and I crept out really quickly..Yes I told your father all about what youhave been doing during the day and he was surprisingly proud and turned on..Wewatched the video and I flat out asked him well told him..”Carl, I want that inme!”..I know it is wrong but damn that thing is huge for his age and it lookslike he already knows how to use it! He is fucking women our age or older Carl!She said, “I still wanted an OK from your father out of respect since he is yourfather”.He thought about it and said..Fine but this does not leave thishouse..You understand he goes You know I want to see you and Khan fuck nowafter seeing that video….So she goes” That is how it went down…Khan you arequite the gigolo huh son! We laughed and I explained to her what I had beendoing with the swinger mag and bringing ladies and couples over during theday..She thought that was pretty hot when I told her! She goes what swingermagazine! I go “Ohio Connections”..Her eyes bulged out…

No fucking way…Khan, wehave had an ad in that magazine for years! I am surprised we haven’t crossed paths! Igo, that would’ve been interesting..She showed me their ad..It didn’t have apicture. I go, so that’s how you met those guys I saw you fucking in thosepictures. That’s probably why I passed it up I told her..She said your dad took thosepicture s. He likes to watch me fuck other guys. She then went on to say that my dadwas only 4.5 inches hard and that was the reason they both agreed for her tohave other cocks..Only if they were huge!.She also goes..Khan i know where youhid my panties and pictures and all your porn magazines and movies..She goes your fatherand I always borrow from your collection since it is so fuckin big! I nevernoticed…She goes now i want you to fuck me son..You want this I said for a long timenow ma!She has like a 36c she laid down on the bed and i started to suck on hertits.

I started to lick and work my way down to her pussy… She spread her legs..I couldn’t believe this was finally happening! I was finally at the source ofmy favorite pussy taste! I went to town on her pussy.I licked and sucked everypart while i finger fucked her to orgasm after orgasm! I did that for a good 20minutes. Now it was time…She goes fuck me Khan! Fuck your mother with thatmonster cock of yours! My mom’s like 5’7 and like 130 or 140 back then but inoticed like most of the other women I was fucking, her pussy was small andtight..I knew exactly what I was in for! I got up and put my cock head to herdripping wet pussy..i couldn’t believe I was about to enter the hole i came outof! It was a homecoming of the sorts! I put my cock head to her pussy as herhips started to buck ..I pushed and pushed and man she was so fucking tight..Ihad to work my cock head in her pussy like most of the rest and my mom was aSCREAMER! She loves to talk dirty..She would say like “yeah that’s right fuckyour mommy”, make her cum! Make your mommy cum baby! With that huge cock ofyours..That talk got me so turned on! Once i got my cock head in my mom’s pussy,it was much easier to work the rest in, like the majority of the other ladies!the feeling of being in my mom’s pussy was like no other! It felt so good! Itturned me on to see my mom getting off from my own cock! I was so happy to doit! She bucked her hips as I went deeper and I again hit her womb too…Shefucking jumped and goes OUCH! i go sorry mom! I know what happened..i hit yourwomb…She goes yeah….you have this problem a lot..I just smiled and saidyeah..I said don’t worry I can go into it…So i pushed into my mom’s womb…Once I had my whole cock in..She goes oh myfucking god! I have never felt this full in my life! I was balls deep as welland she screams to me FILL ME WITH CUM Khan! FILL MOMMYS PUSSY WITH YOUR CUMSON! When she said that I did it right after just one full pump out than in! Itfelt like the biggest load of cum I had ever shot! We were so out of breath asi felt every pulse in my body times with every shot of cum fill my mom’s pussy!I then collapsed! Out of breath! She goes we are going to have a lot of fun fromnow on! We fucked one more time before we fell asleep in my bed…We were wokenup by my dad in the morning..We were both naked..I had a morning hard on..Heshook the foot of the bed and all I heard was wake up you 2!! We woke up and Ilook up at my dad and he goes..Looks like you 2 had some fun last night! My momgoes..”Your son filled me with more cock than I have ever had in mylife..look…my mom’s pussy had dried up cum all over it and all over the sheetsas well..It had seeped out..

She goes oh Khan i forgot to tell you, after youwere born, I had my tubes tied, in case you were wondering about getting mepregnant..There is no way! My mo grabbed my cock slowly and goes..Carl you want tosee me take our sons cock My dad goes fuck yeah carol…fuck him for me….atfirst I was a little uncomfortable with my own dad there..I don’t know whybecause I had fucked many women in front of their husbands and boyfriends but thiswas different….I got over it really quick as she started to suck me off whilemy dad watched..He took his really small cock out and started to stroke..Hetalked her into it..yeah suck our boys cock, he said…mmmmmmmmmmmshe had both hands on my shaft as she sucked me while dad watched..He goes damnson..That cock is huge! My mom sucked me until I came in her mouth yetagain…Right after I came in her mouth she goes to my dad..get over here..andshe French kissed her with my cum still in her mouth! My dad had my cum in hismouth..I thought eww….But I didn’t say anything….My mom goes your fatherlikes the taste of cum…I go I see that….He goes now I want to see you fuckyour mother hard Khan! Get that cock in her..We waited just a couple minutes and Ilaid down on the bed and she got on top of me and sank her pussy on my cock..She rode meso hard and fast…God it was so fucking good..I flipped her around and put heron all fours and I fucked her doggie style…I had my cock all the way in herand of course I unloaded a load of cum in her…I pulled out and she goes Carlclean me…He got right behind her while she was still on all 4’s and put hismouth to her freshly fucked pussy and cleaned both of our cum from her pussyright up..He offered to clean my cock but I declined….

That started a beautifulrelationship with my mom and dad..It has evolved into a cuckold relationship andI became the man of the house..My mom told my dad what to do always..So did I toa certain extent…He was and still is our bitch..I continued to fuck a lot of other women butnow my mom was present and she loved to watch me fuck other women and still doesto this day..My parents are still together and we still fuck to this day….NowI am a full 10 inches long and 5 inches around and my mom and dad claim theyboth love the taste of my cum and are addicted to it and crave it..I alreadyknew what my cum tasted like as I was able to suck my own cock I found out whenI was around 15 or 16..this may sound weird but there have been many occasionswhere I have shot my load of cum on their food for them either as my mom bakedor after on the plate….It is so awesome..I pretty much live to fuck and watchporn! I guess you can say I am addicted to pussy and porn..Between my parent’sand I, we have a whole separate bedroom in my apt. full of our porn collectionthat we have saved over the years. I have never gotten rid of any porn neither hasmy parents..Right now, I counted around 4000 magazines, about 300 to 400 VHS tapesand hundreds of DVD’s and oh yes also every fuck toy I have ever owned same asmy mom and dad…My dad has taken many pictures and video of us together as wellover the years..We watch it together here and there..

Whenever I am over therehouse today, we just all stay naked all day..My mom does not let my dad fuck her though..That is part of the cuckold relationship thing. I am only aloud to fuckher! Over the years myself, mom and dad have used, the craigslist, yahoo, adultbookstores, strip clubs, swinger parties, normal bars and local phone sex livechat lines to hook up with other couples and single women..I have fucked womenof all ages but mostly 45 and older..My mom is 60 now and my dad is 62..She was42 when we started when I was 17…The oldest I have ever fucked was when I wasreally 19, I fucked a 62 year old lady…It was a lady my mom used to workwith..She had never met me and we told her and everybody else that I was mymom’s bf and her and my dad had an open marriage and plus they always said theywere swingers! I am always considered the boyfriend to everybody and nobody elseknows in the family about us! I moved out when I was 25 so it wasn’t obvious toanybody else in the family and got my own apartment..I have porn everywhere .Onevery wall and every table..It is everywhere! Since my dad is the one thatalways took pictures, I have a shipload of pictures he took of me fucking other womenthat I have on my walls in my bedroom..Literally, they cover all the walls! Ionly show the most open minded ladies and couples that I bring home or meet! Wellthat’s it! I hope you enjoyed my story on how I started with my mom for real!Happy Fucking! The End – I can be reached at Ladies of any age or size are welcome. Any girls or ladies near ahmedabad just send a message on my e-mail.

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