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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

This is MAGASUS for the first time with you. The reason being to check the truthfulness of the stories I’ve been reading for a long time. Actually I think most of the stories are usually cooked up just for the sake of a chance of getting an attention of some one who needs sex or may be some other sexy reasons. And I also believe that it is one of the very good ways of doing so. And so is my intention in writing this out for all of u to read.

So u people can note down my emails to contact me as these days I am desperately in need of sex and facing serious shortage of girl friends. So getting to the point and starting out with my experience of sex. First I would, like everyone else tell u about my self. I am a man of 29 years with not a very good height or built, but I’ve been a hell of a sex maniac. I had the requirements of sex daily and used to have sex with one or the other ladies after every day or two. But there were also times when I had to go on a masturbation routine and truly speaking, it was most of the times. I was a person who would not let go of any chance of having sex with any lady of any age. It happened when I was working for a life insurance company in Karachi. We used to be in need of sales people more of the time, even people who could work with us off the records and help us get business. It was then when some one asked me to arrange a job for a male of about 20 years.

It was difficult, as our company’s requirement was, that a sales person should be of at least 24 years and a graduate, but he was short of both of these requirements. So I offered him to join me as an introducer and he can have all the commission from the sales made on his contacts, as I needed to look good on the company records and was not very much concerned in the money as I had no problem for that. On the other hand I was also working for a company selling medical cards and had no problems for money. The young boy joined me and started to visit my office and attend training given by me myself as it was also one of my duties to provide initial training to trainees. After two days he told me that he has an aunt who has come from Hyderabad as their family was facing financial problems there, and she needs a job and may be I could arrange it. I said that it should not be a problem and I asked him to bring his aunt the other day and that we could talk about that. Meanwhile I also joked that tomorrow I will take your aunt for a ride as well and he told me that she was not that type of a woman. NOW THAT WAS A CHALLENGE. Well next day she came. She was a women of about in her late 20s and had a huge figure but not very huge. In fact she was a bit pulp, BUT she was a women and could be fucked. Well I started talking to her and told her that I can arrange for her a sales job in the another company for which I worked, for which she agreed. So I told her that I could not talk to her about that company there as no body there knew anything about that, so we need to go out somewhere so that I could explain her about the company and the job.

So she agreed. WELL IT WAS JUST A PLAN TO TAKE HER OUT WITH ME. And my dear readers she was something more than I expected. As we got out of that office, I instructed her nephew to do a few things while we come back. We got out and asked her if she was comfortable with motorbikes and she replied that it was not a problem. S o I sat on my bike and started it and asked her to sit on it and to my surprise she sat so close to me that her huge milk tanks pressed my back and then she brought a hand across my waist and I as shocked, as I was told that she was not that type of a women . Very true I thought. I moved the bike on the road thinking what to do next. Then I asked her where should we go , but she was new in the city so knew nothing and then I suggested that we go to one of my old office but the problem was that there used to be no one there , but she did not mind and said that we need a place to discuss things and that could be a good place for it . Actually it was the flat where we used to live sometimes back and then it was turned into an office when I had started my own business which flopped , but the furniture was all there. So we went there and got adjusted on a sofa. It was the golden sofa, which had seen a lot of beauties . Then I started to talk to her about the job and got quite aquainted with her, we started to talk freely and hit each other jokingly . I had had my hand around her shoulder and she had not objected . she told me how desperately she needed the job , Her husband had had a dry cleaners shop in Hyderabad, which got looted in a robbery and was totally wrecked and they had nothing else to do. Her husband was still working in Hyderabad in someone’s shop and they were not satisfied with the income . She had three children , the eldest daughter of 11 years and two sons. She told me that she was so desperate that she would do any thing to get money.

This was my chance to get what I wanted. TO FUCK HER. Well it is not so that only I wanted it , it was her requirement too. She wanted me to fuck her and get her a job or give her some money, on the other hand I wanted to fuck her even if I could not get her a job or money. This was just the difference and the common thing was the fuck. After some time we got very frank and were talking about the hot topic. She said that she would fuck any one who would give her money. It was not a good sign for me as I had no intentions of giving her any money. But after a convincing of almost 1 to 2 minutes she agreed that she was not a whore and that money did not meant every thing. After some time she started to cry while talking about her family, tears started to roll down her cheeks. I at once started to calm her down and shifted her more close to her and caught her in my arms, and in a response to that she cuddled down with me and kept her head on my shoulder and kept on crying. Then I got hold of her face and said that it was no use crying coz that wont help making things better, I removed a tears from her face with the help of my finger and kissed her on her cheek. She did not at all mind and again rested her head on my shoulder . A lot of time had passed and it was almost about lunchtime, none of us was in a hurry. She had no where to go and I had never had had any problems with my office and I also had no prior appointments. So I went to bring something for us to eat mean while she had washed her face and was pretty fresh by now. We had lunch and then I asked her to prepare a cup of tea. I had all the necessary things in the kitchen as I used to visit my flat very frequently. I got settled on my folding bed which I had opened while she was busy in the kitchen, by now both of us were ready for sex while we had not at all talked about having sex. All the discussion that we had had on the topic was general and did not consider any of us.

She came back with two cups of tea and adjusted her on the bed near to me, I told her that I was feeling sleepy and she offered to massage my head and I accepted the offer. We sat down near each other and she started to run her fingers in my hair, it was not a massage at all , she was just running her fingers in my hair and having her cup of tea along with. We finished our tea in a few minutes and started to talk, I started to talk to her on sex, I asked her if she had ever sucked a cock, she said it was not a problem as she was a married women. I was shocked to hear her reply as sucking is not appreciated as a part of sex in married lives in our religion and country. We would never want our wives to suck our cock, but maybe some people don’t mind. Well then I got straight to the point asked her if she could do it for me and she said that it was also not a problem as now we were good friends. She got hold of my dick and started to squeeze it in my pants while I started to French kiss her . I was known to be a master of that and that no women could resist it, after a long kissing session, she opened my zipper and got hold of my bare cock. I was very exited as it was the first time I was about to get sucked, it had never happened to me before and up till now she is the only woman who has done this to me. She seemed to be a very expert of this job or may be it was my first experience, but I was feeling very good and was unable to control my self from cumming, I came very soon and asked her to move as I was about to cum, she came back and rested on my arm. I asked her to go and wash her mouth, she came back soon and I had cleaned myself and got undressed, then she settled her self with me and we got busy in another kissing session. I helped her get undressed and started to suck her breasts, and she started to enjoy, by now we were totally on fire, I was on top of her. She got hold of my cock and guided it to her cunt and I inserted it in, I had no problem in inserting it and there was obviously no reason of having any problem.

Then some thing happened to which I was not aware, nothing serious, but surprisingly I kept on ramming into her cunt for almost 10 minutes and got tired, so she said “try it from behind”. I was surprised as I thought that now we are going to enter a back shot session, but it was not so. She was now ready for a doggy style fucking, so we changed about four styles and I kept going on for almost more than an hour, and it was surprising as it was not my timing. Then later on I realized that it is your partner who does the magic. After that, we got tired and rested for a while, after half an hour we were again ready and had a small and quick session again. It was quite late by now so we took a bath and got ready to leave, we entered my office only few minutes before the end time. Her nephew was waiting and so were my managers as they very well knew what might have gone between us while so were away, so they gave me a smile as they saw me enter. I paid no attention to it and allowed her nephew and her to leave. She was very much satisfied with the session, this I came to know when she started to come to my office daily and would want to go to the flat almost daily. This got irritating as it had started to effect my work and official relation ship with my seniors, so to get rid of the situation I very quickly arranged her a job in a hotel, where she could earn any way she liked. She could get fucked by the customers to earn as much as she wanted, even then she wanted me to come and fuck her when ever possible.

Our relation ship kept on going until she left back for Hyderabad as her husband had rearranged his shop and had started to earn pretty good again. Still now whenever she comes to Karachi , she contacts me and we take all chances of having sex. Well , this is one of my stories and also the style that I like to read. I have found a few very interesting stories on the site, one of which being MY LOVE AASIMA. So any body interested in contacting me are desperately welcome as I personally need them my self. Ladies of Karachi are requested to note down my address and contact me as soon as possible I shall be waiting with open arms…..

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