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  • September 24, 2015

Hello to all! I am Mohsin first time in the story section and wants to share my story with you all desi readers. Its a true story of my life. I am 20 yrs from Lahore. This incident took place 6 months ago. I am a student in Punjab University. Madiha is my class mate, a very beautiful girl having slim body but very sexy. She keeps boobs sized 36D, A 5 Feet height and an average round ass. Being class mates, we are very close to each other and she is specially close to me than others. She shares hers problems with me. Let me tell you the real thing.

My family members including my Mother, One sis and Two Bros were out of station for three days to attend a marriage of a relative. It was a rainy day and the sky was full of heavy clouds. I went to attend class and Madiha was also there. She told me that she got a problem in her system which she took with her. I asked where it is and she told me in her car. We decided to go to my home situated in A.Iqbal Town. We left the class because two of proffesor were absence that day due to heavy weather. The remaining story will presented in URDU.

Hum Ghar mai enter huy aur mai nay uss ka system apnay room mai rakh dia. Uss nay mujh say poocha k tumhari family kahaan hai. I told her that my family is on a marriage of a relative and will return back within two or three days. Wo ye answer sunn kar chup ho gaee. Uss kay baad hum apna kaam karnay lagay. May uss ka system check kar raha tha. Wo kahnay lagi k I am feeling hungry. Mai nay kaha k kitchen mai ja kar dekh lo jo hai lay aao. She went and came back soon with two cups of tea with snaks. It was 11:00 AM. We were doing our work and also chating some matters. Suddenly the light off and she shouted with fear. I asked her what had happened. Uss nay kaha k ussay bohut dar lagta hai. Wo mujh say lipat gaee. She was breething very heavily. Hum nay thori dair light ka wait kia. Ab 12:45 PM ho rahay thay. Humaray ghar mai darkness ziada thee. It was a reason of her fear. Itnay mai uss ko kafi zoor ka peshab aya lekin wo akeli washroom nahi ja rahi thee. Mai nay kafi kaha k tum andar jao mai door pe stand hota hoon, lekin wo na mani. Kehnay lagi k tum door par kharay rehna, andar chahay kuch bhi ho jae. I was confused now. I was thinking what to do. At last I told her. Theek hai mai bhi tumharay saath washroom mai jata hoon. To wo kuch sharma gaee aur kehnay lagi k tumhe sharam nahi ayegi. Mai nay kaha k jab tum akeli nahi manti to phir kia ho sakta hai. It was darkness everywhere. Hum dono darkness mai hi uthay aur washroom ki taraf janay lagay. Suddenly hawa k saath balcony ka door zor say band hua. Wo pehlay hi dari hui thee, mai bhi achanak dar gia. Aur hum dono aik doojay say zor say lipat gay. Humaray dil bari tezi say beat ho rahay thay. Uss k boobs meri chest k saath bari zor say dabay huay thay. Aur hum dono galay milay huay thay. Mera “LUN” uss ki “PHUDDY” kay saath tha. May be uss nay hardness feel ki ho. Such poocho to mera to ussay chornay ko dil hi nahi kar raha tha. Aisa hi haal uss ka bhi tha. Wo bhi ab garam ho chuki thee. Uss ki sans bari taiz thee. Hum dono alag huy aur aik doosray ko kafi dair dekhtay rahay. Phir slowly slowly humaray lips aik doosray say touch huy. And we began to French Kiss. It took 2 or 3 minutes. Phir mai nay uss ko kaha k aap ko washroom jana thaa. Uss nay kaha k wo to sab abhi ho gaya hai. Mai samajh gaya k wo geeli ho gai hai. I took her back in my room and let her sit on the bed. Then I also sat beside very close to her. We were sitting without saying any word. And then I heard some silent noices. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she want something from me. I was understood. But I again asked her that what she wants from me. Now her hotness was on the top and she hold my hand and placed it on her thigh and closed her head near to me. We again began to french kiss. Ab mai nay uss ko bed par lita dia aur oper khood lait gaya aur french kiss karta raha. Her eyes were closed but she responsed me with french kisses. Mai nay apna haath uss kay boobs par rakha aur un ko press kia to uss k mouth say sssssssssss………. ki awaz aee. Ab mai bhi kuch karna chahta tha. Mai uss ko khoob garam karnay laga. Mai nay uss ki kameez boobs tak uper kar li thee aur uss ki bra say uss k boobs to release karwa dia tha. Mai uss k boobs suck karta raha aur wo ziada garam hoti gaee. At last she got up and took off her kameez herself. And told me to take off my clothes myself. Mai nay uss ko kaha k tumhay jo chahiy wo khood hi dhoond kar nikal lo. Uss nay bari taizi say meray clothes utar diy. Mera LUN apni 5″ length k saath khara tha. Uss nay mujhay poora nude kar dia aur phir mai nay bhi uss ko nude kar dia. But all this was happened within 5 minutes. Ye sab darkness mai ho raha thaa. Mai uss ki PHUDDY na dekh saka. Uss nay mera LUN apnay haath mai hold kar lia aur began to playing.

Hum dono saath saath kisses bhi kartay rahay. Phir uss nay kaha k ab meray saath karlo. Mai nay uss ko bed par litaya aur uss ki legs widly open kar di. Phir mai nay uss ki PHUDDY ko ghor say dekhnay ki koshish ki. Wo bohut tight lag rahi thee. Uss par aik bhi hair na thaa. Mai nay itni saaf PHUDDY kabhi na dekhi thee. Mai nay apni middle finger say uss ko masalna shuro kia to uss ki noices increase honay lagi. Uss ki PHUDDY ka hole mujhay darkness mai nahi mil raha tha. To uss nay mera haath pakar kar hole wali jaga par rakha. Now I was able to feel how it was tight. Uss ka hole bohut tight tha aur mai bhi worried tha k kuch kharab na ho jay. Mai nay uss say kaha k you are so tight. Uss nay kaha. “Please apnay LUN say iss ko khol do. Please, ab sabar nahi hota.” Now I was also ready to do the real thing. Mai nay uss ko lita ka uss ki legs apnay shoulders par rakhi aur apna LUN uss ki PHUDDY aur hole par masla to uss ki kamar hilnay lagi. Uss kay munh say “AAAAAHH…. “ki awaz aee. She was very wet so I had no need of any type of lubricant. Mai nay halka sa jhatka lagaya aur meray LUN ki cap uss k hole mai chali gaee. It was realy very tight. Mai nay bahir nikal kar phir LUN ko seedha kia aur iss dafa pehlay say zor dar jharka lagaya to meray LUN ki cap aur thora sa LUN uss kay andar chala gaya. Wo tarapnay lagi. Uss kay monh say “AAAAAHHHHH…… OOIiiiii… aaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa…..” ki awazain anay lagi. Mai nay uss ko pakar k rakha aur aik baar phir zor say jhatka lagaya to mera 5″ uss kay andar thaa. Ab to uss ki cheekh bhi nikli thee. Meray LUN ko kuch hot feel hua. Lekin darkness mai pata na chala k kia thaa. Ab wo tarap rahi thee. Mai nay uss kay andar kia hua thaa. Phir mai nay slowly slowly bahir nikala lekin poora nahi. Jab meray LUN ki cap bahir anay lagi to mai nay phir zor say jhatka lagaya aur phir poora andar kar dai. Ab mujh say bhi sabar nahi ho raha thaa. So mai nay ab kuch speed ko increase kia aur andar bahir fastly karna shuro kia. Wo poori tharah move kar rahi thee. Aur uss kay monh say awazain bhi aa rahi thee. “Uufffffffff ……..ssssseeeeeeeeee main mar gayi.oiiiiiihhhhh…… hhhhhh…sssssss…..ssssssss ahista ahista karo please mujhe bohat dard horaha hai.she was shouting “oh.oh.oh. Please … Ah Ah Ahista andar karo”….OooHh!!ssssss !!!Aaaahhhhhh!!!” hhhhhiiiiiiii uuuuoooooooooo hhhhhh hihihihihiihahahahahahaha phir uss ko maza aanay laga aur uss ki awaz change ho gaee. “Aahhhh…………uuuummmmmmmmmoooohhhhhhhh. Main nai in out jari rakha wo aawazain nikalnay lagee “ooooo…aaaaaa..” karkay oooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhoeeeeeeee”. Mai nay apni speed or bhee taiz kardee aur after 3 or 4 minute, wo zor zor say jhatkay denay lagi. Aur saath hi very hot juice came from her PHUDDY. Uss nay aik jhatka zor dar lagaya aur saath hi awaz aee. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh……. ssssssss…….ooohhhhhhh,……..sssssss……aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” aur wo farigh ho gaee. Lekin mai abhi uss k andar thaa aur mai bhi farigh honay wala thaa. SO I increased my speed but she shouted. “Please ruk jao, aaaaahhhhhhhh……plz , plz mai mar gai aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, plz ruk jao. but I was also in full motion and want to cum now. Mai nay kafi jhatkay laganay k baad LUN bahir nikala aur uss ki PHUDDY par sari menni nikal di. Mai nay itna enjoyable cum kabhi nahi kia thaa. Uss din to mai bhi itnay mazay say marnay k kareeb thaa. Itna maza aya, I can’t explain it. It was a game of anly 5 or 7 minutes that gave me so much pleasure. Mai menni nikal kar uss k uper lait gaya ab hum dono apni energy lose kar chukay thay. Mai uss ko kisses karnay laga. Hum dono ki eyes band thee. Mera dil nahi chahta tha k uss ko choroon. Phir mai nay uss ko kaha k! “Jaan! kaisa laga?” She replied none. I again asked her with a long french kiss.”Madiha! meri jaan you are great. Tum theek to ho?” She opened her eyes and gave me a smile. And said. “Bohut maza aya. Agar tum ab bhi na ruktay to mai mer jati.” I told her.” Meri jaan! mai tumhai itni jaldi nahi mar sakta. Abhi to tum nay apnay husband kay saath ye sab karna hai.” On listening my reply, she became sad. I asked her what is the matter? She told me that she want with me more. But I was tired now. And I was want to take some rest with her. On these words, I gave her a long french kiss for about 5 minutes. She was looking satisfied now. We kissed and were laid on the bed togather in each other arms. The light was still off and it was 1:30 PM. At this time our class ended daily. She asked me to let her now. I told her that there is no water due to the light. She replied that she would take bath in her home and we got up and she began to taking dressed.

Suddenly the light came back and we were surprised to it. Now I also wants to do again. I told her that the light has came and let take bath with me. She agreed and we again undressed. Hum dono bath room mai chalay gay aur shower on kia aur tub mai bath karnay lagay. Mera LUN phir erect honay laga to wo samajh gaee. Lekin uss nay kaha k ab to mai nahi karnay doongi. Mai nay uss ko manaya k ahista say karoonga. Uss nay kaha k tum to pehlay bhi aisay hi kehtay thay. Lekin tum nay itni zor zor say kia k meri jaan nikal di. Mai nay phir manaya. Dil to uss ka bhi kar raha tha. Iss liy uss nay ziada hesitate nahi kia aur maan gaee. Mai nay shower off kia aur uss ko kissing karnay laga. Wo phir madhosh honay lagi. Mai uss ko le kar phir bed room may agaya. Or uss ko bed par lita dia. Phir uss ki PHUDDY ko light mai dekha. Itni beautiful PHUDDY thee k mai bata nahi sakta. Mujhay ghussa anay laga k mai nay itni innocent PHUDDY k saath kia kar dia. Bedsheet par blood bhi laga hua thaa. Ab phir wo kafi garam ho gaee thee. Mai nay phir position li aur apna LUN us ki PHUDDY kay samnay seedha kia. Phir ahista say apna CAP uss kay andar insert kia. Iss baar ussay ziada dard nahi hua. Aur mujhay bhi ziada zor nahi lagana para. Mera LUN ahista ahista say poora uss kay andar chala gaya aur uss k monh say aik hi awaz aee. “ssssssss……. Aaaaahhh ……” with a long breeth. Uss nay apni eye very tightly shut ki hui thee. Mai nay IN OUT karna shuroo kia. I feel that I am in heaven now. Mujhay pehlay say ziada maza aa raha tha aur wo bhi ab enjoyable noices nikal rahi thee. Mai nay ab apni speed increase ki hui thee. Aur uss k “Aahh..Ohh ssss.. Ahhh ” ki awaz aa rahi thee. phir uss ki PHUDDY aur ziada slipery ho gaee. Coz she was cummed. WO mujhay kehnay lagi.” Aahhhh.. Plz bas karo sssss…. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……..Ooooohhhh…” ” Plz na karo mai gaee. Oeeee…. Aaahhhhhhh……” And I stopped the jerkings. Mera LUN abhi bhi uss ki PHUDDY k andar thaa. Aur wo cum nikal rahi thee. Jab wo farigh ho gaee to mai nay kaha k “Meri jaan tum to farigh ho gaee ho ab mera kia karna hai.” She smiled and gave me french kiss. Mai nay phir jhatkay lagany shuroo kar diy. Ab mai nay bohut fast jhatkay lagay to uss ki awazoo mai bhi taizi aa gaee. I was enjoying all these noices. Mai bhi 5, 6 minutes k baad farigh honay wala thaa. Mai nay bari taizi say jhatkay lagay aur phir LUN bahir nikal kar phir apni menni poori power k saath nikal di. Menni mai itni power thee k wo uss k boobs tak gaee aur menni ka last drop uss ki PHUDDY par gira. Phir mai uss k saath hi lait gaya. She was breething very fast and her eyes were still closed. I loved this situation so I placed my lips on hers and we began to kissing. We got up. She said to me.” Ab hum separate bath karai gay coz agar hum togather nahai to phir tum ready ho jao gay.” So we took separate bath. Uss nay nahanay say pehlay bed sheet ko wash ki aur phir nahai. Mai nay uss say kaha k I am feeling very hungry now. So she went in kitchen and took some milk with bread and butter jame. We ate it and then she said to me. ” Mohsin! jo kuch bhi aaj hua,wo sab na acha hua aur na hi bura hua. Lekin aik experience mila aur hum iss experience ko sari zindagi nahi bhool saktay. Aaj kal wo islamabad vaccations par gaee hai aur mai bohut bechain hoon k kab wo ay aur mai apni aur uss ki pyaas bhujaoon. Agar kisi nay mujh say contact karna ho to mera mail hai. Thanks.

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