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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015
Guys let me tell u some thing about Ajay, he is the most decent as well the most horny guy i ever saw……. Let me tell you about myself first. I am 22 yrs young girl, fair, 5’6” in height. My name is Madhu. I have an inviting figure of 35-24-36. Right from my school days, I’ve been very much figuring conscious and always use to work out to keep myself in a proper shape. I’ve always noticed guys staring at my body in college and to be frank, I use to love the expressions on their faces and the comments they use to pass.The incident happened when I was 19, in 2nd year of graduation. Our colleges function was going on and that was a tie-day for guys and sari day for girls. I was in a lovely red sari with sleeveless blouse worn a bit below naval. It was the first time I was going to college in sari though I had worn it many times in family function and my cousin always use to tell me that I look damn sexy in sari. Just when I was entering through the gate someone’s comment caught my attention. Kya maal lag rahi hai yaar… I was used to those kind of comments so didn’t react. I went and joined my group. We had a group of 5 with 3 guys and 2 girls including myself. One of the members of our group was Ajay. He was strongly built fair guy, nearly 6 feet tall. He was one of my very close friends with whom I use to share problems I face and he use to always help me out of trouble.

We all were in mood of party that day. After attending a quiz session, we decided to go out and enjoy. One of our friends had car so we went for a drive on outskirts of the town. While coming back home we decided to go for an afternoon movie. After the movie got over our friend was dropping everyone home. Ajay stays nearby my house so I got off with him as I was supposed to take some notes from him. He was looking very much like an executive of a company wearing tie.

We both went to his house. He opened the door with his key and we went in. There was no one around. I didn’t have any problem as it was not for the first time I was coming to his place all alone with him. He asked if I would have a cup of coffee. I was feeling bit tired so accepted his offer. While he was making coffee I went to get fresh. When I was back he was ready with coffee. Just when we were having coffee, he had a phone call. I pick up my cup and went close to window and was staring the beautiful sea from the window while he was on the phone. I was staring at the sea forgetting everything around. I didn’t even realize when he came and stood next to me. I realized his presence next to me only when he warped his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him and saw feelings in his eyes and on his face as never before. Slowly and softly he pulled me close to him and kissed on my cheeks. I felt really great and responded with a kiss on his cheeks too. After all he was my best friend. He then pulled me even closer and kissed on my rosy lips. That was first time ever I was kissed by a guy. I felt really nice but same time I felt it’s not proper too. So I pulled myself out of his arms. No Ajay! Please. Come on minty! He said, I love you! I always want you to be with me!

But… Come on dear! I know you also like me! Don’t you? Yes! I use to like him a lot. I could not answer him. He again pulled me closer and kissed deeply on my lips. That really sent an electric current through my whole body from top to bottom. Unknowingly, my hands went around his neck and I started to respond him. He pulled me even closer and first time I felt his strong chest against my breasts. He was pressing his body against mine and the feeling of my breasts getting pressed was really great. I felt his hands around my slim waist. I was about to moan with his touch but could not do so as he was kissing me deeply on my lips. His hands were moving up and down right from my waist to my neck. His tongue was exploring my mouth very swiftly. Never in life, had I had such a great feeling!

After some time we stopped. He looked at me and smiled. Then he went behind me warping me in his arms from back and started licking my neck. His hands were exploring my belly and he was gently teasing my naval. Never before that id come across this side of him, a romantic lover. I was completely in his control now. Slowly and softly his hands started to move up on my belly. I knew what was going to happen next and he was after my treasures, but I didn’t want to stop him as I was enjoying his touch and the feeling of being with such a man.In a minute I was feeling his hands touching lower part of my breasts. He was as usual mischievous and was not up there still and was just teasing me with the touch. I was not ready to wait any longer. I needed his touch so badly. I put my hand on his and pushed his hand up on my breasts. Oh! What a great feeling was that. He then started caressing and then squeezing my breasts slowly and softly and bit harder later on. I was moaning in pleasure. It really was a wonderful feeling not to be described in words. He kept on playing with my breasts for sometime and then pulled me up in his arms and carried to his bed room. We reached his bedroom and he made me stand again in his arms. He was pulling off my sari and in a minute it was off. I was standing in front of him in a petticoat and blouse. I felt shy the way he was looking at me and was in his arms in a flash. He held me close and started kissing deeply. His hands were exploring my slim and slender waist and my shaped ass in the petticoat. Then slowly he untied the string of my petticoat and it was down. He then unbuttoned my blouse and that was off too! Then he pushed me on the bed. There I was, lying in front of him in just bra and panty! He was staring me upside down with that need in his eyes. I was really feeling very shy but was feeling very good at the same time.

He then started undressing himself. His shirt and pant were off quickly and I was staring at him while he was taking off his cloths. He really had a strong and muscular body with a hairy chest. He soon was just in his underpants and lying next to me. He was very calm or might have been acting to be so. I was not ready to wait and wanted him so badly. I pulled myself up and was over him in a flash. I kissed him deeply and his arms were around me again. I went down licking his hairy chest down to his belly and then back up to his shoulders. He was enjoying my tongue exploring his body. Then he held me tightly and unhooked my bra. My treasures were now free for him completely. He pulled off my bra and kept on staring at my lovely breasts. Then he pulled me under him and he was over me in a flash. I was feeling the weight of his body over mine. He was kissing me deeply and his chest was pressing hard on my breasts. Then he started licking his way down. It was great feeling his tongue exploring my body. Soon he was on my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking slowly. He was teasing with his tongue moving around and tickling it and then sucking it. I was moaning in pleasure more and more. All this time, his hand was squeezing my other breast. Then he went down on my belly. He kept on teasing my naval with his tongue. I was really moaning loudly now. His hands were exploring my soft but shapely thighs. He was constantly massaging them and I was like, oh god why is he wasting time? Then he told me to sleep with my back up. He started licking his way down from my back to my waist. His hands were squeezing my tight ass. I was not at all in my senses now. This guy was making life more and more difficult for me now!

He then turned me over again and started licking my belly! I was going mad now and was wondering why he is not going further, but I didn’t know he was arousing me as much as he could. His hands went inside my panty and then he slowly pulled my panty off. There I was! Lying completely nude in front of my friend and he was exploring my beauty! He kept on licking my belly but his hands parted my legs, he was not massaging on my virgin pussy! Ohhhh I moaned loudly on his touch! He was so soft rubbing his fingers against it. Then slowly he started putting his finger in. I screamed loudly! Stop! Its paining come on love, it will pain for a while but you will feel great! He was true. He was slowly putting his finger and I began to enjoy now. The pain was whipped out and soon his finger was moving swiftly in and out of my virgin pussy. He then put another finger and in a while I was able to take three fingers in. I was loosing the control fast and I had my first orgasm on his fingers. He took his fingers out. He was not getting ready to give me the experience I was never going to forget. I could sense the erection in his manhood over his under pant. He then pulled it off! There it was, his manhood! First time in life I was seeing a man naked.

He laid over me. I was feeling his manhood against my wet pussy. He carefully positioned the tip of that on my pussy and softly started to push it in my pussy. I was aroused completely and wanted him badly. I didn’t have any idea what was in the store for Me. He pushed his manhood in me a bit forcefully and I was in tears. Ohhhhh Ajay! It’s hurting me! Noooooo! Minty, don’t worries take some pain for great pleasure. He was soft and was very careful but I was in terrible pain. He had nearly half his manhood in my pussy. He was moving softly and slowly the pain was coming to and end. My screams now turned into moans as I began to enjoy it. He quickly realized that and began to move in a rhythm now. His speed now went on increasing, he was very careful keeping in mind that he had virgin in his bed. Even with his speed increasing, I was now not in any pain. He was pumping me fast and I was moaning in pleasure. This went on and on and then I realized he had reached a point of climax. I was expecting it and suddenly he shot his load inside me! Wow!!! What a feeling that was. I was feeling to be in a heaven. Just then I had orgasm too. We both were drenched now and he laid over me for few minutes. I had just experienced a great man and what makes a girl a woman! The pleasure of sex and loosing your virginity!

After a while he got up and lay beside me. He pulled me close to him and kissed deeply. His hands were exploring my back down my waist and down to my ass. Again he was arousing me. He was getting hard himself too! Then he told me to sit on his manhood which I was kind of surprised off. I sat on his manhood. He had his hands squeezing my breasts. He started to push me up and down. I was responding him too now. I was now very much in rhythm moving up and down. He was squeezing my breasts. We were about to reach climax just then he pulled me over him. I had my orgasm and he too shot his load inside me. I kept on lying on him kissing him deeply.

Some time later he got off from bed. Come on minty, let’s have bath together! I was excited with the idea. We went to bathroom and he put on the shower. The cold water poured on our bodies. I was shivering just when he pulled me closer. There in the shower we were in each others arms and cold water was pouring over our bodies. Then he pulled me down on the floor of the bathroom where we enjoyed the fun again. By the time he was done, I was completely drenched. We then came out of bathroom and dried each other and dressed up. Before leaving I asked him, tell me honestly, did you have sex earlier? Before today? No minty, but I know one thing, when you have a virgin In your bed, you have to be careful not to hurt her! I smiled and left. It was the most memorable day in my life. He made me realize what I have in me as a woman and what I was missing as a woman. I can never forget the way he handled me very carefully and softly. After that we use to have sex once or twice a month when we feel the need for it very badly and he was always very gentle.

After the college he got job abroad and he left. That saw end of my affair with him. But I just can’t forget the time I had with him. I find it hard to control my body now and need someone who can handle me carefully and softly the way he did.

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