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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I am a Madhavi. When I was at the national championships a few years back I was seduced viciously. This is my story. I am 27 now. I have been a Karateka since I was a young girl. My swift movements and cat-like grace quickly brought me the black belt. And as I grew older and my body grew stronger, I used my technique more and more effectively. I’m of course well trained and proud of my muscular stomach. My breasts and buttocks nicely complement each other. I have long black hair and I am considered fairly pretty. Overall, I’m pretty
content with the way I was made. Eventually, I came out in the national championships, were I won several times. One year, I will never forget. I came back from a training session. It seems all so stupid now, but
instead of turning left, I turned right. In stead of ending up in the dressing room, I ended up in the catacombs of the stadium. I’m not easily scared and the tunnel like place I ended up in was a bit fascinating. I walked a little bit down it, enjoying the silence and the semi darkness. Small lights were hanging every couple of meters, but their light was insufficient to prevent shadowy spots between each light. I passed a stairway that was completely dark, probably from a broken light. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. It almost seemed dreamlike as from one second to the other my heart started beating overtime. Someone was behind me and I felt immediately in danger. Your feeling never lies in situations like these. My senses felt double acute and as I turned with my fist clenched, arm outstretched in a move to punch whoever was behind me out, the world seemed to move in slow motion. But whoever was behind me was faster, and more furious. He blocked my
shoulder with his hand and moved in close in the same motion. His hands moved around my body and over my breasts and I could feel him against me. He sighed a long whispering breath into my ear “Ohh baby, I’m going
to fuck you so bad”.

I am not easily scared. I have a black belt in Karate and can hold my own against any man, but at that moment, with the speed and effortless of his movements and the animal like longing in his words, I knew I
might die. I tried to move into a crouch in order to throw him. But his response was so swift, Oh God. In stead of blocking my throw I felt his tongue lick my neck and his hands squeeze my breasts. I halted in mid
movement. Nobody had ever trained me for an attack so personal, so intimate. I could hear his soft laughter close to my ear and he actually sucked the lobe! Then suddenly, he turned me and through me against the opposite wall with such a force that I was stunned. In this moment he came at me with one big stride, grabbed the front of my clothes and ripped it open with one tear. As I gasped with the shock of my exposure, my breast came free with violence and I could feel the cold rush of air against my nipples as they bobbed up and down a moment. My clothes hung around me in threads and then I shamed myself. I could see his cold eyes move down my body, first absorbing my breasts then my waist and finally coming to rest on my exposed crotch. In stead of adopting a fighters’ pose my female responses took over and I covered the black triangle between my legs and my breasts with my hands.

He looked up and held me with his eyes as he slowly took off his jacket. As the shock of the moment left me, I saw my chance. I moved my left leg forward and with clenched fist struck at his mid section, aiming at a point behind him to achieve maximum impact, just like I had learned. I had dropped other men with lesser blows. But he moved like a cat. His right arm blocked mine and moved it harmlessly to the side. Immediately he moved behind me moved his arms under my armpits and his hands behind my head in a classic immobilising movement. Then he slowly started exerting pressure on my head. As my head moved forward my buttocks moved backward. I could feel his erection pushing through his trousers against my asshole. The strength to resist just ebbed out of me as a thought flashed through my mind: “Oh God, please don’t let him fuck me in my behind”. I had never been fucked in the ass before. His predatory mind must have been acutely tuned to my response because he swept my legs from under me and turned my body in one swift move. I slammed down hard on my knees in front of him. I cried out in pain, but he grabbed my hair and forced my face upward. I looked up fearfully into his eyes. He bent down to my face, closed his eyes momentarily and smelled the air.

“Hmm, my proud karateka. You are such a pleasure.” Then his eyes opened and he cupped my head with his hand and pulled it close. “Now it is time for you to pay the price of defeat.” His other hand moved to his
pants and with one practiced movement pulled it away. His penis was enormous. I had always had boyfriends with small members. It had never failed to please me. Seeing his member half erect, I could feel my pussy
contract with fear. He took his member in his hand and brought it close to my face. “Now, be a good girl and please me.” As he said this his other hand moved around my throat and closed the wind pipe. Involuntarily my mouth opened to gasp for breath. He used the moment to slide his cock into my mouth. “Remember, now. If you try to fight me with your teeth, you will loose more than your pride.” He loosened the grip on my throat and my lips closed on him. I felt a fear I had never felt before. Not a fear for my life or something concrete. But an intense primal fear. A fear that destroyed my will to fight. A fear that only screamed “please let this end” over and over again in my head. I sucked his dick. But he wasn’t happy yet. “Look at me when you suck me”. I
looked up into his black eyes and they seemed to look right through me with a feral intensity. He moved my head back and forth with his hand. Now holding on to my long black hair. I felt him grow in my mouth and I
heard his breathing growing heavier. Then suddenly, he gripped my hair and pulled me against the wall. A
scream escaped from my mouth as he did so. He moved closely against me and started kissing my neck. I looked up against the ceiling in despair and I knew that I couldn’t help myself. Then he tried to kiss my mouth. I moved my head sideward to evade him. But then, I felt his hands between my legs. “Oh God no”, I pleaded. But he was slowly gliding up and down my mound, letting his finger softly caress the slit between my legs. He
whispered into my ears: “Spread your legs wide for me”. His finger slid into my pussy and his thumb starting rubbing my clit. “Spread your pussy wide open”, he sighed. Tears started running down my face as I felt
my pussy getting wet. The ultimate betrayal of my own body. “Hmmm”, he said as he slid two fingers into my cunt. His leg slowly slid my legs apart. I didn’t resist. No! I couldn’t resist. Then he moved his head down. His lips started circling my nipples. Slowly, gently he sucked them one by one. I could feel them getting hard.
His fingers moved faster into my pussy. “Please, don’t do this”, I cried. But as I said this he rubbed his thumb hard against my clitoris and a moan escaped me. He knelt in front of me and looked up. I looked down on him. Powerless against a man on his knees. He kept looking me in the eye as his tongue caressed the slit. Slowly licking from the back to the front he didn’t press hard against the soft flesh. Only at the top, he suddenly pressed his tongue inside. His tongue against my pleasure spot sent a electric shock through my body and I arched my back as I pushed my pussy into is mouth. He started sucking me ferociously and slid his finger inside me again. My thoughts were a jumbles as fear and pleasure strove for dominance. Then his face was in front of me again. His cold eyes betrayed little emotion. His hand suddenly grabbed me hard between my legs and he seemed to inhale the fear that gained supremacy instantly. Then he pressed his lips against mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. He started massaging my pussy again and moved to my ear. I knew what would be next. His hand guided mine onto his dick. I was again scared by its size. “I have never seen such a tight pussy before in my life”. He looked into my eyes for emphasis.

“Have you ever been fucked so hard that your tits shook with the shock of his body slamming into yours?” He said this with vile intensity. Distrustingly, I answered with a shaking “no”. “Your going to spread your pussy wide open for me, little champion.” As he said this he slowly slid this penis up and down against my cunt.
“Then he grabbed my buttocks and push me forward. I could feel his penis slide slightly into me. “Hmm, you sporting girls have such tight buttocks.” Somehow, I gained some control over myself again. As he was sliding his penis into me slowly, he looked down. I brought my hands together into a combined fist and slammed them upwards under his chin. His head snapped back with the force of the blow and I pushed him away from me.
I jumped away from him, but he managed a quick response and brought his leg up. I felt it connect with my shin and I fell to the ground, dashing my hopes of escape. I tried to get up but I felt his hand under my waist. With a heave he turned me on my back. “Very good. You are a fighter,” he looked me straight in the eye as he said this. “But now the fight is over. Now, I will punish you.” He knelt down in front of me and in a reflex I brought my knees up. He smiled and put both his hands on my knees. I held them closed with all my might.
His smile faded from his face. Suddenly his faced contorted in a grimace and with vicious strength he yanked open my legs wide. Not waiting a second he laid himself down on me. I felt a fear well up in my throat
as he his tongue licked my nipples again. Teasing, moving from one breast to the other. “Please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone,” I whimpered. His face came up to me and he said “of course, I’ll let you go.” Stupidly, I smiled gratefully. And then, without warning, he pushed his penis into me. I felt his huge member sliding deep into my pussy and a painful moan escaped me “Oh God, nooooo”. Automatically, I opened my legs as wide as I could to avoid the pain. But he just used this to push himself into me even deeper. Then, he was into me to the hilt. My back arched as I tried to accommodate him. Then he slid out of me again. My back slid back to the ground. I tried to push him away by pushing my hands against his chest. But he slammed back into me and my hands slid past his body as the shock of his thrust and the deep penetration turned my muscles into jelly. A slight scream escaped my mouth. He slid out again and immediately rammed it in again. I screamed haltingly “Oh oh oh.” He started to pick up a vicious rhythm as he rocked my body. My breast swung back and forth as he fucked me ever harder. Screams escaped my mouth every time the impact hit my body and his penis
slid deep into me. I felt the constant friction against my clitoris moisten me. I didn’t care anymore. I was beyond caring. Somehow my mind seemed to drift away into a semi-consciousness and I could almost see us from a distance. A slim, muscular girl with long black hair and her legs spread wide, her mouth opened in a painful ecstasy. A strong muscular man with black hair and a large penis fucking her so hard that her large breasts almost hit her face with every thrust. But he wouldn’t have me drifting away. Suddenly, he stopped. I thought he had come. But he quickly turned me around and positioned me on my knees in a doggy-like position. I had barely time to register what was happening.

Then I felt him slide into my pussy again. Quickly, he picked up pace again. I could feel and hear the slap against my buttocks as he had his way. His hand slid over my breasts as he fucked me and massaged my
nipples almost painfully. “Look at me,” he said hoarsely. There was no will to fight in me anymore. Through my jumbled hair I looked back at him over my shoulder, with every thrust a little scream escaped my half
opened mouth. His hands moved over my ass and he started to fuck me even harder. My mouth opened, but no sound came out of it. Only a panting breath every time he penetrated me. “God, you’re good,” he cried. I knew he was on the verge of coming. Perhaps my ordeal would finally end. He slid deep into me, then halted. I expected a hoarse cry of pleasure and my body relaxed a bit. It was over. I felt his penis slowly slide out of me. My pussy contracted slightly with slow friction against the now very sensitive spots. Then he was out of me. I exhaled. But I wasn’t ready yet. My body tensed as I felt his penis penetrating my asshole. I had never been fucked like that! “I tried to get on my knees but his strong hands pushed my back to the ground. “Please!! You’re too big for me,” I cried. But he would have none of it. Without any regard for my pain, he pushed himself all the way in. A guttural cry came from deep within me “Ohhhhhh Goooodddd”. Slowly he started moving in and out. His hands were holding on to my waist as he pulled my buttocks back when he pushed himself into my small hole. He had to use force with every thrust. My virginal behind being widened as he did so. His thrust picked up speed as he slid into me easier with every thrust. I felt myself floating away again as the familiar slap-slap started again. I could hear an almost constant crying out now and it took me a moment to realize it was mine. It was like a constant scream and it was almost a scream of pleasure now. The ripple of my flesh, my breasts, the scream in my throat with every thrust suddenly froze as my body stopped in mid motion. I started shaking and uncontrollably push back onto him. I came up slightly as a high pitched scream rolled from my throat in an incredible orgasm. I heard his grunting as I felt the warm liquid squirted into me wave after wave. Then I fell forward. Unconsciously. When I woke up, he was gone

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