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Maalkin Kay Saath

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  • September 4, 2015

Wow…. Now I had become regular reader of Desipapa and thought of writing my own hot real story… I am married with two kids & enjoying sex life with all most all Vatsayana’s style of Kamasutra styles. I am a Good Sucker also, I just love to Suck, Bit, Eat…. & I have with me DVD of Vatsayana’s Kamasutra which teaches you with more than 30 angles (Styles) with speech about Sex. If u r realy Sex Lover u should watch once in life I have been watching this with Wife, Friends, Alone. Many of my Friends & Colleague also took and watched this… and their comment on this just awesome & Speechless….

Without taking u r valuable time let’s start the story… this happened with me last few months back… Our house is beside My Owner’s house Malkin (Owner’s Wife) & Malak (Owner) & their Daughter staying. We are very much close to each other we feel like the same family member. Now the story begains..

When my Wife went with Children to her native for holiday. One fine day after coming from office at 9pm I got fresh up and felt bore alone without my life partner… got mood immediately taken out the KamaSutra DVD in was at 10:15pm and let me tell u about.. there is a door which is attached to our hall that reaches to my Owner’s Bedroom, I thought that everybody in a good sleep I just kept little bit sound to hear the speech of Sex making. After watching one part of it my hard rock begin to dance under Jockey I took off outside hot rod by the time the size was 7+ and stated to&fro after 15 to 20 min. I come with my own hot Juice and slept off.

Next day morning as usual we start chatted with Owner’s Wife each other but on common topic after that Malkin (Owner’s Wife) She was in Pinkish Sari looking soo sexy ohh.. and She offered me to have a breakfast so I went to the hall and stood by seeing me She called to come to kitchen and told to sit on dining chair while this session I was watching top to down just like a mad and thinking that holding her tightly and kissing every where I was starred her Big Boobs and Big Round shape Ass (She is 39 and her Size is 38-29-40)
I just could’t control by the time my Cock (Lund) begin to grow harder & harder like Hot Rod. Then She came & gave me a plate of breakfast She also sat in front me and having breakfast while having She very much starring me like never seen before like earlier & her face was become so red and she was smiling too….. after finishing breakfast I said to her that I have to go outside for some work then She just stopped me by saying with Smile just sit down as nobody there in home and u r also alone even I feeling my so bored then I obeyed her order we both sat in hall on sofa.. and chatting general topic. She said I all ask u one question? I got scare what She is going to ask me. She asked about last night what u r doing watching some movie or what?? because I did’t sleep ystrday early I was able to hear some speech what was it I just said some spiritual guru’s speech.. She said don’t lie even I heard moaning sound also from u. She took promise from me also.. then there is no way I told her that I was watching Vatsayana’s Kamasutra movie She become Red hearing the and smiled. She said I wanna see must now only Other wise not going to well with u.. I said if u wish to watch OK but not with me.. as some body comes in this morning.

Then She said with sexy smile no with u only after a min. I said ok She told me to open middle door and come from inside door now I was too excited to hear such a word from her. I ran way and took DVD & started to play it was about 10:15 am we both are sitting on same sofa itself the movie started and I was not interested to watch movie I was watching her face her Eye, Lip Neck, Big BOOBs & her thighs ohh.. full body and She was watching like dog’s eye with full excited and after some time She was breathing heavily and saw my face and then She told me that u wanna have fun like same, by the time my dick’s tent was ready & She saw the tent of mine with smile said let’s go to bed room and held my arms thightly and gave big hug as I never had long before with any one Accept my life partner then She smiled the way she smiled & still I remember and never forget. Directly She started kissing my both Lips & I too responded so well with hungrily and I gave my tongue in her mouth She was moaning like uummmmm… ahhhhaa…. come on take my tongue eat my saliva by the time I was pressing by one hand with her huge Boobs after soon I kissed her ears, neck and came down removed her pallu down pressing boobs over blouse and She told me wait dear.. let me take out, today onwards this all yours.. by soon She unhooked and her huge two water melon came out of with blouse and bra.. She told me suck it and started sucking like wild animal and She was moaning ohh…. yeaaaaah… ahhhhhaaaaa.. ummm… come on Suck fast, and eat my Watermelon(Boobs) started Sucking right boobs and left I was circling with my nail and squeezed and again She moaned loudly by the time I was so erect & rubbing my Dick (Lund) in between her thighs after some time I came down to her …. knelled and unknotted her petticot and now I am able to see her wet panty with her own Juice from her cunt (Pussy / Choot) & the Smell got me so hard again. oohhh..

I rubbed my nose and bit her wet pussy from out side her wet panty & She was moaning like uhhhmmm… yeeaaahhh… immediately I took down his wet panty…. as I saw her Wet Shaved Pussy wooww…. & She immediately put her both the hand on her wet shaved pussy & said don’t do it as I never gonna Sucked before. I said no u feel like heaven dont stop me I got mad again my face was near her wet pussy I started rubbing my mouth after a few second She removed her hand & started sucking with my both lip soon She again moaned…. her both legs begain wider and started sucking with tongue to&fro over her wet pussy soon her pussy lip got opened and I inserted tongue inside her wet pussy and Sucking like pachchak pachhh…ak… pach…pachch.. like a Cat drinking milk from bowl… after some time She told I can not able stand more She wants to lay down on sofa and again started Sucking, Biting her wet pussy…. She took her both hand on my head and started massaging and playing with my hair…. soon She started pulling head to front to Suck her pussy as much as tight and started Sucking as much as fast and to&fro…. and She told with I am cumming… and came with Hot Juice and my mouth filled with her Hot Salty, Delicious Juice and I drank her all that, it tasted soo… good… and wiped with my lip & tongue after that for some time I laid beside with her…

She smiled and told me I never had before such good mouth fucking…. ohh.. really great…. u r Such a kind of Sucker… really enjoyed lot… She immediately started playing with my Hot Dick (Lund) and become such harder then harder…. I said Suck my Dick She said I never did it from a long yrs but again I requested her to Suck and She started to&fro later took in her mouth and now I have started moaning… uuhhhmmmm…. yes dear… … ohhhaa… Suck it.. like this…. ohha,, come on….. after 10 min.. I said I am coming comm…ng… and came filled her mouth with my hot juice and said to her drink it She drank my hot juice and said it’s Salty but Delicious I liked it uhhh….. ahhaaa.. bye the time I got up and started kissing her lips and I too tasted my own juice ohh.. what a great wet lip kissing. after few min.. She started playing with Dick and it begin hard again… I came up on her and took her both legs above my arms and started rubbing my Dick on her wet Pussy Lips and with dick widen pussy lip and held one stroke and my Dick went inside more than half (3.5 inch) soon I started stroking her as much as faster and my Dick went complete inside … She starting moaning aahhhaaa. ohhaaaa….. ummm… yeaaaaaahhh… come on… as I was stroking fast and fast and after 15 min She came in with her hot juice & I felt my Dick was too wet and started stroking again in and out after few min..

She told me why don’t we should try in different style like Kamasutra. I said yeah why not dear and later we played many game of FUCKING in many styles (angels) and tired, laid on for few min.. then we both satisfied what we expected more then that satisfied offf..OOOhhh… lot.. after that we thought to take a bath and went to bathroom & switch on the shower tap and started taking bath & put soap each others body and every part of body. soon my Dick hot erect & Hot and again started fucking straight in standing position really enjoyed lot…

Still today I am Satisfying My Owner’s Wife. we both enjoying wherever we alone in our both houses,,.. and nobody knows also…
If any one wants to watch Kamasutra DVD or enjoy Special Sucking & any Hot GIRLS, Specially Married Women, Unsatisfied AUNT’s pls do not forget to comment on this at waiting favorable reply.

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