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Maa Ko Bathroom Me Choda

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

It happened like this. Me and my wife are happily married since last three years and are living in Bombay. My wife is from very orthodox Brahmin family from Uttar Pradesh. My parents stay at their native place and hardly visit Bombay.

My wife gave birth to a baby boy last year. My parents stayed with us for 3-4 months and they returned back as they have got a huge farm to look after. Since there was no one to look after the baby and my wife, she suggested that why can’t I ask her Mom to come and stay here with us for some time.

I readily accepted that as her Mom was staying alone after my Father in law’s death and secondly my wife will be looked after really well by none other than her mom. Now about my Mother in Law, she got married at very young age.

She is now 43 but looks very sexy. Very fair, a very sexy and good round ass (which will give anyone instant hard-on). Always wears full saari covering her head. In Brahmin family, M.I.L. never keeps her head uncovered in front of her Son in law. Unfortunately my F.I.L. died 5 years ago due to major illness.

Such a sexy lady became widow at 37 years of age. My M.I.L. came to stay with us and slowly became normal and relieved in Bombay. Since we are having two bed rooms, one B.R. was given to M.I.L. My wife was very happy to have her mom here.

Soon me and my wife’s sex life started again, which was stopped due to pregnancy and child birth. One night after finishing my sex with my wife I was going to bathroom, I noticed my M.I.L.’s door was a bit open. Out of curiosity I peeped into the room.

The lights were fully on and my M.I.L. was in deep sleep for the first time and I saw her without Pallu, her hairs were lying open and her beautiful face was glowing like pearl. Her saari was shifted from her chest and her cleavage was clearly visible.

Her milky white boobs were popping like hell from her blouse. She was sleeping keeping one leg folded and because of this her milky white thunder thighs were open for full view when I was watching her she turned on other side keeping her back on my side while doing this saari goes further up and

Oh my god and I could not believe what I was seeing part of her sexy ass was clearly visible. A perfect round ass and she was wearing nothing inside. I remembered what my wife told me in their village women wear panties only when a monthly period occurs, otherwise it is a normal routine not to wear a panty.

My M.I.L. was sleeping in front of me showing her ass. Just then she again turned and now I could see her thick bush between her legs. It was not black but dark brown, perfectly matching with her glowing skin complexion. I dont know how much time I was looking at her.

I noticed a rock solid hard on below. I was wearing only a lungi. My bulge is clearly visible from outside. I masturbate looking at M.I.L’s thick bush, thighs and ass. I was dying to touch and feel those ass cheeks and her brown haired pussy with great difficult.

I resisted myself doing so and I returned to my bed and tried to sleep but in vain that day onwards I made a point to go to bathroom at night religiously so that I could get a chance to see my M.I.L’s half naked body, her very curvy and sexy ass and her thick brown bush.

I succeeded quite a few times. I was dying to fuck this hot lady who happens to be my M.I.L but how? How? How? One day I asked my wife why mummy keeps the lights on and door open. She said she is afraid of lizard and hence keeps the light on and door open in case she needs a help if a lizard comes.

I decided a plan, that day and stop pest control that day onwards. I know my plan will be successful one day and gave me very sexy fruit and my M.I.L’s round watermelons. I started to be very friendly with my M.I.L., giving her more attention, fulfilling her needs.

My wife was happy and so was I, as I had to eat and chew the melons. That night onwards and I made a ritual to go to toilet at mid-night. Days are passing on and on and I am not able to decide how I am going to touch and feel that sexy ass.

How am I getting to lick that brown bush and fuck my MIL really hard one night after finishing my dinner I was waiting for my wife Puja in my bedroom. She was finishing her work in kitchen. I was very horny as I had some drinks that day as soon as Puja entered the room.

I grabbed her and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Within no time our tongues started exploring each other’s mouth. I lifted her gown and started caressing and pressing hard her very curvaceous butts. I was pressing her ass like mad. She was wearing nothing inside.

It was my order not to wear panty when she is at home with one hand I was holding her gown and with other I was exploring my wife’s sexy buttocks. My hands moves upwards and I grabbed her melons in my hands I was squeezing, rubbing and chewing her nipples madly.

I moved her face towards my dick within no time she started sucking it hungrily as if there is no tomorrow. She was sucking my balls and licking my asshole. It made me so horny that I bend her and inserted my rock hard throbbing dick inside her asshole.

She shouted in pleasing pain. I was humping, banging her like mad slapping her buttocks. Suddenly I noticed that our bedroom door was not fully closed and I can see someone, my MIL standing outside. We are on the other side of the door and she was on another side.

I am not able to see her directly nor she. There is a mirror polished marble frame on the door and our reflection can be seen on it as if someone is watching us in mirror. I noticed that she is not aware that I have seen her neither my wife is aware that she is outside.

I continued banging her like mad in anal, the moans have increased and became louder, after a while ;I unloaded gallons of white lava inside her with a solid jerk. I looked at the door, my MIL was moving back to her room.

That night I was sure I was going to get a different experience. I was true. At mid-night I got up for ritual toilet visit. Without making a noise I came to my MIL’s bedroom and I peeped inside. What I saw was something I never ever expected in my wildest dream.

My MIL was lying naked on bed. Her marble like slightly plump body was glowing in light. She was rubbing her pussy vigorously. She was moving her butts up and down and trembling like hell.

It seems that watching my fuck session with her daughter had unleashed the horny woman hidden inside her. She had a shattering orgasm and her body was seen relaxed. She slept keeping her back on the door side. Her fully naked body was worth to die for.

I don’t know how much time and I was standing there looking at her buttocks. I masturbated standing there and came to sleep. Next day was a Sunday. My wife got me up early in the morning asking to get the pest control done.

She went for her Yoga session telling me to have my breakfast. I was thinking from where and how to start the pest control work. Suddenly I heard a loud screaming of my MIL. I rushed to her room she was not there. I heard second screaming, this time more louder.

It was coming from bathroom. I rushed near bathroom. I asked mummy what happened? Why are you screaming? Is everything alright? In reply I got another scream, this time even much louder. She said there are two big cockroaches inside and they are moving on my body.

Please send Puja to kill them and I told Puja has gone for her Yoga class and she will be back only after one and half hour. She became restless and shouted again from the bathroom I can’t wait for that much time here. I am very scared of these cockroaches.

I realized that opportunity is knocking my door and I was not a fool to let this opportunity go. I told my MIL Mummy wait till Puja comes. Hold on for some time”. In reply I got a loud scream. I asked her “Mummy if you dont mind, May I come in and kill the cockroach?

She was dumb for some time. I asked again Kya mai andar aaoon? Aap Saari pehan lijiye? Mai saaree andar lekar nahi aayi hoon” She said to phir towel lapet lijiye aur door ke pichhe kahde ho jayiye. She said theek hai” and opened the door.

I entered the bathroom and my MIL was hiding behind a door wrapped in towel. Exactly on opposite wall there was a mirror in which I could see her covered in towel. That towel was not enough to cover her assets. Her back was fully open and I could see her round, sexy buttocks complete open.

I asked her where the cockroaches are. She pointed out at them. One is in front of me and the other is where she was standing. I pretended to catch the cockroach in front of me in such a way that it goes on my MIL’s side.

It did and she screamed again. I follow that cockroach and now my MIL was in front of me. The sexy ass which I was dying to touch and squeeze is just a few inches away from me. She was very ashamed and moved her face towards the wall.

The cockroach landed on her bare back. I touched her back as if I am catching cockroach. I could felt her body shivered with my touch. I can see her round ass very clearly. It was the one of the best asses I have ever seen.

I touched that as if cockroach is there and slap it. By this time my MIL has lost her shyness. She boldly said, “Vishal, jobhi karma hai Jaldi karo aur in cockroaches ko maar do and I don’t know what had happened to me. I lost all my control and started slapping her butts as if cockroach is there.

By this time she has realised what I was doing. She asked in disbelief Vishal ye aap kya kar rahe hai. I said Kuchh nahi mummy, cockroach ko maar raha hoon aap hilna mat, aise hi khade raho” She tried to move but I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed.

She said in scary voice Kya kar rahe ho? Kuchh nahi mummy, cockroach ko masal raha hoon. I replied. I kept on pressing, caressing her ass and said Mummy aapki gaand bahot sexy hai ise chumne aur chaatne ka mann kar raha hai and she shouted in disbelief what?

I repeated the sentence what I said Aapki gaand ko chaatne aur chumne ka mann kar raha hai” She was dumb. I was sure my massage has aroused her and she started becoming horny ye ttheeek nnnaahi hai” came her week reply relax Mummy, don’t worry just enjoy what is going on saying this.

I lift my lungi and pressed my rock hard dick on her ass cheeks. She shattered and asked what I am doing. I said Mummy, relax I am going to spray pesticide and I started squeezing, pressing her butts and boobs.

By then my MIL have lost all her shyness and senses and she caught my throbbing cock in her hand and started pressing and rubbing it on her pussy. Finally I am going to fuck my M.I.L without wasting any time and I started licking her pussy, it was hidden behind brown bush.

I inserted my tongue inside aaaahhhhh” moaned my MIL. A man is touching her pussy almost after 5-6 years. It was wet like leaking water tank. I was licking her wet pussy lips like mad. “Oh Vishal, zor se chaato, bahot achha lag raha hai aur zor se aur zor se” she was shouting.

After licking for some time I took her face towards my cock. To my surprise, she immediately took it in her mouth and started sucking. What to say, Like Mother Like Daughter. She said Damadji, aapko achha lag raha hai na? Oohhh Mummy chuste rahiye pura andar lijiye muh me.

She took my entire 8.5” length in her mouth and felt choked. I moved her backside towards me and said, “Mummy aapki gaand bahot hi sexy hai. She said, “Puja ke Papa bhi bahot pasand karte the.” I bend her and inserted my rock hard cock inside her.

She moaned loudly as the cock has entered her pussy after a gap of 5-6 years. I increased my speed of banging. I don’t know what we were doing. I was kissing her like mad on her lips, chewing her boobs, pressing her butts hard and at the same time banging her from behind.

She was shouting aaahhhhh damadji zor se aue zor se bahot achha lag raha hai. It made me really wild and I started stroking more wildly. I was going to come so that I removed my dick from her pussy. She asked Kya hua? Mummy mera paani girne wala hai.

To bahar kyun nikala andar hi gira do, muze garam paani ka andar girna accha lagta hai, aur waise bhi mera period aana band ho gaya hai to koi darne ki baat nahi. I inserted my Dick in her again and I discharged tons of white laava into my MIL’s pussy. She came wild ooohhh Maaa aahhhh

I removed my Dick and she started licking and gulped each and every drop her pussy was drenched in white juice and the cockroaches who helped me to fuck my MIL was watching from one corner of the bathroom.

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