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Maa Ki Sex Ride

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

This is Royden and I am 18.I love in Goa with my mom. I am currently studying in an university and doing my BCom first year. My mom was divorced when I was 8 when my father left her for some other women. She is extremely beautiful with a well maintained figure. She is 39 but seems like she is 25. She is very much sophisticated and men find her very much attractive.

She never remarried but she used to hang around with many men and sleep with them. She meet s them in clubs and have one night stands with them. I always had a feeling for her which was not maternal but more of sexual since I was 13. After a long time of seduction I was able to sleep with her making incestuous love at my age of 18.

So for the past 14 months, we both are sexually active partners. Mom or originally form Gujarat. So she decided to meet her parents. We both went there, stayed for a week and it was time to get back home. On the day we were at the bus station, mom was wearing a tight black t-shirt and a black skirt which extended till her knees, and high heels.. She dyed her hair and was looking extremely hot.

I whispered in her ears “Mom, you are looking hot. My stick is throbbing.” Mom smiled and said “shut up naughty boy. Lets get home and then we shall give some rest to your stick” We kept whispering dirty things in each other’s eats sitting on the bus on our journey back to Goa. But on the way the bus in which we were travelling had some mechanical problem and we were stuck in Rajasthan now. It was in the middle of a vast desert.

It was a scorching hot. We all were very much tired and tried taking shelter in a nearby motel. But, we came to know that no room was vacant. Mom was totally exhausted. A man was looking at us and tried to understand our situation. He came to us and said that he was going to goa too so we could come with him. Mom was relieved and we went with him.

On the way he stopped the car. I was sitting on the front seat next to him and mom was on the back. Suddenly the man took our a knife and placed it over my neck. Mom was frightened. The man wanted money and jewelries from us so mom had to give it all. And he left us in the middle of the desert again.

We noticed that the car had no registration. It was stolen. The man was a thief. We were thirsty. Mom was feeling sick. There were no cars in the highway. I felt I was going to faint. Suddenly mom saw a car coming which was at a far distance. It had come closer and mom stood in the middle of the road waving it to stop.

It was a four wheel drive. We walked toward the car. The window opened, we say 3 men drinking and chilling. Mom said, is this car going to Goa. The man on the driving seat said, “for you baby, we can go to hell. Come in baby” Mom said thanks and we sat in the back seat. The driver drove off.

The man with us in the back seat was very much drunk and said to my mom “your boobs are nice”. Mom didn’t want any trouble so she simply said “thanks”. He asked to her about me, “who is the boy?” Mom replied “my boyfriend” The man on the front seat next to the driver said “baby, wanna give us a warm up. You gon enjoy it too”

Mom replied “ no. I am not in the mood.” The driver replied “ baby, don’t worry, you will get the mood. Just take off your t-shirt.” So the man who was sitting next to us place his hands over moms breasts. Mom immediately slapped him. The driver got angry, stopped the car and yelled, “you bitch. You are sitting in our car and slapping us. You want a ride so you better do as we say.”

Mom kept quite for a while and replied “so whats the deal??” the driver replied “when we give you ride, on the way you give us your body. To all of us okay? So we got a deal” Mom agreed and said “Okay. I agree. But you all have to use condoms. Secondly, no photographs. And you have to get us to Goa as soon as possible.” The driver replied “You got me madam. I am coming to the back seat.

The man next the driver seat said “hey. I will go first, you drive for now.” The driver replied, “10 minutes and I will come back and you will drive.” So the man sitting next to us asked me” boy you have problem when we fuck you girl friend. I replied “You are welcome anytime if she is ready.” The man said “ So I think we all are going to have a very nice journey. Lets get started”

He put his head over moms breasts and caught her hips and began kissing her breasts over her cotton, body fit breasts. The man on the front seat next to the driver pulled mom’s legs between the two front seats and began licking her milky skin. Mom was not much turned on. The man on the front kissed her legs, her foot , ankles and went on.

Meanwhile the man in the back seat next to mom now cupped mom’s breasts and began to kiss her neck. Mom closed her eyes. She began to take interest in what was happening. The man was massaging moms breasts and in each massage he stretched the t-shirt down revealing more and more of her cleavage. Now he was kissing moms chin and the cheeks while put his hands through the cleavage and pulled the t-shirt that and of her breast and white bra could be seen.

He now put his right hand through the t-shirt and caught her breasts. Mom was breathing heavily. She was getting the mood now. The man was now smooching moms mouth. Mom loved it so much that mom immediately put her hands behind the mans head and pressed against to boost the smooch pressure. She was panting while smooching he stranger.

The man on the front seat was licking moms knees. He looked at mom smooching and went licking above her knees. Now he was licking my moms thighs like a dog. His saliva was shining on moms skin. He pulled the skirt down completely within a few seconds. But he found it difficult so mom raised her hips to ease it and the man removed the skirt. Mom was now on her panties.

The man moved his head towards moms genital and put his hands over her white panties. He caressed over the panties very softly. The driver was driving and he in between was touching moms slim legs. The man was kissing moms pussy over the panties. He kissed there for a few seconds and then went violent and began smooching over it.

While smooching, he pulled his trousers down displaying his long thick black hairy penis. After smooching moms panties, he spat over the panties wetting the pussy region and have a long violent smooch again. Mom was now panting heavily while she was smooching he man on the back seat. The man paused and stripped himself. He also took out his long cock.

He pushed mom down making her lay on her back and offered his cock to mom. The cock was a few centimeters above moms face. Mom caught it and licked the tip. It had a precum and mom licked it too. Then mom licked the whole shaft. Then mom kissed the balls. Now mom was sucking the balls in her mouth. The man ejected a mini amount of precum and it dripped on mom’s cheek.

Mom took the Penis cap in her mouth. The man was moaning “yea baby. Yea suck it baby. Yea bitch. Suck it. And thrusted in into moms throat so much in that only this testicle was visile. Mom tried to gag but her mouth was full. He pulled back and re inserted. He was now fucking moms mouth and mom caught his ass.

Meanwhile the man on the front seat removed moms panties. Mom had a sweet and cute little vagina. It was pinky with no hair at all. The pussy lips were swollen and the clitoris was somewhat erected. The pussy was very small in size but the clitoris was almost covering the entrance. The man was caressing the pussy. It was totally wet.

He inserted his hands into moms pussy and fingered it stimulating her. Mom was now moaning even louder but she was giving blowjob to the other man. The man was fingering the upper part of moms pussy. Mom began to move her hips in pleasure. He did that at a very fast pace. The man to whom mom was giving blowjob paused and stripped mom completely removing her white bra. He suckled moms nipples. Mom had to close her eyes as the pleasure was so intense for her. Mom was massaging his hair while he kept on sucking moms boobs. The man on the front was stimulating mom’s g-spot. Mom was screaming with ecstasy. The man was massaging moms g-spot like a vibrator and licking her clitoris simultaneously. The moment was so pleasurable for mom that suddenly she gushed a huge amount of squirt on the cars window Mom moaned “ahhhmmmmmhhmmm”.

The second gush wetted the drivers left hand and the third gush was on the mans face Mom moaned again “ohhmmmm”. Before the forth squirt, the man brought his mouth closer to the pussy and mom squirted into his mouth. I have never seen her squirt so much. Mom was now panting.

The man wiped his mouth and began kissing moms vagina again. Mom seemed very much exhausted and she kept her eyes closed but both the men were active. The man on the back seat was kissing mom again but this time hugging her. Mom hugged him back but she had her eyes closed and she was exhausted after having such and energetic pussy fire”

Mom wanted to ease herself so she pulled her legs back in the back seat. But the man on the front seat was not done so he also came back. I moved to the front seat now. Mom was in-between two strangers who are about to place their organs into mom’m treasure hole.
He got busy with moms pussy again. He took his cock at the entrance of moms vagina and teased it at the entrance. Mom was getting turned on again and began to moan. The man inserted only the tip and played it up and down her warm tunnel entrance. The other man took moms hand and got her hold of his penis.

Mom regained some stamina and she was masturbating for the man. She was smiling and kept on giving devilish smiles to both the men. The driver asked, are you both done yet. I need my chance too. Mom looked at the man whom she was masturbating and asked “you like it?” the man replied yes. Mom said “I love the orgasm you guys gave me.” Then the guy who gave mom orgasm replied “I drank it baby. It was tasty. You pussy is a unique baby.“

Mom peeped and saw that the man was about to jerk his cock into the pussy. So she shouted” Hey you! I told you to take precautions. Mom took her purse and pulled a packet of condom. It had 12 condoms in it. She gave one to the man. The man wore the condom and pointed his cock at moms pussy. Mom felt a shock at that time and her body gave a jerk of pleasure.

The other man was massaging moms boobs. Moms breasts turned dark red and her green veins were clearly visible. It was looking exquisite. The man behind slowly inserted his penis into moms vagina. Mom moaned. Then he gave another thrust and mom moaned louder. He increased the pace at each stroke and fucked her for 5 to 6 minutes. He stopped and said “I think I am at the point.” He asked mom “ can I cum inside your pussy?” mom said “ no. cum inside your condom.” The man said, “fine. Just wanted to feel the intense sensation of you soft lovely pussy” so he gave the last few strokes and gave a huge push inside and stood In the position, stretching his body. He was cumming at that time. He stood in that position for about 30 seconds.

It seemed he had a huge orgasm. Then he slowly pulled his cock back. I was surprised to see the semen volume inside the condom was a lot. Almost half of the condom was filled with his sperms. He unrolled the condom then mom said “give it to me” .The man gave the condom with sperms to her and mom poured the semen from the condom into her mouth. She drank all of it and looked a the the exhausted man and said, “ you taste very good “ . The man smiled. He took his trousers wore it and said to mom” you gave me one of the best fuck I have ever got. Thank you” Then the driver stopped the car and said. Its my turn. So the man went in the driver seat and the driver came at the back seat to mom.

The first man wo was busy kissing mom mon looked at mom. Mom gave a devilish smile and said to him” its your turn to taste me lover boy” the man said “ Yea. He said, I need an anal sex without condom. Is that okay.” Mom replied “anything is okay except getting me pregnant. Today I have a high chance of getting pregnant. I have just finished my menses and I have a new egg. So please avoid your sperms even close. Rest you can do anything that pleases you”

The man happily moved towards moms legs and the driver was near moms upper body Mom now was in a sitting position. The driver was on the right and the first man on her left. Moms pussy was dripping and the seats of the car had a lot of huge wet patches. The first man parted moms legs, pulled her a little forward and pointed his cock at the entrance of moms anus. He found it difficult to place it so mom caught his cock and guided it to the anus. The man thrusted his cock inside but it didn’t insert. He commented “there is a lot of friction.” Mom didn’t say a word. This time he gave a very hard push. Mom was screaming in pain of having her pussy shoved without any lubricant. The man was successful in inserting his cock in moms anus. Mom was relieved as her anus was now loose enough to get fucked. So the man was now fucking moms anus.

The driver was kissing mom on her face. Mom now diverted her attention to the driver. She was kissing the driver, and smooching him while her body was humping with the anal fuck strokes she was receiving from the other man. The driver was driving and commented, your girlfriend is really nice huh! Very much fun. Her pussy is much fun than any other women.” I said “yea. It is one of the best pussy”

The driver stripped himself. His cock was the hugest among all the other. It felt like it was 8 inches with a diameter of about 2.5 inches. Mine is only 1.75 inches. Mom gave a huge smile seeing the huge cock. The man looked at her and asked her “so what do you say about it” . Mom replied “I am dying to take it in me”

The man smiled. Mom grabbed the cock and commented “pretty big huh.” That time, the man who was anal fuckng mom stopped. He withdrew from moms anus. All were now loking at the man. His cock was suck with yellow shit from moms ass. He laughed and looked at mom and said “see your shit. Ah ahah!” mom was feeling a little embarrassed so the driver wanted to keep her mood turned high. So he commented, “let me take a taste of her shit”.

So her sucked the mans penis and took all of the shit in his mouth. And he said “ really good” All of us burst out laughing. Mom was feeling shy and kept laughing and said to him “ohhmyy you naughty boys..Ohh! My God. You guys are wonderfully crazy. I love you all” So the man sprayed his mouth with a freshener and moved back to moms breasts and kissed it.

She was interested in the first driver than she was with any one else. They both got quite romantic while amorous and lust involved in the other half of her body. The both were kissing like two lovers. The first man now put on a condom and began to fuck mom’s pussy. Mom released a lot of cum when he inserted his cock.

Her pussy juices were dripping from the man’s balls. Mom was hugging the driver and kissing him passionately, scratching his back and taking each and every moment of this time with intense pleasure. The man fucking her didn’t last much long and within 3 minutes said he was about to cum and he wanted to do it on mom’s face. The driver gave him some space to do so.

He pulled off the condom and began to masturbate on moms face. The driver now moved to moms love making machine. He put his face on the pussy and commented “wonderful” he caressed the pussy lips with his own lips. Meanwhile the man masturbating began to cum on moms face. Mom drank half of it and the other half was all over her face and breasts.

He then got down and licked some of his own cum from moms breast and sat exhausted next to mom. He was still playing with her nipples. Mom held the hair of the driver when he was kissing her pussy lips. He had a lot of style while fucking a lady and mom loved it. Mom was kissing on his hair.

The man was now French kissing moms pussy inserting his tongue as eep as he could while pressing her swollen hips tightly. Mom began to moan. This time very much loudly and her moans were very long as if she was crying. She moaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmoohhhhhmhhhhmhmhmmhmmhmhmhmmhmhmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” yea. This long she screamed.

The man got up kissed mom on her lips and mom immediately separated her legs inviting him to shove his huge shaft deep inside her body. Mom removed a packet of condom and rolled it on the mans penis and smiled at him” The man bent down and pushed his cock inside moms pussy. Mom closed her eyes in pleasure.

The man kept looking at her face. Mom opened her eyes and looked down at the point of intersection of the genitals where two strangers who don’t even know each others name was doing the most intimate act any two person could do. The man also looked at his cock as he slowly pulled it out.

While he pulled his cock out, it was so thick that moms pink pussy meat exposed around the cock. Then the man pushed inside again and the pink pussy meat moved back it. While fucking her, the man was cupping her breasts. Mom again looked at the scene of her gap being filled by a huge piece of meat. Se was the most excited at this point of time.

Her pussy dept on dripping a load and lot of juice. The condom was totally wet by now. The man kept on fucking her. Mom loved each and every moment. Se was perpetually moaning but suddenly she pulled her head back looked up with eyes closed let out a huge scream. “Ohhhmmmmmmmmmmmm” I could see that she was squirting once again. But his time on the drivers Stomach as he was copulating. The mans stomach, cock and balls were all wet with moms love juice. It looked as if someone poured a jug of water there. This turned the man even more man. He now got a lot violent. He took support of moms boobs and continued fucking her.

His rate of fucking was about 6 strokes per second. With great difficulty he said “ohh my pussy got too damn tight” . After the huge second orgasm mom enjoyed, her pussy got very small and hence tight. But the man didn’t stop and kept on fuckin this tight pussy that was pressing his cock. I couldn’t believe the way he kept on fucking her.

It was like never ending. I would have cummed way back but this man was taking his time. Finally the man stopped with his eyes closed. He was jerking as He was ejaculating with his cock inside moms vagina. They were in that position for a minute. He didn’t have the energy to even pull his cock back. But hie did withdrew it. Both mom and him opened their eyes and looked at their genitals then the meats were separating. Suddenly we all were shocked to see. That the condom was completely torn. The tight pussy and violent thrusts had torn the condom. This means that the man cummed inside moms vagina. Mom was shocked. She exclaimed “Ohh my God.! Oh my God. My chances of fertilizing was high today and you..Oh my god“ The man was panting and replied, “I didn’t do it on purpose. The condom failed. It is not my fault.”

Mom was really freaked out. She commented “Now what!” The man said “its okay. Just abort the child. Do you want money, we will pay you”. Mom said. Its not about money. I didn’t want any child and that too from a stranger and I never abort any child . Aborting a child means murdering a child. I would never do that. I thought we all could have some fun but ultimately you ruined it” The man got pissed off and said again “you know it not my fault. I didn’t want it either. Is that my fault if the condom failed?” Mom kept quite. She was really tensed. I said “ its okay. We will abort if you get pregnant. The man driving replied. Its okay. We can do one thing. Lets go to a pharmacy and there we can find a medicine which if washed in the vagina after sex will kill all the sperm cell. It will avoid pregnancy. Okay“ Mom replied “okay then quickly lets go” The man drove to the pharmacy. There he bought the washer. He got in and told mom to spread her legs. Mom did. The he put his hands inside moms pussy and separated the lips. The medicine had a shape of a dildo which needed to be inserted into the vagina. So hi inserted into the vagina and squirted the medicine inside moms pussy.

Mom commented “Ahh. Its cold” The man said “Now I think you are out of trouble. Its clean.” Mom said “thanks.” The car was in goa by now. It was time for mom and me to et down. Mom put on her clothes. One of the man helped mom put on the bra and t-shirt. While doing that he commented again “you are really really beautiful and sexy” Mom smiled saying “thankkkyouuuu. I loved you all guys. I really had a lot of fun with you guys fucking me. “

Then mom turned to the third man that fucked mom and said “I am sorry I yelled at you. I was freaked out when you cummed in my pussy. It wasn’t your fault but ….anyways.I blame it to your huge cock that was tearing my pusy. So its obvious the condom would tear..haha ha ha! All of us were laughing. The car stopped. The man gave a last goodbye kiss to mom on her lips. The mom kissed the other men too and waved goodbye.

The car drove off. Mom and me were walking back home. Mom said “I really had a good time.” I said “Yes I was seeing that. You had from 3 different person in a same day” Mom replied. “No son. Four. I need it from you too as soon as we get home“ And we smiled. We reached home and we had a good session of lovemaking .Mom was totally exhausted with all her energy spent on the journey and the orgasms. And we had a long sleep. That was a wonderful day for her and mee to seeing her getting fucked up. And our days went on..happily ever after.

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