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Maa Behan Aur Bhabhi

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  • September 9, 2015

Hello friends this is Raj big fan of desipapa sex stories again with new family planning with my home members first of all I would like to tell you about my family details I have born and brought up in Gujarat with well set family my father was a business man and we had a huge diamond factory in a lake city of Gujarat. ok put all the stuff later

I want to introduce with the main character of the story which includes my mom who is in her early fortes her name is Riya as per the name she also like a film star like you may imagine her like Rekha an old film star but her physics is 5.5″ height whites in color like milk, long black hair and her figure is 38dd tits with 2 inch big light brown areola and like big chary nipple her measurement is 39dd-32-40 you may imagine perfect x curve in body my

Sister Khushi who is also a carbon copy of her mother Riya and my elder sister and her height is 5.6″ height white in color and black hair her figure is 36-30-34 and as like as ayesha takiya a film actress you may imagine her with long hair up to her hips and the last one is my own babhi who is wife of my elder brother jay her name is Reshmi as per the name she is also a great in her beauty her height is 5.7″ and her figure is 36dd-29-32 her tits are flashed such a good and

I say if you see any one of these three ladies into just her bra and panties I think no need for masturbate with hand you get cum automatically this is my own exp. in my teen age when I have seen my mom first time in her bra and panty so I think you feel boring so let’s start a story I could not know remember first incident of first lovemaking with my mother but I narrate you is just I feel full remember after the wedding of my bro jay he was on his honeymoon to

Europe with Reshmi and my dad and sister is go to us at my uncle’s house for 15 days a I know I am only with my darling in house and I fucked her many times so as per my dad’s decision I am going to Mumbai with my all family my dad, mom, sis and me in our safari to drop them send off and making my mind to go to Goa. So at seven just when dad’s flight is going on runway we are out of airport and I asked mom where to go?

She said she want to purchase some clothing and many more items so we go to mall and I have bought some clothes and a Mangalsutra for her though I know she don’t agree to marry me but I want her to marry me and also make mother of my child s not only one or two but as many as possible. though we are love like lovers and we like each other’s very well so I mall we parched clothes for me and while her turn comes she selects such sarries and dress for her,

But I select some modern fittings for her and she asked me for why I said her that we are going on honeymoon to Goa she just get angry on me and asked me to go to home for first to take clothes and other things but I said no need for that we purchased all the things for Mumbai and at night we take little dinner and just drive from Mumbai while we in drive way at my mom just tell me that she want to go to use toilet.

So I stopped at a good highway hotel her just go with a bag with her I asked her the reason for taking bag she said I will know after such minutes. So I just go to hotel and take some beer can and cigarette with me and put in the car and also such biting with it.

And just lit a cigarette and waiting for mom within just 20 minutes I saw a beauty in tight jeans and a t-shirt who is coming towards me i just open my mouth and she close to me and put her hand on my shoulder and shut my mouth she is none but my mom. I just take a bag from her hand and hug her and kiss her on neck then such conversion which is a under.

Riya: yaha pe sub chaiye ya fir goa bhe jana hai,
me: I think you are such a beauty i could not resist myself.
riya: ab ghurna bhi bandh kar or chal,
me: ok
then we both went to the car and i start car while she is sitting with me on front sheet near windows,
me: mom, aise kyu door bathe ho, thoda pas aao na,

Riya: ma ko pas bulata ha, and i am not your mom till your dad come,
me: so who r u?
riya: i am riya for you only, don’t cal me mom again otherwise go back to our home.
me: ok mom sorry riya, janu, janaman, darling
riya: sweet heart nahi kahoge?
me: ok baba sweet heart,

Riya: muje sarm atti hai ase lakdi ke tarha tare pas ane me
so i pick her hand and she come close to me she and i sitting in only driver sheet also gear hand is between her lags and she put her head on my shoulder.
riya: tune kya cigarette pe thi?
me: yes janu,
riya: ma ke samne cigarette pite huve sharm nahi atti?

Me: mare sath mari maa thodi hai mare janu hai my love
riya: hai ek bat puchu?
me: bolo na
riya: u really love me?
me: nahi to kya me aise he tumse lipta huva hu?
riya: i think you only want to love my body,

Me: no i love you and all lover loves thair lover’s body also
riya: to kya shadi ke bad bhi tu muje pyar karega?
me: shadi……..huh kise kareni hai shadi me to sirf tum se he shadi karunga or wo bhi kal
riya got shoked and such same so with shame she hide her face in my chest,
me: bus janu abhi se he shugrat manani hai

Riya: shut up don’t dreaming about me I am married to your father and I cannot do other marriage with one husband I have.
me: why all husbands can marry with other lady and made her second or third wife how can a lady can’t do?
riya: this costumes was only in ancient time and only in Muslims, we cannot do that.
me: so what you give our relation a name?

Riya:love and put that aside.
so we stop that topic and just went to drive while driving after such time I feel bored so I start songs and take one beer tin and opened it.
riya: what is this?
me: beer would you like to take it?
riya: no it is bad to health

Me: i don’t know why you people think it is bad to health i know it is good to health and such problems like stone in kidney and other digestive problems can be solved by it.
riya: i heard about it if you have another?
me: why?
riya: i want it
me: take this from it

Riya: no I can’t take your I am not your wife
me: while kissing you taking my tong in mouth and now you don’t take just beer
riya: give it to me
and she takes and drink and she also take cigarette from me and also smoke against though this is first time that I see my mom Janu first time but I like it and we drove to the Goa like this the whole night I didn’t just sleep so after reaching a Goa we book a cottage which is individual for family which includes a kitchen swimming pool drawing room bedroom with attached

And a mini bar so while we go for a registration I feel I with my Janu but at register we wrote name like we are husband and wife this idea is given my my Janu so after we reach to the cottage Janu called staff and give list of such things which is needed for kitchen and we got fresh by taking a bath after bath Janu just come in red sari

I was feel like this is her marriage day and she is my bride and as per my thinking I am right she propose me and we get marry in nearby Hindu temple now we are couples. So after marry her at afternoon near about 3 pm after taking lunch from outside we just enter our we enter cottage I hug he but she say I am all yours till your dad come so please don’t hurry

And take a rest so I take her in my hands and put her on bed and also come out side to lock cottage door from inside and just go near her and kiss her on chicks and we sleep by hugging each other. at near about 9 pm Riya get shake me tell me my cell phone is ring so I pickup the phone and talk with my dad and Riya also talk with all other persons after that call I switch off the phone and just hug Riya she also hug me and say go and be fresh.

I just got up and going to fresh. I take a bath and come to TV hall where Riya is sitting I hug her and kiss her on her neck she said stop. I said why today is our first night but she put her hand on my mouth and say I also need such love from my husband but my husband is vary naughty he also forget to buy a condom with him to make love with his wife. I got a point so

I said I will get it within few minutes and just go out and buy condoms with it I also buy i-pills with me and also such smoking packets. but while I was going from market I see a such a sexy dress so I brought it with me and in the way I found a bp DVD from hawkers so I bought such good once Hindi DVDs also while I back to the cottage I find such smell in cottage and such flower smell also so I just get in and closed all the doors and finding

Riya is in a dulhan make up and she said me just wait for 2 minutes and she goes to kitchen while in the room I saw some fruits in fruit dishes like strawberry grapes and all others, bed is with full of flowers and in middle there is heart and in that there are two letters r and r which meanes Raj and Riya so I feel happy and also I feel this is my first night so just in two minutes she comes with glass of milk and she put it aside and sit in the middle of the bed with full

Gunghat on her head I just get amazed to find my wife. I just put the parcel aside and throw myself to the bed and open the Gunghat she asked me mu dekhai and I give my golden chain to her and also Mangalsutra which I buried from Mumbai mall she just got up from the bad and hugged me and bend to my feet to get my blessings I also give blessing “sada sughan raho or opne pati ke sath mil ke puri cricket tim pada karo”

She just in shame hide her face in my chest and say this is not possible. I said ok and take her to the bad and we share milk half half after milk she said she is ready to be my wife for ever is said ok but she asked me for condoms I said I have buy and I also give her dress which I have take for her after such time while I am on the bed and Riya is on my solder I have a wish to do some mischief with her so

I asked her puri rat ase he rehogi ya pir tumare pati ko kuch kane bhi do gi she said kya khana he appko i sad tumhe and we are just chatting with this type of things so during our sweet talk I feel to smoke so I asked to Riya to give me cigarette. while she was giving to me she found some that DVDs and asked me after seeing nude photo on it what is it and she also found i-pill she just hugged me and said what is the need of i-pill and so on so

I said after Goa while we back to the home I have to use that DVDs to be satisfied and if there should be any problem during our sex is bad quality of condom which breaks in between sex so we are safe by using I-pill. then suddenly she asked me what is in the movie and she wants to enjoy movie with me I said ok and take my laptop with and play the movie the movie is of Priya Rai’s interview while showing movie she got such hot and try to put all the limits’ of her own body but she can’t do.

I forget to say to all of you that while love making we don’t use abuse world we just only say more or yes to find our pleasure so I think I should today find such abuse words from move and want to my mom to use abuse words while fucking so in the movie I put my hands on her chest and Rome my hands on her bally and chest and put some presser on her tits she just showing on movie and against me so within 30 minutes one movie is going to end so after one other

Hindi movie starts which is an insect movie between a mother and son so in the movie beginning the situation is mother is widow and her son uses to fuck her regularly and made her pregnant. I know because I have seen that movie earlier and from that movie I start to find interest in my mom and 2day i am with her so in first 10 minutes are boring story so in that minutes I kiss

My mom on the lips and made nude all we are she is in my hug with shame so after film we are starting our fun game play and also our new life.
riya: shut that movie how can you see that type of movie
me: why you don’t like?
riya: material is good but such things and dialogs are very cheap
me: mom I like this movie and by this movie you are here in my arms
riya: but how that dirty language

Me: mom I have also such fantasy that while i am fucking you, we are using that fucking words
riya: sale to pahle bol na ke tuje gali sun ke chodne me maja atta hai
me: such tuje gali atti hai?
riya: ab chutiya mat ban or jaldi se naga ho kar muje chod ke apni bibi bana me kab ke garm ho chuki hu

Fir mane use kiss karna chalu kiya or uske stan bhi dabane laga, usi bich me khada huva or riya ke apni baho me bhar liya or us chumne laga chumte chumte mane uske sadi nikali or uska blouse and pattikot bhi nikal liya or wo sirf apni pente or bra me he the fir mane apne kapde bhi nikal liye or sirf undi me use hug kar ke use bed pe dal diya or uske upar chad kar uske gahne nikalne laga sirf uske gale me meri chain or mangalsutra hi tha. mane uske

Balo ko khula kar diya or uske back ko chumte huve uski bra ko bhi nikal diya or use chumne laga is taref wo bhi hot hone lagi or me land ko jor se pakad ker boli sala kasa hai us taraf movie puri bold chal rahi the or mwove me wo aurat mard ka lauda chus rahi thi to mane bhi kaha ma thodi der loda chus na thabhi riya boli sale sarm nahi atti ma ko loda chusne ka blte huve? mane kaha me kaha tumehe kuch kah raha hu me to sirf movie ka dialog bol

Raha hu.tabhi riya bole sale namard mat ban apni bibi ko nahi kah sakta loda chusne ka tabhi wo mudi or mere lode ko chaddi ke upar se he kiss kiya or boli bas mane sidhe uske gale lagaya or kiss karne laga lagbhag 15 min tak kis karke me uske bobs ke taraf bada or uski nipples ko chusne laga uske alores ke upr apni tong firana laga in o shape or wo garam hoti gaye thodi hi der me wo ekdam garam ho gai or muje or apne bobs ke or dabne

Lagi, i am amazed to feel her bobs, bad me mai uske bally ke taraf jane laga or use thodi der suck karne ke bad mane uske chut chatna chalu kiya uski chut bhi ky mast thi ekdam tight like virgin and pinkish in colour thodi der uske clorities or vagina chusne ke bad mane jab uski taraf dekha to wo ekdam mast ho gaye the or muje orr jor se jakad ke apni chut me ghusa rahi the thodi der bad jab uska pani nikal gaya to wo thodi shant hone ke jagaha

Or garam ho gai wo sherni ke tarha muje jakad kar apni bahome bhar ke chumne lagi or muje chumte huve wo niche chali gai or mere land ko chumne lagi jaise mane dekha usne apna muh khola or mare land ka supda apne muh me liya i am so exited and within 10 minutes of suking mane uske muh me pani chod diya or uska muh chod diya.thodi hi der me usne muje fir se garam kar diya is bar mane uske apni baho me bhara or uske upar let gaya or usko kiss karne laga tabhi wo boli,

Riya: ab jaldi kar na kitne der lagaye ga idar me tuje garam kar ke thak gaye hu
me: bas abhi se nakhre suru ho gaye
riya: pichle 1/2 gante se me tuje garam kar rahi hu sale tare bap ne to pahli rat me 1/2 gante me muje chod ke so gaya tha
me: ek bat puchu?
riya: bol

Me: mare bap ka land kaisa hai? or tuje condom phen ke choda tha ya fir aise he
riya: aise he choda tha tabhi to shadi ke 1 sal me he to tera bhai paida ho gaya or tare bap ka land to tuj se adha hi hai ese liye tere sath me chudti rahi hu pachle 6 mahino se.
me: to me bhi tuje ase he bina condom ke choduga

Riya: jaldi kar sale me ajj khus hu ajj mera madarchod beta mera pati ban ker muje chode ga
me: dal du?
riya: nahi aise he chut khol ke raki hai wo chokidar aa ke danda dale ga
me: chokidar pasand hai to bolau uske
riya: bas abb jaldi se chod muje bana muje tare rani

Bad me mane land jab uske chut pe rakha it was tight as virgin but jab mere lode ka supda jaise he andar gaya wo muje chipk gaye or fir dhire dhire mane apna loda andar dalna chaha but wo nahi gaya fir mane ek jordar jatka lagaya or wo ma ke chut ke chirta huva andar chala gaya wo ro rahi the but could not tell anything because of her mouth is pack with my mouth so mai thodi der aise he use chumta raha or usne muje apni bahome bhar ke apne

Ankhoon mere pith pe ghusa diye the i feel like i have broken her virginity. thodider bad mane jatke marne shru kiye or wo muje chumte rahi me bhi use chumta raha or uske bobs ko dabata raha chumta raha chusta raha thodi der bad jab wo moning karti the to mane kaha ma muje gali de mane apni ma ko choda hai or wo bhi muje gali dene lagi ha ma ke lode, madarchod, ajj tune ma ke chut ka bhosada bana diya mare lal,ajja ahaaaaa or tej jatke mar sale

Lut le mari javaniiiii ahaaaa maza aa raha hai ahhaaa or me bhi or garam hota gaya ahhhhaaaa maaaa me thjme chodne vala huu ha bata chod de muje bharde mere chut ko apne virya se banade muje apni patni apne bate ke maaa ahhhhaaa me bhi chodne vali hu or ase hi hum dono ek sath jad gayato be continued…So friends I hope you like story your comments at

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