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Lust Or Love

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

The room was dark yet in the light coming from open windows I could see those marvelous boobs bouncing very near to my face in a rhythm. I could hear the moans coming from her mouth and joining my own. A wild passion was flowing in the room and both of us were stuck in that. We were fucking like wild animals, perpetrating all over even while air conditioner was working on full speed. Jumping in my lap she was shouting like FASTER….YESSSSSSSSSS……OHHHHHHHH MY……….YESSSSSSSSSSS…. IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMIN…….OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS. Soon she arched and hugged me close. I could feel that she was having a wonderful orgasm. It continued for good two minutes and the heat was enough for me as well. I held her close and sprayed my load in her pussy. We were hugging each other tight, breathless and we stayed there for a while. Then together we fell on the bed. My cock still inside her, her legs still around my back and both of us trembling with the height of excitement. Soon we fell into one of the sweetest sleeps we ever had.

Well, I am Salman (not the real name of course), living in Lahore and working for a multinational company. I am in mid thirties and have had a very sexually active life so far. Since the time when my maid fucked me at the age of 12, I have been indulged with many girls and women of all ages. This particular incident happened three years back when I had a chance to fuck the daughter of my ex girl friend.

I used to live in Defense those days. As I lived alone, I had a couple who looked after the household etc. the name of my maid was Lubna; she was about my age, a pulpy woman who was wonderful in bed. Her husband was a naïve sort of person who mostly stayed at my office. One day Lubna told me while I was watching TV that a new family has been shifted in our neighborhood and they have come from Dubai. I pulled Lubna in my lap and asked her to forget about the new family and serve me as a maid should to her master. I took off her clothes and started sucking those heavy plump boobs which I always found pleasure to suck. Saab jee, the reason why I am telling you about them is that the Begum Saab of our neighbors looks very much alike one picture I saw once in your album, she told me when I was biting on her nipples. Whom? I managed to ask as my mouth was full with those sweet melons. The one who is standing besides you on the lake Saiful Maluk, she answered. I fully became attentive to her and asked if she was talking about Saima? And she told me that she was not sure about the name but could show me the picture. I asked her to bring the picture. As she walked towards the dresser, her heavy ass cheeks were rubbing with each other and showing a wonderful scene. She opened a drawer and took out one of my albums, brought that back to me and showed me the picture. It was Saima.

I told Lubna to forget about whomever that Begum saab was for the time being and put my hard cock in her mouth. What a good sucker she was. I was sitting on the edge of the couch and she was kneeling in front of me. Her mouth was working up and down on my shaft. Taking all of it in her mouth and then out, her tongue was constantly teasing the tip of my cock. I leaned backwards placing my arms on the sofa and enjoyed the sensation. Something was building inside me. I took her by the shoulders and pulled her up. Her boobs in front of my face. I started to eat them again but this time working my way down to her belly button. She was standing and her legs were trembling. I reached her thighs and nibbled them gently. Her legs shook and gave the vibrant signals. I inserted one of my fingers in her love hole. It was wet like anything. She was moaning already. I put a cushion on the floor and made her lie keeping her back on that. Spread her legs. What a wonderful sight. Her hole was shining thru her shaved pussy and the redness was standing out from the wheatish skin of hers. I lowered myself between those beautiful legs and placed my dick on her pussy hole. It entered into the pussy without any resistance as her pussy was very wet. I was giving her light stokes just vibrating my cock inside her. Meanwhile I was kissing shoulders and neck. She was moaning, soon she arched her back and clasped her legs around my buttocks. Her whole body was shaking and she was like producing all sorts of AHHHHHHHHHHH and OHHHHHHHHHHHH. I too, was not planning to last it longer so soon I came inside her. We remained there for a few minutes then she gently pushed me from her and went to the washroom. She brought the wet towel and started cleaning me. She was messaging my body with the wet towels and then with her fingers. Soon I feel my eyelids becoming heavy and I slept there on the carpet. I don’t know when she went to her quarter.

When I woke up, my throat was dry. The lights of the room were off and there was a blanket on me. I went to the refrigerator and pour myself a glass of milk. I had it in one gulp and took the second glass of milk with me to my bedroom. It was three in the morning. I tucked myself in my bed and tried to went back to sleep, but could not help to think about Saima. I recalled the times when I met Saima for the first time. She was elder sister of one of my friends, was married and settled at Dubai with her husband. She was some four years senior to us. One day, I entered the room of my friend without knocking, which was a normal practice as he used to live with his parents only and had occupied a room which had a door opening in the lawn. I froze when I saw a pretty damsel robed in a towel standing right in middle of the room. Drops were dripping from her still wet hair and the towel was not enough to conceal her temping boobs. Her silky white bare shoulders were enough to give anyone sleepless nights. “Wow… I never thought Jehan could be that sonovabitch, he hides that beauty from all of us so far”, I thought. But only “Sorry”, was the words I could manage to say. “No, it is all my fault. There was some problem with the hot water tap in my bedroom so I thought to use Jehangir’s bathroom instead. You please make yourself comfortable. Jehangir would be here in some time.” She entered the inner door that lead to the lobby.

I was totally confused. Who was she? She could not have been Jehan’s girl friend as she went inside the house. Some cousin maybe I thought. But the thoughts of her nice body were giving me shivers even when Jehan entered the room. I did not mention the event to him as it was very embarrassing for me. Jehan was happy to see me and slapped my back and said, “It’s good that you came yourself, I was just thinking of calling you. Apa Saima is here with us and she wants me to take her to her in laws. My car is in workshop so I was wanting you to bring your car.” So that gorgeous was his sister, I thought. The jigsaw puzzle was complete in my mind. I handed over the keys to Jehan and buried my head in the pillow. He asked if I was not going and I said no please go yourself while I will use your computer in your absence. Soon he left and I kept on thinking about one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. There was a feeling of doing wrong but I could not help thinking about the elder sister of my friend. I could not even sit on the computer and slept on Jehan’s bed while cherishing those lovely moments.

Soon I became quite friendly to Saima. She was a lively woman, 5″4 inches in height, very fair complexion, long hair and an angelic look. Nobody, just from her face, could tell that she was a mother to 3 years old cute little girl. I was living alone so my evenings were free. Jehan was busy in his new job and often had to stay late at office. I volunteer myself to take her around the city. Sometime Sonia, her daughter, or Aunty (her mother) accompanied us and on other it used to be only her. She was a shopping freak and in those days I saw each and every market in Lahore. But never had we both mentioned the first day happening to each other. But perhaps (definitely!) it was there in the subconscious of both of us.

One day Saima wanted to go to Gujranwalla. Aunty had her engagements and she took Sonia with her. I left office early and picked her in the afternoon to go there. As soon as we crossed the Ravi Bridge heavy rain started. I proposed her to go back but she disagreed saying that rain is something which you don’t see often at Dubai and she wanted to enjoy it. So we kept on with our journey. Road was empty and only a few busses or passenger wagons could be found there. It was hard to see through the screen due to the heavy downpour. Perhaps it was due to the weather or maybe a deliberate move from my side that our discussion turned towards the post marital sexual life. She seemed to be contended with her husband. At least she had nothing to complain. She asked me if I was a virgin and I replied in negative. She wanted to hear about some of my exploits. I was feeling uneasy but soon I was telling her about my present and ex girl friends, how we have sex and how we like to do it. I asked her had she ever tried oral sex, and she was like “o my, not at all”. Remember readers those were the days when computer was a technology we used to read about in the magazines and internet was not even born. I told her that I like to lick and I have no qualms whatsoever for the anal sex. She looked shocked. But I could see a discreet interest in her eyes. The conversation was getting hotter and soon we both knew that we wanted each other. Not on the road, I thought to myself, not this way. I was thinking fast. Only option feasible was to turn back and head for my flat. I casually mentioned to her that there is no point in going to Gujranwalla as markets would be closed there and we should leave the programme to some other day, and without waiting for her answer I turned the car back towards Lahore.

On our way back she was telling me about her fantasies. One of them was to tie her partner with the bed and be a master for a few hours. That was my time. I told her that I could volunteer myself for that if she didn’t have any objections. She acted to be in disbelief and told me that she could never think of me that way as I am like her younger brother. I assured her that it won’t make any difference in our existing relationships and it’s natural to feel this way for any person of opposite sex. Then I confided that I wanted to go all the way with her ever since I had seen her for the first time. I selected real nice words to admire her body as I saw that day and she blushed. But afterwards she did not say a word till we reached my flat. Now I had to muster some courage to get it going. I, silently, parked the car and came out of it and waited for her. She was like making up her mind and it took her few minutes and as she reached on a conclusion disembarked from the car and started following me into the flat. Once in there I put the heater on and went to the bathroom asking her to make herself comfortable. I splashed cold water on my face and changed into shorts and a T-shirt. When I came out of the bathroom she was still sitting there lost in deep thoughts. I went into the kitchen and prepared two cups of coffee and handed one to her. “Look Saima, I don’t want to force you into a situation. Take your time and if you are convinced of doing this only then we would proceed”, I told her. She replied by pulling my T-shirt and planting a deep kiss on my lips. Oh my God, what a feeling it was. Those were one of the tenderest lips I had ever experienced. (Or it was just the environment which was making them so special for me) I responded with fervor and the kiss continued for eternity. We were exploring each other mouths like mad and our hands were trying to rip the other out of clothes.

I was holding her boobs and kneading them with my fingers and she was trying to unhook my shorts. Soon I was standing there with a big hard on just near to her face. She took my cock in her hands and started jerking in. “Let us go in the bedroom and tie you with the bed”; she broke her silence at last. We went inside and I she asked me to lay on the bed. She found few strings and belts from the dressing room and tied me with the poles of my wrought iron bed. Now I was lying there in my T-shirt only as my dick was pointing towards the ceiling. She sat besides me and started to run her tongue on my neck. She inserted her tongue in my ear holes and then bit on my earlobes. It was ticklish and I wanted to hug her but I could not. She found a scissors from somewhere and cut my T-shirt to relieve me of that. She was still in her full dress. I asked her to put off her shirt and she smiled in reply and slapped on my leg saying, “slaves can’t command, they just follow” and I took a deep breath and swallowed. I had given my reins to a slut and she was in full mood to manipulate.

My cock was pointing towards ceiling and my body was aching with desire. And she was just sitting besides me was running her tongue over my body. Waves were running through my body. I would have responded if I was free to move. She stood on top of me, a leg each side of my belly and started to put off her shirt. She also removed her trousers and stood there proud in pink bra and panty. What a lovely body she had. Big ripe boobs and a round back. Her belly did not have even an ounce of flesh. Nobody could believe that she is a mother to a child or even is married. Then she lay on top of me. My dick was rubbing against her inner thighs and her boobs were pressed against my chest. She crawled upwards and brushed her boobs against my face. I tried to insert my tongue into the bra to taste her flesh but I was hardly successful. She commanded me to open her front-open bra with my mouth. I was a master in opening the bras in one move but doing it with my teeth was altogether another ballgame. I tried it but could not do that. So I keep contended whatever exposure I was getting and licking her boobs. She commanded me to stop that and do what was asked which I over heard. Suddenly, she stood up and splashed my bare legs with her hands and started shouting at me. You behanchod, do what you are asked and don’t try to act smart. Then she found a belt and started lashing me on my thighs. Every hit was very painful and I was abusing her constantly. My cock shrunk with the pain and embarrassment, seeing that she stopped that exercise and opened up her bra. Oh my, what a wonderful pair of boobs she got. I could not comprehend the beauty of those lovely organs even in the bra. Not too big, they stood firm and have pink areolas and pink nipples were pointing in the air like naked guns. Those cherries of the nipples were enough to give any man a great erection and I was no exception so my dick became hard again. She was caressing those boobs teasingly and I was pleading her for a lick. She would not listen. At last she shouted, you slave behanchod, now you learn to obey. And with that she asked me to undo her panty with my mouth.

The game had started to infuse my interest in it. I raised my head a bit a tried to reach her panty with my teeth. After taking it in my teeth I tried to pull it down. This time she helped me a little and I was able to pull that panty down. Wow, it was a clean pussy with purplish-red clitoris peeping from the slit. Putting her legs on each site of my face she sat on my mouth and commanded me to lick that lovely pussy of hers. It was more a gift than a punishment and I obliged with pleasure. My tongue was having the greatest feast ever and I was exploring each part of that wonderful area. My tongue was teasing her clitoris one time and was going inside her love hole at the other. She was rubbing her ass on my face. She was moaning like MMMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOOO UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and her juices were dripping all over my face. The pungent aroma of her pussy was filling my breath. She arched her back and I knew she was cuming. I inserted my tongue into the hole and started vibrating it there. She was riding my mouth like a crazy. A big moan came out of her mouth and she unloaded her at my face. Her cum was all over my face. She collapsed on the bed besides me.

My cock was aching with pain. She regained her senses after a few minutes and this time she went straight to my tool. She took it in her hand and started massaging it. Her soft palms were feeling great around my shaft. Then very unexpectedly she took my tool in her mouth. First the top teasing it with her tongue and then almost half of it gradually. I was on brink on explosion with just the feel of it. My body stiffened and when I was about to come she withdrew herself. I was like mad. I shouted and abused her like anything to compel her to complete the process but she won’t listen. She came towards my face and placed her lips on mine choking me almost. I could not move my arms of legs so had to follow her moves. I could feel the taste of my own precum in my mouth. She inserted her tongue into my mouth and explored it. When I got involved in that passionate kiss, she broke that and this time she sat right on my dick. Her pussy was wet and she was rubbing her slit on my dick. Slowly, she guided my cock into her pussy and started riding on it. We both were engulfed completely in the heat of the moment and waves of sensation were running through my whole body. I could see her boobs bouncing in front of me but I could not touch them. She screamed, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING , OOOOOOO YOU BEHNCHOD AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH and this was enough for me too. I exploded in her pussy and at that very time she came too. She leaned forward and hugged me with a wild force. I too was in heaven. The time seemed to stop and we remained there breathing heavily and soon both of us were sleeping in the same position.

That day we had sex many times and our relationship continued till she returned back to Dubai after a few weeks. Thereafter, we used to meet whenever she was in Pakistan. I went to many places with their family. Our fling continued for 4 years of so then gradually the contact decreased after Jehangir migrated to Canada.

I was lost in all those thoughts in the darkness of my room. I recalled all those times and even after that much time it gave my heart a pleasant feeling. Our relationship was such a beautiful one and it ended abruptly. How much I wanted those times to return again. I prayed silently that our new neighbors were to be Saima’s family. I don’t know when I fell back to sleep.

When Lubna brought me my bed tea and awake me, I was feeling very horny due to all those thoughts of Saima and good times with her. So I pulled Lubna in the bed and forced her head towards my hard on. She knew that this early morning appetite did mean that soon I will bring a new woman in the house and till then I will be sexually hyperactive. So she simply put my tool in her mouth and started sucking it. I untie her shalwar and put it off. I brought her on her knees and soon I was rubbing my dick in the cleavage of her buttocks. I placed my dick on top of her asshole and pressed it hard. It was lubricated with her saliva already and her ass was accustomed to of my dick so it penetrated without much difficulty. I started to give heavy strokes. She was moaning out of pain but she was happy as she knew it won’t last long as my selection of the ass hole in the morning suggests that I don’t want to linger it for long. Soon a load was built up in my groin and I unloaded it in her ass. Withdrawing my cock from her ass and went to the bathroom.

On the breakfast table I asked Lubna to gather as much information as possible about our new neighbors and went to the office. I had a very busy day in front of me. But even the buy day schedule I could not throw out the thoughts of Saima from my head. Is it her, was a million dollar question for me at that time. I finished my work as early as I could do and rushed for my home. Why I was so touched about the issue, I could not understand it myself. Saima was not the only woman in my life. Neither had I some special relationship with her. It was not even be labeled as love. So what was it? It was hard for me to define. Nevertheless, a strange kind of excitement was building inside me. I parked the car and immediately summoned Lubna for details. She told me that the family has been shifted from Dubai due to the death of the husband of the owner of the house who is named Saima. She has only one child Sonia and they have bought this house and plans to settle in Lahore permanently. She got this information from their servant. I relieved a big sigh. So it was the Saima.

Now I was thinking about my options. I decided to pay a visit to them in the evening. I wore a jeans and casual sweat shirt and went to their place. A maid responded the bell and I asked her that I want to meet Saima BB. I told her my name on her inquiry. Soon I was following her to the drawing room. She asked me to make myself comfortable (??) there while she announces my arrival to the BB Jee. I was tossing in the fluffy sofa. What would be her reaction? How should I behave? And all these type of questions were popping into my mind. She entered the room. She was wearing a light blue color house gown and light make up. Time has not changed much in her. Just a few pounds more, she looked even gorgeous. Recognizing me immediately (though I had lost much hair in all those years) she rushed towards me and hugged me. Oh Salman, I never thought it could be you. Where you disappeared? Even Jehan did not know about you. What are you doing these days? Married? Children? How it happened that you broke all the contacts? She showered me with her questions. And I was standing there perplexed yet happy.

That afternoon we chatted a lot. We had much to make up. We told each other about the happenings in our lives. We shared. But not on a single occasion anyone mentioned about the intimate relationship I had. Of course, we were different people now. With changed priorities and a different perspective about life. 14 years had passed. I consoled her about the death of her husband and asked her about her future plans. She told me that she wanted to start some kind of business here in Lahore and for that she was waiting for Jehan to return from Canada. (He has been settled there and was supposed to come to help her start something on her own)

Suddenly I was hit by a thunderbolt. I was flabbergasted. There entered the most innocent face I had ever seen. She had a resemblance with Saima. Saima introduced me to her. Salman, this is Sonia. (OH MY GOD, I thought. I was expecting a three year old kid. But time really has its own surprises. That kid of yesteryears had grown into an angel.) You remember him Sonia, he is uncle Salman. (Uncle! Huh! Well that’s one problem of having affair with a girl senior to you in age) A cute smile appeared on the face of the angel and she recognized me immediately. We were wearing a red blouse and black skirt. Her legs were shining out of the skirt. Believe me; I fell instantly in love with that beauty. What Saima said after that was not registered in my mind. I took permission telling them that I lived next door and returned to my home in a trance.

That evening was hard on me. I could not take my mind off the beauty I just saw. I tried with booze but it did not work. Then I dialed Rabia’s number. She was one of my sweet hearts, just 19 years of age and a good fuck. I invited her to my place for the night but she said she would confirm it in an hour’s time. Only after 15 minutes she called and asked me if it was okay with me if she brings one of her friends with her. I said no problems if that friend is a female and we both laughed. I sent driver to pick them up and waited in the living room sipping my drink.

It was a day of shocks for me. The girl who entered in my house with Rabia was stunningly beautiful. She was 5″5, fair color, a model’s body and nice long legs. She was wearing a short kameez and shalwar and her figure showed from her address. I was so captivated in watching her that I almost forgot Rabia. Rabia placed her hand on my shoulder and teased me by saying, hey, where are you lost? I am here besides you. Only then I saw towards Rabia. She was wearing jeans and a T-short and looking sexy like always. I smiled at her and (really from heart) thank her for coming. She introduced me to her friend. Her name was Marium and she worked with her in the same company. I asked them to get comfortable and asked Lubna to bring drinks for them. Both of them opted for pineapple juice.

Rabia was sitting besides me with her hand around my shoulder and I was mindlessly playing with her body while talking to them. I saw Marium blushing and I realized that I and Rabia were in very intimate position. She was rubbing my cock and I was kneading her breast. Hey Marium, don’t get jealous. If you want to join none of us have any problems, said Rabia and burst into laughter. The idea was very fascinating for me as well. These words add fuel to already burning fire and I grabbed Rabia from her waist and pulled her into my lap. Now I was kissing the back of her neck while my hands were exploring her boobs. I inserted my hands under her T-“Shirt and reached her boobs. She was enjoying it. She changed her position and faced towards me and started kissing me on my lips. Marium was sitting there bewildered as she was not expecting all this would go in her presence. Though I pretend to be fully attentive towards Rabia, I was watching Marium for all the time. Her eyes were turning red and I knew that she wanted this also. I grabbed Rabia’s ass and pushing her upwards in unbuttoned her jeans and slid in downwards. She was in black panty. This time I used my teeth to take that panty off. Now Rabia was standing in front of me, her T-shirt was covering her pubic area. I entered my head in the T-Shirt and started licking her belly, moving downwards. Soon I was licking her pubic hair. I then forced her to lie down on the carpet and started licking her cunt. I was exploring that lovely part of her body and she was moaning with pleasure. Marium was in a state of trance and was not able to move even her eyes from the happenings in the room. I kept on sucking Rabia’s pussy and was working on the insides of her thighs.

Lubna was serving us the drinks and shortly she announced that the dinner was ready. Meanwhile Rabia was nearing her orgasm and shouting. COME ON….. SUCK ME HARDER……. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……FASTER…… AHHHHHHHHHHHH……. HEY MARIUM….. COME ON TRY THIS…… RUB YOUR BOOBS ON MY PUSSY…… WET ‘EM WITH MY JUICES…… THEN LET LUBNA SUCK THEM…… YOU WHORE…. YESSSSSSSS……. HE IS REALLY GREAT AT EATING PUSSY…… HE TAKES ONE FOR LUNCH AND ONE FOR DINNER….. LET HIM SUCK YOU AND YOUR BOOBS…… OHHHHHHH and arching her back she clung her legs around my neck and sprayed her cum on my face. All this while Marium could not speak a word. She was red with embarrassment and was not finding any place to hide. Rabia was still moaning and breathing heavily. I let go of her and went to the washroom to clean myself. I reached the dinner table and called them for the dinner. Lubna was having a devilish smile on her face. She said, “Saab jee, nai larki bahut zabardust hai. Would you allow me to suck her once.” I knew about the lesbian tendencies in her personality. So I promised her that if not today, one day I would arrange for her to do that. In the meantime both girls entered the dinning area. Rabia was still only in her T-Shirt and Marium was still not able to see into my eyes. We had our dinner teasing Marium all the time. I could feel Rabia brushing Marium’s feet from under the table. After the dinner we moved to TV lounge again and adjusted ourselves on the cushions.

Now Rabia took initiative. She put her arms around Marium neck and started to kiss her on the earlobes. Marium tried to push her back but Rabia was not easy to let go. She continued towards her neck and then to bare shoulders. I stood up and went towards my bedroom winking Rabia. I wanted to give time to Marium. I just laid on the bed and waited for the girls to enter with my eyes closed. Someone entered the room and when I opened my eyes I saw Lubna standing besides the bed with a cup of coffee in her hand and with a smile on her lips. Becharey Saab jee, she teased me, aapka Lund khara hai aur uss ko behlane wala bhi koi nahi hai, tch tch. I asked her to undress me and get me ready for that new bitch named Marium. Lubna took off my cloths and kept on rubbing my back with her soft fingers. I lay on my stomach and she was running her fingers all over my naked body. Then she started to lick my body starting from my shoulders. She came downwards and soon she was running her tongue in my ass slit. She parted my buttocks with her hands and placed her tongue on my asshole and started licking it vigorously. It was being too much for me. My erection was at its peek and I wanted more for now. She reached my balls from behind and licked them too. Then she turned me and put my cock in her mouth giving me sweet tantalizing blowjob. I was moaning like anything. I could not stand this for long.

Pushing Lubna to a side I entered the Lounge again. Now Rabia and Marium were both naked and were licking each others pussies in 69 position. Marium was lying on the carpet and Rabia was sitting on her face. I pushed Rabia from the top and reached for Marium. I lifted her light body in my arms and turned back towards my bedroom. Rabia followed me. Marium eyes were closed and Rabia was still massaging her boobs while walking besides me. I placed Marium on my bed and had a deep look of the beauty of a body she was. Her nipples were erect and light brown areolas were merging into the white flesh of her body. Her belly was shaking with the small vibrant breaths she was talking and her cunt was covered with silky hair, moist with the early lovemaking session with Rabia. She was twisting on the bed putting one leg on the other while rubbing her breasts with one hand and fingering herself with the other. Rabia tried to reach her on the bed but I slapped her hard on her back and she fell on the carpet. I shouted, bitch don’t dare to touch her without my permission. She did not join at her own, so let her suffer. I am gonna show her how a whore asks for a Lund. Lubna was still standing in a corner. I ordered her to bring a rope. Soon afterwards I was tying Marium with the bed pulling her legs apart. Her eyes were still close but now she was unable to touch her own body. She was still twisting her body. I took out a belt and started slashing her thighs with it calculative, making sure that I don’t hit too hard. Every hit was like injecting more and more passion in her and with each hit she moaned asking for more. Her thighs turned red. I asked for honey and poured it on her naked body. Then I tied Rabia’s hands with another rope on her back. After this arrangement I ordered Lubna to take off her clothes and get Marium clean with her tongue. Now those three women were naked. Three different bodies with different colors but each one satisfying in its own way. Rabia had experienced Lubna already and she knew how cruel she could be. Marium was too preoccupied with her own experience.

Now Rabia jumped towards the bed and started licking on of Marium’s legs while Lubna was sucking her boobs. I knew soon she would be biting poor little girl. It happened soon and Marium tossed herself in the air with a loud scream. Lubna started abusing her, Randi cheekhti hai, yahan kia chai peene aai thhi. Chup ker ke laitee raho warna gand phar doongi. She bit again on Marium’s tits and she screamed again. She was going downwards on her body and as soon as she reached her belly I sat on Marium’s boobs and placed three pillows under her head to lift it. My erection was on its peak and I touched the tip of my Lund to her lips. She opened her mouth and took my tool in her mouth. Lubna bit her again down somewhere and reaction showed on Marium’s face. She could not scream as her mouth was filled with my pole yet her lips stiffened around me and she swallowed me more in response. I was pleasant feeling. Different kind of squeezing on my tool. Rabia was kissing me on my neck and back and shoulders but I was hardly attentive towards her. Now Lubna reached her pussy. I could feel that as now Marium was trying to break the ropes with her movement. I knew what she wanted to grab someone in her arms. She was close to orgasm. Lubna was too good with her mouth. I have seen her making even the coldest of girls to moan in despair. I turned back to see and I was right. She was eating her pussy. Marium was struggling to breath and as she was unable to hold anything in her arms so all her reactions were showing on my poor cock that was having a hellova time. Soon I felt that it was too much for Marium and she had a long shivering orgasm. Just the feeling of her body shaking under me gave me mine as well and I sprayed my cum inside her gulping mouth. Now her mouth was filled with my cum and it was also flowing from the sides of her lips on her chin and neck. But she looked satisfied.

I rolled over from her and Rabia, who was a mere spectator till now, turned towards me. I was lying on the bed and Rabia was sucking my cock to make it clean. She was planting soft kisses on my thighs and belly and was trying to sooth me. The room was filled with pungent smell of the lovemaking and raised breathing voices. I dozed for a while but I think it did not take me more than 5 minutes to regain my senses. I was hard again. Now Rabia was riding Marium’s face and Lubna was still eating her pussy. (The slut never seems to be satisfied with the beautiful damsels). I rolled over again and this time my attention was the choot I never have tasted before. Pushing Lubna on a side and sitting between Marium’s legs I put the knob of my throb on her choot and slid my prick inside her already dripping pussy. I entered smoothly and without any resistance. Marium was sobbing with pleasure and she was so wet and hot from inside that it was transmitting all the way into me. I slid my tool in and out with a constant rhythm. I felt wet lips of Lubna on my back coming down towards my ass cheeks. She parted my ass cheeks and placed her tongue on my asshole. WOW, what a wonderful feeling. I continued stroking Marium and Lubna carried on ass fucking me with her tongue. Rabia was screaming with ecstasy riding Marium’s face. Soon Rabia fell backward with the force of her orgasm and at the same time I heard Marium say, YESSSSSSSSS I’M THEREEEEE…… OHHHHHHHHHHHH and it was enough for me too. Marium raised her back and as she reached more for me I pushed my Lund hard in her and let it stay there. The inner walls of her pussy were contracting my tool, trying to milk it. I gave one last jerk and unloaded my cum inside that velvet coated choot. More and more cum was coming out of my cock and was filling Marium and with each spasm I was moaning very loudly. Oh, I had loved the proceedings so far. We untied Marium and now everyone was sipping her coffee or tea. We had a couple of more wild session through that night and I missed the office next morning.

After a couple of days Saima called me and asked me if I did not have any other reservations for tonight she could come over for the dinner. God, I knew I would have postponed anything for her. I dressed into a formal dinner suit that evening and waited for her in my study. At 8 o clock I was informed about her arrival and I preferred to take her therein the study. She entered the room following Lubna and mesmerized me yet again with her charms. She was wearing a turquoise chiffon sari with a low cut sleeve less blouse. The expensive fabric was falling over her body as she moved gracefully towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Are you going somewhere? She asked pointing at my dress. Yes, WE are going out for dinner. I think I saw a sparkle in her eye. We chatted while we sipped our drinks in the study. She was still that lovely lady I used to get infatuated by and still she used to throw her hair back with a jerk while insisting on something. I could see the milky flesh of her boobs through her low neck. And I could feel that she was observing all this with a tender smile on her face.

I took her hand and led her to my car. I had reserved the best table in a five star hotel’s restaurant and while we seated there waiter presented us a bouquet of red roses. The environment was very romantic and I was feeling like on a date for the first time. My heart was beating fast and my throat was dry. The dim light in the restaurant and the far eastern folk music in the background were making the environment even more romantic. We ordered our dinner and while we were waiting for that she asked the question I so eagerly wanted to answer. Did you miss me in all those years? She asked and I could not utter a word. I simply patted on her hand trying to communicate myself. I missed you too, she said. Those were the best days in my life. I felt so care free and young and wanted that I never have felt that way on any other time in my whole life. She was now holding my arm and caressing me softly. I held her hand and kissed on back of it. We chatted about those times throughout the dinner as it was only the matter of yesterday. I was feeling as if I was on my first date.

As we sit in the car I kissed her in the darkness of the parking lot. That sweet kiss brought all the memories of yesteryears back with more intensity and desire. The roads were almost empty on our return and one of my arms was around her shoulders. She was constantly whispering in my ears about how much she cherish those times and how much she missed me. I parked the car in my porch and went to the other door to open it for her. I held her by her arm and took her straight to my bedroom. As soon as we entered in the bedroom we held each other in embrace and our lips found each others. The kiss was gentle but passionate. Our tongues were entering in each other’s mouth and our hands were running on the backs. I undid her sari and then blouse and then bra without uttering a word and laid her on the bed. I started squeezing and kneading her boobs. Soon my lips found the dark brown areolas around her nipples and I was sucking them and gently biting them. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning lightly. I carried on her boobs and then on navel. Going downwards I pulled her panty down and started rubbing her clit with my fingers. She was already wet (rather dripping). I took off my clothes and spread her legs apart. While still standing on the floor in pushed my very hard cock into her pussy and it entered without any resistance. It was like going back to home after a long journey. It was like I was doing that like a routine. As if we never parted. As if no time was passed since we last met. As if my cock belongs to that territory. Slowly I increased my pace and within no time she held out a subsided scream as she had her first orgasm. Now I pushed her further back on the bed and placed a pillow under her back and myself climbing on the bed between her legs pushed my cock again inside her. Still both of us were silent as none of us wanted to break that magic spell. Both of us were afraid that these lovely moments will end if we speak. I was pumping her with consistent jerks and she had her legs circled around my buttocks. Everything in the room was silent as not wanting to interfere in anything happening at that moment. And soon I unloaded my cum inside her pussy. She came too at the same moment and we just laid there trying to catch our breath. It was wonderful, exhausting and mind blowing session. We realized that we belong to each other and the time that passed did not mean anything for any of us.

We laid there on bed and were talking running our hands on each other’s body. In almost no time I felt myself rise again. My dick was erect as it was hungry since ages. She too looked as much ready. Feeling my hardness against her body she took it in her hands and began to stroke it. I started kneading on her boobs and sulk her nipples. Now she was moaning. I kissed her neckline and shoulders and she lowered herself to take my rod in her mouth. Owwwwww…. It felt wonderful. The inside warmth of her mouth was doing wonders to my cock. Like before she was very good at that blowjob. Though we both were trying to be patient but the passion was not allowing us to be. I was lying on my back while she licked my cock and balls. Then she raised herself and sat on my cock. It easily slide inside her pussy, all of it. She started jumping in my lap. I was moving my hips to match her jerks. The room was dark yet in the light coming from open windows I could see those marvelous boobs bouncing very near to my face in a rhythm. I could hear the moans coming from her mouth and joining my own. A wild passion was flowing in the room and both of us were stuck in that. We were fucking like wild animals, perpetrating all over even while air conditioner was working on full speed. Jumping in my lap she was shouting like FASTER….YESSSSSSSSSS……OHHHHHHHH MY……….YESSSSSSSSSSS…. IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMIN…….OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS. Soon she arched and hugged me close. I could feel that she was having a wonderful orgasm. It continued for good two minutes and the heat was enough for me as well. I held her close and sprayed my load in her pussy. We were hugging each other tight, breathless and we stayed there for a while. Then together we fell on the bed. My cock still inside her, her legs still around my back and both of us were trembling with the height of excitement. Soon we fell into one of the sweetest sleeps we ever had.

Our beautiful relationship carried on and still is. Later I got the opportunity to fuck her daughter Sonia as well with her assistance. But I think I should talk about that later as this story is already getting too long. I would like to have feedback from all of you. Contact me on I would also like to find someone to have a nice but active sexual relationship as I am always in search of new sex partners. I can assure a safe and exciting experience.

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