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Lust For One Made Me Fuck Two

  • desipapa
  • December 16, 2015

It was 6 months after I had returned from MUMBAI and I had not had sex and was very eager to find someone.
One day after my college started my cousin elder sister RIDDHI had give birth to a baby girl. As her husband works in the Defense ministry of INDIA so he had to go out for 25 days so I was sent to her house to take care of her as I was very close to her. I was very happy thinking that I would get a chance to play with the baby for 25 days as I loved kids.

The day I went , we were talking when suddenly the baby started crying and she told me to get up and get the baby from the cradle while she adjusts everything. I went and brought the baby and I saw that my didi had taken her t-shirt off and was trying to open her bra , I was shocked. I handed over the baby in her hand and started going towards the hall. She called me and told me to help her open the hook of the bra. While opening it I noticed that it was a 34B sized bra. I opened the hook and she took out the bra and kept it aside. I was going suddenly she called me again and said that I can sit there and talk as I was her brother.

I sat there and was not able to move my eyes from the boob which was hanging out. The baby then again slept. Then she went near the cradle and put the baby in and came near the chair I was sitting and asked me what was I looking at when the baby was feeding. I told “nothing”. She told “don’t lie” and she even told that “MOUNIKA had told her everything what all I did in 2 months and started teasing me. She continued that “you can excite other sisters and not me” I told why not and but on one condition , she asked me what the condition was , I told that from now onwards till I stay here I want to drink your breast milk then only , she readily agreed and sat on my lap and planted a kiss on my lips.

We kissed for 15 min and then I took her breast in my mouth and started sucking it hardly but the milk did not come so I asked her so she told me that boob was empty and that there was milk in the other breast so I took the other boob and sucked it till the last drop of milk.

Then I picked her up and took her near to the wall and I again started kissing her very hard. She then requested me to fuck her but I was in no mood to do it so fast. So I again took her to the bed and started removing her bottoms. It was the first time I was seeing her milky white thighs. I then started fingering and teasing her pussy from top of her panty due to which she got aggressive and caught my dick from above my pants and started pressing it at first it was painful but then I enjoyed. She then got up removed my pant and started sucking my dick she took it until her throat.

After some time of sucking I entered her pussy at first it was hard as she was not fucked since she had got pregnant (which I came to know afterwards). I fucked her in her pussy for some time in various positions then I told her to come in doggy position so that I can fuck her in her asshole she resisted first but after my request she agreed. I started to lick her ass so that my dick can penetrate easily.

When I started penetrating she shouted so loud that the baby woke up and started to cry then I took the baby from the cradle beside me and gave it to my sister and asked her to feed the baby in the same position and I started fucking her slowly. After some time the baby slept again and the milk was dripping from my sister’s breast so I emptied her breast and came on her breast. After that day we used to roam around in the house nude and we fucked in all the places and all her holes also.

Then suddenly on the 9th day her sister-in-law planned to visit Hyderabad the next we had to stop what we did. The next day she arrived in the afternoon. Her name is SHILPA. Let me tell u about her figure 34-28-36. When I saw her I made a plan of fucking her in my mind. I then told my sister of the same. That day night after dinner we all were watching movie and suddenly my sister told me to go inside and sleep as she wanted to speak to her SIL in private so I quietly went inside and peeped from the key hole.

Then after some conversation suddenly SHILPA held RIDDHI’s head and they kissed each other and I was shocked. After some time SHILPA stopped and asked RIDDHI about me to which RIDDHI told everything what we were doing since her husband had gone. SHILPA was excited listening to it and told my sister that she was also hungry for sex. Then my sister called me outside and asked me to sit down on the sofa.

Then suddenly the baby started crying, my sister ran towards the room so now me and SHILPA were sitting. Suddenly she stood up and started walking towards me. I didn’t know how to react. She stood beside me and bend down and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. I pulled her and made her sit on my lap and started kissing her lips. Slowly I penetrated my tongue into her mouth and we exchanged saliva.

We continued to kiss for about 15 mins and my sister came out topless after feeding the baby. She came near us and asked me to finish the left over milk. By that time SHILPA became nude.

After I finished the milk she started sucking my dick. She continued for around 20 mins and I came in her mouth and they both shared the cum. RIDDHI then again stared kissing me and fondled my dick. I stared licking SHILPA’s pussy to make it ready for a nice fuck. After some time I started fucking her in her pussy and RIDDHI sat on her face and SHILPA started licking her pussy. I fucked them both in all the positions for the rest of the night and we slept. The remaining days we remained nude in the house. I fucked them both in all positions and in all the places of the house.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

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